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Friday, March 3, 2017

Lian & Méz watches - wearable sustainability

Lian & Méz logo
Image provided and used with permission.

The watchmaker’s art is alive and well in the age of the smartphone.

That’s a bold statement to start with, but what Lian & Méz are doing with their crowdfunded sustainable watch is even more unusual. They are mixing finest German precision watchmaking with Swiss-made traditional movement and a sustainable and eco-friendly vibe. Designed to appeal to those who like to make a statement with classic jewellery while still remaining ethically sound, the Lian & Méz range has straps handmade from Piñatex pineapple leaf fibers. These fibers are a natural byproduct of pineapple farming, which gives growers another source of income alongside their fruit harvest.

The watches are a real talking point, not only because they look good, but because of their ethical strength. What’s more, they are fully customizable, with cases, dials, indices and straps available in a variety of colors. The cases are available in 36mm (ladies) or 40mm (gents) diameter with the straps sized accordingly, and the straps themselves are interchangeable. The company hopes to receive enough pledges to enter full production soon but in the meantime, if their target is met, those ordering watches by pledging money will be contacted at the end of the fundraising process to finalize their order. All watches bought through the crowdfunding campaign will come with a two year warranty.

The Kickstarter page is very detailed, with information on the history of the company and the founders’ hopes for the future. It has taken them two years to reach this stage, concentrating on the sustainability and quality aspects of their product. They are hoping for €25,000 on an all or nothing basis by the end of March 2017, and if that goal is achieved they hope to start full production of their Fifth Season range shortly afterwards, with delivery to backers over the summer. Using the hashtag #wearsustainable, founders Julian and Feramez are stressing their respect and responsibility to the natural world as well as tapping into the current interest in low-impact living.

The duo hope that their Kickstarter campaign funds will allow them to place their first large order, produce tooling, work on new designs, shake up the watch industry and support the pineapple-growing countries where they will source their Piñatex pineapple leaf fibers.

Levels of backing can start from as little as €1, but to get their hands on a watch, backers will have to choose at least the Super Early Bird offer of one watch for €139. This offers a saving of almost 50% on the projected retail price of €269. There is an option with an extra strap for €185 and an offer for couples of two watches plus extra straps for €359.

Lian & Méz has been featured in many of the leading German and English business magazines for their mix of fashionable design and ethical sourcing. In addition, Piñatex has been approved as a vegan product by PETA.

One of Lian & Méz’s watches would make a memorable gift for someone on a special birthday, or allow couples to commemorate a significant date in their lives. Interested would-be backers have until the early hours of Monday 27 March to place their pledge.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Enewwholesale, the wholesale fashion site with a difference

Clothes, by Elbowalker at Pixabay. CC0. is a US-based online wholesaler of fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. The site caters for buyers and sellers of wholesale goods, mainly US-based, but not exclusively. The range comprises thousands of lines, mainly pitched at the younger fashion market. Buyers are only able to see the full range when they create an account and log in, although thumbnails of some items are available on the category tabs so that potential purchasers can see what they might like to buy before committing to becoming a member and creating an account. Membership is free, however, so browsing is possible once the account has been created.

For those wholesalers who are looking to be on trend and stay there, a site like can give valuable pointers about the hottest stock to carry for each new season. The network of buyers, suppliers and sellers is already in place for anyone who joins a site like this, so whether the stock is destined for a national franchise, an online store or a sole outlet trader, buyers can be sure that the items will be the very latest designs. Sellers looking to find new markets for their stock are also welcome to join and try out the site. There are so many different influences here, and so many different categories, that almost everyone will find someone to buy their goods or something to purchase to sell on in turn. Of course, the other benefit of being an online site rather than a physical trading location is that it is available 24 hours a day, no matter where the buyers are in the world. That means that prices will be lower as there are fewer running costs. Like other e-commerce sites, there is also a great choice of items, perhaps wider than that found in a traditional bricks and mortar store.

The target market may well be young people, but there are many different styles to choose from. The ladies’ boots section, for instance, has everything from lacy cut-out over-the-knee boots to eminently practical fur-lined winter boots, stiletto heeled boots, laced up combats and ankle boots. Almost every female boot wearer would find something to buy from that range, no matter their style or the occasion.

For those fashion wholesalers looking for a new market, or retailers looking for something a bit different that is still likely to attract buyers, is worth a look. Because the items are perhaps not as widely available as those in a chain store, they may well be the kind of clothes to elicit ‘fashion envy’ from coworkers, family and friends asking ‘where did you find that?’ In turn this could bring new business to any outlet stocking them, no matter the size or reach of the outlet. For a different approach to fashion, has the answer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala - November 12-14, 2015

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala.
Promotional image provided and used with permission.

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala takes place in Richmond, Virginia from November 12-14, 2015. Now in its third year, this event is a one-stop shop for everything to do with couture and beauty. Not only will guests see a stunning fashion show of the latest designs from Destinee's Creations, they will also be able to see the work of many other designers, find out about the latest trends for the new season and watch makeup and beauty stylists at work. Other shows include a dance performance and a live band.

Of course, the great and good of Virginian society will be there, as befits any couture event. Local and national celebrities are on the guest list and each ticket purchased will raise money for local non-profit The Gray Haven. This Richmond-based organization has been helping victims of human trafficking and slavery for several years, and Destinee’s Creations has chosen to be a part of that effort this year.

Destinee’s Creations is about more than beautiful designer fashion and fundraising for a non-profit, though. The company has a selection of makeup and beauty products to choose from as well as the couture. Under the same brand, and badged as The Beauty Collection by Destinee’, are the Rare Beauty by Destinee’ range of cosmetics, a signature perfume and lotion and the Euphoric Seduction range, also of perfume and lotion. So the wearer’s whole look can be perfectly coordinated and complementary to each part.

Destinee’s Creations is clearly aiming for the upmarket lifestyle brand market, and indeed has already provided a ‘red carpet-ready’ dress for model Bridgetta Tomarchio, who has appeared in TV shows Californication and The West Wing, among others. During this gala, the company will decide the recipient of the Destinee’s Creations Designer of the Year Award from among the participating designers as well as allowing guests to mix and mingle in a Social Hour or experience the Fashion Lounge and Expo.

The Fashion Lounge and Expo will showcase the best of fashion design: designers and models, the buyers who choose what the customers see, journalists who write about it and anyone involved in the business of bringing fashion to the rest of us. The Social Hour allows guests to meet the exhibiting designers and event partners and will be a chance for ticket holders to learn more about the fashion and design business from those who make it happen.

Tickets are available from EventBrite and start at $15. VIP Admission at $55 pays for complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres while Platinum admission is $99, with potential guests at that level being asked to contact the organizer to discuss terms before purchasing.

For couture fashion and more, it sounds like if you’re in the Richmond, VA area in mid-November, you need to have a ticket for Destinee’s Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala. For more information contact Destinee’s Creations email address.