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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TrendeeWares offers gadgets for geeks and toys for the rest of us

TrendeeWares logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

Need a gadget for a geek? A new toy for a nerd? Or just a useful bit of kit for the house? New website TrendeeWares can help. The range runs from drones to gadgets for cars and mobile phones, as well as the usual range of home accessories and targeted gifts for all your family members.

At the bottom left of the screen is a revolving carousel widget listing the most recently sold items, while the website automatically displays prices in the correct currency for the ISP’s location. That makes it easy to calculate cost, at least. As with eBay, the site incorporates a widget showing number of items sold in the last 24 hours.

And whatever ‘toy’ you’re looking for, this site has it. The aforementioned drones, yes. Several of them, at prices that won’t break the bank if they are lost. Helicopter drones, selfie drones and mini drones are all available here.

Present Ideas for Babies and Children

There are potty-style toilet trainers of various sorts and a swimming ring for babies, plus an indoor tent and a selection of remote-controlled toys for older children.

Gifts for Her

The items aimed at women are typically beauty products and slimming assistance. So, buyers will find teeth whitening products, all manner of belts and waist trainers designed to sculpt the figure, as well as makeup related items such as brush cleaners, eyebrow shapers and hair extensions.

Gadgets for Men

The gadgets for men are surprisingly low key, including bracelets, lighters and a snore-reduction kit as well as a fully USB enabled travel bag. Usually, sites like this are filled with bleeping, light-up gadgets and desktop toys, but not here.

Home Gadget Ideas

Homewares are well represented, with everything from teeth whitening kits to salad cutter bowls and robotic cleaners. Some of the items are similar to those you would find in Crate & Barrel or Lakeland Plastics; useful gadgets such as fruit peelers and slicers, but some remind me of the gadgets advertised in the small ads in magazines - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Car Accessories

Some of the range of car accessories will also appeal to dog owners and phone geeks, as there is a choice of dog travel seat cover blankets and hands-free phone accessories. Car lovers are also likely to appreciate the scratch repair pen and anti-scratch polish.

Pet lovers

Talking of pet lovers, there is a whole page devoted to items for animal fans. Items for dogs, cats and birds are currently featured, including pet coats, water bottles and doggie fashion wear.

Phone Accessories

The phone gadgets and accessories page has a range of bluetooth chargers, speakers and cases including several waterproof items. The cases are mainly for iPhones, but some of the other items are also Samsung compatible. Fancy singing in the shower? Check. Charging on the go? Check - there’s a bracelet for that.

Hot Gadgets and Accessories

This page shows popular items, as well as those with limited numbers left. Each listing has a counter under the thumbnail photo which indicates the number sold and total number of available items. Some goods listed on this page may only have a handful of items left.

TrendeeWares is that rare site which has a good choice of products at reasonable prices. Every item is discounted and the limited stock numbers ensure keen sales. The items look well made and, because they are offered at discount, buyers may be less likely to demand a refund or return if they are not satisfied. Even so, TrendeeWares offers a comprehensive refunds and returns policy which is clearly explained on the appropriate page on the site.

So, whether you’re in search of a gadget for a geek or a toy for a boy of any age, TrendeeWares is worth a look.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Get Well Soon flowers from Laura Florist and Gifts, Melbourne, Australia

Laura Florist and Gifts, Melbourne Australia
Royalty-free image provided.

Flowers are appropriate in many different situations. A bunch or bouquet can express thanks, sorrow, congratulations, apologies or a get well message, depending on the colours and flowers chosen.

If you choose to send get well flowers to someone, you may well opt for a bright and cheerful arrangement, maybe sunflowers, roses or tulips, such as the flowers Melbourne-based Laura Florist and Gifts offer. Bright flowers can be a spot of colour in a world that often looks strange, clinical and monochrome. If the recipient is still in hospital, do be sure to check with the ward before arranging delivery though. Many intensive care units will not accept flower deliveries, and other wards may decline on grounds of allergy or space. Patients and staff may love the colourful displays, but hygiene has to come first in a hospital.

