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Monday, March 12, 2018

Screen print your own t-shirts at home

Screen printing kit from Keygadgets
Image provided and used with permission

T-shirts are easy care, wash and wear, easily replaced and tough. Jeans and a t-shirt is a casual uniform the world over, no matter the style of the jeans or the type of shoes or jacket worn with them.

Now anyone can make their own screen printed t-shirts. For €300 (£265 or US$370), buyers receive everything they need to start screen printing their own t-shirts. The kit, available from Keygadgets, comprises a screen printing machine and frame, all the tools and lamps, black ink, emulsion, paper, gloves and degreaser. In addition, there is an instruction sheet as well as a helpful video on the site itself. So, whether for a sports club, local society or starting up a business, this kit has everything required, plus the tutorial to help new users get started.

These days, many people have a ‘five to nine’, a side hustle raising some extra cash alongside a regular job. Monetising a social media feed by selling appropriately themed t-shirts is a quick and easy way to make some extra pennies. Selling unwanted or end of range clothing on auction sites, at markets or car boot sales is another popular option. The two strands can easily combine with the purchase of a screen printing kit from Keygadgets.

Screen printing doesn’t have to stop at t-shirts, either. This screen printer can cope with bags, hats and polo shirts as well as t-shirts. Small businesses could diversify from their core lines and offer t-shirt printing as an extra, or an enterprising soul could set up from scratch selling custom printed tees to order. An end-of-line clothes stall at a market or car boot sale could sell a small selection of screen printed items alongside their ex-retail stock to offer a wider selection to their customers. Specialist t-shirt retailers could offer a design-it-yourself option for their customers. After all, everyone wants a unique design once in a while, whether it’s on a hat, polo shirt or tee. With a screen printing machine, this is a distinct possibility. Talented artists could sell prints of their designs, or offer to print up other people’s designs from a suitable computer file.

Owning a screen printing machine opens the door to a wide variety of options. Although this one from Keygadgets is relatively cheap, it is built to last. The site also stocks consumables and parts so meeting demand is simply a matter of finding enough time to print the t-shirts and remembering to place repeat orders for consumables on time. What could be simpler?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Check US Lottery stats with Lottery Corner

Lottery Corner logo
Image used with permission

Millions of people play the Lottery around the world. Some will win life-changing amounts of money, as in the Spanish Christmas Lottery, sometimes called ‘El Gordo’. A recent win there (December 2017) was €520m shared among the residents of the municipality of Vilalba. Others win enough to treat themselves to a holiday or a new car, maybe to enable them to pay off debts such as a loan or a mortgage. Most players consider themselves lucky if they cover their costs. Some are regulars, others play occasionally or favor scratch-cards rather than draws.

Many sites and news outlets cover the daily, weekly and monthly draws, with a rush to publish the latest numbers and payouts as soon as the draws are made. Big wins are often reported internationally and it can be a fight for individual winners of large amounts to keep their anonymity.

Lottery Corner provides the latest US national and state level lottery numbers and payout details. The site is run by a team of mathematically-minded lottery fans, who have themselves won several thousand dollars over the past few years. Each draw is analyzed for trends and frequency of numbers drawn. From theses stats, players can choose either to use the Smart Picks options suggested by the Lottery Corner team or make up their own minds about whether their lucky numbers will be so lucky after all.

Players can check the last 10 winning numbers from all the three-, four-, and five-ball midday and evening draws, see the Powerballs and check the numbers pulled in the larger state draws as well as the national Megamillions and Powerball games. They can find out when the next draw is, as well as see the frequency of numbers drawn. Jackpots and payouts are listed and there is a prize matrix for some states. In addition, the site carries contact details for several state lottery companies. Just in case a player finds out they’re lucky while checking the stats, perhaps?

Lottery Corner is primarily an analysis and statistical site and is not affiliated with any of the state or national lottery organizations. The information provided is taken from the official sites and presented in analytical form for those who are interested in slicing and dicing such things. It is a treasure trove for statisticians, mathematicians and analysts, as well as those who have an interest in recording the results of the draws. Quite apart from that, it offers an alternative way for Lottery players to check their numbers, and make changes if they consider their current picks are unlucky. Maybe the new numbers will have a better chance of being picked?

