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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Adorn Home Solutions renewable energy products

Adorn Home Solutions
Image provided and used with permission

Adorn Home Solutions are a Plymouth, UK based company offering renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly home improvements and the latest in loft insulation.

Their range includes kitchen and bathroom design and innovative living solutions such as thermodynamic hot water systems, solar panels and air source heating. The company supplies and fits modern insulation products as well as uPVC and sustainable wood windows, doors and conservatories. The website has detailed information on these home improvements that could save huge amounts for customers. Here are just some of the products Adorn Home Solutions offer.

Thermodynamic hot water system

This is an ingenious solution for hot water provision. An externally mounted thermal panel takes heat from the air around it to warm the water in a cylinder to a comfortable temperature. A British-designed and built product, this system can be fitted whether or not the property already has an existing cylinder. It can be used with existing heating systems or fitted as part of a complete eco-overhaul of a property.

Air-2-Air heating system

This hot air heating system uses an air source heat pump to achieve maximum efficiency. It also doubles as an air conditioner when needed (those rare days when ‘Britain sizzles’, as the newspaper headlines often put it. The system cleans the air by removing dust, mould and allergens, while also dehumidifying it.

Vortex wet heating system air remover

This system removes the air pockets found in traditional wet central heating systems, thus improving their efficiency. A saving of anywhere between 10% and 35% on heating bills can be expected once this system is installed.

Electric car charging point

Most people charge phones, razors and toothbrushes overnight. Electric vehicles can also be effectively recharged overnight using a home-based car charging point. Electric cars are useful for short journeys such as the school run, shopping trips and local commuting where public transport options are limited. With the anti-diesel movement gaining ground in the UK, the time may be right to consider an electric or hybrid car.

These products are a small selection of the range available from Adorn Home Solutions. In addition to these innovative ideas, solar panels and the latest, most efficient spray foam insulation are also available. To achieve the best from any of these energy solutions, homeowners might want to consider combining one or more purchases. The savings will mount up and the initial outlay will be quickly recovered in utility bill savings. For potential buyers wanting more information, Adorn Home Solutions has informative videos as well as lengthy explanations about many of these eco-friendly home improvements.

Buying a house is expensive enough as it is. With these environmentally friendly products from Adorn Home Solutions, homeowners can save themselves money and lower their impact on the world around them at the same time.

Friday, April 20, 2018

WiAutomation industrial automation spare parts stockist

WiAutomation logo
Image provided and used with permission

I’ve often wondered where industrial and manufacturing companies get their machinery parts from, especially for older machines. After all, production line machinery can and does go wrong, and unlike cars, phones and computers, it is difficult to repair and expensive to replace.

Thanks to WiAutomation I now know. This Italian based firm stocks thousands of automation parts from some of the world’s leading brands. Big name brands in stock include Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, ABB and Omron. WiAutomation ships internationally, and this global reach is reflected in their website. Prices are available in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, UK pounds, Euros and the Mexican peso. Likewise the website can be viewed in Italian, English, French or Spanish. The sales team is multilingual too, as you would expect given the company sells and ships worldwide.

You might think that industrial automation is boring. But this website has a few quirks. Right at the top of the home page is a search box for product code, brand or EAN. A dynamic selection of the company’s stats follow, displayed over an outline map of the world:

  • Established over 30 years
  • More than 10,000 satisfied clients
  • Over 32,000 customers
  • 4 warehouses
  • Sales in 190 countries
  • 130 brands
  • Over 500,000 products in stock
  • Over 100,000 products sold
WiAutomation has a wide range of new, refurbished and obsolete parts, meaning that even those factories with antique equipment can keep it running. The company also caters for niche and specialist markets where manufacturing knowledge is passed down through generations of the same family or painstakingly learned by apprentices. No need for production to stop for lack of a vital part when WiAutomation is a click away. Same day delivery can be arranged so customers’ revenue is never at risk.

