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Friday, May 4, 2018

The 2WeekDiet - keto or bust

Typical screenshot from website

The 2WeekDiet suggests that you can lose body fat simply by eating the right food. What’s more, the publicity claims that you could lose large amounts of weight quickly simply by eating the right foods to target problem fat in all body areas.

The 2WeekDiet is an extreme weight loss program which promises rapid weight loss, even though it’s based on eating food available from the grocery store rather than meal replacement shakes and specially created snacks. Eating regular food has to be better than drinking shakes if you’re no fan of meal replacements, but the other side of that is the struggle for those whose families like fast food or convenience food rather than lean meat and steamed vegetables.

As with any diet program, there are positive and negative reviews online. Some people claim they have been able to lose a pound a day, others say it’s hard work and just another keto-based diet which doesn’t work for them. Not all diets work for everyone, and it’s a matter of finding what works for you personally.

The 2WeekDiet is a protein rich, water intensive diet which aims to help you lose weight whether or not you have managed to do so before. By restricting calories over a limited period, the body is encouraged to burn fat instead. Again, not everyone reacts to this method of weight loss, and according to some reviews, you might be as well to consider a decent exercise program combined with standard healthy eating instead. Trials in mice seem to suggest the fasting and restricting carbohydrates, together with high intensity exercise will help the mechanism of autophagy which appears to prolong life and result in better health.

But still, some reviews suggest that this diet is a crash diet and anti-carbs. Being carb-averse is not necessarily a bad thing, but crash diets sometimes work for some people and sometimes not for others. It is generally recommended that any diet is balanced, and eliminating any food group entirely is not recommended, at least not for the long term. For that special occasion, it may well help you lose that final stubborn flab that’s resisted every other attempt to remove it. However, the 2WeekDiet is not recommended as a long term solution to weight loss. Remember that jockeys and boxers have been known to hit the sauna to burn off weight before a big race or fight. This works the same way, and will allow you to look great for your prom/wedding/anniversary/office party. But only for that, because such diets cannot be maintained safely and healthily over a long period of time.

The 2WeekDiet can kick start a better lifestyle - smaller portions; less of what puts on weight and more of what does not; making exercise a regular part of every day if that’s what makes you happy. But in order to maintain that initial weight loss, you may find that other tactics work better in the longer term, such as healthy home cooking or managed fasting (similar to the 5:2 program).

There is no shame in admitting that you need to make a lifestyle change. Where you need to exercise caution is in how you make that change. By all means try the 2WeekDiet for an initial weight loss kick start before an important event. But pair that up with a longer term plan to adapt your lifestyle to maintain that weight loss. A cleansing program or diet such as this may be a good way to start but after that, you need to know that you can enjoy parties, holidays and payday Fridays in the bar without beating yourself up afterwards. The 2WeekDiet has some tips to help your new resolve, although willpower will come into it too.

However you choose to approach it, the 2WeekDiet can offer some pros to your weight loss journey, but you should also be aware of the cons. Just as with every weight loss program, sense and balance is key.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

U-Clear Dermabrasion anti-aging, acne remover skin care

U-Clear Dermabrasion marketing poster. Image provided and used with permission.

Crowdfunding campaigns allow all kinds of products to reach the market these days. Dominique Calhoun’s offering on GoFundMe, U-Clear Dermabrasion, is a remarkable acne remover skin care product which also has anti aging properties.

Still under the age of 30 today, fourteen years ago, Dominique discovered the ingredients which became U-Clear Dermabrasion. Most teens suffer skin problems at some point or another, and Dominique was convinced that U-Clear Dermabrasion could be the answer. Moving to California was the next natural goal, and that accomplished, Dominique set about marketing U-Clear.

Dominique’s dream is that millions of people will use the product, a uniquely developed abrasive skin cleaner. Given the polluted air that many city dwellers have to endure, and the dull skin that results, this is potentially a very useful product for all ages, but may well appeal more to teenagers struggling to deal with oily, greasy, spotty skin.

Suitable for age 11 and up, U-Clear Dermabrasion is a quality exfoliative skin product which helps to remove the top layer of facial skin to leave a smoother and softer finish. This makes makeup look smoother, for a start. People can look younger and healthier, perhaps even feel better because of the compliments they are receiving. Exfoliation should not be carried out too often, as this leads to skin damage which is just as bad as the acne the product is working to clear. However, there is no doubt that softer, smoother looking skin is a goal for many teens struggling with acne, whiteheads, blackheads or oily skin.

U-Clear Dermabrasion’s business goals are clearly laid out in the GoFundMe submission: great customer service, an excellent product, competitive pricing and improved quality of life for customers as a result.

The marketing and advertising plan for U-Clear Dermabrasion includes development of a website and associated web-based support, wide-ranging education about the product plus regular analysis of customer satisfaction to improve both the product and service levels. Employees are envisaged to be qualified professionals in the skincare and cosmetics fields who also possess excellent customer service abilities.

U-Clear Dermabrasion plans to operate a wide ranging initial advertising campaign, in places customers might expect, such as healthcare, beauty and medical locations, but also utilizing local newspapers, radio and television options. The product will also be publicized via mail-outs, the company website and brochures in the offices of medical referrers. The GoFundMe page gives far more information about the marketing plans, as well as a SWOT analysis and further details on the other plans that Dominique has for U-Clear Dermabrasion.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lifeplus nutritional supplements and personal care

Lifeplus logo. Image provided and used with permission

Lifeplus wants people worldwide to live well and be healthy. A producer of nutritional supplements and beauty products, the company offers help and guidance to all. Lifeplus is also proudly cruelty-free and acceptable to vegetarians and vegans.

