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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Flying-Drones.Expert, a site for information about drones

Flying-Drones.Expert logo.
Image supplied and used with permission.

A few months ago, I wrote about the FLYBi drone crowdfunding effort. Now I hear there’s a whole website devoted to reviewing the drones which are already on the market. has comprehensive reviews of the best of the currently available drones. These are either by single machine or grouped under headings such as ‘Best Drone Under $100’ or ‘Cheap Drone with Camera’. Many of these models are available via Amazon or eBay for those interested in trying the technology themselves.

The Use of Drones section is about more than how to safely manage a drone (see the article ‘How to Fly a Quadcopter’ for information on that side of things). It also covers comparison reviews of various drones and articles on drone use for professional video recording, in a commercial setting and for stills photography using an onboard camera.

The News tab rounds up many recent news stories involving drones. There’s more on Amazon’s plans to use drones for deliveries and the tale of the Californian who shot down his neighbor’s drone because he thought it was over his property. Many of the stories come with a US bias, although UK fliers are becoming more popular too.

The Models tab is subdivided into Directory, Manual, Photo and Review sections so readers can more easily find relevant posts. Links to manuals for many of the popular models are included for quick reference, while the photo gallery shows various views of models in flight, assembled on the ground and in their carrying cases.

The Flying Drones Guide tab rounds up the different price ranges of drones and reviews some of the capabilities. For an idea of that drone video cameras can do, check out the Best Flying Drones Video tab.

One of the most useful and informative posts on the site is the comparison between prices of drones available on eBay and Amazon, which gives a complete breakdown of models for sale from under $100 to over $1000, including a brief description and shipping costs for each. If someone is considering a drone as a present for a friend or relation, the post is a good starting point to make an informed short list of potentially suitable models. has a lot of information on current models, prices and flying tips. The site can help those just starting out with a cheap drone, or provide pointers for upgrading to the next model. Owners should always fly their drones responsibly, and be aware of any local rules regarding their use, especially near restricted areas such as military installations or privately owned land like large country estates or outdoor venues.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Japanese Matcha tea - green tea with an added punch

Matcha Japanese tea: green is good.
Image supplied and used with permission.

Being known as a teapot on legs, I was intrigued to hear about Vivid Supplements, a UK based site selling Japanese matcha tea.

Matcha (which means ‘powdered tea’) is a type of green tea. It is available from Vivid Supplements in powder or capsule form. The site has just launched although I hear the fashionistas at New York Fashion Week were swigging matcha like no tomorrow this year.

The Japanese variety of matcha is held to be the best quality. All tea leaves absorb nutrients from their environment, but Japanese matcha has a lower amount of lead content than many teas. Experts suggest only drinking one cup of matcha a day in order to minimise any risk. Matcha consists of the whole leaf, ground. It’s not in a bag and steeped. Lead traces aside, it has near-legendary health benefits and according to Vivid Supplements, 137 times the amount of antioxidants than the more usual bagged green teas. The intense flavour comes about because the tea bushes are shaded before they are picked. This starts the process which leads to the unique flavour of matcha. Not only is the flavour intense (described as ‘spinach’ or ‘grass’ by some and more technically as ‘umami’), so is the healthy hit. The polyphenols deliver a big dose of protection against heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and the effects of aging. In addition, matcha helps regulate blood sugar and boost metabolism, which makes it a great drink for when you’re trying to lose weight. It does contain caffeine though, so should be treated with caution in the evening.

Traditionally, as the tea of Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha is taken just as it is, made into a paste and with hot-but-not-boiled water added to it. There are versions around which add sugar or milk to the powder, but that reduces its effectiveness and makes it taste more like bubble tea than green tea. Although matcha has caffeine in it, there is no buzz as there is with coffee. Hence its association with meditation, as it promotes a feeling of calm without drowsiness and heightens the benefits which meditation can bring. Meditation and matcha are perfect partners, as meditation has also been shown to reduce cortisol (which makes you stressed and hungry) and lower blood pressure, among many other benefits.

However, modern living has meant that people rarely have the time for an intricate tea ceremony, so, Vivid Supplements are also offering a capsule version of matcha for an on-the-go lifestyle. This is ideal for frequent travellers, as a bag of capsules is much more practical to pack than a packet of powder. For smoothie and home cooking fans, the good news is that matcha powder can also be incorporated into many other dishes - the internet has lots of ideas on that score.

