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Friday, May 5, 2017

Wizdiary - bringing even more customers and businesses together two years on

Wizdiary video 2017.
YouTube link provided and used with permission.

When I first wrote about Wizdiary, almost two years ago in June 2015 (, bringing customers and businesses together online), it was a very new company which didn’t even have a complete website yet. It could almost have been called a ‘concept’ rather than a fully fledged business at that stage.

Wizdiary’s USP back then was a series of innovative multilingual YouTube videos explaining the business’ aims to provide a social-media-style gateway for small and medium sized companies to connect online with their potential worldwide customers. The idea was to allow businesses to advertise for new clients by showing photographs of their products or sharing examples of their work, almost like an online version of the newspaper back pages classified advertising service.

Two years later, I am pleased to say that the company is now fully operational and doing well. Businesses can advertise via the Billboard and Posted Jobs areas to bring their skills to the attention of potential clients. Billboard allows businesses to post images of goods or projects to share with those in a particular location, while Posted Jobs allows companies to advertise for specific staff or requirements for a particular project.

This simple move of filtering traffic has helped to streamline the site and point users in the right direction. Registration is free and a Billboard entry is required as part of the normal profile setup to educate future clients about the company behind the advertisement. The explanatory video for Wizdiary's Billboard and Posted Jobs areas emphasises Wizdiary’s social side while the updated introductory video goes into more detail about the clientele-locating strengths of the company. It explains the simplicity of the site and the chance for advertisers to showcase unique selling points, special products, experience or talents using photographs and existing work.

Wizdiary’s videos make the point that not everyone is looking for the same thing. A company which specialises in offering simple solutions at lean prices to small business owners and startups is not likely to be looking for a client who wants all the bells and whistles from a vastly experienced provider. A lean entrepreneur is not likely to choose the most expensive business, because their prices will be beyond a small budget and their solution could well be too complicated for the limited interest a smaller business is likely to get. Similarly, depending on the market, not everyone will want a University-educated worker; some may prefer an experienced seller who has fewer qualifications.

All kinds of people and companies can use Wizdiary to be found by new clients, connect with like minded people with similar skills and expertise or to find people with the knowledge they need. That’s the beauty of Wizdiary. It is totally adaptable to individual circumstances. If you’re a business owner who is prepared to give a new worker a break, or an experienced provider wishing to use your experience to help new businesses get off the ground, Wizdiary has a place for you.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Linkbutton, a new take on social media

The Linkbutton logo, image provided and used with permission sounds like the next big thing for apps, websites and social combined. It’s not quite here yet, but coming soon for those social hounds who just have to be in on the next big thing. And this sounds like quite a thing.

Social media has become an integral part of marketing and online interaction in the last few years and there are sites for sharing just about anything these days, in any format. Like and share buttons appear on almost every post, while some employers will check a candidate's social presence as part of the hiring process. is launching soon to join the party. is going to be a free site for users to link to their content, offering a choice of over 100 actions or call buttons (including BUY, CALL, SHARE, DONATE, DOWNLOAD or VOLUNTEER) from a personal or business account. The default action will be ACCESS, which will simply let readers read the posted content.

As with many other social media sites, the clue is in ‘social’. Having followers and being followed is the goal, according to the founders, although businesses will have profile categories to help drive followers to the right content. In true social media style, the site will also access links shared by other users. Those users could be businesses, individuals, brands or blog sites, who knows? In the modern always-on world, everyone and everything is a brand. is aiming to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of social media interaction. Users will be engaging with others in many ways; from simply liking a post about a business’ new range to ordering a meal, supporting a crowdfunding page, sharing their CV or resume with a company they’d like to work for, or booking tickets for a gig. For a more personal experience, may be a lower key alternative for sharing photos and posts with people who are not on bigger social media sites.

Copyright: Getty Images
(Diversity People Connection Digital Devices Browsing Concept)
Credit: Rawpixel, Stock #: 521545050

The site has iOS and Android apps planned, although these are not active yet, so those users who habitually post on the move will be able to update quickly and easily. The one-stop-shop scenario may appeal to netizens who prefer their interactions all in one place, while the wide variety of media permitted will allow any active blogger, v-logger or business to share new content easily. (It is advisable to read the Upload Policy on the website before starting off though.)