There’s only one way to find out. Visit Lottery Corner today.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Autarchic Party: a political party for independent thinkers

The Autarchic Party is interested to see how people react to their political views.

The name comes from the Greek autarkhos, meaning self governing, or autocratic. The word, often spelled autarky in English, can also refer to a policy of being self-sufficient with no reliance on imports or external monetary aid. As far as the Autarchic Party goes, that concept of self-reliance starts with the individual, and an option of choice, independence and self determination leading to wider change.

The organization seeks to change the political landscape, maintaining that the current parties offer a lack of choice which can only be addressed by individuals changing themselves first, before attempting to change others or the wider world. The Autarchic Party suggests that those organizations and governments claiming to act for the greater good are not doing that. Ideally, democracy should be maintained by the presence of choice. Trouble is that sometimes, that choice is somewhat limited, as all parties are basically saying the same thing in different words. There is no real choice there.

The Autarchic Party states that membership of any organization, society, club or even nationality should be strictly by personal choice. In much the same way that athletes can change nationality to benefit themselves, or the countries they choose to represent, so the rest of us should have the chance to choose, to join or to be independent, depending on our viewpoint. True democracy should present a full range of political choices, rather than the clustering of manifestos so often seen in current governments. A revolution is not the best way, as this rarely leads to long term change.

This idea is likened to building a family house, where the builders, being the family and friends themselves, will build it as well as possible in order to ensure that it lasts, for their own benefit. Too often, it seems as though politics is as much about undoing what the previous party in power did as it is about making things better in the current ruling party’s eyes. That is exactly the opposite of the balanced, stable situation many politicians claim to represent.

Unlike most other political parties, the Autarchic Party does not beg for members or solicit for donations. Membership is free and voluntary. Donations can be made at any time, and from the giver’s free will. The freedom of choice is there for everyone, and that choice starts from within each person. ‘Your Mileage May Vary’ (YMMV) is a common phrase these days to indicate that someone else’s experience may differ from the speaker’s. It indicates that everyone is different, and what suits one person may not suit another. The value of independent thought allows all of us to be different, even in pursuit of common goals. The Autarchic Party does not seek revolution, rebellion, anti-government, anti-corporation protesters. To them, destruction is wasteful, hate and violence is pointless. Their ideal members are people who are independently minded and can then empower others. Seizing power is not constructive. Demonstrating inner power is. The party also advocates removal of destructive human behavior and active deterrents. Ideally they see a world without nuclear weapons, hunger and starvation. They also advocate abolition of personal taxes, to be replaced with a tax of 5% on all companies and corporations to cover the cost of care for those unable to care for themselves. Banks and financial institutions are also seen as negatives to be removed, replaced instead by a sustainable economy aimed at stopping slavery and environmental destruction. The Autarchic Party also stands for human rights and a new education system, aimed at teaching independence. All members are expected to uphold these aims and work constructively towards making them a reality.

The Economy page of the Autarchic Party website, in common with the other pages on the site, features videos and articles supportive of the party’s Constitution: UK MP Michael Meacher talking about ‘real money’ being a person's provision of labor to others and ‘Money as Debt’, with the emphasis on provision of local labor.

The party’s constitution bars those in certain fields from becoming members - namely those professions and specialisms which contradict its stated aims. The only person who can approve membership is the party leader. However, members have the right to request to cancel not only their own membership but also that of anyone believed to be in conflict with the party’s core constitutional aims. Cancelation too, is subject to the agreement of the party leader.

Unlike many political parties, the Autarchic Party operates on a voluntary basis. All income is from donations, and no salaries are paid to any members. Sub-contractors can be employed on a salary for those areas where the party does not have an expert ‘in-house’, although these payments can only be approved by the party leader. Branches operate independently of the main party, sourcing their own donations, handling their own finances and making their own decisions following the aims of the party’s constitution.