A bag of 60 capsules or 30g of powder costs £14.99, free UK shipping. At present Vivid Supplements only ships to the UK and Europe, and European customers may also be subject to customs charges. However, it’s worth it to try something which brings so many benefits.

Just some of the benefits of matcha Japanese green tea powder.
Image supplied and used with permission.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Live Better, Live Now with the help of this Houston-based practice

Live Better, Live Now logo. Supplied and used with permission.

Live Better, Live Now is a diverse group of certified practitioners available to offer counseling, coaching and consulting in a variety of specialisms. The Live Better, Live Now site is a hub of information from this network of qualified health professionals who are experts in various areas of life and work resilience. Both physical and mental health assistance is covered, including assistance with coming to terms with medical diagnoses and addiction, career improvement, stress management and life coaching. The group also counts specialists in young adult counseling among its members. Grief and loss plus the associated topics of seniors and aging are also covered. There is also a professional counselor in women's issues.

In addition, this assembly of qualified helpers provides professional oversight of counselors in training and assistance for nurses suffering under the burden of their role. Group therapy is available, plus contact to expert support networks, and critical incident stress management help for individuals and businesses.

Just about every workplace and home will have someone who needs one or more of these counseling services at some point in their lives. Modern living is inherently stressful to many, leading to long term effects on their mental and physical health and wellbeing. The site acts as a first point of contact and information for those looking for guidance on any of the individual areas. It taps into the current feeling that individuals and employees need to develop mindfulness, resilience and coping strategies, because retreating into substance abuse and violence is no longer an acceptable option.

The collective is based in Houston, Texas. The founder, Benjamin Carettin, MA, NCC, LPC, is a Houston native who has been working in the field of mental health since 1992, and has an array of further qualifications to permit a wide understanding of the human condition.

His partners in the Live Better, Live Now initiative are the equally well qualified practitioners Mavis Downey, PhD, LPC, who specializes in psychotherapy, counseling psychology and coaching; and Rebecca Rucker, Counselor, MA, LPC-S, LMFT, BCC, who specializes in anger management and behavioral issues, impulse control disorders, coaching, matters of self esteem and questions around spirituality. Rebecca is also skilled at making dual diagnoses.

Between them the three specialists cover a wide variety of counseling and coaching requirements, offering both individual and group sessions, the latter facilitated through the Greater Houston Wellness organization.

When someone is faced with news of a cancer diagnosis or heart condition which may limit their abilities for the rest of their life, it often helps to be able to talk to someone who can put things in perspective. Depression is a common result of these diagnoses, alongside grief, perhaps a feeling of victimhood and low self worth. Talking certainly does help, as does keeping active as much as possible and, naturally, spending time with family and friends. On this site are links explaining the counseling process clients are likely to experience, should they be recommended for a course.

Modern life is stressful, and provides regular mental challenges. The team at Live Better, Live Now offer both life coaching and executive coaching to help clients deal with these situations. An individual approach helps assess the issues each client is facing and provides tailored assistance using coping strategies and affirmation techniques to allow the client themselves to make necessary changes in their life.

Tied in with this area is the career transitions support offered by Rebecca Rucker. This follows a similar path, through coping strategies and affirmation techniques, to the life coaching and aims to leave the client able to face change with a more positive mindset.

Mavis Downey offers help in the areas of elders, aging and geriatric support, caring and feelings of grief and loss. To help her clients, she uses a wide range of therapies in the broad disciplines of psychotherapy, counseling, psychology and coaching.

Women’s issues is another area which can bring all kinds of challenges, not just to the women themselves, but also to their partners. Mavis Downey provides help in this area too, working with couples and individually to smooth out the mixed up feelings that women’s issues can often cause.

Of course, addiction is also an area which counseling can address, dealing with the reasons which led to the addiction, as well as the best way of moving on from it. The Live Better, Live Now team offer a mix of Eastern philosophy and Western practices which seem to work well for many who are also receiving medical care for their dependency. The aim is to keep the patient in the community rather than in hospital, so as to allow them to practice coping mechanisms in everyday life and familiar settings.

The hub site at Live Better, Live Now also features a blog and links to relevant information on social media, as readers would expect these days.

