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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Aravinda's Mojo aromatherapy and color therapy bracelets

Aravinda logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

Therapy comes in many forms. For some, confidence comes from wearing an item of favorite clothing, or a particular color. For others, it’s the reassurance of wearing a familiar perfume which brings back good memories.

Aravinda are developing a way to combine the power of color therapy and the popularity of aromatherapy in a range of distinctive slap bracelets. Called Mojo, the range is likely to be available in four colors - orange for physical energy, green for mental health, blue for calm and violet for spiritual strength.

The idea is that the wearer would combine the two therapies by putting a couple of drops of the appropriate essential oil onto the bracelet to make the most of the effects throughout the day.

The range is currently in development, with a Kickstarter campaign planned in a few months. Potential buyers who sign up for email updates now will receive a free aromatherapy ebook and a chance to purchase their bracelet at a discounted price once available.

The bracelets are made of microfiber with a waterproof neoprene layer and a stainless steel band to give the perfect fit. The bracelets of each color are patterned in a different way in a complementary color, and carry the brand name and the sense being worked upon. Aravinda means ‘lotus’ in Sanskrit, which explains the company’s logo. The flower also provides the inspiration for the designs on the bracelets thanks to its graceful lines.

Each bracelet will come with a vial of essential oil, but for those who wish to be adventurous, there is a wealth of resources online to help choose a suitable oil to address any specific problem. The bracelets are washable with soap and water, so it would be possible to change the oil of choice.

The bracelets’ colors are based on those used to indicate the various chakras, or energy centers, of the body. In color therapy, orange relates to the sacral chakra, green is for the heart, blue helps the throat and violet is the crown of the head. Green is also the color therapists use to settle their clients. Orange promotes effective circulation and revitalizes the receiver. Blue is a relaxing color and is often used to treat nerves and insomnia. Violet is the head color, when used in therapy over the head and neck it promotes the flow of subtle energies around the body.

Aravinda hope that their Mojo bracelets will bring the worlds of aromatherapy and color therapy together in an imaginative way, offering both benefit and style to wearers. The mailing list is now open, so interested potential backers can learn more from the founders as development continues.

Aravinda logo,
Image provided and used with permission.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Holy Land Olivewood offers unique handicrafts

The detailed carving which goes into a Holy Land Olivewood item.
Image provided and used with permission.

For centuries, people have been traveling to holy places on pilgrimage, to take the waters, perform a ritual or receive a blessing. In return they would perhaps be able to take home a vial of the water or receive something that had been blessed. For the so-called 'Abrahamic religions' of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the Holy Land is a very important place. Christians have been known to have visited the Holy Land on pilgrimage from as early as the 4th century, and some still spend time volunteering in the area as a modern-day form of pilgrimage.

However, these days it’s not always necessary to travel somewhere to be given a special item. Entrepreneurs worldwide are now setting up businesses and exporting items globally to those who need a reminder of a holy place. Entrepreneurs such as Holy Land Olivewood, a family owned business specializing in handicrafts made from olivewood from the Holy Land, can send a unique item anywhere in the world. Custom orders are a specialty, and if a wood carver elsewhere in the world wants to try their hand at making an olivewood item, then Holy Land Olivewood will even send them a block of wood to use.

Holy Land Olive Wood’s crafts are amazingly detailed, and encompass everything from the crucifixes and rosaries you might expect to the totally unexpected – how about salad servers or elephant figurines? Some items also incorporate mother of pearl and other stones such as hematite. Each item is individually made by hand, so will be totally unique.

For the religious, the crosses or crucifixes and rosaries will assume an extra layer of significance, and could make an unusual Confirmation or Communion gift or a special birthday present for someone now too old to travel to the Holy Land themselves. For those who enjoy having something different in their house, the choice of an item from Holy Land Olivewood is ideal. Magnets and plaques are small and easy to send as a gift, which makes finding something to send to a distant relative a little easier. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a traditional Christmas tree and nativity, there is a large choice of both tree ornaments and nativity sets. Chalices, vases and candlesticks are traditionally favored items made from olivewood, and so, naturally, Holy Land Olivewood has a selection of those items to choose from.

Olivewood is classed as an exotic hardwood and known for having varied striking patterns of graining. Woodworkers like the hardness and close grained nature of the wood, and the graining makes even the most prosaic item take on a life of its own. Holy Land Olivewood has a range of gifts to suit all tastes, at reasonable prices (the smallest items are only around $3) and by buying these items, customers are supporting a small family run business continuing the local tradition of woodworking which goes back centuries.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Explosion Luck offers unique Feng Shui gifts for Christmas

Explosion Luck logo.
Supplied and used with permission.