In line with the party’s stated aims of independence, the founder of the party is the leader, until such time as they choose to stand down, at which time, they will nominate a new leader. In the event of the current leader being unable to do this, the title of leader will pass to the next earliest registered member of the party. The Autarchic Party’s independence of thinking also extends to choosing leaders, with no secret ballots or electoral colleges choosing the person they would rather have. Any member of the party is eligible to stand as leader when a leadership vacancy arises.

Needless to say, the party also has a different view of meetings and conferences. These can be held online, or in any suitable private or public location. Media interaction must be overseen by the party leader. Similarly complaints have to be submitted to the party leader, and should be confined to issues with administrative procedures rather than party policies.

Some of the party’s constitution may be familiar to those with previous political party membership. Other principles may be slightly more unusual. Without new ideas coming into the world of politics, however, the circle of current behavior will remain unbroken, current ways of thinking will stay unchallenged. By offering a change, the option to choose is opened up.

Disclaimer: This is a website review. I am not affiliated with this organization in any way.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services

Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation logo and founder.
Images provided and used with permission.

Accounting may be seen as a rather mundane or monotonous job or career. It is, however, a very necessary part of business life, and anyone who runs their own business is often advised to get a good accountant as soon as they can.

With a good accountant and bookkeeper, businesses and individuals can ensure that:
  • their tax affairs are in order;
  • they file correct returns on time;
  • they issue financial statements and annual accounts;
  • they can obtain assistance in setting up and amending business plans showing how they intend the company to perform;
  • they can source payroll and bookkeeping services

Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation (MCPC) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is one such all-round accountancy and bookkeeping firm. Founder and Managing Director Sidratul Muntaha is qualified to Chartered Professional Accountant level and has almost a decade of experience gained in companies in the United Kingdom and Canada at time of writing. His company offers a range of services for all levels of business and in all areas of accounting and bookkeeping. The firm prides itself on high standards and thorough advice and assistance to their clients. The staff deal with clients of all sizes, from individuals looking for help with filing accurate tax returns in a timely manner to Lower Mainland business owners requiring the whole payroll, accountancy and finance package.

The team all understand that each client is different, and treat them accordingly. Each company is likely to need tailored services, and Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation will ensure that their customers receive individual attention so that their specific needs are met. The team at MCPC can offer advice on financial strategies, all areas of tax filing, general accountancy requirements and bookkeeping needs for local companies in the Mississauga area. The staff are known for their levels of clear communication, and try to ensure they are proactive when issues arise. In addition, they will point out potential opportunities for improvement when they see something which could be streamlined or worked on. The team offers either face-to-face or remote meetings as appropriate or convenient, and members are happy to meet clients at their premises or on site at the corporation’s location.

Needless to say, with all of this client-focussed work, MCPC use the latest technological advances to increase efficiency. The corporation also has a competitive price structure, as would perhaps be expected from such an all-round company.

For any individual or company needing assistance with accounting and bookkeeping in the Mississauga area, Muntaha CPA Professional Corporation should be among the companies considered. Founder S Muntaha uses his near-decade of experience in the field to offer the best possible options to clients as well as building a rapport with them to ensure they gain the highest benefit from the company-client relationship.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Get Well Soon flowers from Laura Florist and Gifts, Melbourne, Australia

Laura Florist and Gifts, Melbourne Australia
Royalty-free image provided.

Flowers are appropriate in many different situations. A bunch or bouquet can express thanks, sorrow, congratulations, apologies or a get well message, depending on the colours and flowers chosen.

If you choose to send get well flowers to someone, you may well opt for a bright and cheerful arrangement, maybe sunflowers, roses or tulips, such as the flowers Melbourne-based Laura Florist and Gifts offer. Bright flowers can be a spot of colour in a world that often looks strange, clinical and monochrome. If the recipient is still in hospital, do be sure to check with the ward before arranging delivery though. Many intensive care units will not accept flower deliveries, and other wards may decline on grounds of allergy or space. Patients and staff may love the colourful displays, but hygiene has to come first in a hospital.

