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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Get Well Soon flowers from Laura Florist and Gifts, Melbourne, Australia

Laura Florist and Gifts, Melbourne Australia
Royalty-free image provided.

Flowers are appropriate in many different situations. A bunch or bouquet can express thanks, sorrow, congratulations, apologies or a get well message, depending on the colours and flowers chosen.

If you choose to send get well flowers to someone, you may well opt for a bright and cheerful arrangement, maybe sunflowers, roses or tulips, such as the flowers Melbourne-based Laura Florist and Gifts offer. Bright flowers can be a spot of colour in a world that often looks strange, clinical and monochrome. If the recipient is still in hospital, do be sure to check with the ward before arranging delivery though. Many intensive care units will not accept flower deliveries, and other wards may decline on grounds of allergy or space. Patients and staff may love the colourful displays, but hygiene has to come first in a hospital.

In these situations it may be easier to arrange for the flower delivery to be made to the patient’s home on the day they are discharged, being sure that someone will be around to take delivery of the gift. After all, the patient’s family need cheering up just as much as the patient, and a bunch of brightly coloured flowers shows that someone is thinking about them and their loved ones. Some of the arrangements even come with their own vase, saving the fuss of having to poke around to find one when the delivery is made. Even those showcased in a box can be left in the box for a few days thanks to the moisture retaining material lining the stems of the display.

Melbourne flower delivery company Laura Florist and Gifts have a selection of suitable bouquets, priced from AUS$39 to AUS$89. They feature sunflowers, lilies, roses, tulips and gerberas in cheerful yellows, bright reds, oranges and deep purples. The native seasonal arrangements are a mixed option for those unsure of which flowers to send, while the additional bundle choice available with the arrangements offers a selection of extra gifts such as chocolates, alcohol, a cuddly toy or a seasonal accessory.

Free delivery is offered within 30km of the Melbourne CBD; same day delivery is available for all arrangements ordered before 11am. Once you have established whether the ward does accept flower deliveries, you will need to provide full information on the location (the hospital’s address and the ward number where the delivery is to be made) plus, of course, the name of the patient. This helps us too, as all our cards are hand-written, and we like to address our recipients by name. Don’t forget to let us have your details as well, in case we need to rearrange delivery.

A bunch of get well flowers doesn’t have to be delivered to hospital, however. You might simply want to cheer up your friend or neighbour who is recuperating at home on sick leave, or has been laid up with a nasty virus. A get well soon bouquet could be just as appropriate for someone who has had ‘flu, bronchitis or is recovering from a sprained ankle or broken bone. A bright, eye-catching arrangement could be offered as a pick me up for someone feeling down, even someone who has said they feel lonely, to show that you are thinking of them even if you can’t visit in person. A cuddly toy included with the bouquet will give them a lasting reminder of your gift, although a box of chocolates or a bottle of alcohol could also be warmly received, depending on the recipient.

Ordering get well soon flowers in Melbourne has never been easier. Laura Florist and Gifts has the choice you’ve been looking for.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Laura Florist and Gifts in Melbourne, Australia: premium online flower orders and delivery

Laura Florist and Gifts. 'From our hearts to yours.'
Image provided and used with permission.

Flowers speak a thousand words. They are given as tokens of love, as presents, as wedding gifts, in thanks and in memory. There is a whole dictionary of meaning built up around different colours and types of flowers and the meaning behind them. Everyone knows red roses mean love and white flowers indicate eternal joy and purity. Yellow ‘mums show neglected love, and some people say that giving them is bad luck. A simple internet search will list pages and pages of articles on the meanings of flowers in different situations, when it is appropriate to give certain types of flowers and the significance behind many popular bouquets and flower-based traditions.

Melbourne, Australia area residents have online options to make the choice of giving flowers quicker and easier. A Melbourne-based online florist such as Laura Florist and Gifts knows the right colours to use for all the common scenarios and has a wide selection of traditional and modern arrangements for any occasion. The flowers used include gerberas, roses, sunflowers, lilies, tulips, wildflowers and iris. Bouquets are themed by common occasions such as romantic gifts, anniversaries, birthdays and sympathy, but also include options for Get Well Soon bouquets suitable for hospitals (remember to check whether the ward accepts flowers first though), Mother’s Day and new baby congratulatory bouquets. The traditional Thank You and Sorry bouquets are also covered. Arrangements are available in many different sizes; some are boxed, while others come in vases. All are beautifully presented, as would be expected. The wrapping is as much part of the artistry of the arrangement as the blooms themselves. Each arrangement has further information available, including exactly what is included in each order. Similar arrangements are also highlighted so buyers can easily make a decision.

Many relationship pages recommend the random gift of flowers as a ‘just because’ gesture. Roses are ideal for this, and Laura Florist and Gifts has a beautiful selection in the Romance and Thank You section. Ordering is ridiculously easy, with a one-click Buy Now option on every bouquet, as well as Wish List and Quick View buttons. The arrangements are a mix of traditional colours and unusual mixes, so buyers can be sure that all tastes are covered. Of course the classic dozen or half dozen red roses arrangements are available, as well as the traditional white lilies or roses for sympathy. But there is an amazing choice so if the occasion is right, buyers can buck the trends and be a bit more daring. Whether it’s a cheeky little brightly coloured gerbera posy, a boxed arrangement of fresh lilies and roses or the bright statement yellow splash of sunflowers, Laura Florist and Gifts can make up the requested bouquet and even deliver the same day, if the order is placed early enough.

