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Friday, March 25, 2016

GetaSlogan crowdsources a company's slogan requirements

GetASlogan logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

A good slogan is as memorable as a logo is recognizable. But finding a good slogan can often be an expensive business, with top advertising and branding agencies charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their services. Small businesses and start ups simply don’t have that amount of money to spend at the time when they need their first slogan. GetaSlogan has a simple four-stage process that allows users to choose whether the GetaSlogan team offer ideas for slogan development or whether the task is offered as a competition for customers, staff or social media followers to enter.

GetaSlogan's writers come from all walks of life, and are simply people who have a flair for a title, tagline, slogan or short description which instantly encapsulates a company’s business. That’s how a business manufacturing specialist toilets for building sites finds a slogan ‘Your hole is our goal’ and a company making hoverboards has adopted a tagline of ‘Propel yourself into the future.’ (Remember where hoverboards were first seen – in the film Back To The Future.)

Alternatively, businesses can choose to run a competition to allow their customers or staff to come up with a slogan. That too is possible through GetaSlogan, as previous competitions are featured and users can choose to run a contest by choosing the appropriate button at the start of the order process. However, those following the story of the crowdsourced vote for the name of a new Natural Environment Research Council ship will be pleased to read that the final decision lies with the commissioning company rather than the public.

The Slogan Examples page gives a list of recent winning slogans, the number of entries and the chance to start a similar contest. Users can search by keywords to see contests run for businesses in the same line as theirs, or can sort the contests in order of numbers of entries. For start ups, sole traders and any business with limited cashflow, an idea like GetaSlogan is always worth investigating. For a nominal amount, any organization can tap into the vast power of crowdsourced ideas, and have many writers considering the best way to sum up their goods or services in a nutshell. Slogans provided so far have covered a wide range of companies and individuals. Topics have included student council nominees and medical equipment manufacturers, slogans for t-shirts and taglines for graphics companies. Whatever the company, the writers at GetaSlogan can help with a witty, snappy slogan or an apt tagline.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Enewwholesale, the wholesale fashion site with a difference

Clothes, by Elbowalker at Pixabay. CC0. is a US-based online wholesaler of fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. The site caters for buyers and sellers of wholesale goods, mainly US-based, but not exclusively. The range comprises thousands of lines, mainly pitched at the younger fashion market. Buyers are only able to see the full range when they create an account and log in, although thumbnails of some items are available on the category tabs so that potential purchasers can see what they might like to buy before committing to becoming a member and creating an account. Membership is free, however, so browsing is possible once the account has been created.

For those wholesalers who are looking to be on trend and stay there, a site like can give valuable pointers about the hottest stock to carry for each new season. The network of buyers, suppliers and sellers is already in place for anyone who joins a site like this, so whether the stock is destined for a national franchise, an online store or a sole outlet trader, buyers can be sure that the items will be the very latest designs. Sellers looking to find new markets for their stock are also welcome to join and try out the site. There are so many different influences here, and so many different categories, that almost everyone will find someone to buy their goods or something to purchase to sell on in turn. Of course, the other benefit of being an online site rather than a physical trading location is that it is available 24 hours a day, no matter where the buyers are in the world. That means that prices will be lower as there are fewer running costs. Like other e-commerce sites, there is also a great choice of items, perhaps wider than that found in a traditional bricks and mortar store.

The target market may well be young people, but there are many different styles to choose from. The ladies’ boots section, for instance, has everything from lacy cut-out over-the-knee boots to eminently practical fur-lined winter boots, stiletto heeled boots, laced up combats and ankle boots. Almost every female boot wearer would find something to buy from that range, no matter their style or the occasion.

For those fashion wholesalers looking for a new market, or retailers looking for something a bit different that is still likely to attract buyers, is worth a look. Because the items are perhaps not as widely available as those in a chain store, they may well be the kind of clothes to elicit ‘fashion envy’ from coworkers, family and friends asking ‘where did you find that?’ In turn this could bring new business to any outlet stocking them, no matter the size or reach of the outlet. For a different approach to fashion, has the answer.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nicks Removals is a man-with-a-van service in Manchester, England

Nicks Removals warning about moving.
Image provided and used with permission.

Nicks Removals in Manchester, England offers city-to-city removals, student and doctor moves, office relocation services and Spanish transfers through their association with Elite European Limited.

Besides having a vibrant and constantly changing student population, Manchester is ideally situated for connections to the rest of the UK. As such, Nicks Removals handles nationwide removals as well as specialising in short hop student relocations and helping the medical staff of the north west move between contracts. As a man-with-a-van service, Nicks Removals is better placed and more competitively priced for smaller removal jobs. There is a weekly run to London and Nicks Removals will even undertake eBay item deliveries too. House clearance and taking items to the tip are also on the list of services offered. A man-with-a-van service like this will undertake most forms of moving and delivery in order to keep the van in use – when the van is sitting on the drive it’s not earning money for the man, after all.

The removals tick from Nicks Removals.
Image provided and used with permission.

In addition to the usual links to request quotes, Nicks Removals’ website has tips to prepare for a move, advice on how to pack items safely and correctly, plus links to suppliers of removal packing boxes and wrapping materials. Surprisingly enough, eBay is not always anyone’s best friend when looking for home moving kits, although there are undoubtedly some great deals available there.

