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Monday, May 23, 2016

Learning Pro tuition provider, Harrow, London, England

Learning Pro logo - tuition in accountancy in Harrow, London, England
Image supplied and used with permission

For anyone wanting more out of their career than simply pushing papers in a standard administration job, an accountancy qualification could be the way to go.

AAT and CIMA qualifications are routinely offered at many private colleges and tuition providers. Learning Pro in Harrow, north west London is one such provider, catering for mature students, mums and wives helping with the family firm's bookkeeping, small traders, local employees looking to enhance their skills in computerised accounting or bookkeeping and those who want to switch or further their career. Several friends and former colleagues have attained an AAT qualification from similar establishments around the country – and all are now reaping the benefits in terms of increased salary and career progression.

Learning Pro offers more than a range of AAT and CIMA courses, however. The tutors have over 10 years’ experience in a variety of courses, and provide training in various levels of Microsoft Office skills, English and communication, web design and social media as well as the range of Sage-based computerised accounting courses for which they are best known locally. Learning Pro proudly serves Harrow, North Harrow, South Harrow, West Harrow, Harrow and Wealdstone, Pinner, Kenton, Stanmore and Watford. It is one of the key training providers offering the AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting in the local area. The provision of full or part time study options aims to make classes convenient for all candidates. No matter a student's existing commitments, there is bound to be a suitable slot, as courses are available at a variety of times covering weekdays, weekends, daytimes and evenings. A candidate can join a course at any time for a full course or just a few units.
Exams are taken on site using a computer-based assessments process and there is a computer lab and a library of books to use for classroom studies. Teaching is often in small groups. One-to-one lessons are also offered for mature students who prefer individual tuition. Outside class, email and telephone support is offered where students receive replies within 24 hours. Once students have achieved their qualifications, staff will advise on how best to market their newly learned skills, integrate them into an existing CV and where best to work in order to make the most of their additional knowledge.

The best thing about the range of AAT qualifications is that potential students don’t need previous accounting experience to apply for the courses. The courses (AAT Accounting Qualification, AAT Bookkeeping, AAT Computerised Accounting and AAT Accounting and Business Skills) can be taken independently of each other or together as one block, and everyone can work at their own pace. CIMA is an advanced Management Accountancy qualification, and existing AAT skills will definitely help make the jump to the higher grade of courses.

Accountancy has a reputation for being dry and difficult to learn. But financial management is a vital skill today, whether for business use or simply in balancing personal expenditure. A good accountant can spot fraudulent activity on a bank account, ensure payrolls are run on time and liaise with banks and other institutions to ensure prompt payment and accurate recording of all transactions. Many freelancers rely on accountants to keep their, often complicated, financial affairs in order, and while a bad accountant will cost and even lose money, a good one is worth their fees and more. The tutors at Learning Pro do their best to ensure that their students end up being good accountants, who become an asset to companies of all sizes as well as to individual clients.

Learning Pro has 5 star Facebook feedback and the students have achieved a 100% pass rate to date (latest figures from February 2016).

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Progressive Designs offer graphics, web design and more

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Progressive Designs offers a graphic and web design service. The team prides itself on meticulous attention to detail and a full service provision of web design, graphic design and copywriting for marketing and advertising. They will design websites, offer an update to a logo, or simply provide some fresh descriptive words for any site. Advertising copy and marketing materials fall within their services, so for businesses looking to launch a new range or service, Progressive Designs would be a good one-stop shop.

The team is based in Mauritius, but obviously, given the nature of their business, the company provides services worldwide. They will offer potential clients from all fields a quote and further information on request. Progressive Designs has a very strong graphics design side, with around 90% of their team having some expertise in this area. Three quarters of the team have copywriting experience and most of them are also capable of undertaking web development and the design elements of any project. The About section of the Who We Are page on the website has both written and video evidence for this, so no matter how clients prefer to be given information, it is here. Playing the introductory video embedded on the page gives interested viewers an insight into how the firm came to be, while the Services section of the same page provides an overview of the range of specialisms offered.

