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Friday, June 26, 2015, bringing customers and businesses together online, matching businesses to clients around the world.
Video shared with permission. is a new online business for clients to find and work with businesses of all sizes. It is so new that there is no website as yet (although it is under development at and all the currently available information about the business is found in a set of multi lingual animated videos on YouTube.

So, what is It is a free online business social network offering a gateway for small and medium sized companies globally to connect with their customers no matter where they are in the world. The video describes the firm as a company which provides professional services to other businesses, and its aim is to act as a platform for organizations and individuals to work one-on-one or collaboratively as a group. Once a company’s user profile is completed, the users can upload photographs of the products or services the business provides, giving potential clients a clearer idea of the range of services on offer. When the client knows what they are getting, they will be far happier, and may even feel that they are getting better value for money. is essentially customer oriented, aiming to enhance communication between clients and customers, leading to more satisfied and better informed customers. This platform is designed to appeal to all levels of company in many different fields, from professionals to mom-and-pop style small family firms and work at home enterprises.

As a business owner, with, your clientele can see the difference between you and your competitors through photographs and examples of your work, designs, projects or expertise. You can showcase your skills, highlight any unique selling points about your services or highlight any specific qualities you believe you can bring to a task. A photograph speaks a thousand words, as the saying goes. You can have your portfolio not just speaking for you, but shouting out your abilities from the rooftops, a really vivid visual image.

It is said that sometimes, a potential client may well choose someone with day-to-day experience of a situation over someone who holds a University degree. It could be that the client is looking for someone with specific knowledge, rather than theoretical learning. You will have the opportunity with Wizdiary to highlight why your particular brand of knowledge can benefit your clients, and gain an audience and recognition as a result. aims to bring customers and businesses together in one location and offers an easy to use template to allow you to start showcasing your business quickly and easily. You can reach a global audience, and maybe even break into new markets as a result. If you feel your business needs greater visibility and a wider audience, then could be for you. Sign up today, create your profile, upload your photographs and watch your business grow.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Perelmuters Studio, New Jersey: Wedding and Celebration Photographs and Video

Perelmuters Studio; wedding and event photography with an edge
Photograph used with permission of Perelmuters Studio.

Your wedding is your big day. The photographs and increasingly, the video too, are important parts of the experience and provide memories to cherish and share. The audio visual experience has evolved into as important a part of the ceremony today as the photographer was for earlier generations.

With Perelmuters Studio in New Jersey, you can have all that and more. These days, the lead up to your wedding is as important as the day itself. Owner Alex Perelmuters recognizes that and has packages available to make the most of the planning for your wedding, capturing the engagement party as well as the ceremonial trying on of the dress and new suit for posterity, among other options.

On the day, Perelmuters' staff will work with you throughout to give your guests something to remember. You can have a photographer snapping guests as they arrive at the wedding or reception then have individual printed copies distributed later as favors. You could even opt to show a slideshow or video highlights during the reception.

Alex Perelmuters has been in the business of capturing weddings since 1984. That's a considerable wealth of experience. The family company, which now also involves his own wife, introduced videos a decade ago and are constantly innovating. Their team of photojournalists can give a distinctive twist to your images and the video operators are always on the lookout for that special defining moment. They don’t just cover weddings, either, but are happy to quote for any large event requiring video coverage or photographic memories. The Perelmuters website has a wealth of information on topics to consider for your video, whether it be to celebrate a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary or birthday party.

Much of Perelmuters’ business comes from word of mouth recommendations. That means happy guests pleasantly surprised at the way they were treated by Perelmuters’ staff at a ceremony or function or friends and coworkers commenting positively on the way the photographs and event video have turned out. Prices run from $1,500 and the various packages include several hours of video, a wireless microphone at the ceremony, a highlights reel and 3 DVD master copies in Blu-ray format.

The way social media sharing works these days, you could find yourself viewing a Perelmuters video without knowing it when an online friend shares a snippet of their New Jersey located wedding video. If you're looking around for ideas and recommendations for a company to capture your wedding, retirement party or anniversary get together, this could be all you need to decide to contact Perelmuters Studio, New Jersey.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Online Business Revolution affiliate network marketing

Online marketing wordcloud tag cloud keyword text. Narciso1 on :Pixabay. CC0.

Just about every week these days I hear about another online or work-from-home opportunity. Being the curious type that I am I always investigate them and write an article about each one.

I’ve tried a couple of work-from-home opportunities before. Both distributorships were moderately successful but that was in the days before the internet ruled the world. That quickly became the key to any number of networking marketing and passive income affiliations. 6 Figure Frenzy (Online Business Revolution) falls squarely in that bracket. The landing page asks you to sign up before you can read much more detail, but once you are registered – and before you have to make any payments – the emails come thick and fast. I had three in very short succession. Had I given my phone number as well, I dare say I would have had a phone call by now too.

The headline figures on the landing page are pretty eye watering. One member raised $2,300 in their first month, for instance. In the small print at the bottom of the landing page you will find the usual caution: ‘The incomes depicted are representative of some of the most successful participants and the majority of individuals earn less.’ If you read all the way to the bottom of the small print you will see that the opportunity is to operate an independent distributorship for Vemma Nutrition Company. That means that the passive income referred to relies upon repeat business from existing customers, new sign ups and building your downline team (your SuccessLine), from whose earnings you will take a cut, just as the person who signed you up is doing from your earnings. In that respect it is typical of many independent distributorships and affiliate schemes.

The difference in running a network marketing opportunity now compared to 15 years ago when I was last involved with the field is that today everything is automated. New affiliates share the same sales emails as the senior guys, the marketing side is automated (as in the emails I received), the website is ready to roll and the specialist software is available on tap for everyone to use. In the few days immediately after your initial registration, you will receive an email every time a new affiliate signs up for information. So, potentially, even before you have parted with any money, you could be in line for a payout at the end of your first month once you have completed registration. If you need convincing you can see your SuccessLine growing live by clicking on the link you will receive. (Currently, the seven people who signed up after me are in my SuccessLine.) The main difference between network marketing now and 15 years back is that your downline is automated these days. Sure, you can sign up people yourself, but you will also be assigned as a mentor to others as they sign up. My mentor is Leandre and I have no doubt she will do her best in the coming days to persuade me to sign up as an affiliate. When you agree to that, you pay a small deposit for your starter pack and then the balance later if you choose to go on and become a fully fledged affiliate. There is a money back guarantee, should you change your mind. If you provide your phone number when signing up, you may well hear all of this in a phone call from your mentor, or be asked to join a webinar to hear more about how the scheme works.