In these situations it may be easier to arrange for the flower delivery to be made to the patient’s home on the day they are discharged, being sure that someone will be around to take delivery of the gift. After all, the patient’s family need cheering up just as much as the patient, and a bunch of brightly coloured flowers shows that someone is thinking about them and their loved ones. Some of the arrangements even come with their own vase, saving the fuss of having to poke around to find one when the delivery is made. Even those showcased in a box can be left in the box for a few days thanks to the moisture retaining material lining the stems of the display.

Melbourne flower delivery company Laura Florist and Gifts have a selection of suitable bouquets, priced from AUS$39 to AUS$89. They feature sunflowers, lilies, roses, tulips and gerberas in cheerful yellows, bright reds, oranges and deep purples. The native seasonal arrangements are a mixed option for those unsure of which flowers to send, while the additional bundle choice available with the arrangements offers a selection of extra gifts such as chocolates, alcohol, a cuddly toy or a seasonal accessory.

Free delivery is offered within 30km of the Melbourne CBD; same day delivery is available for all arrangements ordered before 11am. Once you have established whether the ward does accept flower deliveries, you will need to provide full information on the location (the hospital’s address and the ward number where the delivery is to be made) plus, of course, the name of the patient. This helps us too, as all our cards are hand-written, and we like to address our recipients by name. Don’t forget to let us have your details as well, in case we need to rearrange delivery.

A bunch of get well flowers doesn’t have to be delivered to hospital, however. You might simply want to cheer up your friend or neighbour who is recuperating at home on sick leave, or has been laid up with a nasty virus. A get well soon bouquet could be just as appropriate for someone who has had ‘flu, bronchitis or is recovering from a sprained ankle or broken bone. A bright, eye-catching arrangement could be offered as a pick me up for someone feeling down, even someone who has said they feel lonely, to show that you are thinking of them even if you can’t visit in person. A cuddly toy included with the bouquet will give them a lasting reminder of your gift, although a box of chocolates or a bottle of alcohol could also be warmly received, depending on the recipient.

Ordering get well soon flowers in Melbourne has never been easier. Laura Florist and Gifts has the choice you’ve been looking for.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Laura Florist and Gifts in Melbourne, Australia: premium online flower orders and delivery

Laura Florist and Gifts. 'From our hearts to yours.'
Image provided and used with permission.

Flowers speak a thousand words. They are given as tokens of love, as presents, as wedding gifts, in thanks and in memory. There is a whole dictionary of meaning built up around different colours and types of flowers and the meaning behind them. Everyone knows red roses mean love and white flowers indicate eternal joy and purity. Yellow ‘mums show neglected love, and some people say that giving them is bad luck. A simple internet search will list pages and pages of articles on the meanings of flowers in different situations, when it is appropriate to give certain types of flowers and the significance behind many popular bouquets and flower-based traditions.

Melbourne, Australia area residents have online options to make the choice of giving flowers quicker and easier. A Melbourne-based online florist such as Laura Florist and Gifts knows the right colours to use for all the common scenarios and has a wide selection of traditional and modern arrangements for any occasion. The flowers used include gerberas, roses, sunflowers, lilies, tulips, wildflowers and iris. Bouquets are themed by common occasions such as romantic gifts, anniversaries, birthdays and sympathy, but also include options for Get Well Soon bouquets suitable for hospitals (remember to check whether the ward accepts flowers first though), Mother’s Day and new baby congratulatory bouquets. The traditional Thank You and Sorry bouquets are also covered. Arrangements are available in many different sizes; some are boxed, while others come in vases. All are beautifully presented, as would be expected. The wrapping is as much part of the artistry of the arrangement as the blooms themselves. Each arrangement has further information available, including exactly what is included in each order. Similar arrangements are also highlighted so buyers can easily make a decision.

