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Friday, May 18, 2018

West Ten Travel: short breaks in European cities by coach

West Ten Travel logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

A coach trip is often the best way to enjoy a short city break. Travelling by coach removes the hassle of having to worry about the nitty-gritty. You put your luggage in the hold, climb on board and the next time you have to do anything major is when the coach pulls up at the hotel.

For anyone who can’t or doesn’t drive, who doesn’t like flying or who simply wants an easy way to see Europe’s cities, West Ten Travel’s coach tours to major European destinations are the answer. The company is based in north west London and specialises in day trips and European short breaks.

Currently the company is taking bookings for four city breaks in the next few months, with pick up points in various locations in London. These are not always the places you might think of first, so for a slightly different city break, exploring Europe with West Ten Travel could well be of interest.

Prague (Czech Republic)

The trip to Prague in August offers two nights in the city with free time during the day to explore. From Calais to Prague is around a 14 hour overnight drive, arriving in the city on Friday evening, staying until Sunday evening. The return journey is also overnight, arriving back in London on Monday afternoon.

Prices start from £245 if sharing a room or £295 if alone. Those sharing a room have the option of twin or double beds, passengers booking a room alone will automatically get a double bed.

Belgrade (Serbia) via Munich (Germany)

June’s trip is a much longer affair featuring overnight stops in Munich on the outward and return legs of the trip. Travellers will have free time in both Munich and Belgrade but there are also organised tours for those who are interested. Road trip aficionados will enjoy seeing the sights along the way as the coach passes through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary before arriving in Serbia.

A shared room will cost £340, while a solo traveller will have to pay £420 for this trip.

Bratislava (Slovakia)

July offers a trip to Bratislava in Slovakia, via Frankfurt, Cologne or Dusseldorf in Germany. This is a mid-week departure to make the most of the journey times. Friday and Saturday nights will be spent in Bratislava before leaving mid-morning Sunday for the return trip via Germany. Deposits are now being taken for this trip. A shared room will cost £345 or £425 for travellers wanting a single room.

Paris (France)

Apart from Amsterdam, perhaps the most popular place for short breaks is Paris. West Ten Travel have their next trip in July. This is a chance to see the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower, to shop on the Champs Elysees as well as to experience one of the famous river boat cruises along the Seine. A 2-night break will offer ample time to see all of those and more. Optional upgrades to a champagne package at the Eiffel Tower are available (and there’s not much better than champagne in Paris!)

The price is all-inclusive of entry fees to the sights and trips, and the coach will be used to take travellers to each location. A double or twin room is £230 per person and an adult on their own is £290.

West Ten Travel is happy to hear from parties wishing to travel together as well as individuals and small groups who would join a bigger tour. The company enjoys feedback and is keen to hear of places they should consider adding to their itinerary as well as the opinions of those who have travelled with them previously.

West Ten Travel offer a chance to see the sights of Europe by coach. They deal directly with the hotels and ferry company so the money saved by not using a booking service can be passed on to their clients. Result: happy clients with plans to travel again with the company in the future. Can’t be bad.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Katrina's Spiritual Counseling - life, light and love

Katrina's Spiritual Counseling
Image provided and used with permission

One of the great questions of the universe is ‘Is there anybody out there?’ Originally asked of alien civilizations, it applies equally to spiritual encounters of all kinds.

Many people gain great comfort from spiritual advice and counseling. These days, that advice comes in many forms. One of those forms is psychic reading. Katrina’s Spiritual Counseling offers live readings to answer questions about love, dreams, finances and more. Katrina’s offers empathic and medium services, tarot card readings, astrology and spiritual guidance.

Tarot card readings can be scarily accurate, and humans are such that they will often derive inner peace from that. Katrina’s has been offering that inner peace via spiritual and psychic advice since 1996, so that makes over 20 years of experience. That’s some record, and there are many satisfied customers after that many years. Repeat customers are common, drawn back by the accuracy of the predictions offered by their spirit guides.