Average incomes are quoted as being in the order of $500+ (£325/€450) a month from this network marketing opportunity, so if you need an extra income stream, this could be something for you to look into. I managed to make a living from my distributorships as a self-employed freelancer for a year between jobs, and I have no doubt I could have continued earning if I had found time to share the catalogs and flyers once I took another office-based role.

I won’t lie. These affiliate network marketing opportunities often sound too good to be true. So, they may well be. I don’t have time right now to sign up to this one, but if the need arises, at least I will have the information at my fingertips to decide which of the many on offer is the best option.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wilson Field, UK business turnaround and insolvency practitioners

Wilson Field business turnaround and insolvency practitioners.
Logo used with permission.

Owning or being the Director of a successful company is great. When sales are up and profit is good then you can make plans for a comfortable retirement and enjoy life a little. But when things aren't so rosy, your staff (and your family) are going to expect you to take action to preserve their livelihood if possible. Or at least they will expect you to be honest enough to admit that you can't save the company at an early stage. So you’ll need to salvage what you can.

That's when you need Wilson Field business turnaround and insolvency solutions. If a company can be rescued, Wilson Field's experienced staff will know how best to go about the recovery. If it can't, they will work with the owners through the insolvency process, explaining the various options and advising which one would be best in the circumstances.

Wilson Field have specialists who can negotiate a Time to Pay Arrangement between a company and HMRC, sort out voluntary liquidations, oversee administration and voluntary arrangements as well as assist firms subject to a winding up petition. They strongly advise concerned directors to contact them rather than try to keep their struggling firm afloat using their own funds. Wilson Field can manage all forms of business insolvency and credit agreements. Their specialist team can also offer advice to UK companies on how to stay out of trouble too, so businesses can ‘work smarter’ from the outset.

Wilson Field's head office is in Sheffield, England. They have a network of regional offices around the UK and have made it as painless as possible for companies in trouble to contact them. These licensed insolvency practitioners have a freephone contact number and a live chat service in office hours as well as a free no obligation quotation option. Outside standard office hours, the live chat option reads 'leave a message' and worried company owners or directors can be sure that one of Wilson Field's team will be in contact the next day.

The website is fully mobile friendly and very well laid out, with concise explanations of the different forms of support and solutions they offer. It might be that after reading the information available, you think you know what the best option is and only need to have one of Wilson Field's team to help you with the formalities of declaring it. Or it could be that you'd rather not make a decision until you have spoken to an expert.

Whether your business venture is as a sole trader, a partnership or large enough to have a Board of Directors, Wilson Field can help you work out the best possible option for the future quickly and easily. As their website says, whatever the situation is 'rest assured that Wilson Field will have encountered it before'.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

VitaStik vaping devices

VitaStik logo, used with permission.
Smokers and non-smokers alike will probably have heard of electronic or e-cigarettes, widely used as an alternative to traditional nicotine cigarettes. They are more widely accepted than regular cigarettes, and are popular with those seeking a bridge between their nicotine habit and a smoke-free life.

The practice of smoking e-cigarettes, known as vaping, is a culture in its own right these days, and in areas of the world where drug laws allow, anything smokable can be found in a vape just as in a regular cigarette. California's well known smoke shops are now also vape shops, alive and thriving thanks to their new customers. The online trade in vaping devices and their flavoured contents is growing too. Vapers can choose from a wide variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, designs of device and gadgets to enhance their vaping experience.

For those at the low-to-no-nicotine end of the market, the VitaStik might appeal. Available in several flavours and evidently lasting for around 500 puffs, this vape’s marketing states that it simply offers vitamins and flavoured vapour. No nicotine, no tar, no tobacco. The VitaStik has been available in the US for a while but is now also sold here in the UK. The manufacturers, VitaCig, claim to use the latest vape technology to give users the best experience. The principle behind all vaping devices is the same - smoking without the smoke.

Notice all the qualification in the above paragraph. It does seem as if the VitaStik is not to everyone’s taste. For every review claiming that it is a great way to move one step closer to quitting, there will be another refuting every claim about the product that the writer can find. Just as with smoking, vaping is causing animated discussions across the web. The technology is new, so there will always be some unknown risks, just as was found with smoking. It won’t stop people trying vaping as an alternative to, or alongside, smoking regular cigarettes though. The main claim receiving attention from the critics is the use of vitamins in the vaping liquid, as this is a departure from current vaping norms. Despite these unknowns, this product may appeal to those smokers determined to give up but not quite ready yet, social smokers and those trying to break the habit of having something in their hand with a coffee or a beer.

VitaStik UK caters purely for the UK market, offering free delivery within a few days to all UK addresses. Other countries have their own websites and distribution networks, and are also likely to have a different range of products, depending on their regional laws on smoking. Whatever anyone’s personal views on vaping, there is currently a market for these products, and it is up to the individual to make up their mind whether or not they wish to try them.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

CHARLES - Teardrops Start to Taste

CHARLES - Teardrops Start to Taste

You’ve heard of people who write their way out of trouble (Jeffrey Archer and J K Rowling both had money problems when they came up with their first successful novel), while Cambridge Satchel Company founder Julie Deane wanted to make enough money to be sure she could send both her children to a private fee-paying school.

It applies to singer-songwriters too, as amply proved by CHARLES.

"Teardrops Start to Taste" is a lush, string-laden ballad in the manner of Boyzone, Enrique Iglesias or Robbie Williams. It is written for CHARLES’ wife, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and in memory of his father, who died recently. The doctors say there isn’t much they can do for his wife, so CHARLES turned to his first love, music. He was an active jazz and opera singer in the 90s, he tells me, and is now returning to music after a 20 year hiatus, with the hope of making his wife’s remaining time with him as comfortable as possible. He is emphatic that he does not want anyone setting up a crowdfunding page for his wife, but he would rather like people to share his music and buy a copy of the song. Listen to it, feel uplifted, and you’ll understand why he would rather you buy his music than simply contributing a sum to a charity page. CHARLES’ voice is as strong as you would expect from someone with his experience; powerful, on key, in tune and able to soar over the backing track with ease. He holds a strong note steadily while still being able to play the piano, a skill I have always envied. I can either sing or play, but never managed both successfully at the same time.