In these situations it may be easier to arrange for the flower delivery to be made to the patient’s home on the day they are discharged, being sure that someone will be around to take delivery of the gift. After all, the patient’s family need cheering up just as much as the patient, and a bunch of brightly coloured flowers shows that someone is thinking about them and their loved ones. Some of the arrangements even come with their own vase, saving the fuss of having to poke around to find one when the delivery is made. Even those showcased in a box can be left in the box for a few days thanks to the moisture retaining material lining the stems of the display.

Melbourne flower delivery company Laura Florist and Gifts have a selection of suitable bouquets, priced from AUS$39 to AUS$89. They feature sunflowers, lilies, roses, tulips and gerberas in cheerful yellows, bright reds, oranges and deep purples. The native seasonal arrangements are a mixed option for those unsure of which flowers to send, while the additional bundle choice available with the arrangements offers a selection of extra gifts such as chocolates, alcohol, a cuddly toy or a seasonal accessory.

Free delivery is offered within 30km of the Melbourne CBD; same day delivery is available for all arrangements ordered before 11am. Once you have established whether the ward does accept flower deliveries, you will need to provide full information on the location (the hospital’s address and the ward number where the delivery is to be made) plus, of course, the name of the patient. This helps us too, as all our cards are hand-written, and we like to address our recipients by name. Don’t forget to let us have your details as well, in case we need to rearrange delivery.

A bunch of get well flowers doesn’t have to be delivered to hospital, however. You might simply want to cheer up your friend or neighbour who is recuperating at home on sick leave, or has been laid up with a nasty virus. A get well soon bouquet could be just as appropriate for someone who has had ‘flu, bronchitis or is recovering from a sprained ankle or broken bone. A bright, eye-catching arrangement could be offered as a pick me up for someone feeling down, even someone who has said they feel lonely, to show that you are thinking of them even if you can’t visit in person. A cuddly toy included with the bouquet will give them a lasting reminder of your gift, although a box of chocolates or a bottle of alcohol could also be warmly received, depending on the recipient.

Ordering get well soon flowers in Melbourne has never been easier. Laura Florist and Gifts has the choice you’ve been looking for.

Friday, November 17, 2017

LogicalDOC Content Management System, available in 35 languages

LogicalDOC Content Management System.
Logo provided and used with permission.

LogicalDOC is a document management system which aims to make retrieval of documents easy. Given that these systems have to cater for everyone from the tech-averse to the geeks and nerds among us, easy is good. The company behind LogicalDOC has been established for over a decade, and currently has over 4,000 active installations.

The link I was sent from is to an article on a Spanish language website but LogicalDOC is an international program, available in 35 languages. LogicalDOC is aimed at medium sized companies and larger firms, offering a way to take control over documents, find and update paperwork quickly. In turn, this can improve productivity and automation of these processes. LogicalDOC’s hope is that their system will eliminate paper documents, although this will, of course, depend on the staff using it. Some people prefer to read a hard copy document, while others have grown up reading on screens.

Any company which is subject to regular external auditing will be familiar with the need to retrieve any given document in minutes, on demand and under pressure. Accreditation can depend on the firm’s ability to prove that their documentation is available to all staff, and easily found by anyone needing to read it. A robust document management system is a cornerstone of successful accreditations, and often a stumbling block for some organisations.

The best document management systems walk a fine line between being simple to use and having a comprehensive indexing and search system. LogicalDOC is one such option. Searches use keywords and parameters for a more accessible search. The web-based front page interface allows for easy file sharing, search and audit access. This can improve both organisation and collaboration, as groups of similar documents can be tagged with the same keywords, while simple file sharing helps staff work successfully with colleagues in other departments to create common documents for shared processes.

Talking of accessibility, besides being available in Windows, Linux and Mac varieties, LogicalDOC also has an open source version, LogicalDOC Community Edition, for the ultimate experience on mobiles, personal desktops and company servers. There is a free app version of the software for phones and tablets, as well as a cloud-based option for those companies lacking resources to host their own system.