As perhaps expected, Linkbutton Inc is already active on social media itself, as linkbuttonmedia on twitter and Facebook. This is a vital tool to build awareness ahead of the official launch. A search for the name brings up twitter users who have shared the company’s introductory video, showing a typical search engine query for sites where potential customers can see interesting content. Their website is simple and uncluttered, with a choice of personal or business accounts and examples of how both work. Action keywords are the way to share the posts, whether those posts are messages, photos, videos or links, so users can share a new blog post with the keyword ‘comment’, or a crowdfunding campaign by instructing ‘donate’. Businesses can post instructions including Menu > Order and Product > Buy among others. Maybe a transport company could offer links to their latest timetables or real time map, or a recruiter could designate individual ‘apply’ action buttons uniquely linked to each of their vacancies. The possibilities are endless.

The site sounds simple to use and benefit from, and is likely to appeal to an individual or company currently posting across several social media platforms but wanting to expand their reach. will allow those known for their blog posts to share videos, and those known for panoramic video shoots to showcase breathtaking still photographs all in the same timeline. Seemingly, could well appeal to those who find larger social media sites to be too cluttered, overly complicated and intrusive, because as it is currently small, there will not be the wide attention given to bigger platforms.

No matter what topic users are promoting, they will be able to share the links via, subject to the usual caveats about content copyright and decency, of course. The site aims to combine the best of all the big social sites and then some, as there is nowhere else offering quite the breadth and variety of options. Sure, there are plenty sites for link sharing, article promotion and video posting, but fewer where a link in a post leads directly to a takeaway restaurant’s menu and orders page or where a jobseeker can share their resume without having to go through a full application process.

Linkbutton. Buttons that link people to others via actions. Coming soon.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mymediclique Medical Network and Personal Research Center

Medical professionals tend to advise against self-diagnosis using internet resources, because not everything is as truthful and accurate as it could be. Mymediclique could be the exception to that rule, however, because it is a health information site offering access to medical research articles and opportunities to sign up for clinical trials. Other services include the ability to request custom research and be sent a personalised report on the chosen topic.

This members-only site medical and dental information resource offers a social media side too, with groups focussing on topics such as allergies, women’s health, alternative medicine and digestive disorders. Once registered, users can find local providers and support from those living nearby with similar issues. They are free to comment on the articles in the subject groups and check out the latest medical research. Enlisting the team to find suitable clinical trials will incur a non-refundable fee and require provision of medical records.

The homepage has a short welcome video giving more details about the opportunities on offer. It offers an overview of the available services in less than two minutes, explaining that the medical experts on the site convert up-to-the-minute health and medical news into easy-to-understand language for the members. The article library is growing fast and that, together with the members’ shared experience, is the bedrock of this site. The icing on the cake is the chance to commission personal research from the team of experts.

Of course, no self-respecting site these days can survive without advertising, and the specific member-submitted advertisements on Mymediclique will showcase medical specialists in many different areas. In addition, the In the News tab carries information on food product recalls and new drugs coming to market.

Mymediclique offers a unique mix of social media support and medical expertise to help the members make informed decisions about their health and wellness. They can read up on treatment options for many of the most common modern health issues and add their own thoughts to the articles, maybe sparking a discussion as a result. It is not simply a diet or fitness site or an alternative therapy hangout; Mymediclique offers links to work published in medical journals and chances to contact doctors with new ideas on existing illnesses and syndromes.

It goes without saying that anyone using this resource should also consult their existing medical practitioner or specialist team before opting for treatment for any condition. The difference between Mymediclique and many other sites is that this one links directly to published medical research but provides a quick overview of the articles in everyday language. The social media side allows members to share experiences plus offering the chance to recommend professionals or courses of treatment to others. It is a clever mix of the social media and medical worlds which makes it unique.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Search Fixers Online Reputation Management Company

Online Reputation Management
Photo by Getty Images (GettyImages-470002521)

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, is a growing market for those people who rely on reviews for business, or who want to gloss over a mistake which was talked about online.

A good ORM company will use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve an individual’s or company’s online presence, ensuring that good reviews are seen higher in search engine results, and bad days are buried further down the listings. With more and more companies turning to reviews before buying from a new supplier, this is a wise move. Plus, the last thing anyone going for an important promotion or new job needs is to be haunted by photographs of that drunken night out when they were a student.

