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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MiFon 9-in-1 Android Phone Security Suite

MiFon logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

MiFon 9-in-1 Security Suite is the answer to every Android phone owner’s security prayers. The app bundles security, privacy and tracking features in the one app. A limited version of the MiFon app is available for free from Google Play with a chance to try the fully featured Pro version as a free trial before deciding whether to buy it.

MiFon offers malware protection, auto backup, anti-theft, find me features and more. These features will work even without internet connectivity, making MiFon an attractive proposition for all Android users worldwide. Indeed, Indian phone company Intex has bundled the app with its newest phone as standard.

The nine areas of security, privacy and tracking covered by the app are:

Antivirus and anti-malware protection

This offers protection for those users who access their banking via their phone, have a mobile phone payment app such as Android Pay or PayPal enabled or who simply have the misfortune to encounter a trojan or virus.


Everyone should back up their phone regularly, to the cloud or to an alternative location. But for those who never get around to it, MiFon can automatically create backups of texts, contacts, photos and even some social media to a personal storage cloud.


This will clear the cache and free the memory.

Set and Forget

These three options above only need to be set up once and can then be forgotten. What could be easier?

Find me

Users who have lost or mislaid their phone can send an SMS text, even when it’s set to silent, to activate a loud siren sound. Once located - or not - users have the ability to choose to lock or wipe the phone if needed. This feature also allows users to enable phone status monitoring (battery life and so on) and receive email reports with details if the phone is not with them.

Panic button

This feature, only available on the Pro option, is the mobile phone equivalent of ringing the emergency services. It allows users to email emergency notification, location and photos to a nominated group of contacts.


A really important feature, this, given the number of phones which are left, forgotten or just plain swiped by someone on the make. It’s only available through the Pro version, but could pay for itself on its own. It will send the thief’s photo, track the phone and offer the registered owner full control over it, no matter where it is.

Geo-location for a specific group

This feature is under development but once available, users can share their location with a chosen contact group. This is designed for parents who need to know that their child has arrived safely in class, for instance, or perhaps for concerned friends looking out for a singleton on a blind date or a night out.

Remote activation and control

Users of the MiFon Pro option can set a passphrase and security locks so that they can retain control over their phone if it’s lost or stolen.

MiFon Pro is available to try for 15 days free following the instructions on the Google Play site. After that time users can revert to the free options or purchase a permanent full upgrade. Users with questions can contact the team through FacebookTwitter or helpdesk email.

A Smarter Smartphone thanks to MiFon.
Image provided and used with permission.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

BarcodeWire provides information on barcodes

Image of a barcode by ClkerFreeVectorImages on Pixabay. CC0.

Barcodes are everywhere. Correct. Barcodes are boring. Wrong!

Take a look at to learn more about these everyday items. We’ve all seen them on clothes, food and packaged household items. They’re mainly used as security devices and for stock control management. But did you know that in some European countries, a barcode is used on a GP’s prescription to track how many prescriptions they give out? In the same way that every item of clothing in the UK has a barcode, every GP is issued with one when they go into practice, and this barcode acts like a credit card number does for us, showing what was spent and where it was spent.

BarcodeWire has recently moved into producing free barcode programs and apps. So far, they have made available a free barcode generator, a free QR code generator and most recently, a free PDF417 barcode generator and app. The site also contains basic Barcode 101 information for those new to the field of barcodes and industry news on topics such as laser scanners and terminals.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m writing about barcodes all of a sudden. Well, I have had some dealings with them over many years of retail work, and now that the idea of scan-and-shop is well established in this country, I use a handheld scanner every time I go grocery shopping to make the shop quicker, easier and more accountable, budget-wise. Having the items linked to barcodes allows me to see how much I’ve spent at any given point, which helps balance the books, that’s for sure.

Some bus passes and access swipe cards are equipped with a barcode unique to the user while the scan-and-shop scanners (and the similar devices used by the online shopping pickers) are mainly laser-driven barcode readers. BarcodeWire offers a history lesson in barcodes in their blog post Interesting Things That You Need To Know About The Beginning Of Barcodes, while other posts deal with loyalty programs administered through barcoded cards, RFID and NFC tags, laser scanners and how to check the quality of a barcode. Anyone who has been shopping for reduced to clear items will likely have encountered barcodes that won’t scan, as they have been printed on handheld label machines with failing ink. Hopefully these barcodes will have undergone rigorous testing prior to being printed on the labels using specialist testing devices and verifiers to show the integrity of the code.

There are many reasons why a barcoded inventory is a logical way for a company to go. Many of these reasons are enumerated 10 Ways That Barcode Scanners Can Increase Business Efficiency. Whatever reasons a business chooses, the bosses can be assured that it is a modern and effective way to manage their stock, staff location and security.'s site and Twitter feed provide further information on the many ways a barcode can be used these days.

Monday, October 12, 2015

iFacility, Sony CCTV Partner of the Year 2015

iFacility IP CCTV installation company.
Logo supplied and used with permission.

The protection provided by CCTV, alarms, automated number plate recognition and video monitoring is an integral part of modern life these days. It provides security for companies and individuals, as well as evidence for the police when things go wrong. Most people forget they’re even potentially being tracked on CCTV as they go about their daily lives, and those who try to disable the systems often find themselves being recorded in the act of vandalising the very cameras they’re trying to disrupt.

CCTV installation firm iFacility have offices in Bristol, London, Manchester and Leeds. Their nationwide team of engineers are fully trained in all the latest technology and ready to install a new system or fix an old one as needed. The company is based in south west England, but will install equipment worldwide. Installation and repairs of CCTV surveillance systems are just part of iFacility’s abilities, however. The company also offers a full support service, retail video analytics, installation and monitoring of alarms and access control systems. Companies can find out how long their customers waited to be served, have a fully automated gate to their location equipped with ANPR and CCTV monitoring, take advantage of mobile monitoring using Video Vault and access an integrated surveillance solution called MyFacility.

Video Vault allows customers to monitor events remotely, examine, archive and share footage. It also offers performance data and the opportunity to request that selected footage be supplied on DVD or memory stick. MyFacility is the dashboard for the user to manage their coverage, and, apart from permitting access to Video Vault, also hosts an analytical tool to pinpoint loss or fraud. Customers can request service callouts and technical assistance, check on outstanding work in progress and generally update themselves on their service status. iFacility’s team are constantly developing this area of their system, so users can access more features and iFacility’s specialists can work ever closer with their clients.

And before you ask, those clients are some pretty big names. Bakers’ chain Greggs, car rental firm Hertz and Numatic, the company which makes the famous ‘Henry’ cleaners, have all called on iFacility to install and manage their CCTV surveillance systems. The retail video analytics side of the system helps Greggs monitor the speed their customers are being served at their network of branches, as well as cut down on theft of their products by light fingered customers. For Hertz, the integrated ANPR-CCTV surveillance solution was part of the upgrade of their facility at Birmingham Airport, while Numatic wanted a more technologically advanced CCTV surveillance system in their facility which could still make use of their existing camera network.

iFacility was able to provide suitable CCTV installations for all of these clients, and there are many more case studies available on their website for interested potential clients to read. For individual attention to detail, iFacility is one of the leading CCTV and analytics providers in the UK today, using modern technology and mobile solutions to help customers monitor their businesses day and night.