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Friday, October 28, 2016

Coupons Deli offers discount codes for the savvy shopper

An example of savings available from Coupons Deli.
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Everyone loves to save money, especially when prices are rising but salaries don’t seem to go up quite as fast. 

Couponing is a quick and easy way to save a few cents here and there, but those cents can quickly add up. Before couponers know it, they will be able to make savings of three figures on their groceries, just by using coupons available online, or in free newspapers and flyers. Extreme couponers have this down to a fine art, and can end up paying mere cents for hundreds of dollars’ worth of shopping. Sure, it will probably wind the cashier up, but it’s good for the bank manager’s blood pressure.

There are many websites offering links to the latest discount coupons and online savings codes. Coupons Deli specializes in money saving offers for car oil and lube changes, offers for dating site membership, restaurant and shoe shop savings, although there are many other offers too. Customers on a budget can simply visit the site and click on whichever link they need to obtain full details of how to benefit from free samples and money off deals.

Many people in the USA find that cars are one of their biggest outlays. Coupons Deli can help, as they have discount codes for servicing and parts at national chains such as NTB, PepBoys, Muffler Shop, Brakes Plus, Grease Monkey and many more. Simply quote the code and save the cash, it’s as simple as that. Dating readers have a choice of offers for, while shoe fans can find discount codes for Asics, Eastbay, Champs, Jordans, Shoe Station, and Payless, among others.

Foodies need not feel left out either, as Coupons Deli has offers for Popeyes, Black Angus and Longhorn Steaks as well as KFC, McDonalds, P F Chang’s, TGI Friday’s and pizza company Round Table. Perennial favorite Cheesecake Factory also has deals available through Coupons Deli.

Crafters can take advantage of long, dark winter nights indoors with a JoAnn’s or AC Moore coupon, readers will love the chance to stock up their Kindle with an Amazon coupon, and there are also discount codes for car rental, patio furniture and outdoor equipment, plus amusement park entry costs for those planning next summer’s getaways.

There are eight pages of coupon codes for every kind of person and interest on Coupons Deli. The Coupons Guy has even managed to find Keurig coupons, as if readers need any excuse to love this site any more than they already do after reading that list.

American couponing is a sight to behold, and with spiraling costs, the US lead may yet be followed by many other countries’ retailers eager to have potential customers spending their hard earned cash in store rather than queuing for the food bank or soup kitchen. Coupons Deli is a step in the right direction for those people needing to save money on essentials, or simply for savvy shoppers fancying a discount deal. And no one can resist a discount, surely?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vietnam Bamboo Travel: Indochinese organized tour specialists

Vietnam Bamboo Travel logo.
Image provided and used with permission.

Mention Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to the average person and they are likely to think of places seen in films and documentaries, twentieth century wars, ancient temples and communist rule. They may remember something of the refugees known as the Vietnamese boat people who fled after the Vietnam War and sought sanctuary in other Indochinese countries, or perhaps have heard of the Angkor temple complex, the Cu Chi Tunnels or the Khmer Rouge.

Vietnam Bamboo Travel is a specialist tour operator based in Vietnam. The company provides a range of tours and travel packages in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos which allow tourists to gain a flavor of the culture, history and geography of these countries. The most popular tours last between 14 and 21 days and can include crossing into both Cambodia and Laos from Vietnam.

Many of the tours involve river cruises along the Mekong, or cruises on a junk in Halong Bay. Local English-speaking guides are on hand to share their knowledge; an escorted tour is an ideal way for first-time visitors to gain an overview of the region. Returning visitors or those who may have more specific requirements can design their own itinerary from any of the hundreds of tours on offer. Everything from single day packages up to three week organised tours can be booked with Vietnam Bamboo Travel, which will bring to life names such as Hanoi, Saigon, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Bangkok in Thailand.