The Search Fixers will work on improving any given online profile, for a fee, naturally. Their detailed blog gives some of the ways this can be achieved. Their proven ‘white hat’ SEO techniques and PR connections are put to good use when repairing an online reputation, and they also give other tips that can help to garner positive press, such as paying for a social media campaign or trying to see whether a bad result fits the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ criteria. The best way is to mount a multi-pronged attack on any negative reviews or results using all of these techniques. Repairing an online reputation doesn’t often come cheap and can be quite lengthy when organic, natural looking results are the desired outcome.

Search Engine Optimization and Content Management

Search engine optimization cannot be underestimated. SEO ensures that when internet users search for a company’s name, they see positive reviews rather than negative ones, well written, recent blog content and regularly updated sales pages on a modern-looking website. A good online reputation management company will work with existing information as well as helping to provide fresh content. This is where The Search Fixers’ PR contacts come into play, as they can quickly and effectively produce positive content for any company, ensuring that it is seen by the biggest and brightest aggregators, news outlets and search engines.

Social Media Management

Alongside a push to update and polish a fim’s website, The Search Fixers also offer a social media management service. Anyone who has ever typed their own name into a search engine will be familiar with the feeling of dread knowing that whatever they can see is visible to anyone using the same search terms. A good rule of thumb for social media is never to post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother to see. This includes entries in public forums and chatrooms as well as all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The Search Fixers will aim to track down troublesome posts and suggest a solution, as well as monitoring a company’s or individual’s ongoing social media engagement for any further issues. Think how a targeted campaign can go wrong (campaigns trying to share positive stories on McDonald’s, Susan Boyle’s album launch, Walgreens and Qantas have all made headlines in the last couple of years) and there’s a prime reason for employing the services of an online reputation management company.

Third Party Content

Alongside anything posted by a specific company, external review sites have to be taken into account. Sites like yelp, Trip Advisor, Glassdoor and TrustPilot can be manipulated by ‘black hat’ SEO techniques including the creation of fake accounts to post negative content. Naturally, bad reviews by dissatisfied clients or former employees can also be left on these sites. Active monitoring by an online reputation management company will ensure that any negative reviews can be addressed swiftly and effectively, meaning that any damage done to a brand will be limited as much as possible.

Of course, most potential customers will take into consideration the balance of negative to positive reviews when considering a company. Nothing is perfect and some people will only post when they have something negative to say. Every app in the app store always has its negative reviews, not every guest will enjoy a good night’s sleep in a hotel – and some of the reviews may be covering up the fact that someone purchased something without reading the small print first. However, if one particular incident has caused a company to lose control of their good reputation, or an unguarded comment has gone viral, the services of a firm of online reputation management specialists could be just the ticket to rebuilding. After all, people are still eating at McDonald’s, buying products from Walgreens and flying with Qantas.

For those who fancy a cleanup of their online presence, The Search Fixers can help. Everyone is human, and humans all make mistakes, but this doesn’t mean the end of a brand, nor the last chance that an employee will have to land a dream job or a prestigious client. With a little bit of online reputation management, things can be made to look better than they felt at the time. The Search Fixers will see to that.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cofie - A Selfie with Friends

Cofie app logo, taken from Google Play page

‘Selfie’ was recognized as the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionaries in 2013. Since then an entire lexicon of similar words has been coined. There’s ‘belfie’ (a selfie of the photographer’s rear) and ‘lelfie’ (a similar version of the photographer’s legs), both usually taken to highlight how shapely, fit or toned the photographer’s particular body parts are. Unsurprisingly, celebrities are leading the way with these trends, but now ordinary mortals can get in on the act too.

Now there’s another word to add to the glossary of mobile phone images taken with the intention of sharing on social media: ’cofie’.

Cofie is the name of a new free Android app available in beta version from StillWater International Inc. The app takes the idea of a selfie one step further. To take a cofie, or collaborative selfie, once downloaded, users send their friends, who also need to download the app, an invite at a suitable time. Then, when everyone is ready, they can take a selfie remotely but together. The result is a conglomerate photograph of two or more friends in different locations, yet by the power of the app, displayed in the same image.