Naturally, this level of experience, depth of knowledge, and counseling doesn’t come cheap, and clients can expect to be charged between $95 and $150 per session. But to get their life back on track after just about any life altering event is worth it, surely?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ecover Washing Up Liquid -

Ecover Lemon & Aloe Vera Washing Up Liquid.
#GotItFree from Thanks guys.

The claim that a washing up liquid washes 40% more plates incomparison to its previous formula is one which cannot be ignored. In this house, that’s a lot of dishes.

So when BzzAgent Jono contacted me and asked if I was up for a free trial of the latest Ecover washing up liquid, of course I said yes. I’d used the brand back in the day when I could afford to pay the extremely high prices then charged by supermarkets for environmentally friendly products, but buying a house and getting married had put paid to any money I might have had spare. I was interested to try it again and see whether the good memories I had of it were still true, 20 or so years later. It’s quite sobering to think that Ecover have been in business for 35 years, so when I discovered them in the mid-90s, they were already an established, niche brand.

A 120ml bottle of Ecover Camomile & Marigold Washing Up Liquid.
Also free from
A few weeks later, my Bzzkit arrived. One full size 500ml bottle of Lemon and Aloe Vera fragrance Ecover Washing Up Liquid, plus 3 120ml bottles of Camomile and Marigold. My friend has already laid claim to one of the 120ml bottles, because like me, she’s always happy to try new products. One of the others is sitting ¾ empty on the sink at the moment, alongside the abandoned bottle of ‘leading brand’ which I think we only bought because my husband was in charge of the shopping that day and the ‘leading brand’ was on offer. Normally, it would not darken my doors for any number of reasons, including that I do not wear gloves to wash up and I find the composition of this ‘leading brand’ too harsh on my skin.

Just some of the dishes waiting to be washed by Ecover's
washing up liquid. Soaked overnight in plain water.
Both my husband and I have now tried the Ecover washing up liquid. Our initial thoughts are that it does indeed live up to its claim of washing 40% more plates. We have tried it on the remnants of our normal fare, pastas, chilis and chicken dishes. It coped well with the aftermath of the roast we made last week for our friends, and has even managed to come out tops in cleaning the blender after a soup making blitz and the pizza tray after our usual Friday night homemade special.

The things I like most about it are:
1.    The bubbles are there, but not all encompassing. The ‘leading brand’ I mentioned earlier has a distressing tendency to make bubbles like no tomorrow, which makes the dishes difficult to dry.
2.    The smell is mild and friendly when it lingers after finishing the washing up.
3.    Ecover is gentle on my hands. No rough, dry, stiff fingers and palms with this brand.
4.    It’s environmentally friendly.

I have a feeling that this discovery may lead to a permanent change in my washing up liquid purchasing habits, as Ecover ticks all the important boxes for me. The slightly higher price which we may have to pay is more than worth the trade off in terms of a better washing up experience. I’m tempted to try the other items in the range too, just so I can see how they compare to our regular products.

Just a few glasses and a couple more plates and baking trays
for the attention of the Ecover fairy shortly. #GreenCanClean

Friday, October 23, 2015

Android Game Review - Halloween Flappy Bat

Halloween Flappy Bat.
Much snappier than Halloween Bet on the Bat, don't you think?

Image supplied and used with permission of developer Mapedy

So, another tapping game has come to my attention. This is therefore another attempt by yours truly to prove that I’m not an old dinosaur and can actually play these modern games on a modern smartphone.

This one is now called Halloween Flappy Bat, having originally been named 'Halloween Bet on the Bat 2015'. It comes from Mapedy, a Romanian developer better known for map apps. You know you have a surefire hit when the game can tie into every celebration going and is easy to replicate with different skins and themes. That’s exactly what has happened here, the basic Flappy Bird idea from a different developer, with a Halloween twist.

So if Halloween is your favorite time of year, or you like playing games themed to the season, download and play it now. It’s free, brand new and has been downloaded less than 100 times so far. The idea is simple, just as with the original Flappy Bird. The bat has come out of his cave, but he needs help to get out of the forest. By tapping, you have to help him navigate past ghosts, spiders, mummies, Dracula, the devil and zombies, among other things. Easy to say, not so easy to do. Side scrollers are fiendishly difficult unless you have the touch, and I can emphatically say I do not.

