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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Article directory Internet Articles Dot Net

A typical screenshot from Internet Articles Dot Net
Image provided and used with permission

Everyone has favorite subjects for which they have a weakness. Apart from writing about anything that takes my fancy, I like reading and watching documentaries about Classical Greek monumental architecture, polar bears and the history of electronic music. My husband is a geek, well versed in retro computing, films and travel. My parents love France and French influences; my father is a fluent Francophone and my mother a committed Francophile. Dad also runs a jazz appreciation group, while mum specializes in simple, healthy recipes and exercises for older people.

For some, their specialist subject leads to a lifetime’s work, maybe in academia, medicine or research. For others, a website is the way to go. A year ago, in January 2016, Timothy Davis decided that the topics he was interested in warranted a website of their own. And so, the article directory (or Internet Articles Dot Net, as it is styled) was born.

Since then, his website has had over 101,100 visitors at time of writing - it goes up relentlessly - and published around an article a day, on average. Topics include exercise for back pain, model rocketry, food and food cravings, relationships and CAD drawing. Timothy describes it as a home for any family-friendly subject and currently has a number of writers providing content on their specialist areas. You can see why this goldmine of information appeals to me, can’t you?

There are nineteen regular authors, four admins and four editors. Timothy welcomes applications from new authors, and asks that any authors who are interested in having work published should contact him. There is a page devoted to Terms of Service, stating limits on the numbers of links in an article, and the length of time an author may take to revise a draft. Internet Articles Dot Net is always on the lookout for ‘quality, free and unique content’ so writers who consider their work fulfills those criteria might wish to approach Timothy for more information.

As previously mentioned, the topic range is wide and varied. Looks like just about everyone in my family would be happy, as alongside architecture and animals, there are pages devoted to computers, food, health, music, technology and travel.

For the complete anorak, the Uncategorized listing includes pieces on the History of the Diesel Locomotive Engine, Legitimate Work at Home Jobs, Basic Italian, hydroculture, dog ownership, freeware, owning a greenhouse and Christian living.

Each article has related links within the text as references and further linked articles at the end. This encourages further reading around the site. At school we had a game called ‘thessie bashing’, where our teacher would give us a word to start with and we had to look it up in the thesaurus, find the first word in the synonyms which took our fancy and look that up, then rinse and repeat. At the end of a specified time, we would have to justify our decisions. I think Timothy’s site is an internet version of ‘thessie bashing’. I started reading the article ‘A Dad Full of Careers’. From there, I moved on to ‘Living in a Barn’,which was linked at the end, then ‘Finding a Suitable Barn to Convert into a Home’ from the link at the bottom of that piece.

If you’re stuck for inspiration but simply feel the need to read, there is a list of Featured Articles accessible from the Pages link on the right hand side of the screen. The current favorite is Vintage House Plans Download. Popular Articles, in the right hand column, is also a good place to find recommended reading.

Judging by the ever-increasing numbers of visitors to Internet Articles Dot Net, I am not the only one who finds the site interesting, informative and varied. It certainly makes a change from reading the news these days, and the subject matter is more cheerful too. I can imagine in insomniac nights to come, dialing up the site as a modern alternative to counting sheep. It’s an easy way to gain new knowledge and let your mind drift away from whatever is keeping it awake, at least.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Express yourself with Demeter Mojis

Artwork from Demeter Mojis adds class to any room.
Image provided and used with permission.

Demeter Mojis is an online art prints and merchandise shop for the discerning. Those whose taste runs to simple line drawings, almost caricature-ish in nature, may well appreciate Demeter Mojis’ work. Monochrome (black on white or reverse) line drawn faces have been printed onto just about every item of clothing and interior decoration possible. The range of branded goods runs from t-shirts and totes to mugs, cushions, throws, towels, canvas prints and more.

Those familiar with the clean lines and simple style in the work of ‘Miffy’ artist Dick Bruna may will relate to these pieces. Demeter’s influences include Picasso, Pollock and de Kooning and the style is quite unique, minimal and modern. In just a few strokes, a face appears, often quizzical, sometimes happy sometimes sad, always expressive.

A typical example of Demeter's work.
Image supplied and used with permission.

There is an enormous selection of framed and unframed art prints and a smaller range of other customised items. Some of the more popular designs are available across the whole range of Demeter Mojis’ stock, however, so it would be possible to match items in a room using a single design, or mix the selection with a choice of designs.

Demeter’s emoticon drawings can express feelings without words, and a piece of this artwork would make a memorable gift for someone, or act as a focal point in a home or workplace. Anywhere decorated in the minimalist style would benefit from a print, or maybe a cushion or two on a plain sofa.

As you might expect from an artist, Demeter Mojis is on Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Demeter states, quite rightly, that emojis are becoming an increasingly common way for millennials to communicate, citing Pepsi’s PepsiMoji campaign of 2016 (Pepsi Preps Global Emoji Can and Bottle Campaign) and Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a feeling’ campaign as recent examples of the trend. Even taking that into account, these artworks are timelessly eye-catching and unusual, fitting well with the minimalist lifestyle adopted by many through need or a conscious rejection of collecting stuff for stuff’s sake.

For a gift with a difference, Demeter Mojis’ distinctive range of prints and soft furnishings is worth a look. Today’s connected world has one great advantage - many more people can view and buy the work of individual artists, just as they can stream music by local bands as easily as well known ones. Sometimes, supporting the lesser known designers or groups can be more satisfying than buying the same print as everyone else from a chain store or paying top dollar for tickets to a popular concert. When it comes to creativity, individual tastes certainly rule. And less can definitely be more.