The staff will deliver orders between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, within a 30km radius of Melbourne CBD. Same day delivery is available for orders placed before 9am. Delivery costs under $10, although a redelivery fee may apply if the recipient is out or the address given proves to be incorrect.

Facebook users have the option to go to the Laura Florist and Gifts page there and see the company’s first commercial. It’s only 35 seconds long, but it lays the company’s business out in plain terms; delivery to the recipient’s door, arrangements prepared with love and attention to detail.

Melbourne residents now have no excuses not to show their loved one they love them, surprise their mother or send a bouquet to a friend or neighbour in hospital. With Laura Florist and Gifts it’s a matter of a couple of clicks to have the order placed and the delivery on its way that day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 dating site, open to all

Can’t find Mr or Ms Right? Mainstream dating sites not working? Fed up of dating apps? Try caters for everyone, no matter how you identify. Whatever your place on the gender spectrum. wants to help you find your ideal partner. Even without joining the site, the search on the front page allows would-be members to find like-minded types across male and female genders of any age from 18 upwards.
The site has international members and specializes in LGBT matches, such that the Success Stories page has several profiles of same sex couples who are married or civil partners. There are presently 196 pages of profiles, so surely there must be someone for everyone there? LoveSprout was set up on a whim, to offer a site specifically for the LGBT community, but also catering for anyone who wants to meet new friends. The founders want to give equal rights a boost, and are choosing to do this through the provision of a dating website for anyone.

As with many websites, LoveSprout offers every level of involvement from finding new friends to casual dating and serious relationships. It was built as a result of input from various friends of the founders, and has grown organically from there. The site is still in development, but to develop, it needs feedback from users, no matter their level of engagement with the site.

Registration is easy; for starters, potential members only have to give a username, email address and password, or sign in with an existing Facebook account. The owners are hoping to offer more features and upgrades as the site gains members, and they are constantly working to make it more user-friendly and incorporate the features that members request.

As you might expect from a dating site, LoveSprout has a robust privacy policy with details of information collected and how the site uses that data. They remind users/members that some advertisers on LoveSprout may have other markers which they use to collect information. This may or may not include generic location information (geotargeting). A profile can be customized to show as much or as little information as the member wishes, but nothing in the ‘description’ field is made public by There is also a clearly explained opt-out right.

Generally though, LoveSprout operates the same as all dating sites the world over. Two people meet, decide they like each other enough to spend time together. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Rinse and repeat until it does, if you find that there is no one initially who meets your requirements. Eventually, your Prince or Princess will show up, and like many people these days, you will be blessing the invention of dating sites.

All dating sites have one thing in common - they widen the pool of available partners. For a member of the LGBT community, that pool may seem smaller than it actually is. LoveSprout is here to show you that your options are international, if that’s the way you want it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

TecAdemics affiliate program

Image from Public Domain Pictures on Pixabay. CC0, free for public use.

Regular readers know that I’m always happy to write about a new affiliate program or work from home opportunity.

Tec Mastermind and the TecAdemics program is both, plus this unique set up allows top trainers to share their tips and tricks for online business success. In addition, affiliates are able to benefit from new sign ups through their page, but can also use their training to create a successful business themselves.

This website has a video which explains how business education such as TecAdemics fits with the Four Percent Group’s aims to allow anyone to become a top internet entrepreneur. Trainer Vick Strizheus believes that the reason so many internet businesses fail is because everything is too complicated for many people to grasp. They simply have information overload when it comes to setting up and running an online business, and most people have never made more than $1,000 through online sales. Affiliate programs can be a very handy way of making extra money, but this usually involves having a webpage and hosting adverts then waiting for clicks from potential customers. The trouble is, because many people run adblockers these days, they may simply never see a single advert.

The system offered by the Four Percent Group aims to simplify the online marketing process and allow members to make serious income without adverts. Quite apart from the top level business education offered by TecAdemics, the funnel system used by the Four Percent Group is specifically designed to hook interested potential students into signing up for the courses and in the process, allow the affiliate to earn commission. They don’t have to sign up to TecAdemics themselves, but can earn good money by acting as an affiliate. They may choose, of course, to reinvest some of their affiliate income in the TecAdemics program, and go on to found a separate online webshop or e-commerce site as a result.

Vick Strizheus explains more in the video. Signing up to find out more about the Four Percent Group (including why it is called that) is free, and positively encouraged as the first step to becoming successful online without hosting adverts, writing promotional articles or becoming involved in direct selling of any products. The system made over three million dollars in sales even in beta testing, so there is no doubt that it works.

For anyone who would like to try a low-maintenance way of making an online income, signing up for the Four Percent Group’s system could be the first step to improving their chances.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Wizdiary - bringing even more customers and businesses together two years on

Wizdiary video 2017.
YouTube link provided and used with permission.