Many relationship pages recommend the random gift of flowers as a ‘just because’ gesture. Roses are ideal for this, and Laura Florist and Gifts has a beautiful selection in the Romance and Thank You section. Ordering is ridiculously easy, with a one-click Buy Now option on every bouquet, as well as Wish List and Quick View buttons. The arrangements are a mix of traditional colours and unusual mixes, so buyers can be sure that all tastes are covered. Of course the classic dozen or half dozen red roses arrangements are available, as well as the traditional white lilies or roses for sympathy. But there is an amazing choice so if the occasion is right, buyers can buck the trends and be a bit more daring. Whether it’s a cheeky little brightly coloured gerbera posy, a boxed arrangement of fresh lilies and roses or the bright statement yellow splash of sunflowers, Laura Florist and Gifts can make up the requested bouquet and even deliver the same day, if the order is placed early enough.

The staff will deliver orders between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday, within a 30km radius of Melbourne CBD. Same day delivery is available for orders placed before 9am. Delivery costs under $10, although a redelivery fee may apply if the recipient is out or the address given proves to be incorrect.

Facebook users have the option to go to the Laura Florist and Gifts page there and see the company’s first commercial. It’s only 35 seconds long, but it lays the company’s business out in plain terms; delivery to the recipient’s door, arrangements prepared with love and attention to detail.

Melbourne residents now have no excuses not to show their loved one they love them, surprise their mother or send a bouquet to a friend or neighbour in hospital. With Laura Florist and Gifts it’s a matter of a couple of clicks to have the order placed and the delivery on its way that day.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 dating site, open to all

Can’t find Mr or Ms Right? Mainstream dating sites not working? Fed up of dating apps? Try caters for everyone, no matter how you identify. Whatever your place on the gender spectrum. wants to help you find your ideal partner. Even without joining the site, the search on the front page allows would-be members to find like-minded types across male and female genders of any age from 18 upwards.
The site has international members and specializes in LGBT matches, such that the Success Stories page has several profiles of same sex couples who are married or civil partners. There are presently 196 pages of profiles, so surely there must be someone for everyone there? LoveSprout was set up on a whim, to offer a site specifically for the LGBT community, but also catering for anyone who wants to meet new friends. The founders want to give equal rights a boost, and are choosing to do this through the provision of a dating website for anyone.

As with many websites, LoveSprout offers every level of involvement from finding new friends to casual dating and serious relationships. It was built as a result of input from various friends of the founders, and has grown organically from there. The site is still in development, but to develop, it needs feedback from users, no matter their level of engagement with the site.

Registration is easy; for starters, potential members only have to give a username, email address and password, or sign in with an existing Facebook account. The owners are hoping to offer more features and upgrades as the site gains members, and they are constantly working to make it more user-friendly and incorporate the features that members request.

As you might expect from a dating site, LoveSprout has a robust privacy policy with details of information collected and how the site uses that data. They remind users/members that some advertisers on LoveSprout may have other markers which they use to collect information. This may or may not include generic location information (geotargeting). A profile can be customized to show as much or as little information as the member wishes, but nothing in the ‘description’ field is made public by There is also a clearly explained opt-out right.

Generally though, LoveSprout operates the same as all dating sites the world over. Two people meet, decide they like each other enough to spend time together. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Rinse and repeat until it does, if you find that there is no one initially who meets your requirements. Eventually, your Prince or Princess will show up, and like many people these days, you will be blessing the invention of dating sites.

All dating sites have one thing in common - they widen the pool of available partners. For a member of the LGBT community, that pool may seem smaller than it actually is. LoveSprout is here to show you that your options are international, if that’s the way you want it.

Monday, July 31, 2017

BohAwesome - clothing to express your inner goddess

BohAwesome logo. Image supplied and used with permission.

BohAwesome is one of those websites which does what is says on the tin. The clothing and accessories showcased here are both bohemian and awesome. Flowing lines, geometric prints and handmade style are all to be found, plus wallets and bracelets for men and baby dresses to make an infant daughter the talk of the town or the belle of the festival.

