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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stephen D Aarons, criminal defense lawyer from New Mexico

Justice, byJohnHain at Pixabay. Image CC0, free for commercial use.
Stephen D Aarons, criminal defense lawyer in New Mexico, stands for justice.

Stephen D Aarons, criminal defense attorney from New Mexico, is the kind of guy you’d want on your side if you had to attend court. Rated and feted by clients and fellow lawyers alike, Mr. Aarons has several decades of experience in a wide variety of cases. In fact, he is so popular that, outside the immediate Santa Fe, Espanola and Los Alamos areas, he will only take on serious felony cases at federal or state level. As an experienced attorney, Mr. Aarons recognizes that being charged with an offense is a traumatic time for many people. They are confused, angry, upset and perhaps feel very lost in a system they do not understand. He brings a cool head to proceedings, starting with a free consultation by phone or in person. At this point, fees will also be discussed, together with a repayment plan. The likely outcome of the case and potential future impact on the prospective client will also be determined. No lawyer can guarantee a good outcome, but an effective, respected and experienced criminal defense can often lead to a better result to litigation.

Stephen D Aarons covers a wide variety of lawsuits, including criminal cases, violent crimes, military representation, DUI/DWI, internet crimes and juvenile cases. His clients range from those juvenile first time offenders to people charged with federal drug conspiracies carrying a maximum sentence of life, or even the death penalty. The reviews shown on his website indicate that even when a case is delayed, Mr. Aarons is likely to be working hard to maximize his client’s chances of a more favorable outcome. His client reviews speak repeatedly of his thorough grasp of the facts of any case and how conscientious he is at keeping in touch with those he is representing. Peer reviews from other lawyers also endorse his knowledge and skill, speaking with respect of his capabilities in the courtroom.

The news section of Stephen Aarons’ website includes posts on both national and local cases, some featuring him as the criminal defense lawyer. The website is available in English and Spanish. It is still under construction but, once complete, will also include detailed process notes on the course of a typical case to further assist potential clients looking to hire an attorney. This will also perhaps reassure confused and distressed family members searching for information on how best to help their relations who have been charged with committing a crime.

In support of his high profile and level of success, Stephen D Aarons’ firm was recently voted 2016 Criminal Defense LawFirm of the Year in New Mexico by

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Maxthon MX5 - a new era of browser

Maxthon MX5 - a new era of browser

Global software firm Maxthon proudly proclaims that the company has developed a new era of browser. The latest version is Maxthon MX5, due to be launched in July and now accepting pre-registrations. It is an advanced cloud-based browser available across all popular platforms and suitable for mobile, tablet and PC or laptop use.

The product is a suite of browsers which will work seamlessly with different operating systems and devices, making it easier to work on the move as well as at home or in the office. Instead of having to save to the cloud every time users move across devices, Maxthon is a personal cloud, so it’s always available no matter which device the user is accessing it from. It also works with the full range of popular operating systems – Windows on desktop or phone, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS.

Maxthon MX5 is underpinned by the cloud engine C4. Itself a cloud-based product, C4 can access and sync across devices, offering storage, backup and sharing options as standard. User data, history and tabs can therefore be accessed from any platform. Maxthon’s website states that the user experience is ‘simplified and standardized across platforms and devices.’ This browser offers ease of access and seeing as most people have at least a phone and a tablet or laptop these days, that is an important consideration. There are already websites which don’t fully sync with their apps, and although there are plenty cloud-based document and image storing portals, the seamless access doesn’t always run as well as it could, depending on how the user is trying to access the system.

For those users who prefer a personalized experience, or have a need to access their history on different devices, Maxthon could truly be described as the future of browsing. Users who need for whatever reason to have access to the same bookmarks, downloads or tabs across various platforms may well also be interested in signing up for the pre-registration. It would also potentially appeal to someone who has a Mac desktop but an Android phone.

Maxthon is a Chinese-based company which started out offering a modified version of Internet Explorer from open source code freely available online. The MX5 browser is the latest version of that, and, among many other features, includes blockers for pop ups, adverts, Java, Flash and ActiveX to improve security and give increased browsing speed. These aspects, along with the cross-device capabilities, will doubtless appeal to early adopters and those who use different devices regularly. Pre-registration is now open for the MX5 browser experience and interested users are invited to sign up for more information.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

BarcodeWire provides information on barcodes

Image of a barcode by ClkerFreeVectorImages on Pixabay. CC0.