Like many of the health and wellness firms around these days, it operates as a network marketing, franchising model. Lifeplus was founded in 1992 by a pharmacist who noticed that many of his customers developed issues as a result of side effects of the treatment they were taking for a specific condition. Many health and wellness companies are born of the wish to help others through nutritional science, and Lifeplus soon gathered other likeminded souls from other specialisms who were interested in holistic living.

Lifeplus operates a network marketing model (referral marketing, as they call it) which connects customers, sellers and products in one seamless circle.

The Lifeplus philosophy is that simple steps lead to permanent changes. The Lifeplus Formula is designed to help anyone make a permanent change in their lifestyle. It focuses on State of Mind, Staying Active, Eating Well and Nutritional Supplements. A series of articles showcases elements of these four areas which together lead to a more balanced and healthier way of life.

The Lifeplus product range includes nutritional supplements and personal care. The nutritional supplements are divided into groups of products called General Wellness, Targeted Wellness, Weight Wellness, Sports Nutrition and Lifeplus Recommendations. Many of the supplements come in tablet form, although there are also shakes and meal replacements in some areas. Wellness covers everything from the familiar to the unusual. Evening Primrose Oil is something most people will have heard of, but what about a colon cleanser including beetroot, kelp, walnut leaf and blond psyllium? No, thought not.

Personal care includes body, skin and dental care products, natural and organic care for surface areas rather than the gut. Tea tree oil toothpaste, anti-aging serum with grape seed and pomegranate, or bath and body gel with peppermint, rosemary and lavender are all on offer for those who prefer their products on the natural side.

Combined with the articles on a healthier lifestyle available on the Lifestyle Formula pages, this range of products has the ability to help people make a lifestyle change through small steps for starters. Someone who has never really taken a healthy lifestyle seriously might find that Lifeplus is an easy way to begin the road to healthy eating, positive thinking and exercise which experts agree is the best way to maintain mental and physical health.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Blackwolf workout supplements for men or women

Blackwolf workout supplements. Huntress option shown.
Image provided and used with permission.

Workout supplements are for big, musclebound guys, right?


At least according to Blackwolf. The company has a targeted range of supplements for men, and another for women, to optimise the effect that working out gives both. Someone in the company realised that women would like to make the best of their gym habits too, so the initial picture on Blackwolf Workout Supplements’ site shows both a male and a female in workout gear and the site goes on to detail the plus points of the Blackwolf supplement range to all customers.

The Blackwolf Workout Supplements site is an information portal for the Wolfson Berg brand Blackwolf. Sales made through the site will benefit an affiliate. As with many health and wellness brands, Wolfson Berg have turned to the affiliate market to spread the word about their product. This writer has nothing against that, as often word on social media or the wider internet is the only way to hear about such products.

The Blackwolf supplements range comprises pre-, intra- and post-workout packs tailored for male or female users. Customers are likely to see results in 2-3 weeks, which compares favourably with more widely available weight loss products. The ingredients are all natural, but scientifically engineered to give the best results depending on the version.

I have never taken workout supplements, but I have tried several widely available health and wellness products, and I will say that they work much better with an active lifestyle. These formulations are not miracle workers, and customers should ideally either undertake to become reasonably fit while taking them or already be on a fitness kick to make the most of the mixes.

Blackwolf Workout formulas are designed to be an all-in-one, three-phase workout supplement, but each phase can also be taken alone (although it may not be as effective). The company offers a free workout booklet, free shaker and free international shipping to increase its customer base.

Hunter (for men) and Huntress (for women) packs have elements for pre-, intra- and post-workout needs. The Track product is for men's pre-workout needs, while the Trail version is tailored to women's pre-workout requirements. The Hunt and Eliminate elements are the same. The difference is in the pre-workout products which are the tailored areas to suit men or women. Because the products are natural, Wolfson Berg asserts that there are no side effects and the products are safe to use.
The Blackwolf Workout Supplements site has much more information, including prices, ingredients, links to reviews and answers to questions. Fitness fans could do worse than check it out, with a USP of targeted mixes for men and women.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Karen D Little, Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner

Karen D Little offers Wellness Coaching on fiverr.
Image provided and used with permission.

Wellness and health experts are expensive, right?

Wrong. Karen D Little offers her wellness and health services on fiverr. A newcomer to the freelance site, she is currently offering three gigs for the benefit of anyone who cares to pay at least $5 (£3.50) for her expertise. She is a Certified Nutritionist and Board Certified Holistic Practitioner so she knows what she’s talking about, certainly.

The first gig Karen offers is to create a heart healthy diet plan. This comes in a chart format, and includes instructions on how to balance the diet for optimum heart health. She says that by eating such a diet, people can decrease their risk of heart disease or stroke by up to 80%, so it’s really something anyone can benefit from. As an extra on this service, Karen will also submit a list of vitamin or herbal supplements which have been shown to benefit heart health. That will cost another $5 and take a further day so she has time to research the supplements which would benefit each individual the most. There is an express option of 24 hour delivery for $10.

The second gig Karen lists is an offer to calculate the buyer’s nutritional needs, so not just tell them how many calories a day they should be eating, but also to break that down into constituent parts i.e. carbs, protein and so on. Her buyer will receive a full computerized analysis of their requirements and she will indicate in which areas their diet is lacking.

For an additional $10 this can be delivered within 24 hours, and for a further $10 Karen will offer a seven day meal plan. That will take her a couple of days to create though, so buyers will have to be patient. They can also ask for a month’s worth of saliva testing strips to help them work out whether their plan is keeping their body alkaline, as it should be. That will also cost $10 and will take a couple of days, especially as this will require posting.