CHARLES has established a YouTube channel and tells viewers there will be more content in a few weeks. In the meantime, there is “Teardrops Start to Taste”, described in several comments as a song with the power of healing. The audio is available on iTunes and Amazon and the video on YouTube can be shared across all the usual channels. The video features a pair of dancers, first the ballerina alone, then later joined by a male, with whom she manages to pull off some amazing feats of strength holding. The video flips between CHARLES playing Steinway piano in a panelled room with the ballerina in the background and a warehouse where the ballerina is dancing alone. This is where the male dancer is also seen towards the end of the video, after the ballerina has withdrawn to a corner. Viewers might suspect that the whole piece is about love and loss, and yet finding your true love again. Take a look at the filigree cross on CHARLES’ piano and there is a small figurine entwined around the bottom of it, perhaps representative of his wife.

The comments and views so far have mainly been from CHARLES’ friends, and having heard the song (and watched the video) a number of times now, I can see why. The recording was made across several continents, with musicians in New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Germany, the US and the UK. Despite its diverse creation, it is a song which really should be successful, as it is worthy of a place alongside the chart hits from those televised music competition winners who always seem to grab the limelight. If only because of its history and the reason for its writing, "Teardrops Start to Taste" deserves to be downloaded across the globe, so that CHARLES and his wife can make the most of their remaining time together.

EcoAppsFree. Good for you, good for the planet

EcoAppsFree logo. Supplied by company and used with permission.

EcoAppsFree is an app promoter with a difference. Not only does the firm want iPhone and iPad users to enjoy free iOS apps, it also wants to help save the world at the same time.

Any app promoted through EcoAppsFree must fulfill at least one of the company's three criteria:

  • It should be an app which is good for humans, animals or the planet.
  • It should save natural resources (by being an electronic version of something that was originally physical).
  • It should save consumers having to lay out on a physical item.
For instance, previously featured apps have come from wildlife organizations, animal charities and similar companies. Other apps have given tips on how to make a home more eco-friendly. There's a version of Top Trumps with green goals, an app suggesting walking tours of Paris and several cycling-based apps too, included because they promote exercise and don’t harm the planet. Furthermore, founder Flavio shares his eco-tips on a recent LinkedIn post.

EcoAppsFree has been promoting apps since 2010 and so far, has promoted over 250 apps. Each app stays on the front page for at least 24 hours, and at present there is an average of one new app per week, so that’s seven full days of exposure for your app. One delighted development team said that the promotion had led to an amazing rise in downloads of their app. Pro Alarm, previously downloaded around 20-30 times a day, rocketed into the top 20 most popular apps in several countries around the globe, and was downloaded over 7,000 times in the 24 hours it was available for free.

The concept is simple. The developer signs up for one of the promotion packages and receives a level of promotion accordingly. The basic promotion costs just shy of $100 and reaches an estimated audience of 7,000 people through the mailing list. If developers choose a higher grade of promotion, they will receive social media coverage as well as other enhanced features. Plus costs $279.95 and includes a social media campaign while Pro costs $479.95 and offers promotion via a blog post, choice of day for the promotion to be scheduled and a whole host of metrics, analytics and feedback data. If the app is normally paid, it must be offered for free on the day of the promotion, although in-app purchases can stay active. After the initial 24 hours, the app can go back to paid mode.

EcoAppsFree is an excellent way for app developers to reach new users, potentially entirely new markets. It is also an innovative way for iOS app fans to hear about lesser known apps which are useful, educational and fun by turns. In addition, by downloading these apps everyone is helping to save the planet.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Clean 9 Detox Program from Forever Living

Evidence of what C9 can do for you.
Image supplied by Forever distributor and used with permission.

Regular readers will know that I like to review the latest detox and meal replacement programs whenever I can. I love my homemade soups and smoothies but the temptation of crisps, wine and chocolate is often too strong to resist. Together with a desk-bound job and long hours, that’s no good for my health.

So a program like Clean 9, a nine day detox, is ideal for reminding my brain and body what healthy feels like. The best thing about it is that it's easy to follow – tablets, water and meal replacement shakes mainly. Add in 20 minutes of exercise a day and a sensible evening meal (the recipe book should help) and let the mix of aloe vera and garcinia go to work on kicking out the toxins in your body (and therefore the fat which your body surrounds the toxins with to protect itself). Aloe vera's use as a medicinal product goes back centuries. Not only has it been widely used as a detoxifier, it has antiseptic tendencies and also clarifies skin, clearing spots and improving complexion.

Let's be clear about this, the distributors say that you will not only lose weight, you will gain mental and physical energy too. The average weight loss of the happy customers shown on the website is around 7lbs/3.1kg. Claire, pictured, lost 19lbs/8.7kg and 4" from her waist. It would be a good cleanse to undertake before your holiday if you're one of these sun, sea and sand seekers who needs a 'beach ready body'. To my mind, it would be a good regime to follow after Christmas too, given that many of us overindulge during the festive season. The distributor I spoke to recommended cleansing twice a year for maximum benefit, so that timescale would work quite well.

C9 is available from Forever Living distributors worldwide, shipped locally to save mailing costs. In the UK, the cost of a course is £114.70 plus the Fedex charge of £7 for shipping. The pack includes everything you will need to follow the cleansing regime and you even get some free gifts too, including a recipe book. Now, I haven’t tried this one yet, but it sounds that simple that I may well give it a go. It’s been a heavy few months for me work-wise and I need to lighten up a bit, mentally and physically.

Clean 9 can be used on its own or as part of the 3 step Forever FIT program of complete diet and fitness lifestyle management. If the photos on the site are simply the result of the customers following C9 alone though, then it seems to work just fine on its own. My job does not easily lend itself to finding extra time for gym and exercise, but 20 minutes a day is manageable.

