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Friday, April 14, 2017

Viziad peer-to-peer advertising network

Viziad, the peer-to-peer ad network

For those who have always fancied making some money online but don’t want to join one of the many independent distributorship or franchise companies out there, then Viziad may be of interest. Viziad is a new sales network for advertising space. It’s peer-to-peer, so anyone can sell advertising space to anyone else, and it doesn’t have to be an actual billboard, either. It could be a social media post, a promotional space on a menu or poster, delivering flyers, placement of a widget on a blog or offering physical advertising space on a car, van or window. Registration is free for both sellers and buyers; the only financial transaction is between individuals - and that is protected by escrow until both parties are happy that the agreed contract has been fulfilled.

As on auction sites, sellers can also be buyers, depending on what they are looking for to promote their own business or venture. Buyers can search sellers’ listings and in some cases make offers rather than paying a fixed price. Whatever it is, Viziad calls it ‘ad space’.

Once registered, the seller first has to create a listing for their ad space. This should include the location, any relevant pictures or videos, details of the proof the buyer will receive that their ad space has been shown as agreed, and any other necessary information. Basically, anything the seller wants the buyer to know about their offer should be included.

To buy, it’s as simple as clicking ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Bid Now’ for those sellers who offer a chance to bid on an ad space rather than buy it outright. The seller will receive notification that the buyer wishes to purchase their ad space. They can answer any questions the buyer has and then choose to accept or decline the buyer’s bid or offer to buy.

This platform is likely to be of interest to writers and bloggers looking to work with other freelancers with a limited budget, or those who want to reach a different market through advertising. Viziad is a chance for independent-minded advertisers to support other like-minded types, without having to rely on the major online advertising players. It may also offer a chance for companies which have been denied accounts with other advertisers to monetise their sites with appropriate ad space offered to sellers in the right fields.

Viziad peer-to-peer advertising sales network is designed to appeal to small business owners, perhaps even anyone looking for sponsorship for anything where they have the chance to show off logos and advertisements. Maybe a runner could seek sponsorship for a race and donate the money to a previously agreed charity, for instance. It takes the crowdfunding idea and expands it to encompass an entire website. Or maybe a single targeted project. It’s entirely up to the seller to specify their requirements.

Viziad is a great way for new sites to monetise their work, for freelancers to work together peer-to-peer, and for those with a small advertising budget to reach different markets. Affordable advertising for all - what’s not to like?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Want to earn more and work less?

Living the Dream. With this opportunity you could too.
Image provided and used with permission.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these network marketing or MLM schemes where you can sell items and make some money but it’s signing up new recruits that makes the big bucks for you.

This one works in a similar way but seems a little different. If you watch the 17 minute promotional video I’ve just linked to, you’ll hear about a training program that will show you how and where to place advertisements to attract leads. Those leads are then converted into customers by the company’s dedicated sales team, and you will earn commission on any sales they make. To date, the company has paid over $67 million in commission.

The company does not class itself as an MLM or cash-gifting firm, but more as an online education source, where the firm’s partners learn how to use advertising to their benefit. In common with many online work-from-home programs, it accepts applicants from all backgrounds, but not everyone is deemed suitable. Around a quarter of all applicants are either screened out at the time of application or choose not to continue after the first 7 days’ free training.

The company claims to have paid out commission to over 3,500 people so far so some of them must be doing something right. The highest earners have already made over a million dollars, and a handful have been paid over $100,000 to date. Several hundred have earned over $10,000 in commission. The dedicated sales team who process the leads generated by the adverts are trained to sell high-value items, which I suspect may be the advertisements that the partners are earning commission from placing. Therefore, if this opportunity works the way it appears to, it would be a possible revenue stream for someone who travels widely or has other reasons for needing to earn money from working online. Placing the advertisements requires no technical knowledge whatsoever; there is no website to run and no follow ups to perform on the leads generated, as this is all handled by the sales team. Placing the adverts generally takes around 30 minutes. The company is active in over 40 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, the Philippines and Malaysia.