Finally, Karen offers her services as a personal health coach to go with either or both of the other gigs. For one week a buyer will have the benefit of her advice, and can ask her up to three questions a day for three days of that time. They will receive a personalized answer to their questions, which can be about supplements, remedies for common ailments, best ways to prevent illness or the most effective way to approach weight loss. For an extra three days and $10 Karen will create a personal wellness calendar for the next month so that her buyer can consult it and make sure they’re on track.

For those who have resolved to make 2016 a healthy year, someone like Karen D Little is a godsend. For around the price of a coffee, buyers have access to professional, expert advice and assistance to make their goals a little bit easier to attain. Each of these services is available from $5 on fiverr, the freelance hub where just about anything you want can be done for five dollars.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Explosion Luck offers unique Feng Shui gifts for Christmas

Explosion Luck logo.
Supplied and used with permission.

It’s a known fact that some people are nearly impossible to buy gifts for. They’re the kind of person who has everything, has visited every interesting country or city and considers that gift cards are boring but necessary. (My dad is one such. For Christmas this year he wants an Amazon gift card. For his birthday he had an Amazon gift card.) However here, on Explosion Luck I think I might just have found something suitable to give him that isn’t a gift card.

Explosion Luck specialize in awesomely unusual gifts for men. Fortunately for me. This year they have a range of 9” high tabletop art screens. The fish design is particularly apt for dad, as his pride and joy is the fish pond in the back garden and he spends hours devising ways to keep the herons from having a free fish supper. He’ll be able to use it to hide his iPod when streaming music in the dining room, I reckon, and the colors will fit with the existing d├ęcor in there too.

I think most people have someone like that in their house, impossible to buy gifts for. So if you’re looking for unique gifts for men online, just as I am, you could always take a look at the Feng Shui art on Explosion Luck’s site. There are many different collections including sand art, tapestry wall hangings, small ornaments and sculptures, paintings, boxes and pendants. Every Feng Shui item has a meaning, so whether it’s a bear painting or sculpture for the arctophile in your life, symbolizing courage and protection, or a Tibetan thangka tapestry depicting the Medicine Buddhas and bestowing good health, there is bound to be a unique gift idea for them somewhere on this site.

My mother-in-law is another challenge to buy presents for. She always gives us a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine each, while we have tried everything from gift cards to scarves, gloves or bags and more unusual gifts for her such as paintings and a new French press cafetiere with some of her favorite coffee. Nothing seems to quite fit her personality, but she does like small gadgets, ornaments and trinkets. If we bought her a sand art picture she would be able to display that in one of the rooms and remember that we bought it for her. If one of your female relations is into antique jewelry, then among the unique gift ideas for women, the thangka pendants bring a variety of blessings to the wearer. Depending on the deity depicted, the pendants are said to bestow peace, serenity, inspiration, love, wealth or health.

Whether you’re looking for cool gifts for guys or meaningful Feng Shui art or Feng Shui jewelry, Explosion Luck will have something for you. I keep coming back to this site because the range inspires and motivates me, plus the items are unusual gifts and unique gift ideas. The blog post The Best Holiday Gift Guide For 2015-2016 - Feng Shui Art Gifts gives more detail about the meaning behind each type of gift for those still seeking inspiration.

Good luck, and happy gift hunting.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Japanese Matcha tea - green tea with an added punch

Matcha Japanese tea: green is good.
Image supplied and used with permission.

Being known as a teapot on legs, I was intrigued to hear about Vivid Supplements, a UK based site selling Japanese matcha tea.

Matcha (which means ‘powdered tea’) is a type of green tea. It is available from Vivid Supplements in powder or capsule form. The site has just launched although I hear the fashionistas at New York Fashion Week were swigging matcha like no tomorrow this year.

The Japanese variety of matcha is held to be the best quality. All tea leaves absorb nutrients from their environment, but Japanese matcha has a lower amount of lead content than many teas. Experts suggest only drinking one cup of matcha a day in order to minimise any risk. Matcha consists of the whole leaf, ground. It’s not in a bag and steeped. Lead traces aside, it has near-legendary health benefits and according to Vivid Supplements, 137 times the amount of antioxidants than the more usual bagged green teas. The intense flavour comes about because the tea bushes are shaded before they are picked. This starts the process which leads to the unique flavour of matcha. Not only is the flavour intense (described as ‘spinach’ or ‘grass’ by some and more technically as ‘umami’), so is the healthy hit. The polyphenols deliver a big dose of protection against heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and the effects of aging. In addition, matcha helps regulate blood sugar and boost metabolism, which makes it a great drink for when you’re trying to lose weight. It does contain caffeine though, so should be treated with caution in the evening.

Traditionally, as the tea of Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha is taken just as it is, made into a paste and with hot-but-not-boiled water added to it. There are versions around which add sugar or milk to the powder, but that reduces its effectiveness and makes it taste more like bubble tea than green tea. Although matcha has caffeine in it, there is no buzz as there is with coffee. Hence its association with meditation, as it promotes a feeling of calm without drowsiness and heightens the benefits which meditation can bring. Meditation and matcha are perfect partners, as meditation has also been shown to reduce cortisol (which makes you stressed and hungry) and lower blood pressure, among many other benefits.

However, modern living has meant that people rarely have the time for an intricate tea ceremony, so, Vivid Supplements are also offering a capsule version of matcha for an on-the-go lifestyle. This is ideal for frequent travellers, as a bag of capsules is much more practical to pack than a packet of powder. For smoothie and home cooking fans, the good news is that matcha powder can also be incorporated into many other dishes - the internet has lots of ideas on that score.