As detox and weight loss programs go, Clean 9 looks one of the simpler ones to help you lose weight if you need to look your best for something special. I suspect that if you let your bad habits creep back in again then the weight would come back too, as you would likely be consuming all the usual culprits for that – fast food, alcohol, chocolate and such. But once you’ve discovered how much better you feel without it, there is always the question: why bother going back?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Inbound Influence, all about social media marketing

Deanna Gush, founder of Inbound Influence. Image provided by Deanna and used with permission.

Without inbound marketing, these days a business would have a difficult time of it. Not heard of the phrase before? Inbound marketing is the term used to describe the use of social media to engage potential customers with a brand.

Deanna Gush is an expert in the concept, and her website Inbound Influence is a mine of information for those looking to get to grips with how this powerful marketing strategy can help their business growth. It’s all about creating the right links in the right places to generate worthwhile traffic. That’s easier said than done in these days of bots, spammers, scrapers, link farms and ever-changing search engine algorithms. The company is based in Redditch, England but naturally has a global reach, as ought any online business these days. There is also a marketing course offered through Inbound Influence which will teach the necessary marketing skills in greater detail, but simply sitting down and reading through the detailed content on the website will improve many people’s understanding of inbound marketing and its importance.

Inbound Influence’s knowledge will help any online business develop a strategy, gain visitors, turn leads into customers, find promotion techniques that work and generally move to the next level of success. There are always some people who say that one social media platform works better for them than another, or that they just don’t ‘get’ social media in any form. Inbound Influence can help with both of those issues, ensuring that all relevant social media platforms are delivering some measure of success and demonstrating the different types of inbound marketing available via social media. Some businesses might benefit from a video-based marketing strategy, for instance, others could be better off with images and short punchy product descriptions. Inbound Influence’s marketing assistance will deal with aspects of web content, provide mentoring and coaching to allow businesses to improve their website and ensure that their content is AdWords compliant.

On a more practical level, company founder Deanna is a mother and a wife, so she knows all about juggling a startup with home life and the competing demands that mix brings. She has been involved in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and is now ready and willing to share that knowledge with others to allow them to grow their businesses too. Inbound Influence can provide advice on website layout, writing content, building brand recognition (very important in today’s media-savvy world) and point business owners in the right direction – upwards – to ensure they make the most of their business.

The online marketing course is run by Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, and caters both for those looking to retrain in marketing and those who consider they need more knowledge to tackle the social media mountain effectively. To get a flavor for the sort of things Inbound Influence specialize in, Deanna’s Twitter feed hosts a constant stream of links to suitable articles from around the web to inform and inspire entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers.

Social media marketing these days cannot be ignored. With the help of Inbound Influence, businesses can be sure it won’t be.

Blood Pressure Monitoring in the Pediatric Diabetic

High Blood Pressure. Image provided by and used with permission of
Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage at the best of times, and can be even more challenging for juveniles. One of the ways parents can ensure their child is as healthy as possible is to monitor their blood pressure. Diabetes-related blood pressure issues occur more frequently in adults than children, and monitoring is one way to keep tabs on whether a diabetic child could be at higher risk of early onset blood pressure issues.

The main problem is that the kit normally used for blood pressure monitoring is simply too large to give accurate readings in children. The cuffs cover too much of the arm – it’s like dressing a child in adult clothing. Fortunately for the pediatric diabetic and their family there is now specialist equipment available to help.

The site DiabetesWell has a full range of information on hypertension and blood pressure, including reviews of blood pressure monitors, comparisons of different ranges and types and instructions on checking blood pressure. The site recently published detailed reviews of three of the most popular pediatric blood pressure monitor options to help parents keep an eye on their child’s health.

The first model under review is the CMS-08a. This has the advantage of being suitable for adults as well, as it comes with three different cuff sizes from neo-natal to adult. There are several features which make it attractive to use with children and in the family home setting, including a clear display, a choice of battery or mains operation and a self-inflating cuff designed to minimize pain during the procedure. The stats for three different users can also be stored on the machine in order to establish any underlying trends. This can then easily be shown to medical professionals if and when needed.

The second device is part of the extensive range produced by Omron. This company manufactures a line of different sized blood pressure measuring devices and cuffs as varied as their clientele and has a reputation for high quality equipment. The Omron HEM-780 comes with a Comfit cuff as standard, which will be suitable for a child or teenager to use. This type of cuff is specifically designed to fit a wider range of body shapes and sizes. As expected from a world-leading company like this, there are numerous innovations to ease the task of blood pressure monitoring, including the ability to alert users to habitual morning hypertension. As with the CMS-08a, the unit has the capacity to store readings, and calculates a set of average values over the course of two months.

Another alternative is to buy a home blood pressure testing unit which supports a small adult cuff size. Omron’s H-003DS small adult blood pressure cuff can then be fitted on an as-needs basis when testing children and young adults. This size of cuff is specially designed for people with an upper arm of up to 11” in diameter, so depending on build, a diabetic may be using one of these well into adulthood, or may find that they need to use an adult sized cuff when helping a teen or young adult of larger build to obtain an accurate reading.

As with all devices designed for home use, it is recommended that buyers take their chosen purchase to their doctor or pediatrician so that they can test it and determine any differences between the readings obtained by their equipment in the surgery and the home use unit. It might only be a slight variance but it is important that this is recorded in case of query. Naturally the devices are all calibrated by the manufacturer but there will always be some inherent variation between units and brands. This will also allow children to overcome any nervousness caused by having their blood pressure taken and establish a positive attitude to checking up on their health.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on blood pressure levels, as hypertension is one of the great silent killers of the time, leading directly to a higher likelihood of a heart attack, stroke or kidney damage. Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is also dangerous, causing dizziness and frequent falls, with the associated risk of broken bones and other injury.

The good news is that blood pressure can often be regulated by lifestyle changes, and there are those who believe that diabetes too will respond to a healthy lifestyle with balanced meals and adequate exercise. Diabetics are already more prone to certain health complications as a result of their diabetes, so anything they can do to lower their risk is to be encouraged. In children the necessity of obtaining an accurate blood pressure reading is even more important, hence the requirement for specialized equipment to achieve this goal.

This article does not purport to give any medical advice and readers should always check with their doctor if they have any doubts about their health. This article is for information and guidance only and serves only as an overview of the pediatric blood pressure monitors mentioned on

iHerbCouponPromo - your gateway to iHerb discounts

Health Beach. Image provided by iHerbCouponPromo and used with permission.