Katrina's Spiritual Counseling Youtube video, done in the same way that customers would hear a phone conversation, gives the basic details about the service:
  • Over 18s only 
  • Cost $4.99 a minute 
  • Credit card details must be entered to start the consultation 
  • Maximum 45 minute call

Katrina’s also offers information on spells and potions, and indeed the online store stocks an impressive mix of spells, candles, sprays and oils. Email readings are also offered for those without access to a US telephone line. All spells and readings supplied in this way require full name and date of birth plus any requests or questions. 40 different varieties of candles offers a wide choice for everyone while bath crystals, oils and sprays offer the desired outcome in a number of different scenarios from enticing a lover to changing the court’s mind or removing a jinx. Essential oils have long been known to work in many situations, so any option which harnesses the power of these oils has to be for the buyer’s good. The Therapeutic Perfumes page gives advice on which oils to use in certain situations, given that herbs are known to heal and calm us. All results may vary and may not be specific to individual situations, although they have been widely reported to bring calm and clarity in similar circumstances.

Katrina’s aims to offer choices, hope and life-changing readings, which in turn give a new outlook on the future for customers. All questions will be answered in a compassionate manner.

Katrina’s sign off is ‘Bless you, until we speak again, life, light, and love’. With good reason, as customers will likely find life, light and love in these counsels.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Vilnius Airport Transfers - private transfer to Vilnius and beyond

Screenshot of Vilnius Airport Transfers website homepage

In spring and summer thoughts inevitably turn to holidays, time with family, time away from the daily grind, sunshine and being outside rather than cooped up at work.

Often, that means a flight away from home to somewhere else. Maybe somewhere more relaxing. Perhaps a beach or all-inclusive break somewhere exotic. Possibly somewhere historic, somewhere cultural or somewhere with great food and a good vibe.

But sometimes, no matter the destination, just getting from the airport to the hotel can be an obstacle course in itself. There may be buses, trains or taxis, but there may well also be queues, a lack of change to pay bus fare, perhaps a language barrier too. Depending on the time of arrival, public transport options may be slim. If the hotel or resort is a distance from the airport, cost and time will also be a factor. Some people may choose to rent a car, but for many people, getting to grips with a rental car in an unfamiliar place after a day spent traveling is not ideal.

That’s where a pre-booked airport transfer comes in. An agreed booking made in advance with an airport transfer specialist bypasses the issue of taxi drivers overcharging tourists, lack of public transport, time of arrival and tired travelers. The driver will meet and greet the travelers on arrival, stow the luggage in the car, and drive to the agreed destination. Vilnius Airport Transfer is one such company. As their name suggests they offer a transfer service from Vilnius airport to locations in Vilnius city, Kaunas or Druskininkai. Lithuania is a very popular destination at the moment, with many newspapers and websites running articles to entice curious tourists. Vilnius Airport Transfer offers an overview of transport options from the airport to popular destinations. Having tried many of these other options in various cities across the globe, an airport transfer specialist is by far the best way to go for popular locations. An agreed price, a driver who keeps an eye on the arrival time for the flight, a private transfer in a specific car; what’s not to like? Returning to the airport at the other end of the holiday is equally simple - if necessary the hotel reception staff will confirm the booking, but with Vilnius Airport Transfer, it’s all done online.

What’s more, with a private airport transfer company, the prices are available on the website. Vilnius city locations start from €20, Trakai from €30, Kaunas and Druskininkai from €69. Even for expat workers flying to see families back home, these prices are affordable and booking a private airport transfer may be easier than expecting their relations to pick them up from the airport. No matter what brings people to Vilnius Airport, Vilnius Airport Transfer should be under consideration to transfer tired travelers to their destination, or return them to the airport after a relaxing vacation taking in the best Lithuanian sites.

Friday, May 4, 2018

The 2WeekDiet - keto or bust

Typical screenshot from website

The 2WeekDiet suggests that you can lose body fat simply by eating the right food. What’s more, the publicity claims that you could lose large amounts of weight quickly simply by eating the right foods to target problem fat in all body areas.

The 2WeekDiet is an extreme weight loss program which promises rapid weight loss, even though it’s based on eating food available from the grocery store rather than meal replacement shakes and specially created snacks. Eating regular food has to be better than drinking shakes if you’re no fan of meal replacements, but the other side of that is the struggle for those whose families like fast food or convenience food rather than lean meat and steamed vegetables.

As with any diet program, there are positive and negative reviews online. Some people claim they have been able to lose a pound a day, others say it’s hard work and just another keto-based diet which doesn’t work for them. Not all diets work for everyone, and it’s a matter of finding what works for you personally.