A bag of 60 capsules or 30g of powder costs £14.99, free UK shipping. At present Vivid Supplements only ships to the UK and Europe, and European customers may also be subject to customs charges. However, it’s worth it to try something which brings so many benefits.

Just some of the benefits of matcha Japanese green tea powder.
Image supplied and used with permission.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Allergy Field - zap those allergies forever

Allergy Field logo. Used with permission.

Allergies can ruin the summer, blight exams and generally make a mess of your life all year round if you're really unlucky. They cause sniffles, breathlessness, itchiness, rashes, headaches, upset digestion and more. Many people end up on restrictive diets or reliant on anti-histamines and inhalers which mean it can be difficult to enjoy life to the full.

That’s no way to live, but help is at hand in the form of Allergy Field. Owner Tomaya Weiser offers a treatment called Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing (IPEC), which tests the muscles to determine areas of imbalance, blockage, weakness or sensitivity. Once the issue has been addressed, patients generally see a 10%-80% reduction in the allergy being treated. It is common for Tomaya to treat more than one allergy at a time, as many will reduce after just one treatment.

The great thing about IPEC therapy is that there are no medications, there is no surgery, no invasive treatment, no pain. Allergy intervention can even be carried out at a distance, over Skype. Somehow, having someone look at realigning your body and mind just works. Breaking a blockage you can’t actually see, strengthening yourself against a sensitivity and correcting weaknesses and imbalances returns many patients to a full life, and gives great relief to others. Many patients report a lightening of the mind as well as a strengthening of the body after undergoing a course of these treatments.

Tomaya is so certain that the Integrated Physical Emotional Clearing treatment will work that she is prepared to offer a full money back guarantee if no improvement is seen in the specific allergy being treated after three sessions. Her testimonials seem to suggest that an improvement will be seen though, even when operating by distance healing.

Allergy Field's treatment aims to give relief from many common allergens such as dust, dust mites, pollen and animal hair. Food sensitivities can be made livable with rather than life-ruling and side effects from medication lessened considerably, according to the testimonials.

There is an initial free online consultation, then an appointment to carry out the tests needed to determine sensitivities to around 50 different allergens. The testing and a course of three treatments will cost A$465 or around US$350, €180 or £220 in total. Given that medication to suppress allergies is so expensive, patients may well find that not only do they recoup the cost of their treatment in savings on prescription charges, they may also end up financially better off in the long run as they will not have the ongoing costs of repeat medication.

I am seriously thinking of giving this a go, if only to see what Allergy Field's IPEC treatment can do for me. In these modern times, when additives are everywhere, it makes sense to look for alternatives to ingesting more chemicals in the form of expensive pharmaceuticals. If you share that view, then Tomaya at Allergy Field will be happy to hear from you, no matter where you are in the world.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Therapy-ER to enhance relationships and life experience

Therapy ER. Logo supplied and used with permission. All Rights Reserved to Therapy ER.

Therapy-ER came about after Cristina, a former lawyer turned teacher, decided that the techniques she had used to help overcome her own lifestyle stress could be useful to other people too. Now, under the Therapy-ER (Therapy-ER Facebook link) banner, she offers life coaching, hypnosis, yoga nidra and theta healing. This combination is designed to leave her clients relaxed and refreshed, positive and in tune with the world.

The effects of life coaching are very individual with reported benefits including increased self esteem and confidence, better decision making skills and a greater ability to lead and inspire others. Clients can concentrate on one area of their lives, or look to achieve clarity as a whole. Life coaches can help set goals and work with clients to improve their outlook on life. Life coaches are not counselors though, their approach is to move clients forward, not find out what put them in the place they are. Best of all, most coaching is carried out by phone, rather than in person.

Hypnosis has a bad rap in some places. But used properly, it is a powerful tool to help overcome many forms of stress and anxiety. Guided imagery is often used in conjunction with hypnosis and is designed to direct thoughts to a more positive plane in a relaxed situation. Hypnosis is sometimes used in a medical context but more often in stressful or high adrenaline situations as a means of focusing and clearing the mind.

Everyone knows what yoga is, right? It’s a form of exercise for the mind and body, leaving the muscles stretched and the mind at peace. Yoga nidra is a way of developing an awareness of your body and its workings which induces deep relaxation but mental alertness, leading into the necessary state for theta healing. Physical benefits include better sleep, increased focus, and a reduction of stress and anxiety.

Theta healing is a form of meditation taking advantage of the brain wavelength responsible for vivid dreaming during REM sleep. The advantages of working with this brain wavelength in particular is that practitioners can influence their own thoughts and fears, reaction to stress or phobias and indulge in creative thinking. If you’ve ever woken up with a great idea, written a novel plot, finished an essay mentally, the chances are that’s thanks to your theta brain waves doing the heavy lifting for you while your body relaxed.

These three avenues designed to improve your personal image of yourself and control over your mental state combined with life coaching to put this new positive thinking into practice are offered by Therapy-ER. Cristina will be happy to help you, no matter whether you feel your life would simply benefit from a quick tune-up or whether you believe you need more in depth assistance.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

MaxBliss bracelets - Wear it Happy

Maxbliss - Wear It Happy
Logo supplied by Maxbliss and used with permission.

Question: What combines the classic look of beads with the charity consciousness of a cause supporting wristband?

Answer: A Maxbliss bracelet.

A stylish addition to the US charity jewelry sector, every purchase of a Maxbliss custom made bracelet donates 30% of net sale value to charity. Currently the charities supported are the Alzheimer's Foundation of America and Swim Across America, which raises funds for the fight against cancer. Swim Across America is presently being promoted on the website, with the latest blog post highlighting the tie-up between the two organizations.