When I first wrote about Wizdiary, almost two years ago in June 2015 (, bringing customers and businesses together online), it was a very new company which didn’t even have a complete website yet. It could almost have been called a ‘concept’ rather than a fully fledged business at that stage.

Wizdiary’s USP back then was a series of innovative multilingual YouTube videos explaining the business’ aims to provide a social-media-style gateway for small and medium sized companies to connect online with their potential worldwide customers. The idea was to allow businesses to advertise for new clients by showing photographs of their products or sharing examples of their work, almost like an online version of the newspaper back pages classified advertising service.

Two years later, I am pleased to say that the company is now fully operational and doing well. Businesses can advertise via the Billboard and Posted Jobs areas to bring their skills to the attention of potential clients. Billboard allows businesses to post images of goods or projects to share with those in a particular location, while Posted Jobs allows companies to advertise for specific staff or requirements for a particular project.

This simple move of filtering traffic has helped to streamline the site and point users in the right direction. Registration is free and a Billboard entry is required as part of the normal profile setup to educate future clients about the company behind the advertisement. The explanatory video for Wizdiary's Billboard and Posted Jobs areas emphasises Wizdiary’s social side while the updated introductory video goes into more detail about the clientele-locating strengths of the company. It explains the simplicity of the site and the chance for advertisers to showcase unique selling points, special products, experience or talents using photographs and existing work.

Wizdiary’s videos make the point that not everyone is looking for the same thing. A company which specialises in offering simple solutions at lean prices to small business owners and startups is not likely to be looking for a client who wants all the bells and whistles from a vastly experienced provider. A lean entrepreneur is not likely to choose the most expensive business, because their prices will be beyond a small budget and their solution could well be too complicated for the limited interest a smaller business is likely to get. Similarly, depending on the market, not everyone will want a University-educated worker; some may prefer an experienced seller who has fewer qualifications.

All kinds of people and companies can use Wizdiary to be found by new clients, connect with like minded people with similar skills and expertise or to find people with the knowledge they need. That’s the beauty of Wizdiary. It is totally adaptable to individual circumstances. If you’re a business owner who is prepared to give a new worker a break, or an experienced provider wishing to use your experience to help new businesses get off the ground, Wizdiary has a place for you.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Express yourself with Demeter Mojis

Artwork from Demeter Mojis adds class to any room.
Image provided and used with permission.

Demeter Mojis is an online art prints and merchandise shop for the discerning. Those whose taste runs to simple line drawings, almost caricature-ish in nature, may well appreciate Demeter Mojis’ work. Monochrome (black on white or reverse) line drawn faces have been printed onto just about every item of clothing and interior decoration possible. The range of branded goods runs from t-shirts and totes to mugs, cushions, throws, towels, canvas prints and more.

Those familiar with the clean lines and simple style in the work of ‘Miffy’ artist Dick Bruna may will relate to these pieces. Demeter’s influences include Picasso, Pollock and de Kooning and the style is quite unique, minimal and modern. In just a few strokes, a face appears, often quizzical, sometimes happy sometimes sad, always expressive.

A typical example of Demeter's work.
Image supplied and used with permission.

There is an enormous selection of framed and unframed art prints and a smaller range of other customised items. Some of the more popular designs are available across the whole range of Demeter Mojis’ stock, however, so it would be possible to match items in a room using a single design, or mix the selection with a choice of designs.

Demeter’s emoticon drawings can express feelings without words, and a piece of this artwork would make a memorable gift for someone, or act as a focal point in a home or workplace. Anywhere decorated in the minimalist style would benefit from a print, or maybe a cushion or two on a plain sofa.

As you might expect from an artist, Demeter Mojis is on Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Demeter states, quite rightly, that emojis are becoming an increasingly common way for millennials to communicate, citing Pepsi’s PepsiMoji campaign of 2016 (Pepsi Preps Global Emoji Can and Bottle Campaign) and Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a feeling’ campaign as recent examples of the trend. Even taking that into account, these artworks are timelessly eye-catching and unusual, fitting well with the minimalist lifestyle adopted by many through need or a conscious rejection of collecting stuff for stuff’s sake.

For a gift with a difference, Demeter Mojis’ distinctive range of prints and soft furnishings is worth a look. Today’s connected world has one great advantage - many more people can view and buy the work of individual artists, just as they can stream music by local bands as easily as well known ones. Sometimes, supporting the lesser known designers or groups can be more satisfying than buying the same print as everyone else from a chain store or paying top dollar for tickets to a popular concert. When it comes to creativity, individual tastes certainly rule. And less can definitely be more.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SlimRoast Coffee, new to the UK, familiar to the US

SlimRoast Coffee slogan.
Image provided and used with permission.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of two things. One, that I like to review the very latest weight loss products. Two, that I am a teapot on legs.


Having reviewed several slimming tea products before, I was conscious of the fact that my coffeehead friends were being left out of the loop. I have heard enough from them about the irresistibly sweet and tasty coffees they can buy from every coffee shop in town, while when I go there with them, I’m restricted to green tea, weak milky black tea or hot chocolate, mostly.