Halloween Flappy Bat is compatible with all Android-powered phones or tablets as well as Android TV and smartwatches. The simple gameplay makes it a rather addictive app, and this trait does at least allow me to say that I have been able to score a few points on the latest tapping game. The music and background sounds are suitably spooky, and the graphics as jewel-bright as you would expect from a brand new game on a smartphone. All the usual buttons are here: when logged into your Google account, you can compare your score against all the other players on the leaderboard, play your way through the achievements list, share a link via social media, and leave a review on the app’s Google Play page.

Halloween Flappy Bat is a fun, addictive game for teens and up, but due to the intricate tapping movements required, may not be suitable for younger children. A large amount of detail has gone into the design of the game, that much is obvious. The graphics are cartoon style cute rather than scary too, which just adds to the appeal, at least from my point of view.

If you’re looking for a timely version of the tapping game craze, or feel that you need a new challenge from your usual tapping favorites, then Halloween Flappy Bat is the game for you. The top score at time of writing is somewhere in the mid-30s. There must be a tapping aficionado out there who can beat that, surely?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala - November 12-14, 2015

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala.
Promotional image provided and used with permission.

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala takes place in Richmond, Virginia from November 12-14, 2015. Now in its third year, this event is a one-stop shop for everything to do with couture and beauty. Not only will guests see a stunning fashion show of the latest designs from Destinee's Creations, they will also be able to see the work of many other designers, find out about the latest trends for the new season and watch makeup and beauty stylists at work. Other shows include a dance performance and a live band.

Of course, the great and good of Virginian society will be there, as befits any couture event. Local and national celebrities are on the guest list and each ticket purchased will raise money for local non-profit The Gray Haven. This Richmond-based organization has been helping victims of human trafficking and slavery for several years, and Destinee’s Creations has chosen to be a part of that effort this year.

Destinee’s Creations is about more than beautiful designer fashion and fundraising for a non-profit, though. The company has a selection of makeup and beauty products to choose from as well as the couture. Under the same brand, and badged as The Beauty Collection by Destinee’, are the Rare Beauty by Destinee’ range of cosmetics, a signature perfume and lotion and the Euphoric Seduction range, also of perfume and lotion. So the wearer’s whole look can be perfectly coordinated and complementary to each part.

Destinee’s Creations is clearly aiming for the upmarket lifestyle brand market, and indeed has already provided a ‘red carpet-ready’ dress for model Bridgetta Tomarchio, who has appeared in TV shows Californication and The West Wing, among others. During this gala, the company will decide the recipient of the Destinee’s Creations Designer of the Year Award from among the participating designers as well as allowing guests to mix and mingle in a Social Hour or experience the Fashion Lounge and Expo.

The Fashion Lounge and Expo will showcase the best of fashion design: designers and models, the buyers who choose what the customers see, journalists who write about it and anyone involved in the business of bringing fashion to the rest of us. The Social Hour allows guests to meet the exhibiting designers and event partners and will be a chance for ticket holders to learn more about the fashion and design business from those who make it happen.

Tickets are available from EventBrite and start at $15. VIP Admission at $55 pays for complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres while Platinum admission is $99, with potential guests at that level being asked to contact the organizer to discuss terms before purchasing.

For couture fashion and more, it sounds like if you’re in the Richmond, VA area in mid-November, you need to have a ticket for Destinee’s Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala. For more information contact Destinee’s Creations email address.

Monday, October 19, 2015

DHD Films

DHD Films of Dallas, Texas. Logo supplied and used with permission.

DHD Films is based in Dallas, Texas. The company, whose initials stand for ‘Dallas HD’, is headed by Hussain and Shezad Manjee, and from Chief Success Officer Hussain to company mascot (and executive squirrel-chaser) Posh, the team are the kind of vibrant, creative mix you would expect to be working at an Emmy-nominated studio. They achieve a 4.9 of 5 rating on Google and were finalists in the 2015 Greater Dallas Better Business Award.

