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Monday, April 16, 2018

The five to nines - side hustles for the discerning

Image by darkmoon 1968 on Pixabay.
CC0 Creative Commons Licence, free for commercial use

Everyone’s heard of the ‘gig economy’, where independent contractors are paid somewhere around the minimum wage for meeting deadlines and producing work by the piece. But what about the ‘five-to-nine economy’?

The first time I came across the expression ‘five-to-nine job’ was when I read a BBC article on Nigeria's enterprising five-to-nine work ethic.

It seems like these days, every second person has a ‘five-to-nine’. Some people call it ‘portfolio working and take it to mean a situation where they have more than one strand to their earnings potential. I had that, back in the day. I held three part time jobs at one point, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at the weekend. It made ends meet, but it was more than slightly exhausting. On Fridays, I ran from the morning job to the afternoon job to the weekend job without a break, but I still had to be back at the weekend job by 3pm on Saturday. Sundays were recovery time, definitely.

A five-to-nine often seems to mean making a little money at a hobby that you enjoy or choosing to monetise something you would do anyway. Many writers and eBay sellers are part of the five-to-nine economy, but there are also a sizeable number of affiliate marketers and independent distributors who have skin in that game too.

How many people though, can sell health and wellness ranges or household products? In today’s economy, some of the big names are suffering. Both Kleeneze and Betterware household products retailers are in administration and many of the health and wellness companies have questions over the ethical or scientific claims of their ranges. While brands like Tupperware and Avon may be flourishing, there are many other opportunities for individuals to take on independent distributorship or affiliate marketing. Several of those businesses have already been profiled here; a round up of these articles and more can be found in the next piece.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ted's Woodworking teaches anyone to make anything from wood

Screenshot of Ted's Woodworking site and introductory video.

I always wanted to try woodwork at school. But woodwork and metalwork were for the boys - us girls learned how to cook and sew. Now I finally have my chance to try proper woodwork. Thanks Ted!

Ted’s Woodworking has 16,000 plans for every conceivable DIY project going. After watching the introductory video, viewers get the chance to purchase access to the plans plus a host of bonuses worth over $400. The promise is that anyone can build things from wood without needing expensive tools or experience.

Ted McGrath comes from a crafting background - his grandfather built their house and all the furniture in it. But he himself was not gifted with the same ability that his grandfather had. He had to enrol in evening classes to learn the art of woodworking and design from scratch. He found that the plans in magazines didn’t suit and often assumed that the maker was a high level craftsman with a shed full of specialist tools. But his teacher was inspirational and willing to share his knowledge. Hence Ted’s Woodworking was born. Each plan comes with a complete list of materials, tools and cuts required, detailed instructions and 3D diagrams of each step in the process. There are high quality photos and videos for additional assistance and an estimate of the time the project should take to build plus its level of difficulty.

This resource is accessible to everyone from the complete beginner to professional carpenters and woodworkers, and because the instructions are clear, it will enable even the newest woodworker to ensure they have the right tools and the correct amounts of material for the job.

New plans are drafted monthly, which existing subscribers can download for free. Along with access to the plans, buyers will also receive a free DWG and CAD plan viewer, access to 150 free woodworking video tutorials and copies of Ted’s books How to Start a Woodworking Business and Complete Woodworking Guide.

This whole package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. There are only a limited number of these packages available, so buyers are advised to act quickly. Whether you want to build a shed, a chair, a table or just a small wooden toy, Ted’s Woodworking can help. This offer won’t last forever, and while later offers may be made, they’re unlikely to be as good value as this one. Just for once, there is something here which just may be as good as it looks, especially for someone searching for a new hobby, a chance to learn a new skill, a startup idea for a business or a pastime to keep them busy and active in retirement.

Ted’s Woodworking also runs an affiliate program for freelance marketers looking for a change from health and wellness or household products. Given that some high profile companies in those sectors have gone to the wall recently, deciding to promote something different like woodworking products would seem like a good option. Plus, affiliates don’t have to be members either, unlike with some of the health and wellness companies who want their affiliates to be walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Information can be found at the end of the Ted’s Woodworking webpage.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or a new business, Ted’s Woodworking is an interesting-looking opportunity which could reward further investigation.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

TecAdemics affiliate program

Image from Public Domain Pictures on Pixabay. CC0, free for public use.

Regular readers know that I’m always happy to write about a new affiliate program or work from home opportunity.

Tec Mastermind and the TecAdemics program is both, plus this unique set up allows top trainers to share their tips and tricks for online business success. In addition, affiliates are able to benefit from new sign ups through their page, but can also use their training to create a successful business themselves.

This website has a video which explains how business education such as TecAdemics fits with the Four Percent Group’s aims to allow anyone to become a top internet entrepreneur. Trainer Vick Strizheus believes that the reason so many internet businesses fail is because everything is too complicated for many people to grasp. They simply have information overload when it comes to setting up and running an online business, and most people have never made more than $1,000 through online sales. Affiliate programs can be a very handy way of making extra money, but this usually involves having a webpage and hosting adverts then waiting for clicks from potential customers. The trouble is, because many people run adblockers these days, they may simply never see a single advert.

The system offered by the Four Percent Group aims to simplify the online marketing process and allow members to make serious income without adverts. Quite apart from the top level business education offered by TecAdemics, the funnel system used by the Four Percent Group is specifically designed to hook interested potential students into signing up for the courses and in the process, allow the affiliate to earn commission. They don’t have to sign up to TecAdemics themselves, but can earn good money by acting as an affiliate. They may choose, of course, to reinvest some of their affiliate income in the TecAdemics program, and go on to found a separate online webshop or e-commerce site as a result.

Vick Strizheus explains more in the video. Signing up to find out more about the Four Percent Group (including why it is called that) is free, and positively encouraged as the first step to becoming successful online without hosting adverts, writing promotional articles or becoming involved in direct selling of any products. The system made over three million dollars in sales even in beta testing, so there is no doubt that it works.

For anyone who would like to try a low-maintenance way of making an online income, signing up for the Four Percent Group’s system could be the first step to improving their chances.