Now, my coffee-drinking readers have no excuse to duck their New Year’s resolution to cut down on the sweet treats and lose weight. Because I’ve been told about this new product called SlimRoast. Yes, it’s a coffee. Yes, it will help coffee lovers lose weight. My contact Mark tells me that he has lost 3 stone in the last year without having to give up his coffee habit. Like many weight loss products, it works by suppressing the appetite and restricting the amount of fat and sugar absorbed by the body.


Now, I’m hardly the ideal person to test coffee, because I don’t drink it, but I know that my coffee-drinking friends say the whole thing of it is that the caffeinated version gives a buzz. I’m guessing this SlimRoast dark roast Brazilian coffee does too, but it has also been formulated to help drinkers lose weight as an extra bonus.


The mix suppresses the appetite gently, so it curbs the urge for mid-morning snacks. It’s the natural ingredients that help, and everything which goes into the product is approved by the FDA, EU and UK regulatory bodies. It is made with Arabica coffee beans, which have half the caffeine content of supermarket blends and a handful of calories.


Typical sachet of SlimRoast with mug.
Image provided and used with permission.
The ideal way to consume these beverages is in moderation. One cup (or maybe two cups maximum) a day, for six days a week, then a rest day. The sachets are based on a 68kg adult so those who are lighter or heavier may need to adjust their intake accordingly.


Active ingredients include:
  • Garcinia cambogia, touted as a fat burner (I have also seen this in tea and tea-based health and weight loss programs);
  • organic raw cacao;
  • L-Theanine (the same amino acid found in green tea);
  • Phaseolamin, which is supposed to block starch-digesting carbs;
  • Phenylethylamine HCL, or PEA, used to stimulate the release of dopamine;
  • concentrated green tea extract;
  • Chromium Polynicotinate, a mineral which helps control blood sugar, curb carb cravings and fight body fat;
  • Chlorogenic acid, a thermogenic fat burner - it works with your body to burn more fat;
  • Premium dark Brazilian Arabica coffee; the important bit

The SlimRoast range comes in four different types: Regular, fruit flavoured Trim, Immune Boost with antioxidants and fruit extracts and Energy to increase focus and performance. The Immune Boost mix contains aloe vera, widely known as an antioxidant, while Energy contains guarana, ginseng and green tea extract for endurance.


As with all health and wellness products, there is a range of opinion online about whether SlimRoast works or not. As everyone’s metabolism, weight, body shape and lifestyle is different, some people may achieve better or worse results than others. Some reviews state that around 90% of people will achieve some weight loss, especially if they drink a cup first thing in the morning, before breakfast.


As always with these products, there is the opportunity to sell the range on to others as an independent distributor. Apparently this is not a standard MLM or network marketing scheme though I have seen some reviews referring to it as that. In the UK at the moment, it appears to be a newcomer to the market and finding its feet.


The main thing I have found with all these products is that they work well if you adopt and maintain a relatively active lifestyle as well as using them. This helps the ingredients work to their best capabilities. As ever, the old adage ‘moderation in everything’ seems to be the best advice, with a decent amount of exercise, sensible dietary choices and products like SlimRoast coffee or its fruity equivalents as part of a normal daily fluid intake.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Want to earn more and work less?

Living the Dream. With this opportunity you could too.
Image provided and used with permission.

I’m sure you’ve all seen these network marketing or MLM schemes where you can sell items and make some money but it’s signing up new recruits that makes the big bucks for you.

This one works in a similar way but seems a little different. If you watch the 17 minute promotional video I’ve just linked to, you’ll hear about a training program that will show you how and where to place advertisements to attract leads. Those leads are then converted into customers by the company’s dedicated sales team, and you will earn commission on any sales they make. To date, the company has paid over $67 million in commission.

The company does not class itself as an MLM or cash-gifting firm, but more as an online education source, where the firm’s partners learn how to use advertising to their benefit. In common with many online work-from-home programs, it accepts applicants from all backgrounds, but not everyone is deemed suitable. Around a quarter of all applicants are either screened out at the time of application or choose not to continue after the first 7 days’ free training.

The company claims to have paid out commission to over 3,500 people so far so some of them must be doing something right. The highest earners have already made over a million dollars, and a handful have been paid over $100,000 to date. Several hundred have earned over $10,000 in commission. The dedicated sales team who process the leads generated by the adverts are trained to sell high-value items, which I suspect may be the advertisements that the partners are earning commission from placing. Therefore, if this opportunity works the way it appears to, it would be a possible revenue stream for someone who travels widely or has other reasons for needing to earn money from working online. Placing the advertisements requires no technical knowledge whatsoever; there is no website to run and no follow ups to perform on the leads generated, as this is all handled by the sales team. Placing the adverts generally takes around 30 minutes. The company is active in over 40 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, the Philippines and Malaysia.

The founder of the company made his first million dollars by the age of 25, and the training new partners will receive is directly from coaches he has picked. Of course, the testimonials at the end of the video are from the highest earning partners, they always are. I’m guessing that for many people, the commission will be lower, and the big figures will take some time to build up. As a veteran of several MLM and independent franchise opportunities, you get out what you put in with these programs. Generally, you can earn enough to cover your costs plus a little extra to make life more comfortable.