DHD Films is a full service video production and motion graphics studio. These guys will make your videos extra special, whether it's a simple holiday greeting, a client testimonial or a promo for next season's new ranges. They have all kinds of tips and tricks to make the best use of video in your marketing, as shown in their latest blog post Four Marketing Tips to Finish the Year with a Bang

Other topics covered in their blog include how video technology changes us plus tips on using video as a recruitment or training tool. Interspersed with this are posts written by and about the team, highlighting their community involvement and interests outside work as well as aspects of their job.

DHD Films' client roster is impressive. That's what happens when you're Emmy-nominated, I guess. Over the last 15 years, they have worked with many international brands including Mastercard, Four Seasons hotel group, H&M, Microsoft and Jaguar. Under the hashtag of #storyforward, and with the strapline 'Powered by Storytellers', they have highlighted these brands using cutting edge video footage techniques. The company produces many different types of content including 'explainer videos' which cover everything from upcoming theater releases to annual results. As you would expect from a company with great community involvement, the team also produce films for non-profits. These have run from work for civic authorities to promotional videos for community assistance projects and commemorative events. Identity videos are important, getting the word out about events and initiatives, promoting businesses and plans, and scouting for new talent. DHD Films also offers the chance for events to be filmed, and even live streamed, which is a further way to reinforce a brand or organization and its success. Aerial footage, broadcasts and training videos are also within their remit, perhaps unsurprisingly.

More or less whatever a company needs by way of video publicity, DHD Films will work to provide. They're open to dialogue with potential customers and look forward to welcoming more new clients soon.

Friday, October 16, 2015

TallSlim Tees for tall slim men

TallSlim Tees logo, used with permission.

A quick internet search for 'men's tall slim t-shirts' will show a slew of questions asking where these can be purchased and bemoaning the lack of affordable t-shirts in the right proportions. Not all tall men are broad with it, some are slimmer than a streak of pump water. Many of the current suggestions are from top-end designers, with the associated price tag, and therefore beyond affordable to many.

Fortunately for you, guys, (and your partners looking for an ideal Christmas present) I've found the answer. TallSlim Tees has the shirt for you. The company was founded in 2014 by Dan Deceuster out of his own frustration at not being able to find a suitable t-shirt in his size. He first designed one to fit himself, then expanded the idea to craft the entire range. It took him nine months of trial and error and a lot of measuring, but the range is now up to 28 items and counting.

Available in crew neck, v-neck, short and/or long sleeves depending on the colour, the range is available in fourteen different colours. Each tee can be ordered in a choice of sizes for the best fit. Sizing starts at small for men of 6' and goes up to large for men of 6'8". An extra-large size will soon be available for men of up to 7' tall, because Dan recognises that men are getting taller these days.

Dan estimates that the small size will fit men of around 130-150lb (59-68kg) and up to 6"4" in height. The medium size is designed for men of 6'2" to 6'6" tall and weighing from 150lb to 200lb. (68-91kg) while the large size is for those guys of 200-250lb (91-113kg) and between 6'4" and 6'8" tall.

Because the shirts are plain, they're worksafe, which is a boon if you work in a location where the dress code permits tees as workwear. The shirts are priced at a reasonable $20/£13/€17 each, with free postage and a 30 day returns policy. The tees are 50% cotton, 50% polyester so hard wearing and easy care, as long as they are washed on a cool setting and tumble dried

These days, niche products and specialist provision are once again popular after years of 'off the peg' dominance by High Street retailers. TallSlim Tees is riding that wave, with a product that has been much sought after by many. Tall slim men should grab one now, before their popularity ensures they sell out.

Monday, October 12, 2015

iFacility, Sony CCTV Partner of the Year 2015

iFacility IP CCTV installation company.
Logo supplied and used with permission.

The protection provided by CCTV, alarms, automated number plate recognition and video monitoring is an integral part of modern life these days. It provides security for companies and individuals, as well as evidence for the police when things go wrong. Most people forget they’re even potentially being tracked on CCTV as they go about their daily lives, and those who try to disable the systems often find themselves being recorded in the act of vandalising the very cameras they’re trying to disrupt.

CCTV installation firm iFacility have offices in Bristol, London, Manchester and Leeds. Their nationwide team of engineers are fully trained in all the latest technology and ready to install a new system or fix an old one as needed. The company is based in south west England, but will install equipment worldwide. Installation and repairs of CCTV surveillance systems are just part of iFacility’s abilities, however. The company also offers a full support service, retail video analytics, installation and monitoring of alarms and access control systems. Companies can find out how long their customers waited to be served, have a fully automated gate to their location equipped with ANPR and CCTV monitoring, take advantage of mobile monitoring using Video Vault and access an integrated surveillance solution called MyFacility.