WiAutomation may specialise in obsolete parts but their business model is fully modern. Features include express shipping, orders tracked once sent, payment by bank transfer or PayPal and a 3-12 month guarantee on products. All new products have a 12 month guarantee, refurbished parts have 3 months. Orders are accepted via online purchase, email and purchase order and are supplied with an invoice.

The company is active on Facebook and LinkedIn. Plus there is a blog with more information about some of the brands in stock. WiAutomation use the best modern social media tools to advertise their new, obsolete and refurbished stock of industrial automation machinery parts.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The five to nines - side hustles for the discerning

Image by darkmoon 1968 on Pixabay.
CC0 Creative Commons Licence, free for commercial use

Everyone’s heard of the ‘gig economy’, where independent contractors are paid somewhere around the minimum wage for meeting deadlines and producing work by the piece. But what about the ‘five-to-nine economy’?

The first time I came across the expression ‘five-to-nine job’ was when I read a BBC article on Nigeria's enterprising five-to-nine work ethic.

It seems like these days, every second person has a ‘five-to-nine’. Some people call it ‘portfolio working and take it to mean a situation where they have more than one strand to their earnings potential. I had that, back in the day. I held three part time jobs at one point, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at the weekend. It made ends meet, but it was more than slightly exhausting. On Fridays, I ran from the morning job to the afternoon job to the weekend job without a break, but I still had to be back at the weekend job by 3pm on Saturday. Sundays were recovery time, definitely.

A five-to-nine often seems to mean making a little money at a hobby that you enjoy or choosing to monetise something you would do anyway. Many writers and eBay sellers are part of the five-to-nine economy, but there are also a sizeable number of affiliate marketers and independent distributors who have skin in that game too.

How many people though, can sell health and wellness ranges or household products? In today’s economy, some of the big names are suffering. Both Kleeneze and Betterware household products retailers are in administration and many of the health and wellness companies have questions over the ethical or scientific claims of their ranges. While brands like Tupperware and Avon may be flourishing, there are many other opportunities for individuals to take on independent distributorship or affiliate marketing. Several of those businesses have already been profiled here; a round up of these articles and more can be found in the next piece.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ted's Woodworking teaches anyone to make anything from wood

Screenshot of Ted's Woodworking site and introductory video.

I always wanted to try woodwork at school. But woodwork and metalwork were for the boys - us girls learned how to cook and sew. Now I finally have my chance to try proper woodwork. Thanks Ted!

Ted’s Woodworking has 16,000 plans for every conceivable DIY project going. After watching the introductory video, viewers get the chance to purchase access to the plans plus a host of bonuses worth over $400. The promise is that anyone can build things from wood without needing expensive tools or experience.

Ted McGrath comes from a crafting background - his grandfather built their house and all the furniture in it. But he himself was not gifted with the same ability that his grandfather had. He had to enrol in evening classes to learn the art of woodworking and design from scratch. He found that the plans in magazines didn’t suit and often assumed that the maker was a high level craftsman with a shed full of specialist tools. But his teacher was inspirational and willing to share his knowledge. Hence Ted’s Woodworking was born. Each plan comes with a complete list of materials, tools and cuts required, detailed instructions and 3D diagrams of each step in the process. There are high quality photos and videos for additional assistance and an estimate of the time the project should take to build plus its level of difficulty.

This resource is accessible to everyone from the complete beginner to professional carpenters and woodworkers, and because the instructions are clear, it will enable even the newest woodworker to ensure they have the right tools and the correct amounts of material for the job.

New plans are drafted monthly, which existing subscribers can download for free. Along with access to the plans, buyers will also receive a free DWG and CAD plan viewer, access to 150 free woodworking video tutorials and copies of Ted’s books How to Start a Woodworking Business and Complete Woodworking Guide.

This whole package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. There are only a limited number of these packages available, so buyers are advised to act quickly. Whether you want to build a shed, a chair, a table or just a small wooden toy, Ted’s Woodworking can help. This offer won’t last forever, and while later offers may be made, they’re unlikely to be as good value as this one. Just for once, there is something here which just may be as good as it looks, especially for someone searching for a new hobby, a chance to learn a new skill, a startup idea for a business or a pastime to keep them busy and active in retirement.