The main glitch I see with this approach is if the advertisements are detected and blocked by ad-blocking software which many people use these days. However, if the advertisement can be placed via a paid campaign on social media, or simply a post (like this) with a link in it, then the potential for revenue is much higher. For those with some spare time and a good internet connection, an opportunity like this could be worth investigating.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Maxthon MX5 - a new era of browser

Maxthon MX5 - a new era of browser

Global software firm Maxthon proudly proclaims that the company has developed a new era of browser. The latest version is Maxthon MX5, due to be launched in July and now accepting pre-registrations. It is an advanced cloud-based browser available across all popular platforms and suitable for mobile, tablet and PC or laptop use.

The product is a suite of browsers which will work seamlessly with different operating systems and devices, making it easier to work on the move as well as at home or in the office. Instead of having to save to the cloud every time users move across devices, Maxthon is a personal cloud, so it’s always available no matter which device the user is accessing it from. It also works with the full range of popular operating systems – Windows on desktop or phone, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS.

Maxthon MX5 is underpinned by the cloud engine C4. Itself a cloud-based product, C4 can access and sync across devices, offering storage, backup and sharing options as standard. User data, history and tabs can therefore be accessed from any platform. Maxthon’s website states that the user experience is ‘simplified and standardized across platforms and devices.’ This browser offers ease of access and seeing as most people have at least a phone and a tablet or laptop these days, that is an important consideration. There are already websites which don’t fully sync with their apps, and although there are plenty cloud-based document and image storing portals, the seamless access doesn’t always run as well as it could, depending on how the user is trying to access the system.

For those users who prefer a personalized experience, or have a need to access their history on different devices, Maxthon could truly be described as the future of browsing. Users who need for whatever reason to have access to the same bookmarks, downloads or tabs across various platforms may well also be interested in signing up for the pre-registration. It would also potentially appeal to someone who has a Mac desktop but an Android phone.

Maxthon is a Chinese-based company which started out offering a modified version of Internet Explorer from open source code freely available online. The MX5 browser is the latest version of that, and, among many other features, includes blockers for pop ups, adverts, Java, Flash and ActiveX to improve security and give increased browsing speed. These aspects, along with the cross-device capabilities, will doubtless appeal to early adopters and those who use different devices regularly. Pre-registration is now open for the MX5 browser experience and interested users are invited to sign up for more information.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Search Fixers Online Reputation Management Company

Online Reputation Management
Photo by Getty Images (GettyImages-470002521)

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is a growing market for those people who rely on reviews for business, or who want to gloss over a mistake which was talked about online.

A good ORM company will use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve an individual’s or company’s online presence, ensuring that good reviews are seen higher in search engine results, and bad days are buried further down the listings. With more and more companies turning to reviews before buying from a new supplier, this is a wise move. Plus, the last thing anyone going for an important promotion or new job needs is to be haunted by photographs of that drunken night out when they were a student.

The Search Fixers will work on improving any given online profile, for a fee, naturally. Their detailed blog gives some of the ways this can be achieved. Their proven ‘white hat’ SEO techniques and PR connections are put to good use when repairing an online reputation, and they also give other tips that can help to garner positive press, such as paying for a social media campaign or trying to see whether a bad result fits the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ criteria. The best way is to mount a multi-pronged attack on any negative reviews or results using all of these techniques. Repairing an online reputation doesn’t often come cheap and can be quite lengthy when organic, natural looking results are the desired outcome.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Management

Search engine optimization cannot be underestimated. SEO ensures that when internet users search for a company’s name, they see positive reviews rather than negative ones, well written, recent blog content and regularly updated sales pages on a modern-looking website. A good online reputation management company will work with existing information as well as helping to provide fresh content. This is where The Search Fixers’ PR contacts come into play, as they can quickly and effectively produce positive content for any company, ensuring that it is seen by the biggest and brightest aggregators, news outlets and search engines.

Social Media Management

Alongside a push to update and polish a fim’s website, The Search Fixers also offer a social media management service. Anyone who has ever typed their own name into a search engine will be familiar with the feeling of dread knowing that whatever they can see is visible to anyone using the same search terms. A good rule of thumb for social media is never to post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. This includes entries in public forums and chatrooms as well as all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The Search Fixers will aim to track down troublesome posts and suggest a solution, as well as monitoring a company’s or individual’s ongoing social media engagement for any further issues. Think how a targeted campaign can go wrong (campaigns trying to share positive stories on McDonald’s, Susan Boyle’s album launch, Walgreens and Qantas have all made headlines in the last couple of years) and there’s a prime reason for employing the services of an online reputation management company.

Third Party Content

Alongside anything posted by a specific company, external review sites have to be taken into account. Sites like yelp, Trip Advisor, Glassdoor and TrustPilot can be manipulated by ‘black hat’ SEO techniques including the creation of fake accounts to post negative content. Naturally, bad reviews by dissatisfied clients or former employees can also be left on these sites. Active monitoring by an online reputation management company will ensure that any negative reviews can be addressed swiftly and effectively, meaning that any damage done to a brand will be limited as much as possible.