The 2WeekDiet is a protein rich, water intensive diet which aims to help you lose weight whether or not you have managed to do so before. By restricting calories over a limited period, the body is encouraged to burn fat instead. Again, not everyone reacts to this method of weight loss, and according to some reviews, you might be as well to consider a decent exercise program combined with standard healthy eating instead. Trials in mice seem to suggest the fasting and restricting carbohydrates, together with high intensity exercise will help the mechanism of autophagy which appears to prolong life and result in better health.

But still, some reviews suggest that this diet is a crash diet and anti-carbs. Being carb-averse is not necessarily a bad thing, but crash diets sometimes work for some people and sometimes not for others. It is generally recommended that any diet is balanced, and eliminating any food group entirely is not recommended, at least not for the long term. For that special occasion, it may well help you lose that final stubborn flab that’s resisted every other attempt to remove it. However, the 2WeekDiet is not recommended as a long term solution to weight loss. Remember that jockeys and boxers have been known to hit the sauna to burn off weight before a big race or fight. This works the same way, and will allow you to look great for your prom/wedding/anniversary/office party. But only for that, because such diets cannot be maintained safely and healthily over a long period of time.

The 2WeekDiet can kick start a better lifestyle - smaller portions; less of what puts on weight and more of what does not; making exercise a regular part of every day if that’s what makes you happy. But in order to maintain that initial weight loss, you may find that other tactics work better in the longer term, such as healthy home cooking or managed fasting (similar to the 5:2 program).

There is no shame in admitting that you need to make a lifestyle change. Where you need to exercise caution is in how you make that change. By all means try the 2WeekDiet for an initial weight loss kick start before an important event. But pair that up with a longer term plan to adapt your lifestyle to maintain that weight loss. A cleansing program or diet such as this may be a good way to start but after that, you need to know that you can enjoy parties, holidays and payday Fridays in the bar without beating yourself up afterwards. The 2WeekDiet has some tips to help your new resolve, although willpower will come into it too.

However you choose to approach it, the 2WeekDiet can offer some pros to your weight loss journey, but you should also be aware of the cons. Just as with every weight loss program, sense and balance is key.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eco Savvy Chic - Live simply...

Live simply so that others may simply live
Eco Savvy Chic logo provided and used with permission

Live simply so that others may simply live.

Eco Savvy Chic blog is a haven for those who want to live simply. It can also help those with allergies, intolerances and a general dislike for harming themselves and the world around them.

Set up by Malorie as an antidote to the 20 years she had spent in the rat race, and inspired in part by her mother’s businesses, Eco Savvy Chic offers ideas for an eco-friendly, ‘green’ lifestyle. The online wellness shopping club offers non-toxic products for household and personal use, together with a blog stuffed full of interesting ideas and thought-provoking posts.

The shopping club is by invitation only; membership starts immediately on signing up, and orders can be delivered to your door in the US. All products are ecologically sound and many are not stocked by major grocery store chains. Joining the club will allow consumers to ‘do their bit’ to alleviate global warming and ozone layer depletion, decrease water pollution and combat irresponsible waste disposal. Buyers can also become referrers in their own right, earning money by signing others up to the program in turn, as well as helping them to remove harmful chemicals and compounds from their lives. Of course, the commission earned in this way does have the upside of helping struggling individuals and families financially as well as ecologically. Independent franchises, distributorships and affiliate programs like this remain a popular way for many people to earn a little extra on a side hustle, especially when they already have a website or blog and can add advertisements or posts promoting their products in between regular posts on their chosen main topic.

The Eco Savvy Chic blog has a selection of interesting posts, from hair care in summer to the benefits of writing by hand, recipes and tips for healthy eating. There is a review of hybrid vehicles and information about how skin can absorb toxins from the outside as well as the inside. Anything ecologically sound and healthy for humans is within Eco Savvy Chic’s remit, as it’s not just the earth that needs saving, but the humans and animals who live here too. Malorie posts regularly on social media, and recently on Instagram raised an interesting point about cleaning products and their effect on skin. For those of us like me who have sensitive skin already, many new cleaning products are off-limits without gloves and a mask. Using ecologically sound products helps both us and the environment. This is never a bad thing, especially given the current drive to reduce single-use plastic bottles and packaging wherever possible, as well as increase the number of items which are safely reusable. Helping the environment (saving the world) can happen from many points at the same time, including helping ourselves. Eco Savvy Chic blog can help anyone find their way around non-toxic, eco-friendly products.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Adorn Home Solutions renewable energy products

Adorn Home Solutions
Image provided and used with permission

Adorn Home Solutions are a Plymouth, UK based company offering renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly home improvements and the latest in loft insulation.