BohAwesome mainly concentrates on ladies’ clothing and accessories, however. These are the kind of maxi dresses that just fall over any shape, scarves to brighten up the dullest of days, swimsuits to rock the pool...oh, you get my drift? Jumpsuits and shorts, tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry and accessories are all available through this site.

From sandals to heels, there are shoes to suit all styles. Fringed heels, stilettos of all kinds and strappy Roman gladiator sandals are all for sale here. Colorful leggings, fringed jeans and bellbottom jazzy patterned pants, gypsy tops, strappy ruffles, waterfall hems and more. Needless to say, BohAwesome has a strong social media presence, with accounts on both Twitter and Instagram @BohAwesomeFinds. Such striking fashion demands a regular social media update, after all.

Like many (often much larger) sites, BohAwesome offers a referral reward program. The Get $20, Give $20 friend referral program offers referrers a chance to earn $20 for every customer they refer when that friend makes their first purchase. Plus the referred friend ends up with a $20 discount on their first purchase too. That’s a win-win situation, surely?

BohAweome offers a tangled and colorful fusion of Bohemian, Southwestern, Mayan/Aztec, Island and Rustic finds. The site offers free standard shipping on all US orders and free shipping for international orders over $100. Payment can be made by most major credit cards or PayPal, so it’s summertime and the buying is easy, as Nina Simone might have said...

A recommended tab shows items that browsing customers might like, while there is also a popup message giving the names of the latest members to join, as another hint that customers might be better in this club than looking on from the outside.

BohAwesome is an ideal site for those who like unusual, one off, handmade and unique clothing. Today’s world is one of niche and uniqueness, with everyone from parents to businesses trying to be the one of their kind that everyone prefers. With clothing from BohAwesome, ladies have the chance to wear the unique, one-of-a-kind style that sets them apart from the brands and the malls.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 free online whiteboard (etc) collaboration tool

Screengrab of's homepage. is an innovative collaborative progressive web app, or PWA, which allows users to communicate in visual drawings as well as through text chat, audio, videos and by uploading files.

Progressive web apps are technically normal web pages available through modern browsers such as Google Chrome, but they look more like something users would see on a mobile. They allow all kinds of tricks that regular web pages wouldn’t too, such as being able to draw a response in a chat window, swap files and work on a mobile as seamlessly as a PC. describes itself as a free online whiteboard, but the site also allows video conferencing and text messages with offline notification. The video conferencing side allows images and files to be dragged and dropped into the chat, while the text messaging option will suit those more used to chatrooms than video conferencing. is powered by and has an extensive lexicon of keyboard shortcuts available for Windows and Mac systems, These cover all aspects of tool use, navigation and editing functions. It looks fairly simple to use, whether on the elderly Mac laptop I own or my more modern Android phone.

A meeting is initiated via the Start Meeting button available on most pages of the site. It’s as simple as that. Collaboration is easy, whether users write, draw or speak their ideas by preference. I can see this PWA appealing to the severely dyslexic people I have worked with, who were able to understand pictures much quicker than words, as well as those who prefer to speak to someone face to face and people like me who prefer words on a page.

Yes, there have been drawing apps before which have a chat element; the similarly named DrawChat or Draw Something (both 2012 releases), for instance. But this isn’t an app. It doesn’t appear in Google Play. Users simply type into their browser and the site will load. On a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, it looks and works the same. And unlike many apps, this PWA has a solid business purpose. It can bring together collaborators from around the world in a couple of clicks, and allow them to share ideas across different media simply and quickly, crossing boundaries of language and expression.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mymediclique Medical Network and Personal Research Center

Medical professionals tend to advise against self-diagnosis using internet resources, because not everything is as truthful and accurate as it could be. Mymediclique could be the exception to that rule, however, because it is a health information site offering access to medical research articles and opportunities to sign up for clinical trials. Other services include the ability to request custom research and be sent a personalised report on the chosen topic.

This members-only site medical and dental information resource offers a social media side too, with groups focussing on topics such as allergies, women’s health, alternative medicine and digestive disorders. Once registered, users can find local providers and support from those living nearby with similar issues. They are free to comment on the articles in the subject groups and check out the latest medical research. Enlisting the team to find suitable clinical trials will incur a non-refundable fee and require provision of medical records.