Of course, most potential customers will take into consideration the balance of negative to positive reviews when considering a company. Nothing is perfect and some people will only post when they have something negative to say. Every app in the app store always has its negative reviews, not every guest will enjoy a good night’s sleep in a hotel – and some of the reviews may be covering up the fact that someone purchased something without reading the small print first. However, if one particular incident has caused a company to lose control of their good reputation, or an unguarded comment has gone viral, the services of a firm of online reputation management specialists could be just the ticket to rebuilding. After all, people are still eating at McDonald’s, buying products from Walgreens and flying with Qantas.

For those who fancy a cleanup of their online presence, The Search Fixers can help. Everyone is human, and humans all make mistakes, but this doesn’t mean the end of a brand, nor the last chance that an employee will have to land a dream job or a prestigious client. With a little bit of online reputation management, things can be made to look better than they felt at the time. The Search Fixers will see to that.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Father's Day gifts from Explosion Luck feng shui site

Explosion Luck logo. Provided and used with permission of

It’s Father’s Day in June (June 19, 2016 for the year of writing), and my go-to website for a gift for the father who has everything – i.e. mine – is Explosion Luck. I can always find something there to suit him, something that’s far more tangible than another online voucher, and which will remind him of me whenever he looks at it. Not that there’s anything wrong with an online voucher as he reads e-books voraciously. But just occasionally, a real present is a good idea. Items from Explosion Luck have the added attraction of being associated with the ancient practice of feng shui, so when someone chooses a gift from the site, there is far more than the gift itself being offered.

Silver cricket statue with orange body
Image supplied and used with permission of
My dad is a Francophile, and the gift of one of the small cricket statues (3” wide by 6” long including antennae) would not only bring good luck, it would remind him of many days spent in France in years gone by, long summer evenings accompanied by the sound of the cicadas in the hedges. The silver cricket has a warm orange body and the gold statue a cooler blue body. The silver cricket will bring happiness, warmth and joy to the recipient, when placed in accordance with feng shui principles, while the gold cricket offers trust, peace and integrity. Both crickets are available for $79 each (May 2016) with free shipping in the continental United States.

Gold cricket statue with blue body
Image supplied and used with permission of

Alternatively, I might buy him this folding tabletop screen, which I’ve had my eye on for a while. It has a reversible image of plum blossom, with one side featuring a continuous image with a beige-gold background and the other having six individual images, one on each screen, with a white-silver background. The plum tree is a symbol of long life and prosperity, both of which my dad has in spades. This tabletop screen measures 9.5” high by 18.25” long, has six 3” wide panels and is edged in black.

Plum blossom red and gold reversible tabletop screen
Image supplied and used with permission of

For the nautical father, why not choose this beautiful porthole shaped moving sand art picture? Titled ‘Captain Haddock’, it is mounted in a hinged frame so once it has finished draining to the bottom, the picture can be tipped up and the flow started again. This gift is more expensive, at $250, but sand art pictures provide an ideal focus point for meditation and productivity for those fathers who need to settle their thoughts or produce a presentation under pressure.

Moving sand art picture: 'Captain Haddock'.
Image supplied and used with permission of

Fathers who smoke may well appreciate this antique amber and metal pipe. One version has red coral stones inlaid to the bowl, the other greenish-blue turquoise stones. This genuine antique gift may also appeal to collectors and pipe connoisseurs planning to display their gift.

Amber and metal pipe, turquoise stone inlay in bowl
Image supplied and used with permission of

Lastly, for Buddhist dads, this unusual turquoise embellished conch shell is an ideal and thoughtful gift. One of the eight Buddhist symbols, the ceremonial blowing of a conch shell in mid-ceremony symbolizes the spreading of the Buddhist word. The cracks in the turquoise come from age, not misuse, so due reverence should be paid to this item as it is rather fragile.

Tibetan embellished turquoise and silver conch shell
Image supplied and used with permission of www.ExplosionLuck,com

No matter a dad’s interests or hobbies, buyers looking for unique and special Father’s Day gifts are bound to find something at Explosion Luck. All images are from the site and used with permission of Explosion Luck.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dagger Defense hunters' accessories

Dagger Defense logo.
Image supplied and used with permission.
Gun culture has been high on news agendas recently, from the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to the toddler who shot his pro-gun mother in the back with her own gun, left on the back seat of her car.

For many, carrying a gun, concealed or not, is a valuable legal right, and one which an estimated 40 million people have taken up in the United States. Hunters and tactical shooters make up the vast majority of that number, those people who have a gun for practical reasons rather than as a weapon against the rest of humanity. These people are generally the ones who don’t make the headlines, who store their weapons responsibly, securely and wisely, and who patronize such companies as Dagger Defense for their firearm optics and accessories. Dagger Defense is part of Defense Firearms LLC and offers a range of reflex sights, tactical lights and back up iron sights for online sale only.