There are almost 200 tours to choose from starting from or based in Vietnam, eight which include sites in Cambodia and a further eight traveling to sites in Laos. Vietnam offers a wealth of choice for tourists, including national parks, kayaking, river cruises, centuries of history, beaches...and golf. There are opportunities for homestaying overnight stops as well as day trips from hotels. At Vietnam Bamboo Travel, the customer calls the tune, and can plan a bespoke trip of a lifetime to take in all the very best Indochinese sights. Weddings and honeymoons are also catered for, with the palm fringed beaches of Mui Ne providing an ideal location for newly married couples to relax after their big day.

Tourists who have heard family, friends or neighbors mention places such as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap or the temples at Angkor will have the chance to see these places for themselves. Vietnam Bamboo Travel offers all these options and more, in any length or combination. For those who cannot decide, there is also a choice of 75 multi-centre tours offering the best of Indochina in one handy package.

Each tour page has

  • an overview
  • day-by-day detailed itinerary
  • a list of included and excluded costs
  • a note of similar tours

Visas will be required for all trips, but Vietnam Bamboo Travel can provide assistance with obtaining these if needed, as well as with airport transfers and car rental. The international clientele have left some complimentary reviews and testimonials which show the customer service levels that future tourists can expect from the company.

Indochina is becoming more accessible to tourists from all over the world. Those who have considered visiting this location should perhaps do so sooner rather than later in order to experience the region before it becomes the latest tourist hot spot. Vietnam Bamboo Travel can help their clients to enjoy a truly unique holiday with a tailor made trip to suit.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Dragon Ninja Rush from Funtag Games on Android
Dragon Ninja Rush from Funtag Games.
Image provided and used with permission.

Run, jump and slide your way to ninja glory with Dragon Ninja Rush from Funtag Games.

You are the Ninja Boy, tasked with collecting coins while avoiding the endless boobytraps and enemies in your way. This game is very reminiscent of early classics like Super Mario and Manic Miner, as it is a simple side scrolling level up challenge.

Ninja Boy operates at the run; he can also slide under low hanging blocks, or jump over barriers to progress. There are plenty coins and gems just waiting for him to pick up, but the more he grabs, the better the score. The further he runs, the higher the score too. As with many free games, extra bonuses can be purchased, and extra distance obtained by watching a video in between levels. This option is not compulsory, and can be rejected with a simple tap. Likewise, the adverts after every level are easily swiped away so as not to get in the way of full enjoyment of the game.

The idea of Dragon Ninja Rush is quite simple, just like those retro games it evokes. Ninja Boy runs from left to right on the screen. The left hand button makes him slide under obstacles, the right hand button allows him to jump over them. His path is not smooth, so use of both is required from the start. If he can dodge the shurikens and the pits, bounce across the gaps and catch some coins along the way, he will progress through the levels. Dragon Ninja Rush tests a player’s reflexes and coordination in a fun and almost addictive way. As well as coins there are all kinds of other power ups and items for Ninja Boy to grab on his way, including rockets, wands and stars. In later levels Ninja Boy progresses to riding an animal (mammoth, bear, tiger or dragon) and travelling with a pet (dog, dragon, hamster or cat). He also has the chance to metamorphose into different characters (Ninja Girl, Ninja Supreme or Ninja Cyborg) after set amounts of coins are earned. Levels randomly change from day to night mode on each new attempt, while the layout of the levels changes randomly too, just to keep things interesting. Each level has an evocative name and jaunty soundtrack; players can easily see how far they have progressed in each level from the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Ninja Boy from Dragon Ninja Rush.
Image provided and used with permission.
Dragon Ninja Rush is available free on Android from the Google Play store and so far has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, with between 100 and 500 people having downloaded it. My phone is not the newest, but it runs smoothly and without glitches so on a newer model or a tablet it would be a positive pleasure to play. The tablet gamers would probably find it easier to play than the mobile players, due to the difference in screen size, in fact the game is optimized for tablets. Even given that I’m playing on a phone, I have taken to this one quite quickly. I’m often not much use at these games, but this one has me hooked. Just need to watch out for the spiky bamboo and the pits.