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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dagger Defense hunters' accessories

Dagger Defense logo.
Image supplied and used with permission.
Gun culture has been high on news agendas recently, from the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to the toddler who shot his pro-gun mother in the back with her own gun, left on the back seat of her car.

For many, carrying a gun, concealed or not, is a valuable legal right, and one which an estimated 40 million people have taken up in the United States. Hunters and tactical shooters make up the vast majority of that number, those people who have a gun for practical reasons rather than as a weapon against the rest of humanity. These people are generally the ones who don’t make the headlines, who store their weapons responsibly, securely and wisely, and who patronize such companies as Dagger Defense for their firearm optics and accessories. Dagger Defense is part of Defense Firearms LLC and offers a range of reflex sights, tactical lights and back up iron sights for online sale only.

Dagger Defense is proudly veteran owned, and has a long list of Terms of Use which clearly state that the buyer is responsible for all aspects of the item purchased. The company is based in Florida, but retails exclusively online. For those gun owners into social media, the firm has an Instagram account and a Facebook page. The product line is both affordable and versatile, with all items fitting to a standard picatinny rail mount, so suitable for a large range of platforms.

Firstly, Dagger Defense stocks a large (and expanding) range of reflex red/green dot sights. These are made of aircraft grade aluminum and are compatible with AR15 and M4 platforms as well as airsoft rifles. The brand may not be familiar to you but these products are available at realistic prices.

Back up iron sights (BUIS) are a useful addition to any deer hunter’s armory, especially when used in combination with reflex sights. Finally, a tactical light is a good idea for night use. This is an area in which Dagger Defense plans to expand – the current sole representative of the range is a pistol flashlight giving 200 lumens of brightness.

Products are covered by a limited one year warranty, and any questions can be submitted via the email address on the Contact page. For those who prefer video reviews, a quick search will turn up a couple of recent buyers’ assessments. The Dagger Defense range may well suit those customers looking for an inexpensive product that does what it should. As with all products, there are good and bad reviews out there, and the choice ultimately is a personal one on the part of the buyer.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Again Studios: explainer video production company

Again Studios, explainer video production company
Image provided and used with permission

Again Studios make individual and stylish animated ‘explainer’ videos to meet every need. For many people, a video has a more immediate impact than an article, flyer or other advertisement, especially when it is created specifically for an individual client and audience rather than being a cookie-cutter catch-all boring marketing blurb.

Again Studios’ videos are designed to sit unobtrusively on the front page of any website, not annoying potential customers by using autostart or expanding to full screen immediately the website opens. The one on Again Studios’ own homepage shows a simple stickman character explaining the great thing about having a video on your website. Again Studios’ main office is in Kalka near Chandigarh, India, and they also have a satellite office in Stockton, California. The team at Again Studios will bring the full force of their combined talent to bear on creating a short and snappy explainer video to suit any scenario.

The Portfolio page has over 30 examples of the kinds of videos Again Studios can produce. They are all in the same simple, uncluttered caricature style, often with a slick US mid-Atlantic accented voiceover. Previous clients have included IT companies, a recruitment portal, a freelance skills marketing site and providers of various software solutions. Many of the videos are aimed at small businesses or self employed freelancers, and are selling other SMEs to them as ways to simplify their business administration.

Again Studios also provide voiceovers in other commonly spoken languages including Spanish, Hindi, French and German. Videos generally take around a month to create and typically run for between one and two minutes. Short and sweet, but a video of this length can easily get any client’s message across without laboring the point. Quotes are individual to every customer, with 50% of the cost paid up front and the rest once the video has been completed and delivered to the buyer. The buyer is also at liberty to request revisions, as shown by the comments in the Reviews section. In fact, Ankit’s team at Again Studios have proved themselves versatile and adaptive to many different business video requirements and sectors. Phrases such as ‘professional’, ‘a lot of patience’, ‘highest quality’, ‘good communication’ and ‘responsive’ are just typical of the feedback received.

For small businesses and freelancers who need to give their businesses a kick, or developers wanting to promote their latest app, a short explainer video from Again Studios could be the best way to raise awareness. A link to a video detailing the new product or range can easily be shared on any social media site, included as part of an email signature or added on business cards or print on demand stationery. Once the video has been produced there is no end to the marketing opportunities it can generate. All a buyer has to do is to open dialogue with Again Studios to see how this small but powerful tool can help their business.