Dagger Defense is proudly veteran owned, and has a long list of Terms of Use which clearly state that the buyer is responsible for all aspects of the item purchased. The company is based in Florida, but retails exclusively online. For those gun owners into social media, the firm has an Instagram account and a Facebook page. The product line is both affordable and versatile, with all items fitting to a standard picatinny rail mount, so suitable for a large range of platforms.

Firstly, Dagger Defense stocks a large (and expanding) range of reflex red/green dot sights. These are made of aircraft grade aluminum and are compatible with AR15 and M4 platforms as well as airsoft rifles. The brand may not be familiar to you but these products are available at realistic prices.

Back up iron sights (BUIS) are a useful addition to any deer hunter’s armory, especially when used in combination with reflex sights. Finally, a tactical light is a good idea for night use. This is an area in which Dagger Defense plans to expand – the current sole representative of the range is a pistol flashlight giving 200 lumens of brightness.

Products are covered by a limited one year warranty, and any questions can be submitted via the email address on the Contact page. For those who prefer video reviews, a quick search will turn up a couple of recent buyers’ assessments. The Dagger Defense range may well suit those customers looking for an inexpensive product that does what it should. As with all products, there are good and bad reviews out there, and the choice ultimately is a personal one on the part of the buyer.

Friday, March 25, 2016

GetaSlogan crowdsources a company's slogan requirements

GetASlogan logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

A good slogan is as memorable as a logo is recognizable. But finding a good slogan can often be an expensive business, with top advertising and branding agencies charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their services. Small businesses and start ups simply don’t have that amount of money to spend at the time when they need their first slogan. GetaSlogan has a simple four-stage process that allows users to choose whether the GetaSlogan team offer ideas for slogan development or whether the task is offered as a competition for customers, staff or social media followers to enter.

GetaSlogan's writers come from all walks of life, and are simply people who have a flair for a title, tagline, slogan or short description which instantly encapsulates a company’s business. That’s how a business manufacturing specialist toilets for building sites finds a slogan ‘Your hole is our goal’ and a company making hoverboards has adopted a tagline of ‘Propel yourself into the future.’ (Remember where hoverboards were first seen – in the film Back To The Future.)

Alternatively, businesses can choose to run a competition to allow their customers or staff to come up with a slogan. That too is possible through GetaSlogan, as previous competitions are featured and users can choose to run a contest by choosing the appropriate button at the start of the order process. However, those following the story of the crowdsourced vote for the name of a new Natural Environment Research Council ship will be pleased to read that the final decision lies with the commissioning company rather than the public.

The Slogan Examples page gives a list of recent winning slogans, the number of entries and the chance to start a similar contest. Users can search by keywords to see contests run for businesses in the same line as theirs, or can sort the contests in order of numbers of entries. For start ups, sole traders and any business with limited cashflow, an idea like GetaSlogan is always worth investigating. For a nominal amount, any organization can tap into the vast power of crowdsourced ideas, and have many writers considering the best way to sum up their goods or services in a nutshell. Slogans provided so far have covered a wide range of companies and individuals. Topics have included student council nominees and medical equipment manufacturers, slogans for t-shirts and taglines for graphics companies. Whatever the company, the writers at GetaSlogan can help with a witty, snappy slogan or an apt tagline.

Monday, November 30, 2015

SUCK: Vaping made awesome. Vaping done right.

The EVOD electronic cigarette as sold by
Image provided and used with permission.

Regular readers will remember that a few months ago I wrote about the VitaStik, an American brand of e-cigarette vaping device which was being launched in the UK. The same people behind that initiative have now introduced, a website for vaping products with the tagline ‘Vaping made awesome. Vaping done right.’

The company’s website introduction says that it doesn’t spend a fortune on packaging or sleazy marketing gimmicks. Because the business is online-only, they can keep costs lower for those smokers who prefer to have the choice to vape as well as, or instead of, smoking regular cigarettes. Although the firm is still fairly new, not only does it profess to offer the best possible prices, the blurb suggests it will have an increasing range of products and be donating 10% of profits to charity.

Whatever a smoker’s reasons for looking at the range available here, there appears to be a definite divide between those who are vaping as a step towards giving up completely and those who vape when they are unable to smoke. And for some, the choice will be harder than others. Some people swing between vaping indoors (when allowed) and smoking outside for months. Others seem to be able to set their mind to vaping the instant they decide to give up cigarettes. Yet others say that a vaping device solves the need that they have for ‘something in their mouth’ at a given time. Hence the name of the website. A vape can also be a dummy, something to suck, as well as something to inhale from.

The coils in the e-cigarettes sold by SUCK will generally last around a month on average. A pack of five will set customers back £7.99 (price at November 2015). The main e-cigarette itself costs at least £19.99 with a choice of two models, and the batteries are both rechargeable and replaceable after 300-400 charges. The guys at SUCK suggest that their products can save a 20-a-day smoker over £2,000 a year, given that one pack would cost only slightly more than the pack of five coils but the vapes last a lot longer.

The eLiquid range from SUCK complies with all the latest product directives relating to vaping products, including child proof tops, tamper proof collars and production dates/batch numbers. There are twenty different flavours to choose from, at £3.95 each. All buyers must be 18 or over to purchase anything from SUCK, this being the legal age of consent for smokers in the UK. The flavours are available in different strengths, ranging from 0.6% to 1.8% nicotine. The site also stocks replacement parts and accessories for the EVOD and KSN2 series of e-cigarettes.

