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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ted's Woodworking teaches anyone to make anything from wood

Screenshot of Ted's Woodworking site and introductory video.

I always wanted to try woodwork at school. But woodwork and metalwork were for the boys - us girls learned how to cook and sew. Now I finally have my chance to try proper woodwork. Thanks Ted!

Ted’s Woodworking has 16,000 plans for every conceivable DIY project going. After watching the introductory video, viewers get the chance to purchase access to the plans plus a host of bonuses worth over $400. The promise is that anyone can build things from wood without needing expensive tools or experience.

Ted McGrath comes from a crafting background - his grandfather built their house and all the furniture in it. But he himself was not gifted with the same ability that his grandfather had. He had to enrol in evening classes to learn the art of woodworking and design from scratch. He found that the plans in magazines didn’t suit and often assumed that the maker was a high level craftsman with a shed full of specialist tools. But his teacher was inspirational and willing to share his knowledge. Hence Ted’s Woodworking was born. Each plan comes with a complete list of materials, tools and cuts required, detailed instructions and 3D diagrams of each step in the process. There are high quality photos and videos for additional assistance and an estimate of the time the project should take to build plus its level of difficulty.

This resource is accessible to everyone from the complete beginner to professional carpenters and woodworkers, and because the instructions are clear, it will enable even the newest woodworker to ensure they have the right tools and the correct amounts of material for the job.

New plans are drafted monthly, which existing subscribers can download for free. Along with access to the plans, buyers will also receive a free DWG and CAD plan viewer, access to 150 free woodworking video tutorials and copies of Ted’s books How to Start a Woodworking Business and Complete Woodworking Guide.

This whole package comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. There are only a limited number of these packages available, so buyers are advised to act quickly. Whether you want to build a shed, a chair, a table or just a small wooden toy, Ted’s Woodworking can help. This offer won’t last forever, and while later offers may be made, they’re unlikely to be as good value as this one. Just for once, there is something here which just may be as good as it looks, especially for someone searching for a new hobby, a chance to learn a new skill, a startup idea for a business or a pastime to keep them busy and active in retirement.

Ted’s Woodworking also runs an affiliate program for freelance marketers looking for a change from health and wellness or household products. Given that some high profile companies in those sectors have gone to the wall recently, deciding to promote something different like woodworking products would seem like a good option. Plus, affiliates don’t have to be members either, unlike with some of the health and wellness companies who want their affiliates to be walking the walk as well as talking the talk. Information can be found at the end of the Ted’s Woodworking webpage.

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or a new business, Ted’s Woodworking is an interesting-looking opportunity which could reward further investigation.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

TecAdemics affiliate program

Image from Public Domain Pictures on Pixabay. CC0, free for public use.

Regular readers know that I’m always happy to write about a new affiliate program or work from home opportunity.

Tec Mastermind and the TecAdemics program is both, plus this unique set up allows top trainers to share their tips and tricks for online business success. In addition, affiliates are able to benefit from new sign ups through their page, but can also use their training to create a successful business themselves.

This website has a video which explains how business education such as TecAdemics fits with the Four Percent Group’s aims to allow anyone to become a top internet entrepreneur. Trainer Vick Strizheus believes that the reason so many internet businesses fail is because everything is too complicated for many people to grasp. They simply have information overload when it comes to setting up and running an online business, and most people have never made more than $1,000 through online sales. Affiliate programs can be a very handy way of making extra money, but this usually involves having a webpage and hosting adverts then waiting for clicks from potential customers. The trouble is, because many people run adblockers these days, they may simply never see a single advert.

The system offered by the Four Percent Group aims to simplify the online marketing process and allow members to make serious income without adverts. Quite apart from the top level business education offered by TecAdemics, the funnel system used by the Four Percent Group is specifically designed to hook interested potential students into signing up for the courses and in the process, allow the affiliate to earn commission. They don’t have to sign up to TecAdemics themselves, but can earn good money by acting as an affiliate. They may choose, of course, to reinvest some of their affiliate income in the TecAdemics program, and go on to found a separate online webshop or e-commerce site as a result.