This app is still in beta testing phase, so it may not work fully on every handset. The list on the Google Play Store page gives the handsets it has been tested on so far, together with a request for anyone testing on a mobile not listed yet to send in their feedback. Many other features are promised as the app is further refined, according to the developers. From the screenshots on the app instructions and the Google Play page, it looks as if the selfies taken as a cofie appear side by side in the same frame rather than as an amalgamated image, so they are separate photos that happen to be taken at the same time rather than a Photoshop style montage of various people in one photograph.

For those who want to try it, signing up is ridiculously easy, you have to provide your name, email country code and mobile number, plus an optional profile image. A verification code will be sent by SMS text message which may incur a charge from your provider. Once users and their friends are signed up, a simple message to your friends when you’re ready will allow the cofie to be taken and made available to all participants. This app carries a Parental Advisory due to the type of media being shared. It is licensed for use by those of age 12 and over only.

As with many of these newly released apps, the developers are always keen to hear from those who find a bug. In the case of an app like Cofie, which is still at beta stage, this feedback is invaluable to allow for development of the code, tweaking of the app and overall improvement of user experience.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Imypath: social media for today

Imypath logo. Image provided by developer and used with permission.

Imypath social networking platform, designed by Mark Alonzo Alexander, offers users a chance to build professional or social media networks based on interest, location and employment.

It’s easy to sign up; think up a screen name, provide an email address and birthday plus a couple of category choices as description. Once logged in, members can search and ‘support’ people in any of the vast array of categories. They can comment on and rate posts or images, share via email and see which posts have been rated by others. There are both audio and video functions as well as the ‘status’ field so beloved of Facebook users. Users can rate the profiles of other users in addition to their posts.

The unique selling point of Imypath is that users can choose to follow people specifically by interest, rather than just because the other user has followed them. In that way, Imypath is positioning itself as somewhere between the professional networking evident on LinkedIn and the purely social networking of platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s perhaps closest to somewhere like Tsu, except that there is no payment here apart from enjoyment.

Imypath reminds me strongly of the days when I used to have many penpals. These were people I wrote to because we had hobbies and interests in common. We liked the same music and had the same hobbies. Some of them lived in places I’d visited, so we’d meet up when I went back for my next holiday. We would send each other prints of our favorite photographs and share tales of our lives. It was better than any history or geography lesson, by far.

Where Imypath differs from many of the other social networks is that users can support people who are local to them too. This support may well cross the divide between ‘professional’ and ‘social’. For instance, a member can support someone who is in their church or neighborhood association, as well as supporting a former coworker whom they meet with for coffee every month. Those users with a very specific idea of how best to describe themselves or their jobs can add categories too, and the number of categories a user can belong to appears to be uncapped.

Mark Alonzo Alexander, developer of Imypath (and
for those old enough to remmeber, Roland Gift lookalike.)
Imypath is a great little app that is aiming to find a niche in the social media market. It offers as much functionality for posting as Facebook and Twitter, but also much more locally-specific functionality too, so if community groups or coworker teams want to use it, they will be able to without any problems. Plus, unlike Facebook or Twitter, it was designed for use on a mobile device so it is already completely configured for today’s increasingly mobile world. What’s not to like? Social media just found its new future. It’s purple, it’s Imypath.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Queen Bee Social - social media help for businesses

Queen Bee Social logo. Provided and used with permission.

Social media and businesses have not always been the best of friends. As Queen Bee Social point out in one of their latest blogs When Businesses Go Socially Rogue, brands can easily undo years of good work with one ill advised tweet or post, and the resulting loyalty rebuilding exercise can be lengthy and expensive.

Fortunately there is an answer. A company like Queen Bee Social can help you to put the word out about your business in the right way. Queen Bee provide a complete social media marketing service which will increase your valuable inbound traffic (that's what brings you customers) and advise on how best to run your social media accounts to maximize their impact and raise your search engine rankings.

Looking at some of the headlines on the front page of Queen Bee Social, you can grasp the strategic importance of the correct social media marketing plan. Personalized marketing experiences are becoming the norm, with companies targeting adverts based on search terms, topics in blog posts, and even programmatic advertising to tie up their advertisements with what the viewer wants to see. In addition, 59% of businesses say effective search engine optimization, or SEO, is the key to lead generation. Furthermore, 71% of social media users who are shown good customer service by a company will recommend that firm to others.

