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Friday, May 5, 2017

Wizdiary - bringing even more customers and businesses together two years on

Wizdiary video 2017.
YouTube link provided and used with permission.

When I first wrote about Wizdiary, almost two years ago in June 2015 (, bringing customers and businesses together online), it was a very new company which didn’t even have a complete website yet. It could almost have been called a ‘concept’ rather than a fully fledged business at that stage.

Wizdiary’s USP back then was a series of innovative multilingual YouTube videos explaining the business’ aims to provide a social-media-style gateway for small and medium sized companies to connect online with their potential worldwide customers. The idea was to allow businesses to advertise for new clients by showing photographs of their products or sharing examples of their work, almost like an online version of the newspaper back pages classified advertising service.

Two years later, I am pleased to say that the company is now fully operational and doing well. Businesses can advertise via the Billboard and Posted Jobs areas to bring their skills to the attention of potential clients. Billboard allows businesses to post images of goods or projects to share with those in a particular location, while Posted Jobs allows companies to advertise for specific staff or requirements for a particular project.

This simple move of filtering traffic has helped to streamline the site and point users in the right direction. Registration is free and a Billboard entry is required as part of the normal profile setup to educate future clients about the company behind the advertisement. The explanatory video for Wizdiary's Billboard and Posted Jobs areas emphasises Wizdiary’s social side while the updated introductory video goes into more detail about the clientele-locating strengths of the company. It explains the simplicity of the site and the chance for advertisers to showcase unique selling points, special products, experience or talents using photographs and existing work.

Wizdiary’s videos make the point that not everyone is looking for the same thing. A company which specialises in offering simple solutions at lean prices to small business owners and startups is not likely to be looking for a client who wants all the bells and whistles from a vastly experienced provider. A lean entrepreneur is not likely to choose the most expensive business, because their prices will be beyond a small budget and their solution could well be too complicated for the limited interest a smaller business is likely to get. Similarly, depending on the market, not everyone will want a University-educated worker; some may prefer an experienced seller who has fewer qualifications.

All kinds of people and companies can use Wizdiary to be found by new clients, connect with like minded people with similar skills and expertise or to find people with the knowledge they need. That’s the beauty of Wizdiary. It is totally adaptable to individual circumstances. If you’re a business owner who is prepared to give a new worker a break, or an experienced provider wishing to use your experience to help new businesses get off the ground, Wizdiary has a place for you.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Swipe Vault - start following proven marketing strategies now

Money Tree (photodune4862192moneytreexs). Image provided by Swipe Vault

Barely a week goes by without information on another online money-making opportunity crossing my path.

This one is called Swipe Vault and, like many of the others, it promises to make money for those who sign up. Originator Chris Luck says that the creation of Swipe Vault is the result of many years of trial and error as well as studying the ways in which acknowledged entrepreneurial successes like Steve Jobs went about growing their business.

Swipe Vault distills down these ideas into proven sales funnels, marketing videos, copywriting pieces, landing pages and social media campaigns. Makes sense - find what's working for others then copy it. It’s how many businesses have operated for years, only not quite so openly as seems to be happening these days.

The difference with Swipe Vault is that you are not directly selling a specific product to others by taking up this opportunity. You're benefiting yourself. If you've always harbored a dream to open your own business, but weren't sure how to market it, your plans are here. All you need is a product. That could be a skill you have, like writing or illustration, a service you provide, such as counselling or dog sitting, upscaling a homemade crafts hobby to selling on a website, or finding new markets for your holiday lettings. The tips, tricks and templates shared in the Swipe Vault will help you get off to a flying start, make the most of your existing markets and help with finding more.

The Swipe Vault information is accessible in a series of videos. They illustrate the three points that Chris is making:

  1. Find out what is making money.
  2. Borrow those techniques for your own business.
  3. Make money too.

Much more information can be had from the videos on the homepage, but the real information is hidden behind a paywall.

Initial monthly investment at the moment is $97. (That’s about £60) There is a money-back guarantee should you find that the Swipe Vault doesn’t work for you. Places are limited and Chris and the team are already talking about closing the Vault to new members, so the countdown is on. For $97 a month you have access to the Swipe Vault for as long as you remain a member, unless you request your money back within the first 30 days. You can watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you like and try out as many of the marketing ideas as you want.

