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Friday, June 1, 2018

Breathific non-profit is against airborne pollution and diseases

Breathific logo.
Image used with permission.

Breathific is a non-profit organization which aims, according to the strapline on its website ‘ improve air quality by increasing awareness, supporting research, advocating policy, and providing solutions to airborne pollution and diseases.’

There is no doubt that respiratory diseases are increasing. I recently overheard a young boy asking his father why everyone else in his class had inhalers, and he didn’t. But pollution doesn’t just cause personal issues, it has effects which can be seen and felt by everyone, every animal and bird, every plant.

Global warming is happening even as you read this. Polar bears in the Arctic are dying before they can find sea ice to hunt from. Wildfires in California, drought in Australia, an increase in hurricanes and other tropical storms, floods and similar intense weather events are all due to the changes brought by climate change.

However, breathific believes that by making personal changes and accepting that individually we can make a difference, a wider change can be brought about. It’s widely known that air pollution in cars is 9-12 times higher than outside. The same applies within the home, where pollutants from regularly used household products raise the levels to five times higher than outside.

Breathific has a wealth of information on the topic of air pollution, facts, figures, air pollution maps, videos and a regularly circulated newsletter. Air pollution is responsible for an estimated 60 thousand premature deaths in the US and 40,000 in the UK. Much of the damage is caused by nitrogen dioxide in car exhausts, but even shampoo can be polluting. There are pollution-free alternatives, and individuals can make a choice to support these companies rather than the large multinationals.

The team at breathific is active on social media, so it is easy to reach out to them for further advice. They have information on everything to do with reducing air pollution, which is likely to lead to better health, longer life and a higher quality of life too. Better skin, reduction in respiratory issues, better health, more energy. That sounds pretty good to me. And in addition, fewer pollutants will help the environment as well. To keep up with the latest news, it is advisable to sign up for their newsletter. There is also the opportunity to find out more through a weekly conference call at 9pm EST, details available from the website on request.

Breathific are part of the growing awareness that individuals can make a change to help the environment. The team have realized that it is no good waiting for governments and big business to act; change has to come from the ground up. Start at an individual level and others will follow.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Lian & Méz watches - wearable sustainability

Lian & Méz logo
Image provided and used with permission.

The watchmaker’s art is alive and well in the age of the smartphone.

That’s a bold statement to start with, but what Lian & Méz are doing with their crowdfunded sustainable watch is even more unusual. They are mixing finest German precision watchmaking with Swiss-made traditional movement and a sustainable and eco-friendly vibe. Designed to appeal to those who like to make a statement with classic jewellery while still remaining ethically sound, the Lian & Méz range has straps handmade from Piñatex pineapple leaf fibers. These fibers are a natural byproduct of pineapple farming, which gives growers another source of income alongside their fruit harvest.

The watches are a real talking point, not only because they look good, but because of their ethical strength. What’s more, they are fully customizable, with cases, dials, indices and straps available in a variety of colors. The cases are available in 36mm (ladies) or 40mm (gents) diameter with the straps sized accordingly, and the straps themselves are interchangeable. The company hopes to receive enough pledges to enter full production soon but in the meantime, if their target is met, those ordering watches by pledging money will be contacted at the end of the fundraising process to finalize their order. All watches bought through the crowdfunding campaign will come with a two year warranty.

The Kickstarter page is very detailed, with information on the history of the company and the founders’ hopes for the future. It has taken them two years to reach this stage, concentrating on the sustainability and quality aspects of their product. They are hoping for €25,000 on an all or nothing basis by the end of March 2017, and if that goal is achieved they hope to start full production of their Fifth Season range shortly afterwards, with delivery to backers over the summer. Using the hashtag #wearsustainable, founders Julian and Feramez are stressing their respect and responsibility to the natural world as well as tapping into the current interest in low-impact living.

The duo hope that their Kickstarter campaign funds will allow them to place their first large order, produce tooling, work on new designs, shake up the watch industry and support the pineapple-growing countries where they will source their Piñatex pineapple leaf fibers.

Levels of backing can start from as little as €1, but to get their hands on a watch, backers will have to choose at least the Super Early Bird offer of one watch for €139. This offers a saving of almost 50% on the projected retail price of €269. There is an option with an extra strap for €185 and an offer for couples of two watches plus extra straps for €359.

Lian & Méz has been featured in many of the leading German and English business magazines for their mix of fashionable design and ethical sourcing. In addition, Piñatex has been approved as a vegan product by PETA.

One of Lian & Méz’s watches would make a memorable gift for someone on a special birthday, or allow couples to commemorate a significant date in their lives. Interested would-be backers have until the early hours of Monday 27 March to place their pledge.