Barcodes are everywhere. Correct. Barcodes are boring. Wrong!

Take a look at to learn more about these everyday items. We’ve all seen them on clothes, food and packaged household items. They’re mainly used as security devices and for stock control management. But did you know that in some European countries, a barcode is used on a GP’s prescription to track how many prescriptions they give out? In the same way that every item of clothing in the UK has a barcode, every GP is issued with one when they go into practice, and this barcode acts like a credit card number does for us, showing what was spent and where it was spent.

BarcodeWire has recently moved into producing free barcode programs and apps. So far, they have made available a free barcode generator, a free QR code generator and most recently, a free PDF417 barcode generator and app. The site also contains basic Barcode 101 information for those new to the field of barcodes and industry news on topics such as laser scanners and terminals.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m writing about barcodes all of a sudden. Well, I have had some dealings with them over many years of retail work, and now that the idea of scan-and-shop is well established in this country, I use a handheld scanner every time I go grocery shopping to make the shop quicker, easier and more accountable, budget-wise. Having the items linked to barcodes allows me to see how much I’ve spent at any given point, which helps balance the books, that’s for sure.

Some bus passes and access swipe cards are equipped with a barcode unique to the user while the scan-and-shop scanners (and the similar devices used by the online shopping pickers) are mainly laser-driven barcode readers. BarcodeWire offers a history lesson in barcodes in their blog post Interesting Things That You Need To Know About The Beginning Of Barcodes, while other posts deal with loyalty programs administered through barcoded cards, RFID and NFC tags, laser scanners and how to check the quality of a barcode. Anyone who has been shopping for reduced to clear items will likely have encountered barcodes that won’t scan, as they have been printed on handheld label machines with failing ink. Hopefully these barcodes will have undergone rigorous testing prior to being printed on the labels using specialist testing devices and verifiers to show the integrity of the code.

There are many reasons why a barcoded inventory is a logical way for a company to go. Many of these reasons are enumerated 10 Ways That Barcode Scanners Can Increase Business Efficiency. Whatever reasons a business chooses, the bosses can be assured that it is a modern and effective way to manage their stock, staff location and security.'s site and Twitter feed provide further information on the many ways a barcode can be used these days.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Search Fixers Online Reputation Management Company

Online Reputation Management
Photo by Getty Images (GettyImages-470002521)

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is a growing market for those people who rely on reviews for business, or who want to gloss over a mistake which was talked about online.

A good ORM company will use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve an individual’s or company’s online presence, ensuring that good reviews are seen higher in search engine results, and bad days are buried further down the listings. With more and more companies turning to reviews before buying from a new supplier, this is a wise move. Plus, the last thing anyone going for an important promotion or new job needs is to be haunted by photographs of that drunken night out when they were a student.

The Search Fixers will work on improving any given online profile, for a fee, naturally. Their detailed blog gives some of the ways this can be achieved. Their proven ‘white hat’ SEO techniques and PR connections are put to good use when repairing an online reputation, and they also give other tips that can help to garner positive press, such as paying for a social media campaign or trying to see whether a bad result fits the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ criteria. The best way is to mount a multi-pronged attack on any negative reviews or results using all of these techniques. Repairing an online reputation doesn’t often come cheap and can be quite lengthy when organic, natural looking results are the desired outcome.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Management

Search engine optimization cannot be underestimated. SEO ensures that when internet users search for a company’s name, they see positive reviews rather than negative ones, well written, recent blog content and regularly updated sales pages on a modern-looking website. A good online reputation management company will work with existing information as well as helping to provide fresh content. This is where The Search Fixers’ PR contacts come into play, as they can quickly and effectively produce positive content for any company, ensuring that it is seen by the biggest and brightest aggregators, news outlets and search engines.