The founder of the company made his first million dollars by the age of 25, and the training new partners will receive is directly from coaches he has picked. Of course, the testimonials at the end of the video are from the highest earning partners, they always are. I’m guessing that for many people, the commission will be lower, and the big figures will take some time to build up. As a veteran of several MLM and independent franchise opportunities, you get out what you put in with these programs. Generally, you can earn enough to cover your costs plus a little extra to make life more comfortable.

The main glitch I see with this approach is if the advertisements are detected and blocked by ad-blocking software which many people use these days. However, if the advertisement can be placed via a paid campaign on social media, or simply a post (like this) with a link in it, then the potential for revenue is much higher. For those with some spare time and a good internet connection, an opportunity like this could be worth investigating.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Progressive Designs offer graphics, web design and more

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Progressive Designs offers a graphic and web design service. The team prides itself on meticulous attention to detail and a full service provision of web design, graphic design and copywriting for marketing and advertising. They will design websites, offer an update to a logo, or simply provide some fresh descriptive words for any site. Advertising copy and marketing materials fall within their services, so for businesses looking to launch a new range or service, Progressive Designs would be a good one-stop shop.

The team is based in Mauritius, but obviously, given the nature of their business, the company provides services worldwide. They will offer potential clients from all fields a quote and further information on request. Progressive Designs has a very strong graphics design side, with around 90% of their team having some expertise in this area. Three quarters of the team have copywriting experience and most of them are also capable of undertaking web development and the design elements of any project. The About section of the Who We Are page on the website has both written and video evidence for this, so no matter how clients prefer to be given information, it is here. Playing the introductory video embedded on the page gives interested viewers an insight into how the firm came to be, while the Services section of the same page provides an overview of the range of specialisms offered.

The company will not only help clients with web development and design but also image, artwork and logo design. Their expertise also extends to design and packaging for physical items including CDs, posters, magazines and catalogs, textiles (think promotional goods) and even books. Progressive Designs will handle any cross-platform advertising campaign, and as you might expect from a graphics and design agency, they have a Facebook presence and a number of YouTube videos. Both images on this article were produced especially for it, and illustrate exactly what the company offers. The header image suggests that Progressive Designs will take any firm from an idea to the solution across a seemingly bottomless chasm, through use of graphic design. The second one, displayed at the end of the article, implies the option of saving a business from heaps of design changes and failed logos.

Advertising and design are more and more important these days. Everyone has their own website, many run their own businesses, either as a freelance sideline or full time as a main income. The only way to be noticed is to be eye catching, unique, different. With the help of Progressive Designs, the next campaign could be the one which catches the public’s imagination and establishes a new brand.

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Top Online Business Queen on My Advertising Pays

Mehak Naheem, Top Online Business Queen
Image supplied and used with permission

Mehak Naheem, aka the Top Online Business Queen, offers opportunities to earn an income online. She also offers coaching to improve the chances of success. She calls this 'the mindset to make money'.
Her latest involvement 'won't be around for long,' she says. Well, she's probably right there. Once the big search engines and advertisers cotton on to this scheme, there may well be another algorithm change so the bottom will fall out of the market, just as it has with revshare writing sites.

However, the chance to sign up to My Advertising Pays is still available, for those who can make a success of network marketing. As with every new online scheme there are as many negative reviews as there are positive ones, and it always pays to read several opinions before investing in any of them. Unless you are actually selling a product (Avon, Kleeneze, Betterware) these schemes tend not to be around for more than a couple of years, so it's best to seize the chance while you can. Like investing in the stock market, there is also the potential to lose money as well as make it with many of these schemes. Multi-level marketing works better when you recruit lots of people to your downline, so if that's your strength (or you work with one of those software programs which automates the process) then you may well have a better chance of success.

My Advertising Pays offers an opportunity for those with a product to sell already to get it in front of many more eyes, as alongside the income stream from ad clicks and online recruitment, it also offers advertising credits to be used against placing your advertisements in the program. As a new member of the scheme though, you will first be expected to buy at least one advertising pack at a value of $49.99. These will be the first set of ads that you click through. There is no restriction on actually buying the products or services advertised either, although not all the advertisements are in English.