Removal costs are one of those things which always take customers by surprise. Nicks Removals has a page listing the areas of the move which contribute to the cost and pointing out which factors hike the price. These are factors such as the distance of the move, the size of van required, the timing – month ends and weekends are always popular times – whether you pack your own items or need help to do that. As a veteran of several house moves, I use the removal planning as a chance to declutter my belongings, which has the double advantage of making money to pay for the removal costs and also lowers the amount of boxes I will need to move with. I also throw a massive ‘packing up party’ for all my friends and ask them to come over and help out with the packing. I ask them to bring a bottle, bring a bowl and not to forget their sleeping bag, so that we can have a really good time as well as pack up my possessions ready for the move. But I always leave the actual moving to the professionals; they practice good manual handling skills on a daily basis, plus having all the kit necessary to move things quickly and easily without risking their own health or the safety of any items.

Nicks Removals is one of those professional firms which can make the removal process easier than it could be. Manchester locals and those moving to or from the north west of England would do well to consider them for a quote for their next house move or large eBay item delivery.

Joseph Ducreux as captioned by Nicks Removals
Image provided and used with permission.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Koorier is crowdfunding a delivery and ride-sharing app

The Koorier logo.
Image provided and used with permission of developer.

Ride sharing apps are not new. Neither are adverts for car shares on long journeys. Relatives and friends have been delivering items to family members for years, packing clothes and foodstuffs into their luggage or cars to take to others around the world. For cash strapped students, frequent flyers and other entrepreneurial types who know where to look, the option to fly for less by offering to personally deliver an item to someone living in the destination location has been available for some time, although not widely known about.

Koorier aims to combine all of these options in one app and offer the opportunity for people and objects to be transported from point A to point B quickly and cheaply. Now open for fundraising on indiegogo, Koorier hopes to blaze a trail in delivery/courier services to allow people to bypass the often high costs of traditional organizations.

Founder Patrick Pernia says that he came up with the idea after finding out that he had a choice between sending something express for nearly $100 or paying less but having a delivery time of several weeks. The idea is that Koorier will be divided into two areas, sending items with someone from one location to another destination and taking people in a ride share from one place to another.

Parcel delivery
All items should be presented for carrying unwrapped, otherwise the delivery person (‘koorier’) could land in all kinds of trouble with customs or border controls. Other than the fact that all items offered for delivery should be legal to take into the destination country or location, the choice is open to the sender and koorier to agree a deal. The price is offered by the sender and accepted by the koorier. On safety grounds, it is advised that sender and koorier meet to finalize the arrangement and hand over the item in a public location.

Ride sharing

Just as people want to have goods delivered as cheaply as possible, so many want to travel for less money. The ride sharing aspect of Koorier plans to address that, with drivers offering spaces in their vehicle and travelers suggesting the price they are willing to pay to make the trip. Any form of road-legal vehicle is permissible, as long as it is made clear to the traveler wishing to take the space.

The Koorier website has much more information about how this app will work if successfully crowdfunded. It certainly seems as if Patrick has tapped into the sharing economy boom at just the right time, and it may be that, given a few years, the courier standing at your door with an eBay package is someone contracted by the seller of the item rather than a representative from a multi-national.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Calgary Signs and Banners: producing Calgary's signage for two decades

Calgary Signs & Banners logo.

Canadian company Calgary Signs and Banners (CSB) offers signs, banners, wraps and wall mural designs for every conceivable location. Whether a business wants a car wrap, an internal or external wall advertisement or internal wayfinding signs, Calgary Signs and Banners can oblige. CSB have been in business for ‘24 years and counting’ as their website proudly announces, and looking at the range and variety of signage on offer, customers can easily see why.

Ci2Group Inc 3D logo, an example of work from Calgary Signs & Banners.
Image provided and used with permission.

The image on this post shows one of their 3D signs, but the company also designs and fits safety signs, trade show displays, canvas prints and plaques. Technically, one firm could provide all the signs and advertising logos necessary for another firm to effectively market themselves. The CSB website offers many examples of their versatile art and also mentions, almost in passing, that they will beat any local written quote for certain signage by a minimum of 5% on price. In today’s money-conscious times, that’s an offer worth considering.

Calgary Signs and Banners have a crane to allow for best access to every building frontage. They are also experienced in providing drawings to landlords and management companies to ensure that any signage they are commissioned to provide conforms with the building regulations or the landlord’s preference. The company operates across Alberta, but because they are local to most people, they can conduct face-to-face consultations on suitable signage, designs and options instead of relying on electronic communications. CSB specialize in LED and 3D designs, vehicle wraps, roll up banners, wall decals and exhibition or temporary popup displays. Judging from their website, however, any form of signage is well within their means. Plus, at the end of a tenant’s time in any building location, they will remove the signs and advise whether they can be reused on a new building.

Their testimonials show that not only can the staff at Calgary Signs and Banners react quickly to a last minute requirement, but also that the company produces great work which their clients love. Some of their customers have returned to give them further business, while others have recommended them to their network. Return business and word of mouth advertising are two of the best ways to gain clients, so CSB must be doing something right. If your business is in the Calgary, Alberta area, you could do worse than consider Calgary Signs and Banners for your next signage requirement.