The company will not only help clients with web development and design but also image, artwork and logo design. Their expertise also extends to design and packaging for physical items including CDs, posters, magazines and catalogs, textiles (think promotional goods) and even books. Progressive Designs will handle any cross-platform advertising campaign, and as you might expect from a graphics and design agency, they have a Facebook presence and a number of YouTube videos. Both images on this article were produced especially for it, and illustrate exactly what the company offers. The header image suggests that Progressive Designs will take any firm from an idea to the solution across a seemingly bottomless chasm, through use of graphic design. The second one, displayed at the end of the article, implies the option of saving a business from heaps of design changes and failed logos.

Advertising and design are more and more important these days. Everyone has their own website, many run their own businesses, either as a freelance sideline or full time as a main income. The only way to be noticed is to be eye catching, unique, different. With the help of Progressive Designs, the next campaign could be the one which catches the public’s imagination and establishes a new brand.

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Father's Day gifts from Explosion Luck feng shui site

Explosion Luck logo. Provided and used with permission of

It’s Father’s Day in June (June 19, 2016 for the year of writing), and my go-to website for a gift for the father who has everything – i.e. mine – is Explosion Luck. I can always find something there to suit him, something that’s far more tangible than another online voucher, and which will remind him of me whenever he looks at it. Not that there’s anything wrong with an online voucher as he reads e-books voraciously. But just occasionally, a real present is a good idea. Items from Explosion Luck have the added attraction of being associated with the ancient practice of feng shui, so when someone chooses a gift from the site, there is far more than the gift itself being offered.

Silver cricket statue with orange body
Image supplied and used with permission of
My dad is a Francophile, and the gift of one of the small cricket statues (3” wide by 6” long including antennae) would not only bring good luck, it would remind him of many days spent in France in years gone by, long summer evenings accompanied by the sound of the cicadas in the hedges. The silver cricket has a warm orange body and the gold statue a cooler blue body. The silver cricket will bring happiness, warmth and joy to the recipient, when placed in accordance with feng shui principles, while the gold cricket offers trust, peace and integrity. Both crickets are available for $79 each (May 2016) with free shipping in the continental United States.

Gold cricket statue with blue body
Image supplied and used with permission of

Alternatively, I might buy him this folding tabletop screen, which I’ve had my eye on for a while. It has a reversible image of plum blossom, with one side featuring a continuous image with a beige-gold background and the other having six individual images, one on each screen, with a white-silver background. The plum tree is a symbol of long life and prosperity, both of which my dad has in spades. This tabletop screen measures 9.5” high by 18.25” long, has six 3” wide panels and is edged in black.

Plum blossom red and gold reversible tabletop screen
Image supplied and used with permission of

For the nautical father, why not choose this beautiful porthole shaped moving sand art picture? Titled ‘Captain Haddock’, it is mounted in a hinged frame so once it has finished draining to the bottom, the picture can be tipped up and the flow started again. This gift is more expensive, at $250, but sand art pictures provide an ideal focus point for meditation and productivity for those fathers who need to settle their thoughts or produce a presentation under pressure.

Moving sand art picture: 'Captain Haddock'.
Image supplied and used with permission of

Fathers who smoke may well appreciate this antique amber and metal pipe. One version has red coral stones inlaid to the bowl, the other greenish-blue turquoise stones. This genuine antique gift may also appeal to collectors and pipe connoisseurs planning to display their gift.

Amber and metal pipe, turquoise stone inlay in bowl
Image supplied and used with permission of

Lastly, for Buddhist dads, this unusual turquoise embellished conch shell is an ideal and thoughtful gift. One of the eight Buddhist symbols, the ceremonial blowing of a conch shell in mid-ceremony symbolizes the spreading of the Buddhist word. The cracks in the turquoise come from age, not misuse, so due reverence should be paid to this item as it is rather fragile.

Tibetan embellished turquoise and silver conch shell
Image supplied and used with permission of www.ExplosionLuck,com

No matter a dad’s interests or hobbies, buyers looking for unique and special Father’s Day gifts are bound to find something at Explosion Luck. All images are from the site and used with permission of Explosion Luck.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Surfin' Sam: Attack of the Aqualites, free Android or iOS game

Surfin' Sam: Attack of the Aqualites
Image provided and used with permission.