LogicalDOC makes it easy to get started, users simply drag and drop files as needed. Documents can easily be shared between groups of staff or individuals, and the scale-ability of the product means there’s something for all sizes of organisation. The document management system is suitable for many different types of environment, including those who want a paperless office and firms looking for knowledge management software as well as specialist applications such as legal firms and healthcare providers.

Seeing as LogicalDOC is easily available via a download from the company’s website, it makes sense for companies to consider it as an option when looking for a document management system. As a relatively new package, it has many points to recommend it. Free demonstrations are available on request for those who prefer to see it in action before buying.

Organisations could do worse than give this system a try when looking to set up or upgrade their document management systems. LogicalDOC is available across several platforms, has an easily accessible business model, allowing a free trial before purchase, and a simple drag-and-drop operation. That should tick many boxes for many firms, at least.

Image provided and used with permission.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Laura Florist and Gifts in Melbourne, Australia: premium online flower orders and delivery

Laura Florist and Gifts. 'From our hearts to yours.'
Image provided and used with permission.

Flowers speak a thousand words. They are given as tokens of love, as presents, as wedding gifts, in thanks and in memory. There is a whole dictionary of meaning built up around different colours and types of flowers and the meaning behind them. Everyone knows red roses mean love and white flowers indicate eternal joy and purity. Yellow ‘mums show neglected love, and some people say that giving them is bad luck. A simple internet search will list pages and pages of articles on the meanings of flowers in different situations, when it is appropriate to give certain types of flowers and the significance behind many popular bouquets and flower-based traditions.

Melbourne, Australia area residents have online options to make the choice of giving flowers quicker and easier. A Melbourne-based online florist such as Laura Florist and Gifts knows the right colours to use for all the common scenarios and has a wide selection of traditional and modern arrangements for any occasion. The flowers used include gerberas, roses, sunflowers, lilies, tulips, wildflowers and iris. Bouquets are themed by common occasions such as romantic gifts, anniversaries, birthdays and sympathy, but also include options for Get Well Soon bouquets suitable for hospitals (remember to check whether the ward accepts flowers first though), Mother’s Day and new baby congratulatory bouquets. The traditional Thank You and Sorry bouquets are also covered. Arrangements are available in many different sizes; some are boxed, while others come in vases. All are beautifully presented, as would be expected. The wrapping is as much part of the artistry of the arrangement as the blooms themselves. Each arrangement has further information available, including exactly what is included in each order. Similar arrangements are also highlighted so buyers can easily make a decision.

Many relationship pages recommend the random gift of flowers as a ‘just because’ gesture. Roses are ideal for this, and Laura Florist and Gifts has a beautiful selection in the Romance and Thank You section. Ordering is ridiculously easy, with a one-click Buy Now option on every bouquet, as well as Wish List and Quick View buttons. The arrangements are a mix of traditional colours and unusual mixes, so buyers can be sure that all tastes are covered. Of course the classic dozen or half dozen red roses arrangements are available, as well as the traditional white lilies or roses for sympathy. But there is an amazing choice so if the occasion is right, buyers can buck the trends and be a bit more daring. Whether it’s a cheeky little brightly coloured gerbera posy, a boxed arrangement of fresh lilies and roses or the bright statement yellow splash of sunflowers, Laura Florist and Gifts can make up the requested bouquet and even deliver the same day, if the order is placed early enough.

The staff will deliver orders between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, within a 30km radius of Melbourne CBD. Same day delivery is available for orders placed before 9am. Delivery costs under $10, although a redelivery fee may apply if the recipient is out or the address given proves to be incorrect.

Facebook users have the option to go to the Laura Florist and Gifts page there and see the company’s first commercial. It’s only 35 seconds long, but it lays the company’s business out in plain terms; delivery to the recipient’s door, arrangements prepared with love and attention to detail.

Melbourne residents now have no excuses not to show their loved one they love them, surprise their mother or send a bouquet to a friend or neighbour in hospital. With Laura Florist and Gifts it’s a matter of a couple of clicks to have the order placed and the delivery on its way that day.