It’s a known fact that some people are nearly impossible to buy gifts for. They’re the kind of person who has everything, has visited every interesting country or city and considers that gift cards are boring but necessary. (My dad is one such. For Christmas this year he wants an Amazon gift card. For his birthday he had an Amazon gift card.) However here, on Explosion Luck I think I might just have found something suitable to give him that isn’t a gift card.

Explosion Luck specialize in awesomely unusual gifts for men. Fortunately for me. This year they have a range of 9” high tabletop art screens. The fish design is particularly apt for dad, as his pride and joy is the fish pond in the back garden and he spends hours devising ways to keep the herons from having a free fish supper. He’ll be able to use it to hide his iPod when streaming music in the dining room, I reckon, and the colors will fit with the existing d├ęcor in there too.

I think most people have someone like that in their house, impossible to buy gifts for. So if you’re looking for unique gifts for men online, just as I am, you could always take a look at the Feng Shui art on Explosion Luck’s site. There are many different collections including sand art, tapestry wall hangings, small ornaments and sculptures, paintings, boxes and pendants. Every Feng Shui item has a meaning, so whether it’s a bear painting or sculpture for the arctophile in your life, symbolizing courage and protection, or a Tibetan thangka tapestry depicting the Medicine Buddhas and bestowing good health, there is bound to be a unique gift idea for them somewhere on this site.

My mother-in-law is another challenge to buy presents for. She always gives us a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine each, while we have tried everything from gift cards to scarves, gloves or bags and more unusual gifts for her such as paintings and a new French press cafetiere with some of her favorite coffee. Nothing seems to quite fit her personality, but she does like small gadgets, ornaments and trinkets. If we bought her a sand art picture she would be able to display that in one of the rooms and remember that we bought it for her. If one of your female relations is into antique jewelry, then among the unique gift ideas for women, the thangka pendants bring a variety of blessings to the wearer. Depending on the deity depicted, the pendants are said to bestow peace, serenity, inspiration, love, wealth or health.

Whether you’re looking for cool gifts for guys or meaningful Feng Shui art or Feng Shui jewelry, Explosion Luck will have something for you. I keep coming back to this site because the range inspires and motivates me, plus the items are unusual gifts and unique gift ideas. The blog post The Best Holiday Gift Guide For 2015-2016 - Feng Shui Art Gifts gives more detail about the meaning behind each type of gift for those still seeking inspiration.

Good luck, and happy gift hunting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nakkashe Boho Crochet Jewelry and Accessories

Nakkashe's Etsy shop is full of over 500 handmade crochet items. From necklaces to earrings, hats, scarves and more, fans of delicate lacy creations will love their boho crochet jewelry and accessories. Friends Anakiz and Zeynep run the shop together. They are wives, mothers and neighbors who make the jewelry between them.

Whether you're looking for an unusual gift, need to finish off a special outfit or simply want a warm and colorful scarf or hat to keep away the winter chill, you'll find it here. Flowers and leaves are everywhere on these items, in every color you could imagine. They are delicately lacy, sprinkling scarves and hats, edging decorative oya scarves, forming daisy chains to show off your feet in barefoot sandals and cascading from necklaces and earrings in a riot of cheer to brighten up the greyest, darkest, wettest days. From buds to petals, sunflowers to poppies, roses, daisies and marigolds, these handcrafted items will make you feel like the May Queen even on a cold winter's day.

To give you an idea of the range on offer, there are over 260 necklaces available alone, many of which are one-off designs, or limited runs of a handful of pieces. The chances of finding someone else with the same type of crochet jewelry are very slim.

Anakiz and Zeynep also accept custom orders, so if you like a particular design but not the colors it's presently offered in, you can request them to produce it for you in the colors you prefer. There are even bridal hair accessories to make your special day even more memorable and adjustable rings with gorgeous crochet blooms so your flower girls can have a flower ring to match the petals they're throwing. The shop's focus is firmly on the necklaces and detailed oya thread fringed scarves though, with the widest selection in those items.

A plain lilac cotton scarf takes on a whole new look when embellished with rainbows made of bright wooden beads and colorful thread. A hot pink silk scarf is even more of a statement with the addition of several strands of pink flowers on either end. If flowers aren't your thing, there's a lovely multicolor beaded collar which has plain, bright and metallic beads strung on a black thread lattice. For those cold winter days, Nakkashe's range includes crocheted scarves and chunky hats, caps and beanies. You will easily be able to color coordinate your hat and scarf for an individual look that expresses your style. And the best thing of all is that because this is Etsy, you will see prices in your own currency, so no fiddly conversions to work out how much spoiling yourself with this range will cost.