 Surfin’ Sam: Attack of the Aqualites is the new game from Slyon Studios LLC. It’s a platformer style game that harks back to the great days of Super Mario and Manic Miner. It’s free on Android and iOS devices but does have in-app purchases.

Sam and his faithful hound Flip Flops must save the earth from the scheming Aqualites, who want to turn our green and pleasant land into a watery world fit for them but not for us. The design is simple, with left and right arrows on the left hand side of the screen and three buttons for dash, jump and fire on the right. Sam will walk if you press the left or right buttons but as each level is timed, he needs to run occasionally too. Being a surfer dude, he travels faster when he can jump on his board and rush away over the waves, either to engage with the Aqualites or get to a place of safety to avoid the machinations of their evil leader, Prong. Flip Flops the dog acts as a guide, offering tips on the game when the letter A appears over his head. Sam has to jump to trigger this advice, however. Double jump means twice the height, and the more coins players can collect on each level the better.

There are over 30 levels, and each level has a target. Levels are laid out on a map, treasure island style, so it’s easy for players to see where they are in the game and fun to see how far they’ve come. Every now and again players are offered the chance to earn free coins (everything from one coin to 255 coins). These can be put towards the items in the Sam Shop; shields and lasers, among other things. These Aqualites aren’t immune to the usual weapons, and some can even be killed by jumping on them – a very satisfying ending. The Surfin’ Sam webpage has a promo video and details on the voiceover artists featured in this game – Lani Minella and Dave Rivas.

The game has almost 3,000 reviews on Google Play, and is a runaway success with a rating of 4.7 stars. Over 2,600 of those reviews give it 5 stars, while less than 200 consider it is worth only one star. The latest update was only a couple of days ago, and features more lives and a better user interface. Surfin’ Sam has been downloaded over 10,000 times and seeing as it is smoothly coded and works well even on my not-so-new Samsung S4, I can see why. Surfin
Sam: Attack of the Aqualites evokes the carefree summer lifestyle of Slyon Studios’ home state, Florida, and is just one of a whole stable of family-friendly games from this prolific developer.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Aennon 007 flashlight headlight

Aennon flashlight headlight from

I love walking. I’d much rather walk than drive, especially for short journeys, and when I go on vacation I’m quite happy to walk miles around malls and theme parks. However, some places aren’t lit as well as they could be, and that’s when this Aennon headlight, available from Amazon, comes in really handy. It fits securely round my head and gives a bright LED beam. It’s easy to pack in a bag, purse or pocket and it’s lightweight too.

Of course, it’s not just practical for me when I’m roaming around. It’s also great for dog walkers, runners, cyclists, DIY fans, crafters and anyone who needs a bit of extra light to illuminate what they’re doing. It will provide extra light on a book page, brighten up sewing projects, light up fiddly jewelry making and generally help people to see where they’re going. My father has a similar one he uses on camping trips and my previous headlight was great when I was walking to work along an unlit rural road and a cycle path a few years back. Dog walkers and runners will appreciate the fact that it is handsfree, while DIY enthusiasts can wriggle into the smallest spaces and still see what they’re doing. The light has adjustable brightness levels and visibility distances which are detailed in the questions on the Amazon page.

This flashlight by Aennon comes with batteries included, and is fully adjustable to fit kids or adults alike. The LED light gives an easily visible light so the wearer can see and be seen in equal measure. It adds security for those who need to be out after dark and because of the extra strap over the skull, will hold steady much better than simple headband versions. What’s better, at present, this headlight is available at a deep discount. When buyers enter the discount code DEALSAMZ on check out, they will receive 30% off the Amazon price.

This flashlight has an average 4.5 stars from over 1,500 reviews and has almost 30 answered questions, ranging from whether the device is waterproof to the lifespan of the batteries and the size of the adjustable headband. The light casts illumination around 160 feet at 30 lumens which is more than adequate for the kind of use the unit will generally get. If buyers are looking for a good deal on a headlight suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, then the Aennon flashlight is an ideal option.