Ted’s Woodworking also runs an affiliate program for freelance marketers looking for a change from health and wellness or household products. Given that some high profile companies in those sectors have gone to the wall recently, deciding to promote something different like woodworking products would seem like a good option. Plus, affiliates don’t have to be members either, unlike with some of the health and wellness companies who want their affiliates to be walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Information can be found at the end of the Ted’s Woodworking webpage.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or a new business, Ted’s Woodworking is an interesting-looking opportunity which could reward further investigation.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TrendeeWares offers gadgets for geeks and toys for the rest of us

TrendeeWares logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

Need a gadget for a geek? A new toy for a nerd? Or just a useful bit of kit for the house? New website TrendeeWares can help. The range runs from drones to gadgets for cars and mobile phones, as well as the usual range of home accessories and targeted gifts for all your family members.

At the bottom left of the screen is a revolving carousel widget listing the most recently sold items, while the website automatically displays prices in the correct currency for the ISP’s location. That makes it easy to calculate cost, at least. As with eBay, the site incorporates a widget showing number of items sold in the last 24 hours.

And whatever ‘toy’ you’re looking for, this site has it. The aforementioned drones, yes. Several of them, at prices that won’t break the bank if they are lost. Helicopter drones, selfie drones and mini drones are all available here.

Present Ideas for Babies and Children

There are potty-style toilet trainers of various sorts and a swimming ring for babies, plus an indoor tent and a selection of remote-controlled toys for older children.

Gifts for Her

The items aimed at women are typically beauty products and slimming assistance. So, buyers will find teeth whitening products, all manner of belts and waist trainers designed to sculpt the figure, as well as makeup related items such as brush cleaners, eyebrow shapers and hair extensions.

Gadgets for Men

The gadgets for men are surprisingly low key, including bracelets, lighters and a snore-reduction kit as well as a fully USB enabled travel bag. Usually, sites like this are filled with bleeping, light-up gadgets and desktop toys, but not here.

Home Gadget Ideas

Homewares are well represented, with everything from teeth whitening kits to salad cutter bowls and robotic cleaners. Some of the items are similar to those you would find in Crate & Barrel or Lakeland Plastics; useful gadgets such as fruit peelers and slicers, but some remind me of the gadgets advertised in the small ads in magazines - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Car Accessories

Some of the range of car accessories will also appeal to dog owners and phone geeks, as there is a choice of dog travel seat cover blankets and hands-free phone accessories. Car lovers are also likely to appreciate the scratch repair pen and anti-scratch polish.

Pet lovers

Talking of pet lovers, there is a whole page devoted to items for animal fans. Items for dogs, cats and birds are currently featured, including pet coats, water bottles and doggie fashion wear.

Phone Accessories

The phone gadgets and accessories page has a range of bluetooth chargers, speakers and cases including several waterproof items. The cases are mainly for iPhones, but some of the other items are also Samsung compatible. Fancy singing in the shower? Check. Charging on the go? Check - there’s a bracelet for that.

Hot Gadgets and Accessories

This page shows popular items, as well as those with limited numbers left. Each listing has a counter under the thumbnail photo which indicates the number sold and total number of available items. Some goods listed on this page may only have a handful of items left.

TrendeeWares is that rare site which has a good choice of products at reasonable prices. Every item is discounted and the limited stock numbers ensure keen sales. The items look well made and, because they are offered at discount, buyers may be less likely to demand a refund or return if they are not satisfied. Even so, TrendeeWares offers a comprehensive refunds and returns policy which is clearly explained on the appropriate page on the site.

So, whether you’re in search of a gadget for a geek or a toy for a boy of any age, TrendeeWares is worth a look.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Screen print your own t-shirts at home

Screen printing kit from Keygadgets
Image provided and used with permission

T-shirts are easy care, wash and wear, easily replaced and tough. Jeans and a t-shirt is a casual uniform the world over, no matter the style of the jeans or the type of shoes or jacket worn with them.