Of course, the advice is that you need more than one pack of ads to earn an income. Apparently an initial outlay of $600 for 20 packs will yield the greatest chances. The maximum number of advertising packs one person can have is 1,200. However, some people will be naturally cautious and make only the minimum investment. As with all revenue sharing schemes, the more (time or money) you invest, the more you earn.

If you choose to introduce others to the scheme too you will earn a percentage of their revenue; this is the same for all network marketing chances. At present, membership is free for 30 days and you will earn 10% commission on every advert clicked. Membership is then paid, and the commission varies from 4% to 10% depending on the level you choose. The idea is that you use your commission to pay for your membership.

The potential is there to earn $60 for each pack bought, so a 20% return on your initial investment. Typical earnings start at a dollar per pack per day with the lowest rate of commission. What's more, once you're a paid member, you can buy vacation time if needed, where you will still be paid a small amount of residual income.

To find out more, head over to Mehak’s website and click number 3 on the Services page. She was recently interviewed by Sky TV too, so you can watch the interview to find out more about her secrets of success.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Klink - Share Content, Get Paid

Klink app logo. Image supplied and used with permission.
This could be interesting. I’m not a video fan and I’m too old to ‘get’ Instagram. Anyway, Instagram is a Facebook company and I don’t ‘get’ that either.

But for those who love those little Vine video clips and share Instagrams the way I share Tweets, the new Klink social media app is a mix of the two. And you get paid for sharing your content too. Well, it was going to happen eventually, after the rise and fall of revshare sites for words, as the fashion moved on to videos and images, so the revshare model would follow.

Interested potential users should be aware that this app requires a 5th generation Apple device running iOS7. My iPod Touch is a 4th generation so stops at version 6.1.6. Shame, because being paid to find out about the fuss surrounding Instagram-style apps would have been fun.

This app is brand new, only available on Apple (no Android version yet as they only launched a month ago). The developers tell me the app supports full screen, high quality photos and video, which makes it easy to capture, share and monetize your still or moving images. Yes, monetize. This app works just like the revshare sites for writers, or YouTube for podcasters, and pays you for sharing your content. This is achieved by including small banner ads with your content and sharing the revenues between all those users whose work has displayed those adverts. The screenshot on the support page link indicates a rate of $1 for 1,000 views which is around the industry average for written or visual content on this new breed of mobile social media. Anyone familiar with the Like system on Facebook will feel right at home here, where a like more or less indicates having viewed the content. A featured post can be purchased for 99 cents, or you can save the money earned from your views and withdraw it at a later date.

If you check the hashtag #klinkapp on Twitter or Instagram, you will see examples of the app in use and find out more about how it works. The latest version is only a couple of days old and features a live feed of all new content and better video quality, including video ads. Even though I can’t download it, it looks from the screenshots as if it should be fairly easy to use, and certainly the comments seem to bear that out. There’s a toggle switch to swipe between video and photo and buttons to like, comment and upload content. Swiping corrects blurred view and the piggy bank icon allows you to share the app and invite friends to join too. Naturally, the main idea is that you share your content across other social media sites. Facebook may not take too kindly to monetized content from other sites being shared on feeds, but Instagram and Twitter seem to be pretty cool about it, at least judging from the site’s popularity on those platforms.

Of course, Klink app is new, and despite serious testing there have still been reports of bugs. The developers hope they have ironed many of them out with the latest update but comments, moans, gripes and suggestions are all welcome via the support email. Early adopters are eligible for a Super Elite Klink Creator badge, and should email the developers for more information on applying.

Now, if the developers could just release an Android version, I would be able to give it a really good test and report back in a month or so with my findings. Anyone fancy seeing photographs of the neighborhood cats?

Friday, August 21, 2015

ATIS Digital Agency - Tirana

ATIS Digital Agency - Tirana
Logo supplied and used with permission.

ATIS (Albanian Telecommunication and Information Services) are a digital agency based in Tirana, Albania. In common with many companies in this connected life, they work with customers all over the world. Indeed, the agency expresses a preference for working in the field of ‘offshore web development’ so they would positively welcome enquiries from overseas.