Now, my personal knowledge of vaping devices is limited, but for those in the know, appears to have a complete range of equipment. The site caters to the UK market, as rules and regulations about vaping elsewhere in the world can differ. Free delivery is offered on orders over £25, and for first time buyers, the company offers 20% off the total order price.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Private chat lines, Turkish style, from Ozel Sohbet Hatti

Ozel Sohbet Hatti logo.
Supplied and used with permission.

Despite the rise in online dating and singles/match sites, chat lines are still popular in many countries. Turkey has a booming chat line industry, and a simple search engine enquiry will find several pages listing companies offering these telephone based services, instead of, or as well as a web based chat forum option.

One of them is Ozel Sohbet Hatti (Private Chat Lines) which offers a chat service for 295 krs a minute, or around $1 a minute. Mind you, to use the site, you have to be able to speak Turkish, as it’s not always offered as a translated option in searches, possibly due to the subject matter.

On the home page, visitors are shown photographs of 12 different girls, and on average around 10 are available at any given time. Dial the chat line number, select the extension for the girl you would like to speak to, and you will be connected immediately. Of course, the service is open to over 18s only. I would imagine the chat can get pretty hot at times, just as it always has done on these kinds of chat lines.

One or two of the girls are showing their selfie abilities, having taken their pictures in front of a mirror for maximum effect. Gonca is standing in her bathroom, while Esra is showing off her bedroom behind her. There are a fair number of exaggerated pouts, as you might expect, and Gonca at least looks as if she is channeling Kim Kardashian, in a figure hugging dress with her head back, long hair dangling and backside prominently thrust out. Both Ada and Ecrin’s photos show them as car passengers, and while Ada’s thousand yard stare is not directed at the camera, Ecrin’s large dark glasses hide a direct gaze as she flips the peace sign. Interested visitors can click the photos for a biography and more information on each girl. The site proudly boasts that it employs 100% Turkish girls on the phone lines.

The site administrators are contactable by email if users have any questions or run into problems while using the chat lines. However, these services are generally fairly simple to use. Regulars just have to be careful not to run up massive bills, or just as with mobile phone users who are shocked by call charges, they might be in for a nasty surprise at the end of the month.

In these technologically-led days, it’s interesting to see that the more traditional way of hooking up through private chat lines is still available in some places, even if these days the paper flyer has been replaced with a website instead.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Top Online Business Queen on My Advertising Pays

Mehak Naheem, Top Online Business Queen
Image supplied and used with permission

Mehak Naheem, aka the Top Online Business Queen, offers opportunities to earn an income online. She also offers coaching to improve the chances of success. She calls this 'the mindset to make money'.
Her latest involvement 'won't be around for long,' she says. Well, she's probably right there. Once the big search engines and advertisers cotton on to this scheme, there may well be another algorithm change so the bottom will fall out of the market, just as it has with revshare writing sites.

However, the chance to sign up to My Advertising Pays is still available, for those who can make a success of network marketing. As with every new online scheme there are as many negative reviews as there are positive ones, and it always pays to read several opinions before investing in any of them. Unless you are actually selling a product (Avon, Kleeneze, Betterware) these schemes tend not to be around for more than a couple of years, so it's best to seize the chance while you can. Like investing in the stock market, there is also the potential to lose money as well as make it with many of these schemes. Multi-level marketing works better when you recruit lots of people to your downline, so if that's your strength (or you work with one of those software programs which automates the process) then you may well have a better chance of success.

My Advertising Pays offers an opportunity for those with a product to sell already to get it in front of many more eyes, as alongside the income stream from ad clicks and online recruitment, it also offers advertising credits to be used against placing your advertisements in the program. As a new member of the scheme though, you will first be expected to buy at least one advertising pack at a value of $49.99. These will be the first set of ads that you click through. There is no restriction on actually buying the products or services advertised either, although not all the advertisements are in English.

Of course, the advice is that you need more than one pack of ads to earn an income. Apparently an initial outlay of $600 for 20 packs will yield the greatest chances. The maximum number of advertising packs one person can have is 1,200. However, some people will be naturally cautious and make only the minimum investment. As with all revenue sharing schemes, the more (time or money) you invest, the more you earn.

If you choose to introduce others to the scheme too you will earn a percentage of their revenue; this is the same for all network marketing chances. At present, membership is free for 30 days and you will earn 10% commission on every advert clicked. Membership is then paid, and the commission varies from 4% to 10% depending on the level you choose. The idea is that you use your commission to pay for your membership.

The potential is there to earn $60 for each pack bought, so a 20% return on your initial investment. Typical earnings start at a dollar per pack per day with the lowest rate of commission. What's more, once you're a paid member, you can buy vacation time if needed, where you will still be paid a small amount of residual income.

To find out more, head over to Mehak’s website and click number 3 on the Services page. She was recently interviewed by Sky TV too, so you can watch the interview to find out more about her secrets of success.