Video Vault allows customers to monitor events remotely, examine, archive and share footage. It also offers performance data and the opportunity to request that selected footage be supplied on DVD or memory stick. MyFacility is the dashboard for the user to manage their coverage, and, apart from permitting access to Video Vault, also hosts an analytical tool to pinpoint loss or fraud. Customers can request service callouts and technical assistance, check on outstanding work in progress and generally update themselves on their service status. iFacility’s team are constantly developing this area of their system, so users can access more features and iFacility’s specialists can work ever closer with their clients.

And before you ask, those clients are some pretty big names. Bakers’ chain Greggs, car rental firm Hertz and Numatic, the company which makes the famous ‘Henry’ cleaners, have all called on iFacility to install and manage their CCTV surveillance systems. The retail video analytics side of the system helps Greggs monitor the speed their customers are being served at their network of branches, as well as cut down on theft of their products by light fingered customers. For Hertz, the integrated ANPR-CCTV surveillance solution was part of the upgrade of their facility at Birmingham Airport, while Numatic wanted a more technologically advanced CCTV surveillance system in their facility which could still make use of their existing camera network.

iFacility was able to provide suitable CCTV installations for all of these clients, and there are many more case studies available on their website for interested potential clients to read. For individual attention to detail, iFacility is one of the leading CCTV and analytics providers in the UK today, using modern technology and mobile solutions to help customers monitor their businesses day and night.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Let ResearchGeeks take the fact-finding strain

ResearchGeeks logo. Supplied and used with permission.

Imagine the scene:

You’re looking for that last bit of information to top off your thesis. You heard a fact somewhere that would be the icing on the cake, if only you can source and reference it properly. It’s late, you’re tired. Your textbooks aren’t helping and the internet search engine’s not talking your language either.

Relax, fear not. The ResearchGeeks are here to help. You can ask them to find that niggly, squirmy little fact for you while you concentrate on wrangling the rest of the work into properly formatted and referenced perfection.

Wait, what? Who? The ResearchGeeks? Who they?

Well, as they put it:

Q: Where can I get librarian research help for $5?

A: Right here! Please stop and ask us a question today!

Librarians love research. It runs through their DNA. Retired librarians like this group have spent their lives helping the public to find information. Now they're happy to help anyone needing that final fact to turn an average paper into a winner. Or settle an age old discussion by furnishing irrefutable proof in the form of a link to a description or citation.

Through the website Fiverr, for $5 (£3.25/4.40) buyers will be able to access the combined research abilities of these fact-finding specialists. This formidable knowledge will then be turned over to solving their burning question. The ResearchGeeks will either submit a link as evidence of their work, or provide a list of five suitable sources to answer the given question. This could offer differing answers or contact details of people who can help further.

The ResearchGeeks accept questions in English, and will also respond in English too, using only English-language resources. However they are aware that English is not everyone's first language, so they offer a chance to further explain any question, or will refund anyone whose question is found to be 'unanswerable'.

For $15 the ResearchGeeks librarians will deliver the necessary data in a day. That’s your thesis saved then.

The ResearchGeeks are a mix of librarians from all fields. Some worked in public libraries, others specialised in science, law or business. Between them they will trawl the dustiest corners of the internet for the information their buyers require. The more obscure the question, the greater the challenge.

Readers may be familiar with the quiz show ‘Eggheads’, where a team of former quiz and game show champions known as the Eggheads take on all comers. Occasionally the Eggheads lose. Most of the time they win. The ResearchGeeks are your own personal Eggheads, with help from the assembled might of assorted search engines, online resources and a lifetime spent extracting facts from books and other media.

Try them today. You will not be disappointed.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Private chat lines, Turkish style, from Ozel Sohbet Hatti

Ozel Sohbet Hatti logo.
Supplied and used with permission.

Despite the rise in online dating and singles/match sites, chat lines are still popular in many countries. Turkey has a booming chat line industry, and a simple search engine enquiry will find several pages listing companies offering these telephone based services, instead of, or as well as a web based chat forum option.