Vick Strizheus explains more in the video. Signing up to find out more about the Four Percent Group (including why it is called that) is free, and positively encouraged as the first step to becoming successful online without hosting adverts, writing promotional articles or becoming involved in direct selling of any products. The system made over three million dollars in sales even in beta testing, so there is no doubt that it works.

For anyone who would like to try a low-maintenance way of making an online income, signing up for the Four Percent Group’s system could be the first step to improving their chances.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SlimRoast Coffee, new to the UK, familiar to the US

SlimRoast Coffee slogan.
Image provided and used with permission.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of two things. One, that I like to review the very latest weight loss products. Two, that I am a teapot on legs.


Having reviewed several slimming tea products before, I was conscious of the fact that my coffeehead friends were being left out of the loop. I have heard enough from them about the irresistibly sweet and tasty coffees they can buy from every coffee shop in town, while when I go there with them, I’m restricted to green tea, weak milky black tea or hot chocolate, mostly.

Now, my coffee-drinking readers have no excuse to duck their New Year’s resolution to cut down on the sweet treats and lose weight. Because I’ve been told about this new product called SlimRoast. Yes, it’s a coffee. Yes, it will help coffee lovers lose weight. My contact Mark tells me that he has lost 3 stone in the last year without having to give up his coffee habit. Like many weight loss products, it works by suppressing the appetite and restricting the amount of fat and sugar absorbed by the body.


Now, I’m hardly the ideal person to test coffee, because I don’t drink it, but I know that my coffee-drinking friends say the whole thing of it is that the caffeinated version gives a buzz. I’m guessing this SlimRoast dark roast Brazilian coffee does too, but it has also been formulated to help drinkers lose weight as an extra bonus.


The mix suppresses the appetite gently, so it curbs the urge for mid-morning snacks. It’s the natural ingredients that help, and everything which goes into the product is approved by the FDA, EU and UK regulatory bodies. It is made with Arabica coffee beans, which have half the caffeine content of supermarket blends and a handful of calories.


Typical sachet of SlimRoast with mug.
Image provided and used with permission.
The ideal way to consume these beverages is in moderation. One cup (or maybe two cups maximum) a day, for six days a week, then a rest day. The sachets are based on a 68kg adult so those who are lighter or heavier may need to adjust their intake accordingly.


Active ingredients include:
  • Garcinia cambogia, touted as a fat burner (I have also seen this in tea and tea-based health and weight loss programs);
  • organic raw cacao;
  • L-Theanine (the same amino acid found in green tea);
  • Phaseolamin, which is supposed to block starch-digesting carbs;
  • Phenylethylamine HCL, or PEA, used to stimulate the release of dopamine;
  • concentrated green tea extract;
  • Chromium Polynicotinate, a mineral which helps control blood sugar, curb carb cravings and fight body fat;
  • Chlorogenic acid, a thermogenic fat burner - it works with your body to burn more fat;
  • Premium dark Brazilian Arabica coffee; the important bit

The SlimRoast range comes in four different types: Regular, fruit flavoured Trim, Immune Boost with antioxidants and fruit extracts and Energy to increase focus and performance. The Immune Boost mix contains aloe vera, widely known as an antioxidant, while Energy contains guarana, ginseng and green tea extract for endurance.


As with all health and wellness products, there is a range of opinion online about whether SlimRoast works or not. As everyone’s metabolism, weight, body shape and lifestyle is different, some people may achieve better or worse results than others. Some reviews state that around 90% of people will achieve some weight loss, especially if they drink a cup first thing in the morning, before breakfast.


As always with these products, there is the opportunity to sell the range on to others as an independent distributor. Apparently this is not a standard MLM or network marketing scheme though I have seen some reviews referring to it as that. In the UK at the moment, it appears to be a newcomer to the market and finding its feet.


