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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lifeplus nutritional supplements and personal care

Lifeplus logo. Image provided and used with permission

Lifeplus wants people worldwide to live well and be healthy. A producer of nutritional supplements and beauty products, the company offers help and guidance to all. Lifeplus is also proudly cruelty-free and acceptable to vegetarians and vegans.

Like many of the health and wellness firms around these days, it operates as a network marketing, franchising model. Lifeplus was founded in 1992 by a pharmacist who noticed that many of his customers developed issues as a result of side effects of the treatment they were taking for a specific condition. Many health and wellness companies are born of the wish to help others through nutritional science, and Lifeplus soon gathered other likeminded souls from other specialisms who were interested in holistic living.

Lifeplus operates a network marketing model (referral marketing, as they call it) which connects customers, sellers and products in one seamless circle.

The Lifeplus philosophy is that simple steps lead to permanent changes. The Lifeplus Formula is designed to help anyone make a permanent change in their lifestyle. It focuses on State of Mind, Staying Active, Eating Well and Nutritional Supplements. A series of articles showcases elements of these four areas which together lead to a more balanced and healthier way of life.

The Lifeplus product range includes nutritional supplements and personal care. The nutritional supplements are divided into groups of products called General Wellness, Targeted Wellness, Weight Wellness, Sports Nutrition and Lifeplus Recommendations. Many of the supplements come in tablet form, although there are also shakes and meal replacements in some areas. Wellness covers everything from the familiar to the unusual. Evening Primrose Oil is something most people will have heard of, but what about a colon cleanser including beetroot, kelp, walnut leaf and blond psyllium? No, thought not.

Personal care includes body, skin and dental care products, natural and organic care for surface areas rather than the gut. Tea tree oil toothpaste, anti-aging serum with grape seed and pomegranate, or bath and body gel with peppermint, rosemary and lavender are all on offer for those who prefer their products on the natural side.

Combined with the articles on a healthier lifestyle available on the Lifestyle Formula pages, this range of products has the ability to help people make a lifestyle change through small steps for starters. Someone who has never really taken a healthy lifestyle seriously might find that Lifeplus is an easy way to begin the road to healthy eating, positive thinking and exercise which experts agree is the best way to maintain mental and physical health.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Blackwolf workout supplements for men or women

Blackwolf workout supplements. Huntress option shown.
Image provided and used with permission.

Workout supplements are for big, musclebound guys, right?


At least according to Blackwolf. The company has a targeted range of supplements for men, and another for women, to optimise the effect that working out gives both. Someone in the company realised that women would like to make the best of their gym habits too, so the initial picture on Blackwolf Workout Supplements’ site shows both a male and a female in workout gear and the site goes on to detail the plus points of the Blackwolf supplement range to all customers.

The Blackwolf Workout Supplements site is an information portal for the Wolfson Berg brand Blackwolf. Sales made through the site will benefit an affiliate. As with many health and wellness brands, Wolfson Berg have turned to the affiliate market to spread the word about their product. This writer has nothing against that, as often word on social media or the wider internet is the only way to hear about such products.

The Blackwolf supplements range comprises pre-, intra- and post-workout packs tailored for male or female users. Customers are likely to see results in 2-3 weeks, which compares favourably with more widely available weight loss products. The ingredients are all natural, but scientifically engineered to give the best results depending on the version.

I have never taken workout supplements, but I have tried several widely available health and wellness products, and I will say that they work much better with an active lifestyle. These formulations are not miracle workers, and customers should ideally either undertake to become reasonably fit while taking them or already be on a fitness kick to make the most of the mixes.

Blackwolf Workout formulas are designed to be an all-in-one, three-phase workout supplement, but each phase can also be taken alone (although it may not be as effective). The company offers a free workout booklet, free shaker and free international shipping to increase its customer base.

Hunter (for men) and Huntress (for women) packs have elements for pre-, intra- and post-workout needs. The Track product is for men's pre-workout needs, while the Trail version is tailored to women's pre-workout requirements. The Hunt and Eliminate elements are the same. The difference is in the pre-workout products which are the tailored areas to suit men or women. Because the products are natural, Wolfson Berg asserts that there are no side effects and the products are safe to use.
The Blackwolf Workout Supplements site has much more information, including prices, ingredients, links to reviews and answers to questions. Fitness fans could do worse than check it out, with a USP of targeted mixes for men and women.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Karen D Little, Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner

Karen D Little offers Wellness Coaching on fiverr.
Image provided and used with permission.

Wellness and health experts are expensive, right?

Wrong. Karen D Little offers her wellness and health services on fiverr. A newcomer to the freelance site, she is currently offering three gigs for the benefit of anyone who cares to pay at least $5 (£3.50) for her expertise. She is a Certified Nutritionist and Board Certified Holistic Practitioner so she knows what she’s talking about, certainly.

The first gig Karen offers is to create a heart healthy diet plan. This comes in a chart format, and includes instructions on how to balance the diet for optimum heart health. She says that by eating such a diet, people can decrease their risk of heart disease or stroke by up to 80%, so it’s really something anyone can benefit from. As an extra on this service, Karen will also submit a list of vitamin or herbal supplements which have been shown to benefit heart health. That will cost another $5 and take a further day so she has time to research the supplements which would benefit each individual the most. There is an express option of 24 hour delivery for $10.

The second gig Karen lists is an offer to calculate the buyer’s nutritional needs, so not just tell them how many calories a day they should be eating, but also to break that down into constituent parts i.e. carbs, protein and so on. Her buyer will receive a full computerized analysis of their requirements and she will indicate in which areas their diet is lacking.

For an additional $10 this can be delivered within 24 hours, and for a further $10 Karen will offer a seven day meal plan. That will take her a couple of days to create though, so buyers will have to be patient. They can also ask for a month’s worth of saliva testing strips to help them work out whether their plan is keeping their body alkaline, as it should be. That will also cost $10 and will take a couple of days, especially as this will require posting.

Finally, Karen offers her services as a personal health coach to go with either or both of the other gigs. For one week a buyer will have the benefit of her advice, and can ask her up to three questions a day for three days of that time. They will receive a personalized answer to their questions, which can be about supplements, remedies for common ailments, best ways to prevent illness or the most effective way to approach weight loss. For an extra three days and $10 Karen will create a personal wellness calendar for the next month so that her buyer can consult it and make sure they’re on track.

For those who have resolved to make 2016 a healthy year, someone like Karen D Little is a godsend. For around the price of a coffee, buyers have access to professional, expert advice and assistance to make their goals a little bit easier to attain. Each of these services is available from $5 on fiverr, the freelance hub where just about anything you want can be done for five dollars.