Social Media Management

Alongside a push to update and polish a fim’s website, The Search Fixers also offer a social media management service. Anyone who has ever typed their own name into a search engine will be familiar with the feeling of dread knowing that whatever they can see is visible to anyone using the same search terms. A good rule of thumb for social media is never to post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. This includes entries in public forums and chatrooms as well as all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The Search Fixers will aim to track down troublesome posts and suggest a solution, as well as monitoring a company’s or individual’s ongoing social media engagement for any further issues. Think how a targeted campaign can go wrong (campaigns trying to share positive stories on McDonald’s, Susan Boyle’s album launch, Walgreens and Qantas have all made headlines in the last couple of years) and there’s a prime reason for employing the services of an online reputation management company.

Third Party Content

Alongside anything posted by a specific company, external review sites have to be taken into account. Sites like yelp, Trip Advisor, Glassdoor and TrustPilot can be manipulated by ‘black hat’ SEO techniques including the creation of fake accounts to post negative content. Naturally, bad reviews by dissatisfied clients or former employees can also be left on these sites. Active monitoring by an online reputation management company will ensure that any negative reviews can be addressed swiftly and effectively, meaning that any damage done to a brand will be limited as much as possible.

Of course, most potential customers will take into consideration the balance of negative to positive reviews when considering a company. Nothing is perfect and some people will only post when they have something negative to say. Every app in the app store always has its negative reviews, not every guest will enjoy a good night’s sleep in a hotel – and some of the reviews may be covering up the fact that someone purchased something without reading the small print first. However, if one particular incident has caused a company to lose control of their good reputation, or an unguarded comment has gone viral, the services of a firm of online reputation management specialists could be just the ticket to rebuilding. After all, people are still eating at McDonald’s, buying products from Walgreens and flying with Qantas.

For those who fancy a cleanup of their online presence, The Search Fixers can help. Everyone is human, and humans all make mistakes, but this doesn’t mean the end of a brand, nor the last chance that an employee will have to land a dream job or a prestigious client. With a little bit of online reputation management, things can be made to look better than they felt at the time. The Search Fixers will see to that.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Holy Land Olivewood offers unique handicrafts

The detailed carving which goes into a Holy Land Olivewood item.
Image provided and used with permission.

For centuries, people have been traveling to holy places on pilgrimage, to take the waters, perform a ritual or receive a blessing. In return they would perhaps be able to take home a vial of the water or receive something that had been blessed. For the so-called 'Abrahamic religions' of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the Holy Land is a very important place. Christians have been known to have visited the Holy Land on pilgrimage from as early as the 4th century, and some still spend time volunteering in the area as a modern-day form of pilgrimage.

However, these days it’s not always necessary to travel somewhere to be given a special item. Entrepreneurs worldwide are now setting up businesses and exporting items globally to those who need a reminder of a holy place. Entrepreneurs such as Holy Land Olivewood, a family owned business specializing in handicrafts made from olivewood from the Holy Land, can send a unique item anywhere in the world. Custom orders are a specialty, and if a wood carver elsewhere in the world wants to try their hand at making an olivewood item, then Holy Land Olivewood will even send them a block of wood to use.

Holy Land Olive Wood’s crafts are amazingly detailed, and encompass everything from the crucifixes and rosaries you might expect to the totally unexpected – how about salad servers or elephant figurines? Some items also incorporate mother of pearl and other stones such as hematite. Each item is individually made by hand, so will be totally unique.

For the religious, the crosses or crucifixes and rosaries will assume an extra layer of significance, and could make an unusual Confirmation or Communion gift or a special birthday present for someone now too old to travel to the Holy Land themselves. For those who enjoy having something different in their house, the choice of an item from Holy Land Olivewood is ideal. Magnets and plaques are small and easy to send as a gift, which makes finding something to send to a distant relative a little easier. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a traditional Christmas tree and nativity, there is a large choice of both tree ornaments and nativity sets. Chalices, vases and candlesticks are traditionally favored items made from olivewood, and so, naturally, Holy Land Olivewood has a selection of those items to choose from.

Olivewood is classed as an exotic hardwood and known for having varied striking patterns of graining. Woodworkers like the hardness and close grained nature of the wood, and the graining makes even the most prosaic item take on a life of its own. Holy Land Olivewood has a range of gifts to suit all tastes, at reasonable prices (the smallest items are only around $3) and by buying these items, customers are supporting a small family run business continuing the local tradition of woodworking which goes back centuries.