The homepage has a short welcome video giving more details about the opportunities on offer. It offers an overview of the available services in less than two minutes, explaining that the medical experts on the site convert up-to-the-minute health and medical news into easy-to-understand language for the members. The article library is growing fast and that, together with the members’ shared experience, is the bedrock of this site. The icing on the cake is the chance to commission personal research from the team of experts.

Of course, no self-respecting site these days can survive without advertising, and the specific member-submitted advertisements on Mymediclique will showcase medical specialists in many different areas. In addition, the In the News tab carries information on food product recalls and new drugs coming to market.

Mymediclique offers a unique mix of social media support and medical expertise to help the members make informed decisions about their health and wellness. They can read up on treatment options for many of the most common modern health issues and add their own thoughts to the articles, maybe sparking a discussion as a result. It is not simply a diet or fitness site or an alternative therapy hangout; Mymediclique offers links to work published in medical journals and chances to contact doctors with new ideas on existing illnesses and syndromes.

It goes without saying that anyone using this resource should also consult their existing medical practitioner or specialist team before opting for treatment for any condition. The difference between Mymediclique and many other sites is that this one links directly to published medical research but provides a quick overview of the articles in everyday language. The social media side allows members to share experiences plus offering the chance to recommend professionals or courses of treatment to others. It is a clever mix of the social media and medical worlds which makes it unique.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Zigstat free SEO statistical & analytical reports

Screenshot of Zigstat website
Image taken with permission.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to the success of any website. A good webmaster or website owner will know how to ensure their site has good SEO, but to the uninitiated it is often a dark art. Even for the best webmaster, having the stats of your site at your fingertips is useful information. can help decode some of the jargon and provide indicators of success by providing free statistical and analytical data on any website. Users provide the name of the website they are checking and in return can see a variety of stats about it. Data provided includes associated organic keywords, similar sites found by the same keywords and most popular sites providing backlinks to the website. There is also a screenshot of the home page, plus a host of SEO stats including the Alexa, Semrush and Moz Domain Authority ranks, popularity by number of visitors and traffic map by country.

The report also shows the page loading speed (vital for user engagement), earnings from advertisements and popularity on numerous social media channels. Thinking somewhat laterally, the analytics draw parallels between the subject site and similar sites on the same IP address, as well as contrasting the site’s success with those showing the same Adsense adverts.

Lastly, the analytics show the WOT Trustworthiness and Google Safety scores for the website as well as reproducing the WHOIS data and information on the domain name and registration details.

But why would anyone want to know this information about a site?

Sometimes, being able to contact the person who registered the site is important, for instance in cases of plagiarism or when serving a cease and desist notice under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A recent article from the BBC entitled How long will you wait for a shopping website to load? (Matthew Wall, Technology of Business Editor, 19 August 2016) suggests that if a site hasn’t loaded within three seconds, many potential customers will look elsewhere. It is also interesting for website owners to know which sites the web considers most similar to theirs, and how other sites perform serving the same ads as theirs.

Services such as Zigstat are not often widely recognized outside the professional website management realm. But anyone who has a website, no matter how large or small, will benefit from having free information on hand, on demand. A single snapshot of a website’s stats is all very well, but for those looking to grow their business, or see why orders have dropped, regular visits to Zigstat before and after making changes to the site can be beneficial and provide real insight into their own and their competitors’ performance.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Progressive Designs offer graphics, web design and more

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Progressive Designs offers a graphic and web design service. The team prides itself on meticulous attention to detail and a full service provision of web design, graphic design and copywriting for marketing and advertising. They will design websites, offer an update to a logo, or simply provide some fresh descriptive words for any site. Advertising copy and marketing materials fall within their services, so for businesses looking to launch a new range or service, Progressive Designs would be a good one-stop shop.