The bracelet costs $19.99 and is available in the original color way with bright blue-green beads and the limited edition Nantucket version which has deep purple beads. Both are superbly individual statements of charitable commitment on the part of the wearer and make unusual gifts for those friends and family who share the idealism of cause-related jewelry.

Not only does it support charity, a Maxbliss bracelet is loaded with symbolism. The yellowy-orange bead represents the sun, the blue beads the oceans, the silver bead is each person's particular happy place and the white-grey beads are the wearer’s network of friends, family and supporters. It is named for the founder's son Maxim, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two.

As well as the bracelets, the range also has a fragrance diffuser to attach to your bracelet and a sports water bottle which will be in stock from the end of August. This ties in with the Swim Across America fundraising efforts. Maxbliss bracelets are available in three sizes from 6 1/2" to 7 1/2". This encompasses average wrist sizes for men, women and teens. The beads are made from turquoise, howlite and jade, (the blue beaded version) or lapis, howlite and jade (the purple version). Howlite is believed to bestow calm on the wearer, allowing clarity of thought and the ability to receive wisdom and advice. Turquoise symbolizes protection, jade brings healing and lapis stimulates intelligence and intellectual ability.

There are several press releases about Maxbliss bracelets floating around online for those who need more than a mere 400 words here can provide, as well as an active social media feed on Facebook and both Pinterest and Instagram pages for bracelet owners to share photographs of their purchase. It is a very photogenic bracelet too, with the beads catching and refracting the light, glowing in the sun. In addition there are a couple of YouTube videos to share the ‘Maxbliss happy’ vibe.

A Maxbliss bracelet is ideal for anyone who needs a reminder of their happy place and support network. It is also a thoughtful and encouraging gift for anyone in need of the qualities promoted by the stones used to make it.

Maxbliss – Wear it Happy.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Perfect Litter - for your cat, for health

Perfect Litter logo. Used with permission.

At last, my love of writing coincides with my love of cats! This article is a 400-odd word excuse to address any American cat lovers on the subject of cat litter.

Perfect Litter is made by Pet Healthy Holdings LLC of Dallas, TX, and uses patented technology to afford you peace of mind and your cat ease of use. Not only do you get a modern lightweight cat litter with superior odor control, you are also allowing your cat to use an all natural mineral-based product which includes wellness monitoring by way of color change. You can spot the early signs of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder, or FLUTD, by checking whether the litter changes color after your cat has used it. FLUTD is incredibly common in cats, but you can help prevent your favorite purrball from becoming a statistic by seeking early treatment when you spot the signs.

Not only is Perfect Litter a lightweight alternative to clay, it also has higher absorption rates than clay, so lasts longer. One 4lb pack will last on average 4-5 weeks for one cat. It clumps just like clay litter though, so is just as easy to clean out. Because the odor control is so good, your cat will want to use the same litter for longer, and there will be no pesky pongs to put off the human residents either. Perfect Litter has also been designed to be low on dust, which is no bad thing when you and your cat are sharing the room with it.

Perfect Litter pouch - 4lb/$19.99
Because this will be a new experience for your cat, you should introduce Perfect Litter slowly while continuing to use your previous brand, and maintaining an alternate tray of the previous brand if possible. Once your cat is acclimatized to Perfect Litter, you should use around 1 ½” to 2” depth in the litter box for optimum performance. The litter box should be completely emptied every month, washed and dried, so once the old litter is finished, you can start with a full tray of Perfect Litter for your cat’s comfort.

Unsurprisingly, Perfect Litter has won several awards for its innovative product. For the next few days until the end of July, Pet Healthy Holdings LLC are running an offer for a month’s free trial (so about 1 pouch, saving you $19.99) and an additional $5 off the next bag purchased. They will also donate a pack of Perfect Litter to the Rescued Pet Adoption League, or R-PAL, for every pouch customers try. The donated amount currently stands at 2,752 pounds of Perfect Litter, or 688 bags. The best thing of all for you, the customer, is that your Perfect Litter order is delivered to your door, so no more dragging heavy bags of litter back from the store.

This product sounds like a real win-win for humans and cats. Lightweight, odor-controlling, health monitoring and long lasting too. What’s not to like? If you’re quick, you can sign up for a free trial of Perfect Litter today.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jason Romano, personal trainer and nutritionist, New York

Fitness, by markusspiske at Pixabay

Personal trainers are becoming more and more popular these days. Specialist nutrition is also a booming business. Someone like Jason Romano, based in Manhattan, New York, offers both of these services in one. He is a fully credentialed freelance personal trainer, strength coach and sports nutrition consultant. So if you choose to visit him, not only will you get fitter, you will also receive specialist nutrition advice tailored to your personal needs.

After all, there is no point undertaking a new fitness regime but still eating junk food. That won’t offer optimum energy levels or show your new body off to perfection. It’ll also make keeping that new body far more difficult too. Of course, you could always ask Jason for the nutrition advice first, implement that and then look at starting a fitness regime once you have eliminated the food he considers is causing a problem.

The thing is that sports nutrition is tailored to players, athletes, runners and so on, but you don’t need to be sporty to benefit from implementing it. Following a healthy diet is always a good idea and if you want to work towards being able to take up a sport, then making small changes such as starting an appropriate diet first is always best. After all, if you go from couch potato to marathoner too quickly, you are likely to end up injured and lose all the good work that you have undertaken.