What marks ATIS out from the others is that they are a one-stop shop for just about everything a firm could need, digitally speaking. This team of 12 hard-working men and women have delivered almost two million lines of code (1,956,628, to be exact) for 83 projects.

That's 1,328 and a third lines of code for every one of the 1,473 cups of coffee the team have drunk. Or an average of almost 23,574 lines of code per customer. That equals some pretty late nights and large projects.

Between them, ATIS can look after all aspects of a company's digital marketing requirements. They design mobile apps, offer web design and development services and have in-house copywriting specialists as well as creative design and digital marketing service experts. Whether assisting with a new email or social media marketing campaign, or revamping an older website for the mobile-centric Smartphone/tablet era, ATIS can help. If it's digital, the chances are that they have experience with it. The team is truly multi-talented, being able to design everything from a new logo to stationery or branding for uniforms as well as all the usual digital media. If it can be rendered digitally, ATIS will provide it, and I get the impression that the team enjoy a challenge.

The ATIS team’s web development service covers CMS, e-commerce, frameworks and web applications. This is complemented by web design; giving the site a great look, making it intuitive and easy to use. Of course, a web site might look good, but it needs persuasive copy if visitors are to become customers and buy services or goods. ATIS has multilingual copywriters to take care of that, and ensure that the keywords are in place to show good search engine optimization (SEO). When the website is ready, the team will attend to the social media marketing (SMM) and pay per click advertising (PPC) that make a well designed website not just look good but work well too. To be ranked highly in search engines today, websites need to work just as well on a range of devices from a 24” widescreen to a 10” tablet and a 4” Smartphone. A dedicated app might be the answer, and with ATIS, mobile apps are designed and tested in house. They can be produced for and published on iOS, Android and Windows as needed. A company is nothing without advertising and branding, and this is where the creative design side kicks in, covering logos, banner advertisements, business cards and other branding.

ATIS Digital Agency are, as you might expect, active on social media. The best place to find them is on Linked In but they also welcome enquiries directly through their website or via Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UK Announcements website has Anuntul de UK for Romanians

Anuntul de UK logo. Used with permission.

It can be hard moving to another country. You have to find a place to live, a job and just about everything else you need, often all at the same time and without much support from anyone else. However, for Romanians in the UK, all of that just became easier. Take a look at the Anuntul de UK (UK Announcements) website and you'll see what I mean. There are places to live, job vacancies of all kinds and items for sale. All in Romanian, naturally. In addition, the site also features a comprehensive business directory, a blog about life here in the UK, and even a small dating area.

The site has a wealth of information and contact details for both newly arrived and established immigrants. Some of the jobs and houses/rooms available will allow you to practice and improve your English, others will be working or living with other Romanian expats. Many of the houses and job opportunities are in and around London, located in places such as Croydon, Uxbridge, Hillingdon and Wembley. Properties of all sizes are featured; from single rooms in shared housing to entire places to rent.

There are almost 30 pages of jobs, ranging from a vacancy for a live in female carer to construction, engineering and restaurant work. There is even an advertisement for the Head Housekeeper at the Ibis Hotel in Reading. Many of the recent listings for services are offering places in cars being driven between England and Romania, but there are also deals offered by photographers, translators, car mechanics and more. The idea of offering carpool options has prompted the creation of a new specialist page just for that topic. The price of petrol and diesel is not as high as it was, but it certainly helps to have other people sharing the cost of a long journey. Flights are great, but if you want to bring a fair amount with you, then car sharing is the only option.

As you might expect, the site features several pages of things for sale - cars, bikes, mobile phones and handmade organic cosmetics, among other items. Meanwhile the dating small ads page only contains six advertisements at the moment but everything has to start off gradually. Maybe in time this area too will grow.

This site is simple to use and contains a large amount of useful information. For a newly arrived Romanian, it is a goldmine, a small piece of home that provides all the help needed to deal with those difficult few weeks after arrival. It also helps more established expats to move on while still staying in touch with the expat community. I wish a site like Anuntul de UK had been available to me when I was considering relocating to Germany 25 years ago. I guess that’s the beauty of the internet these days. People wanting to move can do their research before leaving and still survive when they arrive.