The team is based in Mauritius, but obviously, given the nature of their business, the company provides services worldwide. They will offer potential clients from all fields a quote and further information on request. Progressive Designs has a very strong graphics design side, with around 90% of their team having some expertise in this area. Three quarters of the team have copywriting experience and most of them are also capable of undertaking web development and the design elements of any project. The About section of the Who We Are page on the website has both written and video evidence for this, so no matter how clients prefer to be given information, it is here. Playing the introductory video embedded on the page gives interested viewers an insight into how the firm came to be, while the Services section of the same page provides an overview of the range of specialisms offered.

The company will not only help clients with web development and design but also image, artwork and logo design. Their expertise also extends to design and packaging for physical items including CDs, posters, magazines and catalogs, textiles (think promotional goods) and even books. Progressive Designs will handle any cross-platform advertising campaign, and as you might expect from a graphics and design agency, they have a Facebook presence and a number of YouTube videos. Both images on this article were produced especially for it, and illustrate exactly what the company offers. The header image suggests that Progressive Designs will take any firm from an idea to the solution across a seemingly bottomless chasm, through use of graphic design. The second one, displayed at the end of the article, implies the option of saving a business from heaps of design changes and failed logos.

Advertising and design are more and more important these days. Everyone has their own website, many run their own businesses, either as a freelance sideline or full time as a main income. The only way to be noticed is to be eye catching, unique, different. With the help of Progressive Designs, the next campaign could be the one which catches the public’s imagination and establishes a new brand.

Progressive Designs
Graphic created especially for this article and used with permission.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Colleen Nye: Author

Colleen Nye, Author.
Image supplied and used with permission.

It gives me great pleasure to be writing about an author. Makes a change from articles about apps and websites, and in any case, Colleen Nye is a thoroughly modern wordsmith who uses collaboration with other authors to create some of the work she publishes. Come to think of it, she’s right up my street.

On her website Colleen describes herself as “an author in various styles and genres – Novels, short stories, poetry, romantic comedies, suspense thriller, drama…”. Colleen is a prolific and compulsive writer, always working on something and often on several things together, it seems. Her publication list for 2016 is as fierce as it is varied, with anthologies co-written with other authors, a teen drama, a science fiction work and a series of five books in an anthology known as The Debut Collective.

But let’s start at the beginning. Colleen has been writing and winning awards for her work since her teens. Now she owns her own publishing imprint, Blue Deco Publishing, as well as producing an impressive output of work and curating anthologies in which other authors have a big part to play too.

To date, Colleen’s work includes:

  • Immersion – a science fiction world where virtual gaming is key.
  • The Unattainable Series – Book one is called When in Maui, a romantic novel. Book two is titled When in Doubt, and will be released in spring 2016.
  • The Lunchtime Anthologies – Gable Heights is the first installment in the series which meshes Colleen’s main storyline with other authors’ short stories and plot developments.
  • Pieces in two volumes of anthology work from the Writing from the Ledges collective: Voices from the Ledges and Seasons of Life.

Colleen’s blog includes a series of writer interviews, a reminder of the reality of NaNoWriMo (where every self-respecting novelist tries to bash out as many words as possible in the month of November, hoping to reach the holy grail of 50,000 words in 30 days) and information about upcoming releases from Blue Deco Publishing.

If it’s word-centric or writing-focused, expect to see Colleen involved. Besides running Blue Deco Publishing, she writes press releases and leads workshops on creative writing and getting published. Plus, she is always up for book signings, conventions, appearances and talks. For instance, she will be at Utopiacon conference in Tennessee in June 2016, which is a specialist event for writers of supernatural fiction, and Tulip City Author Event in July 2016 in Michigan. Further ahead, Colleen’s appearances are already planned at Indies in NY in August and Penned Con in St Louis in September. That is only a snapshot of the events where Colleen is appearing in the next year or so, and she is booking into 2017 too.

If you like your authors varied, prolific, modern and refreshing, Colleen Nye’s work should be on your recommended reading list. No chance of becoming bored with the same style of writing for book after book with this author, that’s for sure.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alani Greetings provides cards for the African-American and LGBT markets

Alani Greetings, Dayton, Ohio.
Image provided and used with permission.