If you want to lift your business to a new level (or start one off on the right foot) then Swipe Vault could be for you. It’s worth a try - you can always ask for your money back if it doesn’t work.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Automated Business Success sales funnel sites and landing pages

Automated Business Success.
Image provided by company and used with permission.

In these hi-tech days, even the most innovative entrepreneur is going to need a website to help sell their idea. But if the most technological thing you have ever done is to open a Word document, then you are probably going to need some help.

That's where UK-based Automated Business Success comes in. Founder Owen C Davies knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity, as well as how to transfer a successful offline business online and keep it successful. He's created several websites from scratch for clients and also advises business owners on how to make the most of their online presence.

Owen specialises in creating engaging landing pages and sales funnel sites to bring customers in and entice them to purchase goods or engage with your brand. Automated Business Success describes what his business is all about, making things simpler and more successful for the online business owner by automating some parts of the sales and marketing process.

As a business owner, coach or consultant, the first thing to do is to establish what you want your new site to achieve. After an initial strategy discussion, which is free, you will be invited to attend a workshop where you will create the initial blueprint of your site in collaboration with Owen. Depending on your technological skills, at this point you will be able to choose to take your creation away and set about building it, or request Automated Business Success’s help to set it up for you. For those who need a more hands-on experience, there is a 90 Day Implementation coaching program to follow on from the workshop, which extends the support for three months, keeping the buzz going and allowing for help if you hit any problems in the early days. Owen is also available for shorter time periods, so you can enlist his help with smaller projects like creating special pages or sorting out background issues with the site once it’s up and running.
Owen C Davies, founder, Automated Business Success.
Image supplied by him and used with permission.

Of course, if all you need is a bit of advice to ensure you’re on the right road, then you could always check out Automated Business Success’s Tumblr blog, which is full of ideas, hints and tips for making an online business successful – and reminders about what you should be doing as a business owner too, such as automating the sales process, but being there to offer personal customer service to clients with queries.

Most companies and services these days will benefit from having an online presence. If you can automate some aspects of sales and marketing, you will have more chance of keeping up with the other demands of your business, as well as giving yourself time to devote to those customers who need a little extra help for one reason or another.

Saving time by automating tasks while growing your business? That makes sense to me.

Friday, June 26, 2015, bringing customers and businesses together online, matching businesses to clients around the world.
Video shared with permission. is a new online business for clients to find and work with businesses of all sizes. It is so new that there is no website as yet (although it is under development at and all the currently available information about the business is found in a set of multi lingual animated videos on YouTube.

So, what is It is a free online business social network offering a gateway for small and medium sized companies globally to connect with their customers no matter where they are in the world. The video describes the firm as a company which provides professional services to other businesses, and its aim is to act as a platform for organizations and individuals to work one-on-one or collaboratively as a group. Once a company’s user profile is completed, the users can upload photographs of the products or services the business provides, giving potential clients a clearer idea of the range of services on offer. When the client knows what they are getting, they will be far happier, and may even feel that they are getting better value for money. is essentially customer oriented, aiming to enhance communication between clients and customers, leading to more satisfied and better informed customers. This platform is designed to appeal to all levels of company in many different fields, from professionals to mom-and-pop style small family firms and work at home enterprises.

As a business owner, with, your clientele can see the difference between you and your competitors through photographs and examples of your work, designs, projects or expertise. You can showcase your skills, highlight any unique selling points about your services or highlight any specific qualities you believe you can bring to a task. A photograph speaks a thousand words, as the saying goes. You can have your portfolio not just speaking for you, but shouting out your abilities from the rooftops, a really vivid visual image.

It is said that sometimes, a potential client may well choose someone with day-to-day experience of a situation over someone who holds a University degree. It could be that the client is looking for someone with specific knowledge, rather than theoretical learning. You will have the opportunity with Wizdiary to highlight why your particular brand of knowledge can benefit your clients, and gain an audience and recognition as a result. aims to bring customers and businesses together in one location and offers an easy to use template to allow you to start showcasing your business quickly and easily. You can reach a global audience, and maybe even break into new markets as a result. If you feel your business needs greater visibility and a wider audience, then could be for you. Sign up today, create your profile, upload your photographs and watch your business grow.