Now anyone can make their own screen printed t-shirts. For €300 (£265 or US$370), buyers receive everything they need to start screen printing their own t-shirts. The kit, available from Keygadgets, comprises a screen printing machine and frame, all the tools and lamps, black ink, emulsion, paper, gloves and degreaser. In addition, there is an instruction sheet as well as a helpful video on the site itself. So, whether for a sports club, local society or starting up a business, this kit has everything required, plus the tutorial to help new users get started.

These days, many people have a ‘five to nine’, a side hustle raising some extra cash alongside a regular job. Monetising a social media feed by selling appropriately themed t-shirts is a quick and easy way to make some extra pennies. Selling unwanted or end of range clothing on auction sites, at markets or car boot sales is another popular option. The two strands can easily combine with the purchase of a screen printing kit from Keygadgets.

Screen printing doesn’t have to stop at t-shirts, either. This screen printer can cope with bags, hats and polo shirts as well as t-shirts. Small businesses could diversify from their core lines and offer t-shirt printing as an extra, or an enterprising soul could set up from scratch selling custom printed tees to order. An end-of-line clothes stall at a market or car boot sale could sell a small selection of screen printed items alongside their ex-retail stock to offer a wider selection to their customers. Specialist t-shirt retailers could offer a design-it-yourself option for their customers. After all, everyone wants a unique design once in a while, whether it’s on a hat, polo shirt or tee. With a screen printing machine, this is a distinct possibility. Talented artists could sell prints of their designs, or offer to print up other people’s designs from a suitable computer file.

Owning a screen printing machine opens the door to a wide variety of options. Although this one from Keygadgets is relatively cheap, it is built to last. The site also stocks consumables and parts so meeting demand is simply a matter of finding enough time to print the t-shirts and remembering to place repeat orders for consumables on time. What could be simpler?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Check US Lottery stats with Lottery Corner

Lottery Corner logo
Image used with permission

Millions of people play the Lottery around the world. Some will win life-changing amounts of money, as in the Spanish Christmas Lottery, sometimes called ‘El Gordo’. A recent win there (December 2017) was €520m shared among the residents of the municipality of Vilalba. Others win enough to treat themselves to a holiday or a new car, maybe to enable them to pay off debts such as a loan or a mortgage. Most players consider themselves lucky if they cover their costs. Some are regulars, others play occasionally or favor scratch-cards rather than draws.

Many sites and news outlets cover the daily, weekly and monthly draws, with a rush to publish the latest numbers and payouts as soon as the draws are made. Big wins are often reported internationally and it can be a fight for individual winners of large amounts to keep their anonymity.

Lottery Corner provides the latest US national and state level lottery numbers and payout details. The site is run by a team of mathematically-minded lottery fans, who have themselves won several thousand dollars over the past few years. Each draw is analyzed for trends and frequency of numbers drawn. From theses stats, players can choose either to use the Smart Picks options suggested by the Lottery Corner team or make up their own minds about whether their lucky numbers will be so lucky after all.

Players can check the last 10 winning numbers from all the three-, four-, and five-ball midday and evening draws, see the Powerballs and check the numbers pulled in the larger state draws as well as the national Megamillions and Powerball games. They can find out when the next draw is, as well as see the frequency of numbers drawn. Jackpots and payouts are listed and there is a prize matrix for some states. In addition, the site carries contact details for several state lottery companies. Just in case a player finds out they’re lucky while checking the stats, perhaps?

Lottery Corner is primarily an analysis and statistical site and is not affiliated with any of the state or national lottery organizations. The information provided is taken from the official sites and presented in analytical form for those who are interested in slicing and dicing such things. It is a treasure trove for statisticians, mathematicians and analysts, as well as those who have an interest in recording the results of the draws. Quite apart from that, it offers an alternative way for Lottery players to check their numbers, and make changes if they consider their current picks are unlucky. Maybe the new numbers will have a better chance of being picked?

There’s only one way to find out. Visit Lottery Corner today.