Get it right, and there is a huge amount to be gained. Get it wrong and it could take a while to recover. Queen Bee Social will walk you through all of these minefields and more. The firm offers tips on integrating traditional marketing avenues with new digital media, as well as showing clients how to make the most of that social media. You will learn how to set and implement a successful social media strategy to draw in new clients and reinforce loyalty in existing ones. Queen Bee will look at your existing social media presence to see how the business is performing in the field and offer advice to make it more effective where necessary. They will also give tips on email marketing campaigns to ensure your emails aren’t simply deleted by your clients; or worse, by your targeted new customers. Mobile marketing is another area where companies can seek help, to ensure that they are making the most of their market on the move. After all, search engines penalize companies with poorly performing websites on mobile platforms, which is unlikely to help business.

Of course, Queen Bee Social will also help out with reputation management too, so if you have suffered an employee meltdown in public, they will be able to advise the best way to avert reputation ruin. Group and individual training sessions are available to suit your company’s structure and working practices, so all styles of company can benefit.

No matter the size of your firm or the social media questions that you may have, it is likely that Queen Bee Social can help provide answers. If you feel your company’s social media presence can be improved, founder Megan Washington and her team should be able to help.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Klink - Share Content, Get Paid

Klink app logo. Image supplied and used with permission.
This could be interesting. I’m not a video fan and I’m too old to ‘get’ Instagram. Anyway, Instagram is a Facebook company and I don’t ‘get’ that either.

But for those who love those little Vine video clips and share Instagrams the way I share Tweets, the new Klink social media app is a mix of the two. And you get paid for sharing your content too. Well, it was going to happen eventually, after the rise and fall of revshare sites for words, as the fashion moved on to videos and images, so the revshare model would follow.

Interested potential users should be aware that this app requires a 5th generation Apple device running iOS7. My iPod Touch is a 4th generation so stops at version 6.1.6. Shame, because being paid to find out about the fuss surrounding Instagram-style apps would have been fun.

This app is brand new, only available on Apple (no Android version yet as they only launched a month ago). The developers tell me the app supports full screen, high quality photos and video, which makes it easy to capture, share and monetize your still or moving images. Yes, monetize. This app works just like the revshare sites for writers, or YouTube for podcasters, and pays you for sharing your content. This is achieved by including small banner ads with your content and sharing the revenues between all those users whose work has displayed those adverts. The screenshot on the support page link indicates a rate of $1 for 1,000 views which is around the industry average for written or visual content on this new breed of mobile social media. Anyone familiar with the Like system on Facebook will feel right at home here, where a like more or less indicates having viewed the content. A featured post can be purchased for 99 cents, or you can save the money earned from your views and withdraw it at a later date.

If you check the hashtag #klinkapp on Twitter or Instagram, you will see examples of the app in use and find out more about how it works. The latest version is only a couple of days old and features a live feed of all new content and better video quality, including video ads. Even though I can’t download it, it looks from the screenshots as if it should be fairly easy to use, and certainly the comments seem to bear that out. There’s a toggle switch to swipe between video and photo and buttons to like, comment and upload content. Swiping corrects blurred view and the piggy bank icon allows you to share the app and invite friends to join too. Naturally, the main idea is that you share your content across other social media sites. Facebook may not take too kindly to monetized content from other sites being shared on feeds, but Instagram and Twitter seem to be pretty cool about it, at least judging from the site’s popularity on those platforms.

Of course, Klink app is new, and despite serious testing there have still been reports of bugs. The developers hope they have ironed many of them out with the latest update but comments, moans, gripes and suggestions are all welcome via the support email. Early adopters are eligible for a Super Elite Klink Creator badge, and should email the developers for more information on applying.

Now, if the developers could just release an Android version, I would be able to give it a really good test and report back in a month or so with my findings. Anyone fancy seeing photographs of the neighborhood cats?