If you're a fan of healthy eating and organic products, you'll know how expensive some of them can be when bought at retail prices. Now you can eat and use the products you love as well as saving money, because the site sells at discount. Up to 70% less than retail, in fact. If course, not every product will be that heavily discounted, but the savings mount up after a while.

Through the coupon available on iHerbCouponPromo, offers new customers a further 10% discount off their first order. IHerb ships free within the US and there are often deals on international shipping costs too. With over 35,000 products to choose from, you're bound to find something to try. Talking of trying, iHerb produces over 100 products in small trial sizes, meaning customers can try something new for mere pennies before laying out for a full size product.

All new products to the site within the last 90 days are clearly listed so if you're an habitual early adopter, you can choose with confidence. The range runs from the expected vitamins and supplements to health food and natural household goods. There are also baby items and pet-related collections and a complete range of natural hair and skin care products as well as essential oils, useful in many ways in the home.

The $10 discount is only available on orders placed through iHerbCouponPromo but the site is more than a promo page for a coupon code. It provides detailed information so that those who are drawn by the promise of discounted branded items can learn about the products before buying them. The site’s owner has been using iHerb products for over 3 years and will tell anyone who asks about the fantastic customer service, high quality products, speedy delivery and of course, the savings over buying vitamins and natural products at retail cost.

I can’t help but notice, as a big fan of all kinds of tea, that there is a huge choice of individually wrapped teabags available through I’m always game to try new flavors and types of tea so I think I may just give in to that temptation in due course. I’ll have to watch out for the customs charges, being as it would be an international shipment, though. Hopefully the charges won’t wipe out any savings I might make on the order.

Now, certainly iHerb is not the only site on the web offering discounted vitamins, supplements and health food. It is one of the most user-friendly though, asking users to confirm location and preferred currency for pricing display, which makes it easy to see how much you will be charged. Established in 1996 to promote the benefits of St John’s Wort, the company now accepts payments in several local currencies and offers multilingual customer service options and an impressive mobile website which is also available in several languages. It also has an extensive library of articles on medical conditions, health and wellness, and links to many other useful sites.

If you are looking for a one-stop specialist online shop for information on healthy living, vitamins, herbs and natural products, this may well be a site to consider. It seems to be one of the most comprehensive around at the moment, at least, and with the multilingual and local currency options, scores well on the user-friendly scale.

The Memories Place makes photo blankets from your photos

The Memories Place. Logo supplied and used with permission.

Were you one of those babies who had a blanket comforter which went everywhere with you? I was, and later, when I moved out, my mother knitted me a blanket for my bed made of a patchwork of wool odds and ends last seen in childhood sweaters. I still have it, 20-odd years later.

So blankets are pretty important to me. Now they can be to you too, with a photo blanket from The Memories Place. This online store will make you a fleece or woven photo blanket to commemorate just about every occasion.

The website is full of ideas to turn into a photo blanket, from weddings to births, sports victories to photographs of beloved pets and everything in between. It is the modern version of my mother’s memory-filled blanket. Pictures of family gatherings, parents or grandparents, first communion, graduation, military honors and more can all be captured in a fleecy or woven photo blanket.

The Memories Place prides itself on great customer service and all photo blankets are promptly shipped. The fleece blankets ship in around 7 days and the woven ones ship 2-3 days after weaving. Prices are clearly stated, and even something as complicated as a collage photo blanket starts from under $100.

The single photo blankets come in five sizes, from mini (37" x 52") to mega (60" x 80"). For single photo blankets, ordering is simple - select the size you want, upload your image and provide a contact email in case of problems. Pay, sit back and wait for your soft and fluffy photo blanket to arrive. Go for the collage photo blanket option, follow the same submission criteria except for uploading several photos, and you will receive several choices of layout by email. Once you have chosen your preferred layout, weaving will commence. The collage photo blankets are available in four sizes from Standard (50" x 60") to Mega (60" x 80"). Optional text can be added to any photo blanket at no extra charge, making it easy to add a date or commemorative message. All blankets are woven in the USA.

These blankets are a wonderful way to remember events, people and pets. They are simple to order and given that each item is uniquely customized to the recipient, good value for money. They are also a long lasting and highly thoughtful gift.

Payment is accepted by all major cards and PayPal and the company's telephone number is prominently displayed in case of any questions.

The Memories Place has recently branched out into offering wall hangings, pillows and an affiliate program as well as its signature photo blankets. For a truly memorable gift, look no further than a personalized photo blanket from The Memories Place.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Inspirational Buddhist Art Thangka Tapestry Wall Hangings from Explosion Luck

Explosion Luck logo, used with permission of the company's owners/founders
I've written about Explosion Luck and their selection of inspiring feng shui wall hangings and beautiful sand art before. The site's owner has just alerted me to their latest range, inspirational Buddhist art in the form of tapestry wall hangings, or thangkas.

Tapestry thangkas are believed to bestow good luck and the best of health on all who see them, and as with the wall hangings sold elsewhere on the site, each depiction has a different meaning. For instance, the image of Guanyin, Chinese goddess of compassion, would be appropriate for a maternity unit, as she is believed to promote conception and a healthy pregnancy. White Tara offers the promise of a long life and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the Eight Medicine Buddhas are associated with healing and recovery. That would be a great artwork for a doctor's office or hospital reception. No matter your religion, these inspirational tapestry artworks are suitable for your home or office, as the idea of a patron god or saint for a specific area of life runs through all the major belief canons.

Having an inspirational tapestry for a reason is far removed from having a picture or canvas of something on the wall in the living room just because it's pretty. But the idea of displaying something to ensure good fortune equally falls in the same tradition of hanging a horseshoe over the entrance door of a house for good luck. These tapestries are colorful and eye catching as well as having meaning. In an office reception area, you could easily add a small explanatory piece near the wall hanging to explain the significance: 'The White Tara welcomes you and grants you long life and heightened awareness.' Better than a nondescript landscape, any day.