One of them is Ozel Sohbet Hatti (Private Chat Lines) which offers a chat service for 295 krs a minute, or around $1 a minute. Mind you, to use the site, you have to be able to speak Turkish, as it’s not always offered as a translated option in searches, possibly due to the subject matter.

On the home page, visitors are shown photographs of 12 different girls, and on average around 10 are available at any given time. Dial the chat line number, select the extension for the girl you would like to speak to, and you will be connected immediately. Of course, the service is open to over 18s only. I would imagine the chat can get pretty hot at times, just as it always has done on these kinds of chat lines.

One or two of the girls are showing their selfie abilities, having taken their pictures in front of a mirror for maximum effect. Gonca is standing in her bathroom, while Esra is showing off her bedroom behind her. There are a fair number of exaggerated pouts, as you might expect, and Gonca at least looks as if she is channeling Kim Kardashian, in a figure hugging dress with her head back, long hair dangling and backside prominently thrust out. Both Ada and Ecrin’s photos show them as car passengers, and while Ada’s thousand yard stare is not directed at the camera, Ecrin’s large dark glasses hide a direct gaze as she flips the peace sign. Interested visitors can click the photos for a biography and more information on each girl. The site proudly boasts that it employs 100% Turkish girls on the phone lines.

The site administrators are contactable by email if users have any questions or run into problems while using the chat lines. However, these services are generally fairly simple to use. Regulars just have to be careful not to run up massive bills, or just as with mobile phone users who are shocked by call charges, they might be in for a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

In these technologically-led days, it’s interesting to see that the more traditional way of hooking up through private chat lines is still available in some places, even if these days the paper flyer has been replaced with a website instead.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Top Online Business Queen on My Advertising Pays

Mehak Naheem, Top Online Business Queen
Image supplied and used with permission

Mehak Naheem, aka the Top Online Business Queen, offers opportunities to earn an income online. She also offers coaching to improve the chances of success. She calls this 'the mindset to make money'.
Her latest involvement 'won't be around for long,' she says. Well, she's probably right there. Once the big search engines and advertisers cotton on to this scheme, there may well be another algorithm change so the bottom will fall out of the market, just as it has with revshare writing sites.

However, the chance to sign up to My Advertising Pays is still available, for those who can make a success of network marketing. As with every new online scheme there are as many negative reviews as there are positive ones, and it always pays to read several opinions before investing in any of them. Unless you are actually selling a product (Avon, Kleeneze, Betterware) these schemes tend not to be around for more than a couple of years, so it's best to seize the chance while you can. Like investing in the stock market, there is also the potential to lose money as well as make it with many of these schemes. Multi-level marketing works better when you recruit lots of people to your downline, so if that's your strength (or you work with one of those software programs which automates the process) then you may well have a better chance of success.

My Advertising Pays offers an opportunity for those with a product to sell already to get it in front of many more eyes, as alongside the income stream from ad clicks and online recruitment, it also offers advertising credits to be used against placing your advertisements in the program. As a new member of the scheme though, you will first be expected to buy at least one advertising pack at a value of $49.99. These will be the first set of ads that you click through. There is no restriction on actually buying the products or services advertised either, although not all the advertisements are in English.

Of course, the advice is that you need more than one pack of ads to earn an income. Apparently an initial outlay of $600 for 20 packs will yield the greatest chances. The maximum number of advertising packs one person can have is 1,200. However, some people will be naturally cautious and make only the minimum investment. As with all revenue sharing schemes, the more (time or money) you invest, the more you earn.

If you choose to introduce others to the scheme too you will earn a percentage of their revenue; this is the same for all network marketing chances. At present, membership is free for 30 days and you will earn 10% commission on every advert clicked. Membership is then paid, and the commission varies from 4% to 10% depending on the level you choose. The idea is that you use your commission to pay for your membership.

The potential is there to earn $60 for each pack bought, so a 20% return on your initial investment. Typical earnings start at a dollar per pack per day with the lowest rate of commission. What's more, once you're a paid member, you can buy vacation time if needed, where you will still be paid a small amount of residual income.

To find out more, head over to Mehak’s website and click number 3 on the Services page. She was recently interviewed by Sky TV too, so you can watch the interview to find out more about her secrets of success.