The main thing I have found with all these products is that they work well if you adopt and maintain a relatively active lifestyle as well as using them. This helps the ingredients work to their best capabilities. As ever, the old adage ‘moderation in everything’ seems to be the best advice, with a decent amount of exercise, sensible dietary choices and products like SlimRoast coffee or its fruity equivalents as part of a normal daily fluid intake.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Progressive Designs offer graphics, web design and more

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Progressive Designs offers a graphic and web design service. The team prides itself on meticulous attention to detail and a full service provision of web design, graphic design and copywriting for marketing and advertising. They will design websites, offer an update to a logo, or simply provide some fresh descriptive words for any site. Advertising copy and marketing materials fall within their services, so for businesses looking to launch a new range or service, Progressive Designs would be a good one-stop shop.

The team is based in Mauritius, but obviously, given the nature of their business, the company provides services worldwide. They will offer potential clients from all fields a quote and further information on request. Progressive Designs has a very strong graphics design side, with around 90% of their team having some expertise in this area. Three quarters of the team have copywriting experience and most of them are also capable of undertaking web development and the design elements of any project. The About section of the Who We Are page on the website has both written and video evidence for this, so no matter how clients prefer to be given information, it is here. Playing the introductory video embedded on the page gives interested viewers an insight into how the firm came to be, while the Services section of the same page provides an overview of the range of specialisms offered.

The company will not only help clients with web development and design but also image, artwork and logo design. Their expertise also extends to design and packaging for physical items including CDs, posters, magazines and catalogs, textiles (think promotional goods) and even books. Progressive Designs will handle any cross-platform advertising campaign, and as you might expect from a graphics and design agency, they have a Facebook presence and a number of YouTube videos. Both images on this article were produced especially for it, and illustrate exactly what the company offers. The header image suggests that Progressive Designs will take any firm from an idea to the solution across a seemingly bottomless chasm, through use of graphic design. The second one, displayed at the end of the article, implies the option of saving a business from heaps of design changes and failed logos.

Advertising and design are more and more important these days. Everyone has their own website, many run their own businesses, either as a freelance sideline or full time as a main income. The only way to be noticed is to be eye catching, unique, different. With the help of Progressive Designs, the next campaign could be the one which catches the public’s imagination and establishes a new brand.

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Again Studios: explainer video production company

Again Studios, explainer video production company
Image provided and used with permission

Again Studios make individual and stylish animated ‘explainer’ videos to meet every need. For many people, a video has a more immediate impact than an article, flyer or other advertisement, especially when it is created specifically for an individual client and audience rather than being a cookie-cutter catch-all boring marketing blurb.

Again Studios’ videos are designed to sit unobtrusively on the front page of any website, not annoying potential customers by using autostart or expanding to full screen immediately the website opens. The one on Again Studios’ own homepage shows a simple stickman character explaining the great thing about having a video on your website. Again Studios’ main office is in Kalka near Chandigarh, India, and they also have a satellite office in Stockton, California. The team at Again Studios will bring the full force of their combined talent to bear on creating a short and snappy explainer video to suit any scenario.

The Portfolio page has over 30 examples of the kinds of videos Again Studios can produce. They are all in the same simple, uncluttered caricature style, often with a slick US mid-Atlantic accented voiceover. Previous clients have included IT companies, a recruitment portal, a freelance skills marketing site and providers of various software solutions. Many of the videos are aimed at small businesses or self employed freelancers, and are selling other SMEs to them as ways to simplify their business administration.

Again Studios also provide voiceovers in other commonly spoken languages including Spanish, Hindi, French and German. Videos generally take around a month to create and typically run for between one and two minutes. Short and sweet, but a video of this length can easily get any client’s message across without laboring the point. Quotes are individual to every customer, with 50% of the cost paid up front and the rest once the video has been completed and delivered to the buyer. The buyer is also at liberty to request revisions, as shown by the comments in the Reviews section. In fact, Ankit’s team at Again Studios have proved themselves versatile and adaptive to many different business video requirements and sectors. Phrases such as ‘professional’, ‘a lot of patience’, ‘highest quality’, ‘good communication’ and ‘responsive’ are just typical of the feedback received.