All these Buddhist art tapestries, as with many items sold on Explosion Luck, make excellent meditation pieces, focusing the mind and calming the soul before important meetings and events. They would also be equally suitable for display as a focal point in a large space at home if your place was big enough. My favorite is the rainbow-hued Bhaiisajyaguru; the King of Healers. He is surrounded by multicolored beams and serenely sitting in the lotus position, one hand in meditational pose, the other grasping a bowl filled with healing herbs. This is a fairly big tapestry at 23” x 34”, but it would be strikingly impressive at any size with the depth of detail and color in the artwork.

These memorable tapestries are all available for US$128 (GBP 82 or EUR 113 at present exchange rates),which is not overly expensive given a) the ubiquitous blandness of the prints found in many people’s homes and workplaces and b) the uniqueness and depth of meaning of these pieces. It’s certainly cheaper to hang a meaningful piece of Buddhist inspirational art in your reception area than to lay out for an Old Master at auction.

Explosion Luck have a unique range of inspirational Buddhist thangkas here if you feel the need for a wall hanging to bring good luck. They are versatile pieces, rich in meaning and heavy in color and symbolism. There is no company or organization which does not need good luck, after all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reddibrek's Concept E-com Store

Reddibrek's logo, used with permission

E-commerce, or e-com for short, is very popular these days. Nearly every store or brand has an online presence with an e-store to allow customers to purchase items online at will. You can even choose to buy products from abroad if you prefer, and it is becoming common for sites and e-com stores to accept payment by PayPal as well as the usual array of debit and credit cards. Many smaller sites are leading the way in accepting payments in new forms, and Reddibrek’s is firmly in that camp. The site went live in November 2014, and only accepts payment in cryptocurrency, or digital coin. Before your eyes pop out of your head, I would point out that PayPal is a form of virtual currency, and in many places in the developing world, e-money wallets are more widely used for currency transactions than paper money or credit, due to the scarcity of banks and lack of safe infrastructure in more remote locations.

Reddibrek's goes one step further. The site uses an electronic currency called Reddcoin, which is the only payment method accepted on the site. To be able to buy anything you need to go to the Reddcoin wallet page and obtain a Reddcoin wallet, following the instructions there, before filling it with coin paid for via PayPal or Bitcoin. Trust me, you are going to want to try this. Reddibrek's specialist lines are top of the range coffee, chocolate and chilli sauce supplies at very competitive prices.

As the site is still fairly new, shipping is limited at present to selected European countries only. If you live in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal or Italy, you're in luck. As the site expands, so will the list of countries able to receive luxury goods from Reddibrek's.

Coffee brands on offer include Illy, four different types of Rombouts and two of the Beyers range. The chocolate selection includes no less than 15 different varieties of finest Belgian Cote d'Or chocolate and seven flavours of the delicious Belgian-style brand Galler. The chilli sauce selection features hot sauces from Flying Goose and other companies. The peppery West Indian and Louisiana Cajun flavours are guaranteed to spice up your food and tickle your tastebuds.

Every e-commerce site tries to attract new customers in some way or another. For Reddibrek's this takes the form of a regular sweepstakes with a prize. At the time of writing, the current competition is open until 22 June, with the prize of a tin of Illy coffee, mailed free to you. Simply sign up for the mailing list and you'll be entered into every competition between now and April 2016. Competitions run typically every 5-6 weeks and keen followers can increase their chances of winning by regularly tweeting links. The rules are simple. The competition is open to anyone worldwide even though Reddibrek's normally only ships to a handful of countries. Signing up earns two points and each tweet earns another point. Only one tweet is allowed every 24 hours though. The person with the greatest amount of points doesn't always win, mind, although your keenness is appreciated. The prize is stated at the start of every sweepstakes and will always take the form of a free gift from the site’s range of goodies. The name (or nickname) of the winner will be made public in a tweet announcing the formal end of the competition. The winner should provide a mailing address within 48 hours of else the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be chosen.

The Reddcoin logo. Used with permission.
The Reddcoin digital coin or ‘cryptocurrency’ payment system has been specially produced for initial use on this site by a group of development professionals. It is open source and decentralized, so is completely independent of any bank or country. Think of something where the convenience of PayPal meets the technology of Bitcoin. Reddcoin can be acquired using PayPal or Bitcoin and there are full instructions on how to download a wallet and fill it with coin on the Reddcoin page. A grand expansion of Reddcoin is planned to make it into a cryptocurrency to use when tipping online. Reddibrek's e-commerce venture selling premium coffee, chocolate and chilli sauce is only the beginning, according to the developers.

The main advantage of digital currency is that it makes payment simple. There is no need to create an account, log into the site, provide card details or anything more than a shipping address for your items. This reduces the attractiveness of the site to hackers and therefore lowers the risk of customers’ data being compromised. Of course, there is a mechanism for freezing addresses to stop Reddcoins in a particular wallet from being sent, but it is best only to use it once a wallet has been emptied by the user sending the coins to an alternative address.

If you are an early adopter, or fancy the idea of trying a new virtual coin system, this seems like a fairly easy and laid back way to go. The cost of items on Reddibrek’s site is quite low, so the initial outlay will also be correspondingly small for any new customers. That is another risk mitigation factor which may well make the site appealing to those who don’t generally take risks. But let’s face is, finest coffee, chocolate and chilli is worth leaving your online shopping comfort zone for.

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Classic Male - latest magazine issue out now

Ryder Gordon on the cover of The Classic Male magazine, Volume 7 Edition 1
Image used with permission of VN Media Publications

Ryder Gordon is rocking the James Bond look, sharp suit, black bow tie, white dress shirt, spotted handkerchief, immaculate skin and hair. Ryder is a fitness competitor, actor and lifestyle model – and looks every inch the epitome of The Classic Male in his cover shot for the magazine of the same name.

The Classic Male (TCM) is a glossy for men. It features advertisements for high end watches, sports cars and designer clothing. Volume 7 Edition 1 is just out at time of writing (release date June 5, 2015) and pulls no punches about the kind of reader the magazine is aimed at. Readers are described as ‘success-oriented, affluent men who enjoy style’. They are also men who enjoy ‘being a gentleman’ and are generally ‘upper middle class professional men who have the income to spend’. The average age is 31 and these guys are squarely in the ABC1 bracket with the disposable income to afford a luxury lifestyle but not to be too flashy about it. It’s all about understated elegance, timeless classics, top brands and buying expensive items that last.