Last time I was in a gym, my personal trainer was able to advise on the best way to exercise to help recover from a medical issue I was suffering from at the time. That involved not only strength and resistance exercises but also adjustments to my diet to include more foods which would help heal the cause of the issue. You must have heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat’? That is so true, especially when you want to work off the calories which don’t shift during your office-based job. Healthy eating even in a sedentary job such as administration or sales can help you have more energy, feel more alert, have better concentration and generally look better and feel more positive about yourself. Even if your preferred exercise method is something as quiet as yoga, pilates or tai chi, you will find yourself more able to execute the moves with a good dietary foundation. This is why nutrition and exercise are so closely linked.

Jason Romano believes that training should be an expression of art. The art of showing off your body in the same way that painters, sculptors and musicians show off great works, or writers present a new book. It is true that when you know you look good, you feel more confident. The body, he says, is one of the most amazing pieces of art there is. Jason also says that we are too ready to take the surgical route to perfection rather than addressing the root cause of our problem – diet and exercise. Or rather, the wrong diet and lack of exercise. Looking at how we approach both can make a radical difference to our looks and how we feel.

Going to the gym can be a relaxing way to end the day, a great way to work off stress, or give yourself space to clarify your thoughts. Runners often say they don’t feel right with the world until they have had a run. Jason offers a chance to experience the same thing; an opportunity to put your mind into neutral to solve problems while your body does the work as instructed by your personal trainer.

In addition, he offers nutrition advice so that you can eat the right things to make the most of your gym time, as well as have enough energy to get through the rest of your day. It may feel like a major change, but it will give good results and may even allow you to cheat and have that chocolate bar or plate of fries without feeling too guilty. Like many people, Jason knows that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet isn’t going to work for everyone, and so his nutrition advice will work in harmony with what you can eat, what you should be eating and what you want to achieve in terms of health, wellness and fitness.

Forming good habits is integral to a successful fitness regime. With someone like Jason to support you, you have a readymade gym buddy and someone to be accountable to; who will be happy when you are doing well and do their best to support you when you’re feeling discouraged at not reaching any particular goal. Jason aims to make good habits the only habits you will want to follow, by finding out about your strengths and weaknesses, then working with them to ensure long term success.

If you live in Manhattan and need to hire a personal trainer, then Jason Romano should be on your list of people to speak to. He offers more than straightforward personal fitness training, by also incorporating nutrition advice into his sessions. By hiring someone like Jason, you will get an all round service which will help you to turn your life around and make the most of every part of it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Online Business Revolution affiliate network marketing

Online marketing wordcloud tag cloud keyword text. Narciso1 on :Pixabay. CC0.

Just about every week these days I hear about another online or work-from-home opportunity. Being the curious type that I am I always investigate them and write an article about each one.

I’ve tried a couple of work-from-home opportunities before. Both distributorships were moderately successful but that was in the days before the internet ruled the world. That quickly became the key to any number of networking marketing and passive income affiliations. 6 Figure Frenzy (Online Business Revolution) falls squarely in that bracket. The landing page asks you to sign up before you can read much more detail, but once you are registered – and before you have to make any payments – the emails come thick and fast. I had three in very short succession. Had I given my phone number as well, I dare say I would have had a phone call by now too.

The headline figures on the landing page are pretty eye watering. One member raised $2,300 in their first month, for instance. In the small print at the bottom of the landing page you will find the usual caution: ‘The incomes depicted are representative of some of the most successful participants and the majority of individuals earn less.’ If you read all the way to the bottom of the small print you will see that the opportunity is to operate an independent distributorship for Vemma Nutrition Company. That means that the passive income referred to relies upon repeat business from existing customers, new sign ups and building your downline team (your SuccessLine), from whose earnings you will take a cut, just as the person who signed you up is doing from your earnings. In that respect it is typical of many independent distributorships and affiliate schemes.

The difference in running a network marketing opportunity now compared to 15 years ago when I was last involved with the field is that today everything is automated. New affiliates share the same sales emails as the senior guys, the marketing side is automated (as in the emails I received), the website is ready to roll and the specialist software is available on tap for everyone to use. In the few days immediately after your initial registration, you will receive an email every time a new affiliate signs up for information. So, potentially, even before you have parted with any money, you could be in line for a payout at the end of your first month once you have completed registration. If you need convincing you can see your SuccessLine growing live by clicking on the link you will receive. (Currently, the seven people who signed up after me are in my SuccessLine.) The main difference between network marketing now and 15 years back is that your downline is automated these days. Sure, you can sign up people yourself, but you will also be assigned as a mentor to others as they sign up. My mentor is Leandre and I have no doubt she will do her best in the coming days to persuade me to sign up as an affiliate. When you agree to that, you pay a small deposit for your starter pack and then the balance later if you choose to go on and become a fully fledged affiliate. There is a money back guarantee, should you change your mind. If you provide your phone number when signing up, you may well hear all of this in a phone call from your mentor, or be asked to join a webinar to hear more about how the scheme works.

Average incomes are quoted as being in the order of $500+ (£325/€450) a month from this network marketing opportunity, so if you need an extra income stream, this could be something for you to look into. I managed to make a living from my distributorships as a self-employed freelancer for a year between jobs, and I have no doubt I could have continued earning if I had found time to share the catalogs and flyers once I took another office-based role.

I won’t lie. These affiliate network marketing opportunities often sound too good to be true. So, they may well be. I don’t have time right now to sign up to this one, but if the need arises, at least I will have the information at my fingertips to decide which of the many on offer is the best option.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Clean 9 Detox Program from Forever Living

Evidence of what C9 can do for you.
Image supplied by Forever distributor and used with permission.