For small businesses and freelancers who need to give their businesses a kick, or developers wanting to promote their latest app, a short explainer video from Again Studios could be the best way to raise awareness. A link to a video detailing the new product or range can easily be shared on any social media site, included as part of an email signature or added on business cards or print on demand stationery. Once the video has been produced there is no end to the marketing opportunities it can generate. All a buyer has to do is to open dialogue with Again Studios to see how this small but powerful tool can help their business.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Calgary Signs and Banners: producing Calgary's signage for two decades

Calgary Signs & Banners logo.

Canadian company Calgary Signs and Banners (CSB) offers signs, banners, wraps and wall mural designs for every conceivable location. Whether a business wants a car wrap, an internal or external wall advertisement or internal wayfinding signs, Calgary Signs and Banners can oblige. CSB have been in business for ‘24 years and counting’ as their website proudly announces, and looking at the range and variety of signage on offer, customers can easily see why.

Ci2Group Inc 3D logo, an example of work from Calgary Signs & Banners.
Image provided and used with permission.

The image on this post shows one of their 3D signs, but the company also designs and fits safety signs, trade show displays, canvas prints and plaques. Technically, one firm could provide all the signs and advertising logos necessary for another firm to effectively market themselves. The CSB website offers many examples of their versatile art and also mentions, almost in passing, that they will beat any local written quote for certain signage by a minimum of 5% on price. In today’s money-conscious times, that’s an offer worth considering.

Calgary Signs and Banners have a crane to allow for best access to every building frontage. They are also experienced in providing drawings to landlords and management companies to ensure that any signage they are commissioned to provide conforms with the building regulations or the landlord’s preference. The company operates across Alberta, but because they are local to most people, they can conduct face-to-face consultations on suitable signage, designs and options instead of relying on electronic communications. CSB specialize in LED and 3D designs, vehicle wraps, roll up banners, wall decals and exhibition or temporary popup displays. Judging from their website, however, any form of signage is well within their means. Plus, at the end of a tenant’s time in any building location, they will remove the signs and advise whether they can be reused on a new building.

Their testimonials show that not only can the staff at Calgary Signs and Banners react quickly to a last minute requirement, but also that the company produces great work which their clients love. Some of their customers have returned to give them further business, while others have recommended them to their network. Return business and word of mouth advertising are two of the best ways to gain clients, so CSB must be doing something right. If your business is in the Calgary, Alberta area, you could do worse than consider Calgary Signs and Banners for your next signage requirement.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Queen Bee Social - social media help for businesses

Queen Bee Social logo. Provided and used with permission.

Social media and businesses have not always been the best of friends. As Queen Bee Social point out in one of their latest blogs When Businesses Go Socially Rogue, brands can easily undo years of good work with one ill advised tweet or post, and the resulting loyalty rebuilding exercise can be lengthy and expensive.

Fortunately there is an answer. A company like Queen Bee Social can help you to put the word out about your business in the right way. Queen Bee provide a complete social media marketing service which will increase your valuable inbound traffic (that's what brings you customers) and advise on how best to run your social media accounts to maximize their impact and raise your search engine rankings.

Looking at some of the headlines on the front page of Queen Bee Social, you can grasp the strategic importance of the correct social media marketing plan. Personalized marketing experiences are becoming the norm, with companies targeting adverts based on search terms, topics in blog posts, and even programmatic advertising to tie up their advertisements with what the viewer wants to see. In addition, 59% of businesses say effective search engine optimization, or SEO, is the key to lead generation. Furthermore, 71% of social media users who are shown good customer service by a company will recommend that firm to others.