The e-magazine naturally features in’s listing of Luxury Magazines. Apart from the aforementioned high end advertising, and an interview with Ryder Gordon, there is a huge amount of reading here. Articles such as ‘Dating Beautiful Women can be a Challenge’ and ‘How to Propose to her Like a Gentleman’ give lifestyle advice accompanied by beautiful photographs while rubbing shoulders with a classy photo shoot with Xabi Alonso, a review of the Hotel di Savoia in Milan, an interview with Paco Fernandes, founder of Paco’s Custom Clothiers in Chicago and much more. There are almost 120 pages of content here, so there’s a fair bit to get through. The e-magazine provides enough reading matter for several commutes and the hard copy will give cachet in the office.

The founder of TCM is Victoria Napolitano, who describes herself as a visual media specialist. You can see that she has an eye for making well designed and expensive items look even better, either by great photography or knowing exactly who to ask to model clothes and jewelry to set it off to its best. She has designed and published more than 120 magazines and twice as many websites, specializing in high quality animations. Her publishing house, VN Media Productions, donates free advertising space to non-profits and charities in its magazines, and is proud to support the ASPCA, the American Foundation for the Blind and the Animal Humane Society.

For any man with aspirations, The Classic Male magazine is a master class. To obtain the hard copy you will need to create a joomag account. The e-magazine is free to read. The magazine’s info page on joomag gives links to either option and will prompt those wishing to apply for a hard copy magazine to open an account or log in to get your copy. Or you could simply read it online right now.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

All Garage Doors Repair, Southern California

Image supplied by and used with permission of All Garage Doors Repair, Southern California

Garage doors and gates are one of those things which householders tend to forget about until they break. But by then you could be looking at a much bigger problem than merely a crooked gate or a dented, rough running overhead door.

I've had trouble with two overhead garage doors in rentals because they weren't maintained correctly or regularly. One, a manual door, nearly landed on my head when the spring broke as I opened it one day. As it was, my auto’s roof was dented and scraped on one side as the door collapsed downwards onto it. A few years later an automated door failed half way up, trapping my vehicle in the garage until the property owner found a repairman.

If you rely on your vehicle to get to work or run errands, a situation like that could put a dent in more than your car. It could put a dent in your day as well as your pocket. It’s a far better (and cheaper) option to call an expert and get the issue looked at before you absolutely need to. All Garage Doors Repair recommend an annual service for gates and doors to avoid the inconvenience and additional expense of an emergency call out. Each door has around 300 moving parts, so when it's not maintained correctly there are plenty areas that could go wrong.

A company like All Garage Doors Repair in Southern California will repair or replace broken overhead garage doors and parts. They also service electric gates. A quick glance at their website will show the kind of thing they can be called to. They have fixed everything from impact damaged garage doors to defective remote control units, plus the sort of broken spring incident I suffered in my rental property.

Fixing or replacing broken springs may be routine to these guys, but without the proper training, it is a dangerous undertaking. All Garage Doors Repair will start off by taking a look at the issue, no matter whether the problematic door or gate is located at residential or business premises. The company can also install new garage doors and gates, which will increase the security of your house or business as well as improving the look of your home or company yard.

In some neighborhoods a gate and garage combo is a necessity. In others, it's more of a statement that finishes off a home rebuilding or refurbishment project. Whichever area your property falls into, All Garage Doors Repair should be on your list to call. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you find something to complement the rest of that expensive refurbishment you just had done, and then install it to their own exacting standards. If there is a problem with your property’s gate or garage door at any time, they will fix it as quickly as possible. The company prides itself on having a 45 minute response time to emergencies, although householders who take out an annual maintenance plan are significantly less likely to find themselves in the position of needing a speedy reaction from the technicians.

Damaged garage doors can sometimes be beyond repair, and have to be replaced with new. All Garage Doors Repair can help here too. With this firm you can design your garage door online using the Door Imagination System.

Many of the most popular makes of gates can also be maintained or repaired by All Garage Doors Repair. The Southern California climate makes for comfortable living for many but Mother Nature can be harsh on mechanical devices out in the elements constantly. The Santa Ana winds are a regular unforgiving feature of life in the south west United States, and while your gate may not survive assault by wildfire, it can be protected against the worst that the Santa Ana can bring. All Garage Doors Repair will realign gates as well as testing and repairing locks, hinges, and motors. Like garage doors, gates are complicated mechanisms that need qualified technicians to service them. In the same way as doors, they will benefit from preventative maintenance to keep them at their best.

For commercial locations, there is a full range of steel doors available, and the engineers are just as skilled in replacing them when they go wrong. The website offers photographs of some of the business premises the company has worked on. It is advisable to call for a discussion for non-urgent repairs or replacements, as that will allow the staff time to visit your property and give an informed opinion on the best course of action.

All Garage Doors Repair have been in business for 15 years; no mean feat in today's challenging financial climate. The company takes great pride in employing only fully licensed, certified, bonded and insured repair technicians. That means that your garage door or property gate will be properly repaired and tested against a comprehensive system of checkpoints before the repair is signed off.

So, if you're in Southern California and your garage door or electric gate needs repair, call All Garage Doors Repair. You know it makes sense.

Tenancy Cleaning - a Decade of Experience in End of Tenancy Cleaning

Vacuum cleaner carpet cleaner - stevepb at Pixabay. CC0

If you live in London, chances are, you’re a tenant. The rental business is huge in cities, and London property prices mean that buying a place of their own is out of reach of many workers on average salaries.

The main thing about being a tenant, especially in London, is that you are mobile. You can move around where the work is whenever your agreement comes to an end. That’s where a company like Tenancy Cleaning comes in. The cleaning teams at Tenancy Cleaning will give your rented property a thorough going over at the end of your time there, leaving it spotless and neat. Faced with this level of end of tenancy cleaning, your landlord will have no option but to return your full deposit. They will have a sparklingly clean property for the next tenant, and you will have your deposit back. Win-win, surely?

Tenancy Cleaning have over 20,000 satisfied clients and have been operating for over a decade. They are well known to the letting agencies in London for providing a professional and thorough specialist end of tenancy cleaning service. They have local cleaners all over London ready to respond to your end of tenancy cleaning request at short notice. They always have Hot Deals available on the website, and are available to clean at weekends and on Bank Holidays for no extra charge. The company doesn’t levy extra charges for parking, specialist cleaning equipment or products either. In addition there are no additional costs for weekend or Bank Holiday bookings.