Regular readers will know that I like to review the latest detox and meal replacement programs whenever I can. I love my homemade soups and smoothies but the temptation of crisps, wine and chocolate is often too strong to resist. Together with a desk-bound job and long hours, that’s no good for my health.

So a program like Clean 9, a nine day detox, is ideal for reminding my brain and body what healthy feels like. The best thing about it is that it's easy to follow – tablets, water and meal replacement shakes mainly. Add in 20 minutes of exercise a day and a sensible evening meal (the recipe book should help) and let the mix of aloe vera and garcinia go to work on kicking out the toxins in your body (and therefore the fat which your body surrounds the toxins with to protect itself). Aloe vera's use as a medicinal product goes back centuries. Not only has it been widely used as a detoxifier, it has antiseptic tendencies and also clarifies skin, clearing spots and improving complexion.

Let's be clear about this, the distributors say that you will not only lose weight, you will gain mental and physical energy too. The average weight loss of the happy customers shown on the website is around 7lbs/3.1kg. Claire, pictured, lost 19lbs/8.7kg and 4" from her waist. It would be a good cleanse to undertake before your holiday if you're one of these sun, sea and sand seekers who needs a 'beach ready body'. To my mind, it would be a good regime to follow after Christmas too, given that many of us overindulge during the festive season. The distributor I spoke to recommended cleansing twice a year for maximum benefit, so that timescale would work quite well.

C9 is available from Forever Living distributors worldwide, shipped locally to save mailing costs. In the UK, the cost of a course is £114.70 plus the Fedex charge of £7 for shipping. The pack includes everything you will need to follow the cleansing regime and you even get some free gifts too, including a recipe book. Now, I haven’t tried this one yet, but it sounds that simple that I may well give it a go. It’s been a heavy few months for me work-wise and I need to lighten up a bit, mentally and physically.

Clean 9 can be used on its own or as part of the 3 step Forever FIT program of complete diet and fitness lifestyle management. If the photos on the site are simply the result of the customers following C9 alone though, then it seems to work just fine on its own. My job does not easily lend itself to finding extra time for gym and exercise, but 20 minutes a day is manageable.

As detox and weight loss programs go, Clean 9 looks one of the simpler ones to help you lose weight if you need to look your best for something special. I suspect that if you let your bad habits creep back in again then the weight would come back too, as you would likely be consuming all the usual culprits for that – fast food, alcohol, chocolate and such. But once you’ve discovered how much better you feel without it, there is always the question: why bother going back?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blood Pressure Monitoring in the Pediatric Diabetic

High Blood Pressure. Image provided by and used with permission of
Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage at the best of times, and can be even more challenging for juveniles. One of the ways parents can ensure their child is as healthy as possible is to monitor their blood pressure. Diabetes-related blood pressure issues occur more frequently in adults than children, and monitoring is one way to keep tabs on whether a diabetic child could be at higher risk of early onset blood pressure issues.

The main problem is that the kit normally used for blood pressure monitoring is simply too large to give accurate readings in children. The cuffs cover too much of the arm – it’s like dressing a child in adult clothing. Fortunately for the pediatric diabetic and their family there is now specialist equipment available to help.

The site DiabetesWell has a full range of information on hypertension and blood pressure, including reviews of blood pressure monitors, comparisons of different ranges and types and instructions on checking blood pressure. The site recently published detailed reviews of three of the most popular pediatric blood pressure monitor options to help parents keep an eye on their child’s health.

The first model under review is the CMS-08a. This has the advantage of being suitable for adults as well, as it comes with three different cuff sizes from neo-natal to adult. There are several features which make it attractive to use with children and in the family home setting, including a clear display, a choice of battery or mains operation and a self-inflating cuff designed to minimize pain during the procedure. The stats for three different users can also be stored on the machine in order to establish any underlying trends. This can then easily be shown to medical professionals if and when needed.

The second device is part of the extensive range produced by Omron. This company manufactures a line of different sized blood pressure measuring devices and cuffs as varied as their clientele and has a reputation for high quality equipment. The Omron HEM-780 comes with a Comfit cuff as standard, which will be suitable for a child or teenager to use. This type of cuff is specifically designed to fit a wider range of body shapes and sizes. As expected from a world-leading company like this, there are numerous innovations to ease the task of blood pressure monitoring, including the ability to alert users to habitual morning hypertension. As with the CMS-08a, the unit has the capacity to store readings, and calculates a set of average values over the course of two months.

Another alternative is to buy a home blood pressure testing unit which supports a small adult cuff size. Omron’s H-003DS small adult blood pressure cuff can then be fitted on an as-needs basis when testing children and young adults. This size of cuff is specially designed for people with an upper arm of up to 11” in diameter, so depending on build, a diabetic may be using one of these well into adulthood, or may find that they need to use an adult sized cuff when helping a teen or young adult of larger build to obtain an accurate reading.

As with all devices designed for home use, it is recommended that buyers take their chosen purchase to their doctor or pediatrician so that they can test it and determine any differences between the readings obtained by their equipment in the surgery and the home use unit. It might only be a slight variance but it is important that this is recorded in case of query. Naturally the devices are all calibrated by the manufacturer but there will always be some inherent variation between units and brands. This will also allow children to overcome any nervousness caused by having their blood pressure taken and establish a positive attitude to checking up on their health.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on blood pressure levels, as hypertension is one of the great silent killers of the time, leading directly to a higher likelihood of a heart attack, stroke or kidney damage. Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is also dangerous, causing dizziness and frequent falls, with the associated risk of broken bones and other injury.