For boho crochet jewelry and accessories, you should consider Nakkashe’s Etsy shop. You will not be disappointed.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Tibetan Thangka Pendant Necklaces and Feng Shui Jewelry from Explosion Luck

Explosion Luck logo.
Image supplied and used with permission.
Regular readers will recall that one of my favorite sites is Explosion Luck. Their range of feng shui items is both beautiful and inspiring, complemented by Inuit sculpture and Oriental wall art, all designed to bring good fortune upon the house or office where they are displayed. Feng shui has been practiced for around six thousand years and encompasses the idea of alignment and harmony of objects with surroundings. Think of Stonehenge, aligned to the summer solstice, and the great Egyptian temples and tombs, designed to catch the sun in certain angles at certain points of the year. That's feng shui in action.

Explosion Luck have recently started to offer feng shui jewelry, in the form of Tibetan thangka and Chinese Buddha pendant necklaces. These are available in similar designs to the wall hanging thangkas already stocked. The jewelry is a personal, portable good luck symbol and these statement pendant necklaces will certainly ensure that the wearer receives plenty of comments about their intricately rendered design as well as the associated good fortune. Of course, buyers could also hang a feng shui pendant in their office, cubicle or car, but for the best effect, it should be worn close to the heart for good luck all day, every day.

The colorful wearable art jewelry items can also be used as yoga jewelry or meditational pieces. Focusing on the detailed 1.63" x 1.19" teardrop shaped pictures will allow the buyer to see the most delicate of details and provide an ideal central point to any meditation.

A Tibetan thangka White Tara pendant.
Image used with permission.
A Tibetan thangka pendant necklace would be a thoughtful gift to someone who either appreciates unusual jewelry or has a good understanding of the meanings behind feng shui. For someone in the medical profession, a White Tara thangka necklace would be appropriate, as she is said to counteract illness, embody compassion and bring healing and peace.

Orange Jade Buddha feng shui necklace.
Image used with permission.
For a positive lift on a dreary day or extra energy to make through a difficult encounter, buyers should consider the rather cheeky looking orange jade Buddha. He is positively fizzing with energy and although slightly smaller than the thangkas, at 1.25" x 1", no less packed with positive vibes.

Explosion Luck also offer a selection of rich Tibetan thangka wall hangings. These will provide a focal point for any large space and will also bestow good fortune on the location where they are displayed. Like the feng shui pendants, they also depict colorful deities.

Explosion Luck's full range of inspirational art includes sand art and sculptures as well as feng shui and inspirational wall hangings. If you, your home or your workplace is in need of some calming inspiration, look no further.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

MaxBliss bracelets - Wear it Happy

Maxbliss - Wear It Happy
Logo supplied by Maxbliss and used with permission.

Question: What combines the classic look of beads with the charity consciousness of a cause supporting wristband?

Answer: A Maxbliss bracelet.

A stylish addition to the US charity jewelry sector, every purchase of a Maxbliss custom made bracelet donates 30% of net sale value to charity. Currently the charities supported are the Alzheimer's Foundation of America and Swim Across America, which raises funds for the fight against cancer. Swim Across America is presently being promoted on the website, with the latest blog post highlighting the tie-up between the two organizations.

The bracelet costs $19.99 and is available in the original color way with bright blue-green beads and the limited edition Nantucket version which has deep purple beads. Both are superbly individual statements of charitable commitment on the part of the wearer and make unusual gifts for those friends and family who share the idealism of cause-related jewelry.

Not only does it support charity, a Maxbliss bracelet is loaded with symbolism. The yellowy-orange bead represents the sun, the blue beads the oceans, the silver bead is each person's particular happy place and the white-grey beads are the wearer’s network of friends, family and supporters. It is named for the founder's son Maxim, who was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of two.

As well as the bracelets, the range also has a fragrance diffuser to attach to your bracelet and a sports water bottle which will be in stock from the end of August. This ties in with the Swim Across America fundraising efforts. Maxbliss bracelets are available in three sizes from 6 1/2" to 7 1/2". This encompasses average wrist sizes for men, women and teens. The beads are made from turquoise, howlite and jade, (the blue beaded version) or lapis, howlite and jade (the purple version). Howlite is believed to bestow calm on the wearer, allowing clarity of thought and the ability to receive wisdom and advice. Turquoise symbolizes protection, jade brings healing and lapis stimulates intelligence and intellectual ability.

There are several press releases about Maxbliss bracelets floating around online for those who need more than a mere 400 words here can provide, as well as an active social media feed on Facebook and both Pinterest and Instagram pages for bracelet owners to share photographs of their purchase. It is a very photogenic bracelet too, with the beads catching and refracting the light, glowing in the sun. In addition there are a couple of YouTube videos to share the ‘Maxbliss happy’ vibe.

A Maxbliss bracelet is ideal for anyone who needs a reminder of their happy place and support network. It is also a thoughtful and encouraging gift for anyone in need of the qualities promoted by the stones used to make it.

Maxbliss – Wear it Happy.