The company doesn’t just clean floors and surfaces, though. Upholstery and carpet cleaning can be requested. Tenancy Cleaning’s end of tenancy carpet cleaning service in London is performed by staff accredited by the National Carpet Cleaning Association, the only such organisation in the United Kingdom. Prices for an end of tenancy cleaning start at £95 for a studio flat and rise to around £200 for a family home with several bathrooms. Quotes can be provided by phone, email or even in person, should you be in Holborn at any time during normal office hours.

The gallery is telling – photographs of partially cleaned stair and floor carpets plus before and after shots of showers and tiles. No one really sees the difference a thorough carpet cleaning can make until they have one carried out. Mopping laminate, stone and tile floors is easy, if you have the time to do that regularly as a tenant. Getting stair carpets clean requires time, which many tenants do not have, and effort, which takes time. An end of tenancy cleaning by London-based Tenancy Cleaning will bring not only carpets and showers, but surfaces, hard floors and upholstery back to pristine condition.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Citi Clean - End of Tenancy Cleaning at its Best

Vacuum carpet cleaner from stevepb at Pixabay. CC0

End of tenancy cleaning is a very important part of any tenancy agreement. Alongside inventory checks, a thorough end of tenancy clean is probably the next item on the list which tenants should address before they hand the keys back at the end of their rental agreement. Of course, the best way to tackle it is to leave the property as you would wish to find it. From a tenant’s perspective, London company Citi Clean could help you get your deposit back by giving your tenancy rental property a good clean. In business for seven years, they are said to work to the highest standards and co-operate closely with many of the biggest London lettings agencies. 

Their standard cleaning checklist includes the damp wiping of surfaces and cleaning of electrical devices, vacuuming and dusting. A full carpet deep clean and upholstery cleaning service can be undertaken by arrangement. Citi Clean can carry out an end of tenancy clean in London for the outgoing tenant, the landlord or an agency, but whoever is paying, the service delivered will be the same. Of course, for the tenant there is no guarantee that this will result in their deposit being returned, but that may be down to the landlord's decision just as much as the level of cleanliness.

The standard cleaning covered by an end of tenancy clean seems pretty thorough. For example, the kitchen checklist includes making sure that the cupboards and drawers are all cleaned inside and out, the skirting is dusted and appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines are wiped inside and out. In the bathroom, the list also includes wiping out any cupboards and cleaning the skirting, windows and doors, dusting light fittings plus polishing any mirrors. The same cleaning standards apply to the bedrooms, where Citi Clean's checklist includes wiping the wardrobes inside and out, cleaning the mirrors (never an easy task) and light fittings plus a full vacuum of the carpet, even under the bed. In the lounge, the checklist states that any electrical devices will be dusted, which is easier said than done, given the attractive nature of dust and screens. The stairs will also be vacuumed and both skirting and light fittings in any hallways dusted.

For anyone worried about pricing, Citi Clean have their end of tenancy cleaning prices available on their website. Paying for a professional end of tenancy clean in London can be worth it if it could mean the difference between getting the deposit back or not. In addition, Citi Clean will not charge for parking or bookings on weekends or bank holidays. The cost of all cleaning materials is also included in the price quoted on their website. A free quotation service is available, for those who prefer to go that way. Booking couldn’t be easier, either over the telephone or through the website. Citi Clean offer end of tenancy cleaning in all areas of London, and will clean domestic or commercial properties as needed. If you rent in London and want a chance of getting your deposit back, then an end of tenancy cleaning by Citi Clean should be on your list of jobs to complete before moving on.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Healing Rahena's Heart

Rahena, Monir and their sons. Image supplied by the founders of Koala Karma relaxation beverage.

We’re all used to seeing the heartfelt advertisements for charitable relief efforts following natural disasters by now. Almost everyone must have seen one, whether it was a television broadcast for urgent assistance after an earthquake, a call by an international relief fund for basic supplies to help establish a camp for refugees of a local civil war, or a national charity’s pleas for donations to help child or animal victims of abuse.

Occasionally someone puts a face to the suffering. Michael Buerk’s famous BBC news report from Ethiopia was the catalyst for Live Aid, because it brought starving children front and centre of everyone’s consciousness. The Rohingya have come to the attention of international media as they flee their erstwhile homeland in Myanmar (which some people will know as Burma) because they are no longer recognized as citizens there. This has led to large numbers of refugees arriving in Bangladesh, a country not far above the poverty line itself and ill-equipped to help the new arrivals. However, the Rohingya are doing their best to help themselves, and thus it is that people such as Rahena are looking after the disabled and children in their community, teaching them and supporting them, despite not being in the best of health themselves.

Rahena, a second generation refugee, who has been in Bangladesh all her life after her parents fled Myanmar, suffers from rheumatic heart disease. Her husband Monir explains more about their situation in a piece he wrote for the iPledg page Healing Rahena’s Heart. The young husband and wife (he’s 28, she’s 22), together with their three children (a son aged 4 and twin sons aged 2), have been dealing with her serious illness while trying to maintain a life for themselves in the refugee camp at Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh. The initial iPledg page was designed to raise just AUS$720 (US$570) to allow Rahena to travel from Cox’s Bazaar to Dhaka for further tests. That target met, the next hurdle is to raise the US$2,550 for the cost of the heart surgery that Rahena needs.

At the time of writing, AUS$1,060 of the larger total has been pledged. That's about one third of the cost of Rahena's surgery. As Monir says, Rahena wants to 'give education to her children and her community.' The Rohingya already face many challenges. Education will allow them a way out of the refugee camps. Rahena is still young and, with the chance of surgery, has the opportunity to continue educating and caring for not only her own three young sons, but also the children of others in the camp.

The alternative is grim. Without surgery, Rahena, like many Rheumatic Heart Disease sufferers, will die prematurely. Her young sons will lose their mother, and a loving husband will lose his wife.

The Rohingya are among the world's most persecuted communities. Monir, Rahena and their three sons have already faced more hardship than many. Please consider pledging to help Rahena have the life saving surgery she needs. After surgery, she will repay that pledge by continuing to help her fellow refugees, passing on the gift of hope that you gave her.