Get it right, and there is a huge amount to be gained. Get it wrong and it could take a while to recover. Queen Bee Social will walk you through all of these minefields and more. The firm offers tips on integrating traditional marketing avenues with new digital media, as well as showing clients how to make the most of that social media. You will learn how to set and implement a successful social media strategy to draw in new clients and reinforce loyalty in existing ones. Queen Bee will look at your existing social media presence to see how the business is performing in the field and offer advice to make it more effective where necessary. They will also give tips on email marketing campaigns to ensure your emails aren’t simply deleted by your clients; or worse, by your targeted new customers. Mobile marketing is another area where companies can seek help, to ensure that they are making the most of their market on the move. After all, search engines penalize companies with poorly performing websites on mobile platforms, which is unlikely to help business.

Of course, Queen Bee Social will also help out with reputation management too, so if you have suffered an employee meltdown in public, they will be able to advise the best way to avert reputation ruin. Group and individual training sessions are available to suit your company’s structure and working practices, so all styles of company can benefit.

No matter the size of your firm or the social media questions that you may have, it is likely that Queen Bee Social can help provide answers. If you feel your company’s social media presence can be improved, founder Megan Washington and her team should be able to help.

Friday, August 21, 2015

ATIS Digital Agency - Tirana

ATIS Digital Agency - Tirana
Logo supplied and used with permission.

ATIS (Albanian Telecommunication and Information Services) are a digital agency based in Tirana, Albania. In common with many companies in this connected life, they work with customers all over the world. Indeed, the agency expresses a preference for working in the field of ‘offshore web development’ so they would positively welcome enquiries from overseas.

What marks ATIS out from the others is that they are a one-stop shop for just about everything a firm could need, digitally speaking. This team of 12 hard-working men and women have delivered almost two million lines of code (1,956,628, to be exact) for 83 projects.

That's 1,328 and a third lines of code for every one of the 1,473 cups of coffee the team have drunk. Or an average of almost 23,574 lines of code per customer. That equals some pretty late nights and large projects.

Between them, ATIS can look after all aspects of a company's digital marketing requirements. They design mobile apps, offer web design and development services and have in-house copywriting specialists as well as creative design and digital marketing service experts. Whether assisting with a new email or social media marketing campaign, or revamping an older website for the mobile-centric Smartphone/tablet era, ATIS can help. If it's digital, the chances are that they have experience with it. The team is truly multi-talented, being able to design everything from a new logo to stationery or branding for uniforms as well as all the usual digital media. If it can be rendered digitally, ATIS will provide it, and I get the impression that the team enjoy a challenge.

The ATIS team’s web development service covers CMS, e-commerce, frameworks and web applications. This is complemented by web design; giving the site a great look, making it intuitive and easy to use. Of course, a web site might look good, but it needs persuasive copy if visitors are to become customers and buy services or goods. ATIS has multilingual copywriters to take care of that, and ensure that the keywords are in place to show good search engine optimization (SEO). When the website is ready, the team will attend to the social media marketing (SMM) and pay per click advertising (PPC) that make a well designed website not just look good but work well too. To be ranked highly in search engines today, websites need to work just as well on a range of devices from a 24” widescreen to a 10” tablet and a 4” Smartphone. A dedicated app might be the answer, and with ATIS, mobile apps are designed and tested in house. They can be produced for and published on iOS, Android and Windows as needed. A company is nothing without advertising and branding, and this is where the creative design side kicks in, covering logos, banner advertisements, business cards and other branding.

ATIS Digital Agency are, as you might expect, active on social media. The best place to find them is on Linked In but they also welcome enquiries directly through their website or via Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Swipe Vault - start following proven marketing strategies now

Money Tree (photodune4862192moneytreexs). Image provided by Swipe Vault

Barely a week goes by without information on another online money-making opportunity crossing my path.

This one is called Swipe Vault and, like many of the others, it promises to make money for those who sign up. Originator Chris Luck says that the creation of Swipe Vault is the result of many years of trial and error as well as studying the ways in which acknowledged entrepreneurial successes like Steve Jobs went about growing their business.