The Americans have the Brits beat when it comes to greetings cards. There are websites which offer lists of reasons to celebrate each day, and for many of those, there’s an appropriate greetings card. Some are funny, some are rude, some are downright odd if you’re not part of the target demographic.

Bosses can find cards for their staff to show their appreciation. There are cards for expressing your sadness at the death of a friend’s pet and for every conceivable relative’s birthday. Some cards are undoubtedly in better taste than others - there was a section in one greetings card shop I visited in New York which was marked ‘Appropriate for Eating Disorder or Addiction’. Hmmm.

But for those who identify as LGBT or who need a card suitable for a proud African-American, there can be a limited choice in the mainstream outlets. Fortunately, the internet has come to the rescue of many people needing specialist items, and greetings cards are no exception. For tasteful LGBT and African-American cards, there really is only one place to look. Alani Greetings, LLC, based in Dayton, Ohio, has a range of unusual cards for both groups of people. Online orders are welcome, and at present, with a minimum spend of $9.90, buyers will receive $2 discount when they quote the promo code ‘MELL’. (Correct at January 2016 - please check website for current offers.)

There are presently 28 different designs available, roughly split equally between birthday cards, statement cards and LGBT cards. The cartoon birthday cards are mainly aimed at the African-American market, while many of the photo cards are perfect for a group of diverse friends to send greetings to the birthday girl or boy.

The first card in the selection is the Baby Girl card. This is a statement from a father to his lesbian daughter affirming that he will always be there for her.

The next two cards are birthday greetings aimed squarely at the African-American market. Both cards suggest that the birthday girl or boy can enjoy their cake today, but tomorrow the ribbing will be about exactly how much of it they enjoyed.

The bittersweet message in the ‘Bye’ card is that when it’s over, IT’S OVER. Perfect for an ex-girlfriend to send to their former partner of either sex, just enough bitterness to bring it home without an overdose of sarcasm.

‘Campfire’ is a subtle kick in the teeth for a guy who made a mistake, where the African-American woman is telling him that she will never let him forget this trip (for all the wrong reasons). Oops.

Some of the greetings cards are very subtle. The Easter card and the blank ‘Chairs’ card are both based on the LGBT rainbow, but to many the rainbow is simply a pleasing arrangement of colors. Look closely at the Easter card, however, and the subjects are all men, wearing unmistakably female hats. Many of the photo cards are tinted to make the point and draw the viewer’s eye towards each person.

The Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards are suitable for children of any persuasion to send their parents, as they simply highlight the fact that parents have been known to give their children advice which they only fully understand later in life.

My personal favorites are The ‘Grow Old With Me?’ cards, which are nothing less than declarations of intent for gay and lesbian couples. After all, LGBT couples can be just as besotted about their partner as any straight couple, and I’ve heard it said that many are more faithful than their straight counterparts can be. However, if your friend suspects that their partner is playing away, you can always send them a cheeky ‘Pussy Cat’ card to lighten the mood and remind them they have an answer to the situation.

For the selfie fangirls, the ‘Smile’ greetings card is a great way to show you know your friend, while the sassy African-American ladies of ‘Suitcases’ can remind a broken hearted sister that a BFF is better than any boyfriend and the ‘Get Together’ pairing has one birthday card and one fun greeting for friends who are meeting up for the first time in a while, or thinking of someone who can’t be there to celebrate with them.

Alani Greetings has a small but eye catching selection of niche cards for the LGBT and African-American communities. For those who live in areas where such cards are not readily available in any stores, shopping online is a very acceptable alternative to make sure that friends elsewhere receive appropriate cards sharing love and laughter across the miles.

Alani Greetings’ mission statement reads ‘We plan to bring you greetings you don’t see in the mainstream marketplace.’ This they do with humor, grace, subtlety and occasional mild cheek. A perfect mix to ensure everyone laughs and no one is terminally offended.