Friday, June 26, 2015, bringing customers and businesses together online, matching businesses to clients around the world.
Video shared with permission. is a new online business for clients to find and work with businesses of all sizes. It is so new that there is no website as yet (although it is under development at and all the currently available information about the business is found in a set of multi lingual animated videos on YouTube.

So, what is It is a free online business social network offering a gateway for small and medium sized companies globally to connect with their customers no matter where they are in the world. The video describes the firm as a company which provides professional services to other businesses, and its aim is to act as a platform for organizations and individuals to work one-on-one or collaboratively as a group. Once a company’s user profile is completed, the users can upload photographs of the products or services the business provides, giving potential clients a clearer idea of the range of services on offer. When the client knows what they are getting, they will be far happier, and may even feel that they are getting better value for money. is essentially customer oriented, aiming to enhance communication between clients and customers, leading to more satisfied and better informed customers. This platform is designed to appeal to all levels of company in many different fields, from professionals to mom-and-pop style small family firms and work at home enterprises.

As a business owner, with, your clientele can see the difference between you and your competitors through photographs and examples of your work, designs, projects or expertise. You can showcase your skills, highlight any unique selling points about your services or highlight any specific qualities you believe you can bring to a task. A photograph speaks a thousand words, as the saying goes. You can have your portfolio not just speaking for you, but shouting out your abilities from the rooftops, a really vivid visual image.

It is said that sometimes, a potential client may well choose someone with day-to-day experience of a situation over someone who holds a University degree. It could be that the client is looking for someone with specific knowledge, rather than theoretical learning. You will have the opportunity with Wizdiary to highlight why your particular brand of knowledge can benefit your clients, and gain an audience and recognition as a result. aims to bring customers and businesses together in one location and offers an easy to use template to allow you to start showcasing your business quickly and easily. You can reach a global audience, and maybe even break into new markets as a result. If you feel your business needs greater visibility and a wider audience, then could be for you. Sign up today, create your profile, upload your photographs and watch your business grow.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Inbound Influence, all about social media marketing

Deanna Gush, founder of Inbound Influence. Image provided by Deanna and used with permission.

Without inbound marketing, these days a business would have a difficult time of it. Not heard of the phrase before? Inbound marketing is the term used to describe the use of social media to engage potential customers with a brand.

Deanna Gush is an expert in the concept, and her website Inbound Influence is a mine of information for those looking to get to grips with how this powerful marketing strategy can help their business growth. It’s all about creating the right links in the right places to generate worthwhile traffic. That’s easier said than done in these days of bots, spammers, scrapers, link farms and ever-changing search engine algorithms. The company is based in Redditch, England but naturally has a global reach, as ought any online business these days. There is also a marketing course offered through Inbound Influence which will teach the necessary marketing skills in greater detail, but simply sitting down and reading through the detailed content on the website will improve many people’s understanding of inbound marketing and its importance.

Inbound Influence’s knowledge will help any online business develop a strategy, gain visitors, turn leads into customers, find promotion techniques that work and generally move to the next level of success. There are always some people who say that one social media platform works better for them than another, or that they just don’t ‘get’ social media in any form. Inbound Influence can help with both of those issues, ensuring that all relevant social media platforms are delivering some measure of success and demonstrating the different types of inbound marketing available via social media. Some businesses might benefit from a video-based marketing strategy, for instance, others could be better off with images and short punchy product descriptions. Inbound Influence’s marketing assistance will deal with aspects of web content, provide mentoring and coaching to allow businesses to improve their website and ensure that their content is AdWords compliant.

On a more practical level, company founder Deanna is a mother and a wife, so she knows all about juggling a startup with home life and the competing demands that mix brings. She has been involved in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and is now ready and willing to share that knowledge with others to allow them to grow their businesses too. Inbound Influence can provide advice on website layout, writing content, building brand recognition (very important in today’s media-savvy world) and point business owners in the right direction – upwards – to ensure they make the most of their business.

The online marketing course is run by Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy, and caters both for those looking to retrain in marketing and those who consider they need more knowledge to tackle the social media mountain effectively. To get a flavor for the sort of things Inbound Influence specialize in, Deanna’s Twitter feed hosts a constant stream of links to suitable articles from around the web to inform and inspire entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers.

Social media marketing these days cannot be ignored. With the help of Inbound Influence, businesses can be sure it won’t be.