Swipe Vault distills down these ideas into proven sales funnels, marketing videos, copywriting pieces, landing pages and social media campaigns. Makes sense - find what's working for others then copy it. It’s how many businesses have operated for years, only not quite so openly as seems to be happening these days.

The difference with Swipe Vault is that you are not directly selling a specific product to others by taking up this opportunity. You're benefiting yourself. If you've always harbored a dream to open your own business, but weren't sure how to market it, your plans are here. All you need is a product. That could be a skill you have, like writing or illustration, a service you provide, such as counselling or dog sitting, upscaling a homemade crafts hobby to selling on a website, or finding new markets for your holiday lettings. The tips, tricks and templates shared in the Swipe Vault will help you get off to a flying start, make the most of your existing markets and help with finding more.

The Swipe Vault information is accessible in a series of videos. They illustrate the three points that Chris is making:

  1. Find out what is making money.
  2. Borrow those techniques for your own business.
  3. Make money too.

Much more information can be had from the videos on the homepage, but the real information is hidden behind a paywall.

Initial monthly investment at the moment is $97. (That’s about £60) There is a money-back guarantee should you find that the Swipe Vault doesn’t work for you. Places are limited and Chris and the team are already talking about closing the Vault to new members, so the countdown is on. For $97 a month you have access to the Swipe Vault for as long as you remain a member, unless you request your money back within the first 30 days. You can watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you like and try out as many of the marketing ideas as you want.

If you want to lift your business to a new level (or start one off on the right foot) then Swipe Vault could be for you. It’s worth a try - you can always ask for your money back if it doesn’t work.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Inbound Influence, all about social media marketing

Deanna Gush, founder of Inbound Influence. Image provided by Deanna and used with permission.

Without inbound marketing, these days a business would have a difficult time of it. Not heard of the phrase before? Inbound marketing is the term used to describe the use of social media to engage potential customers with a brand.

Deanna Gush is an expert in the concept, and her website Inbound Influence is a mine of information for those looking to get to grips with how this powerful marketing strategy can help their business growth. It’s all about creating the right links in the right places to generate worthwhile traffic. That’s easier said than done in these days of bots, spammers, scrapers, link farms and ever-changing search engine algorithms. The company is based in Redditch, England but naturally has a global reach, as ought any online business these days. There is also a marketing course offered through Inbound Influence which will teach the necessary marketing skills in greater detail, but simply sitting down and reading through the detailed content on the website will improve many people’s understanding of inbound marketing and its importance.

Inbound Influence’s knowledge will help any online business develop a strategy, gain visitors, turn leads into customers, find promotion techniques that work and generally move to the next level of success. There are always some people who say that one social media platform works better for them than another, or that they just don’t ‘get’ social media in any form. Inbound Influence can help with both of those issues, ensuring that all relevant social media platforms are delivering some measure of success and demonstrating the different types of inbound marketing available via social media. Some businesses might benefit from a video-based marketing strategy, for instance, others could be better off with images and short punchy product descriptions. Inbound Influence’s marketing assistance will deal with aspects of web content, provide mentoring and coaching to allow businesses to improve their website and ensure that their content is AdWords compliant.

On a more practical level, company founder Deanna is a mother and a wife, so she knows all about juggling a startup with home life and the competing demands that mix brings. She has been involved in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and is now ready and willing to share that knowledge with others to allow them to grow their businesses too. Inbound Influence can provide advice on website layout, writing content, building brand recognition (very important in today’s media-savvy world) and point business owners in the right direction – upwards – to ensure they make the most of their business.

The online marketing course is run by Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, and caters both for those looking to retrain in marketing and those who consider they need more knowledge to tackle the social media mountain effectively. To get a flavor for the sort of things Inbound Influence specialize in, Deanna’s Twitter feed hosts a constant stream of links to suitable articles from around the web to inform and inspire entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers.

Social media marketing these days cannot be ignored. With the help of Inbound Influence, businesses can be sure it won’t be.