The good news is that blood pressure can often be regulated by lifestyle changes, and there are those who believe that diabetes too will respond to a healthy lifestyle with balanced meals and adequate exercise. Diabetics are already more prone to certain health complications as a result of their diabetes, so anything they can do to lower their risk is to be encouraged. In children the necessity of obtaining an accurate blood pressure reading is even more important, hence the requirement for specialized equipment to achieve this goal.

This article does not purport to give any medical advice and readers should always check with their doctor if they have any doubts about their health. This article is for information and guidance only and serves only as an overview of the pediatric blood pressure monitors mentioned on

iHerbCouponPromo - your gateway to iHerb discounts

Health Beach. Image provided by iHerbCouponPromo and used with permission.

If you're a fan of healthy eating and organic products, you'll know how expensive some of them can be when bought at retail prices. Now you can eat and use the products you love as well as saving money, because the site sells at discount. Up to 70% less than retail, in fact. If course, not every product will be that heavily discounted, but the savings mount up after a while.

Through the coupon available on iHerbCouponPromo, offers new customers a further 10% discount off their first order. IHerb ships free within the US and there are often deals on international shipping costs too. With over 35,000 products to choose from, you're bound to find something to try. Talking of trying, iHerb produces over 100 products in small trial sizes, meaning customers can try something new for mere pennies before laying out for a full size product.

All new products to the site within the last 90 days are clearly listed so if you're an habitual early adopter, you can choose with confidence. The range runs from the expected vitamins and supplements to health food and natural household goods. There are also baby items and pet-related collections and a complete range of natural hair and skin care products as well as essential oils, useful in many ways in the home.

The $10 discount is only available on orders placed through iHerbCouponPromo but the site is more than a promo page for a coupon code. It provides detailed information so that those who are drawn by the promise of discounted branded items can learn about the products before buying them. The site’s owner has been using iHerb products for over 3 years and will tell anyone who asks about the fantastic customer service, high quality products, speedy delivery and of course, the savings over buying vitamins and natural products at retail cost.

I can’t help but notice, as a big fan of all kinds of tea, that there is a huge choice of individually wrapped teabags available through I’m always game to try new flavors and types of tea so I think I may just give in to that temptation in due course. I’ll have to watch out for the customs charges, being as it would be an international shipment, though. Hopefully the charges won’t wipe out any savings I might make on the order.

Now, certainly iHerb is not the only site on the web offering discounted vitamins, supplements and health food. It is one of the most user-friendly though, asking users to confirm location and preferred currency for pricing display, which makes it easy to see how much you will be charged. Established in 1996 to promote the benefits of St John’s Wort, the company now accepts payments in several local currencies and offers multilingual customer service options and an impressive mobile website which is also available in several languages. It also has an extensive library of articles on medical conditions, health and wellness, and links to many other useful sites.

If you are looking for a one-stop specialist online shop for information on healthy living, vitamins, herbs and natural products, this may well be a site to consider. It seems to be one of the most comprehensive around at the moment, at least, and with the multilingual and local currency options, scores well on the user-friendly scale.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Healing Rahena's Heart

Rahena, Monir and their sons. Image supplied by the founders of Koala Karma relaxation beverage.

We’re all used to seeing the heartfelt advertisements for charitable relief efforts following natural disasters by now. Almost everyone must have seen one, whether it was a television broadcast for urgent assistance after an earthquake, a call by an international relief fund for basic supplies to help establish a camp for refugees of a local civil war, or a national charity’s pleas for donations to help child or animal victims of abuse.

Occasionally someone puts a face to the suffering. Michael Buerk’s famous BBC news report from Ethiopia was the catalyst for Live Aid, because it brought starving children front and centre of everyone’s consciousness. The Rohingya have come to the attention of international media as they flee their erstwhile homeland in Myanmar (which some people will know as Burma) because they are no longer recognized as citizens there. This has led to large numbers of refugees arriving in Bangladesh, a country not far above the poverty line itself and ill-equipped to help the new arrivals. However, the Rohingya are doing their best to help themselves, and thus it is that people such as Rahena are looking after the disabled and children in their community, teaching them and supporting them, despite not being in the best of health themselves.

Rahena, a second generation refugee, who has been in Bangladesh all her life after her parents fled Myanmar, suffers from rheumatic heart disease. Her husband Monir explains more about their situation in a piece he wrote for the iPledg page Healing Rahena’s Heart. The young husband and wife (he’s 28, she’s 22), together with their three children (a son aged 4 and twin sons aged 2), have been dealing with her serious illness while trying to maintain a life for themselves in the refugee camp at Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh. The initial iPledg page was designed to raise just AUS$720 (US$570) to allow Rahena to travel from Cox’s Bazaar to Dhaka for further tests. That target met, the next hurdle is to raise the US$2,550 for the cost of the heart surgery that Rahena needs.

At the time of writing, AUS$1,060 of the larger total has been pledged. That's about one third of the cost of Rahena's surgery. As Monir says, Rahena wants to 'give education to her children and her community.' The Rohingya already face many challenges. Education will allow them a way out of the refugee camps. Rahena is still young and, with the chance of surgery, has the opportunity to continue educating and caring for not only her own three young sons, but also the children of others in the camp.

The alternative is grim. Without surgery, Rahena, like many Rheumatic Heart Disease sufferers, will die prematurely. Her young sons will lose their mother, and a loving husband will lose his wife.

The Rohingya are among the world's most persecuted communities. Monir, Rahena and their three sons have already faced more hardship than many. Please consider pledging to help Rahena have the life saving surgery she needs. After surgery, she will repay that pledge by continuing to help her fellow refugees, passing on the gift of hope that you gave her.