Their range includes kitchen and bathroom design and innovative living solutions such as thermodynamic hot water systems, solar panels and air source heating. The company supplies and fits modern insulation products as well as uPVC and sustainable wood windows, doors and conservatories. The website has detailed information on these home improvements that could save huge amounts for customers. Here are just some of the products Adorn Home Solutions offer.

Thermodynamic hot water system

This is an ingenious solution for hot water provision. An externally mounted thermal panel takes heat from the air around it to warm the water in a cylinder to a comfortable temperature. A British-designed and built product, this system can be fitted whether or not the property already has an existing cylinder. It can be used with existing heating systems or fitted as part of a complete eco-overhaul of a property.

Air-2-Air heating system

This hot air heating system uses an air source heat pump to achieve maximum efficiency. It also doubles as an air conditioner when needed (those rare days when ‘Britain sizzles’, as the newspaper headlines often put it. The system cleans the air by removing dust, mould and allergens, while also dehumidifying it.

Vortex wet heating system air remover

This system removes the air pockets found in traditional wet central heating systems, thus improving their efficiency. A saving of anywhere between 10% and 35% on heating bills can be expected once this system is installed.

Electric car charging point

Most people charge phones, razors and toothbrushes overnight. Electric vehicles can also be effectively recharged overnight using a home-based car charging point. Electric cars are useful for short journeys such as the school run, shopping trips and local commuting where public transport options are limited. With the anti-diesel movement gaining ground in the UK, the time may be right to consider an electric or hybrid car.

These products are a small selection of the range available from Adorn Home Solutions. In addition to these innovative ideas, solar panels and the latest, most efficient spray foam insulation are also available. To achieve the best from any of these energy solutions, homeowners might want to consider combining one or more purchases. The savings will mount up and the initial outlay will be quickly recovered in utility bill savings. For potential buyers wanting more information, Adorn Home Solutions has informative videos as well as lengthy explanations about many of these eco-friendly home improvements.

Buying a house is expensive enough as it is. With these environmentally friendly products from Adorn Home Solutions, homeowners can save themselves money and lower their impact on the world around them at the same time.

Friday, April 20, 2018

WiAutomation industrial automation spare parts stockist

WiAutomation logo
Image provided and used with permission

I’ve often wondered where industrial and manufacturing companies get their machinery parts from, especially for older machines. After all, production line machinery can and does go wrong, and unlike cars, phones and computers, it is difficult to repair and expensive to replace.

Thanks to WiAutomation I now know. This Italian based firm stocks thousands of automation parts from some of the world’s leading brands. Big name brands in stock include Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, ABB and Omron. WiAutomation ships internationally, and this global reach is reflected in their website. Prices are available in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, UK pounds, Euros and the Mexican peso. Likewise the website can be viewed in Italian, English, French or Spanish. The sales team is multilingual too, as you would expect given the company sells and ships worldwide.

You might think that industrial automation is boring. But this website has a few quirks. Right at the top of the home page is a search box for product code, brand or EAN. A dynamic selection of the company’s stats follow, displayed over an outline map of the world:

  • Established over 30 years
  • More than 10,000 satisfied clients
  • Over 32,000 customers
  • 4 warehouses
  • Sales in 190 countries
  • 130 brands
  • Over 500,000 products in stock
  • Over 100,000 products sold
WiAutomation has a wide range of new, refurbished and obsolete parts, meaning that even those factories with antique equipment can keep it running. The company also caters for niche and specialist markets where manufacturing knowledge is passed down through generations of the same family or painstakingly learned by apprentices. No need for production to stop for lack of a vital part when WiAutomation is a click away. Same day delivery can be arranged so customers’ revenue is never at risk.

WiAutomation may specialise in obsolete parts but their business model is fully modern. Features include express shipping, orders tracked once sent, payment by bank transfer or PayPal and a 3-12 month guarantee on products. All new products have a 12 month guarantee, refurbished parts have 3 months. Orders are accepted via online purchase, email and purchase order and are supplied with an invoice.

The company is active on Facebook and LinkedIn. Plus there is a blog with more information about some of the brands in stock. WiAutomation use the best modern social media tools to advertise their new, obsolete and refurbished stock of industrial automation machinery parts.