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Friday, December 2, 2016

Brett Maternowski, realtor, Tampa area, FL, USA

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Florida is the most popular state to be a realtor; there are over 20,000 people employed in the sector according to the May 2015 stats on This is perhaps not surprising given the demographic of FL residents - snowbirds, tourists looking for lettings, seasonal workers, people who come on the promise of a job, find one and never leave.

One of those realtors in the Tampa, Florida area is Brett Maternowski, operator of the wonderfully-named website Descriptive website names work so well as they instantly offer an idea of the purpose of the site. Yessir, Brett sells property. He works with buyers and sellers to smooth the often confusing and frequently irritating process of disposing of or acquiring a house.

No matter how many times an individual, couple or family goes through the process of buying and selling real estate, it never gets any easier. Sure, property veterans will know the answers to many of the tricky questions often posed by title or repair negotiations, but a realtor with experience will still be an essential part of the process.

Brett works with sellers to help sell their house fast, and with buyers to match them to the best houses for sale. Each sale starts with a free home evaluation, and a knock-your-socks-off fully SEO-optimized online real estate listing syndicated to as many other real estate websites as possible. With the power of big hitters like Yahoo, Trulia and Zillow behind his listings, Brett gives a boost to any houses for sale. Then from contract to closing, he will help sellers with any queries and issues which arise. A real estate deal is much more than simply putting together the listing. Duties of a realtor include accompanying the inspector and appraiser, accepting delivery of their reports, negotiating on any corrective action required and co-ordinating the lender documents. At least they do when Brett Maternowski is your realtor.

For buyers, Brett offers an enhanced listings search option where a simple query form will offer further information on listings of interest. He will also set up a custom search which alerts buyers to houses for sale matching their criteria.

Once the search is on, the next thing to do is to sort out finance. Brett is on hand to help buyers with this area too, as he can advise on the best mortgage to look for and which lenders to visit. Some areas of Brett’s real estate business apply equally to buyers and sellers. The final bit of the maze concerns the negotiations from contract to closing, a delicate balancing act between buyer and seller to ensure that both parties get what they expect out of the deal. The only way to ensure this part runs smoothly is to have all the necessary paperwork to hand at the right time, and Brett will help even the most inexperienced buyer to navigate the legalities around title insurance, inspections and repairs. It is at this stage that many buyers suddenly find out about covenants and restrictions that no one mentioned before, but which could be a deal breaker. With more than 50 tasks to undertake between contract and closing alone, this is usually the realtor’s busiest time, especially when selling houses fast is a unique selling point.

For a personal real estate service in the Hernando, Land O Lakes, Lutz, Tampa, and Wesley Chapel areas, sounds like Brett Maternowski might well be your man.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Linkbutton, a new take on social media

The Linkbutton logo, image provided and used with permission sounds like the next big thing for apps, websites and social combined. It’s not quite here yet, but coming soon for those social hounds who just have to be in on the next big thing. And this sounds like quite a thing.

Social media has become an integral part of marketing and online interaction in the last few years and there are sites for sharing just about anything these days, in any format. Like and share buttons appear on almost every post, while some employers will check a candidate's social presence as part of the hiring process. is launching soon to join the party. is going to be a free site for users to link to their content, offering a choice of over 100 actions or call buttons (including BUY, CALL, SHARE, DONATE, DOWNLOAD or VOLUNTEER) from a personal or business account. The default action will be ACCESS, which will simply let readers read the posted content.

As with many other social media sites, the clue is in ‘social’. Having followers and being followed is the goal, according to the founders, although businesses will have profile categories to help drive followers to the right content. In true social media style, the site will also access links shared by other users. Those users could be businesses, individuals, brands or blog sites, who knows? In the modern always-on world, everyone and everything is a brand. is aiming to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of social media interaction. Users will be engaging with others in many ways; from simply liking a post about a business’ new range to ordering a meal, supporting a crowdfunding page, sharing their CV or resume with a company they’d like to work for, or booking tickets for a gig. For a more personal experience, may be a lower key alternative for sharing photos and posts with people who are not on bigger social media sites.

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The site has iOS and Android apps planned, although these are not active yet, so those users who habitually post on the move will be able to update quickly and easily. The one-stop-shop scenario may appeal to netizens who prefer their interactions all in one place, while the wide variety of media permitted will allow any active blogger, v-logger or business to share new content easily. (It is advisable to read the Upload Policy on the website before starting off though.)

As perhaps expected, Linkbutton Inc is already active on social media itself, as linkbuttonmedia on twitter and Facebook. This is a vital tool to build awareness ahead of the official launch. A search for the name brings up twitter users who have shared the company’s introductory video, showing a typical search engine query for sites where potential customers can see interesting content. Their website is simple and uncluttered, with a choice of personal or business accounts and examples of how both work. Action keywords are the way to share the posts, whether those posts are messages, photos, videos or links, so users can share a new blog post with the keyword ‘comment’, or a crowdfunding campaign by instructing ‘donate’. Businesses can post instructions including Menu > Order and Product > Buy among others. Maybe a transport company could offer links to their latest timetables or real time map, or a recruiter could designate individual ‘apply’ action buttons uniquely linked to each of their vacancies. The possibilities are endless.

The site sounds simple to use and benefit from, and is likely to appeal to an individual or company currently posting across several social media platforms but wanting to expand their reach. will allow those known for their blog posts to share videos, and those known for panoramic video shoots to showcase breathtaking still photographs all in the same timeline. Seemingly, could well appeal to those who find larger social media sites to be too cluttered, overly complicated and intrusive, because as it is currently small, there will not be the wide attention given to bigger platforms.

No matter what topic users are promoting, they will be able to share the links via, subject to the usual caveats about content copyright and decency, of course. The site aims to combine the best of all the big social sites and then some, as there is nowhere else offering quite the breadth and variety of options. Sure, there are plenty sites for link sharing, article promotion and video posting, but fewer where a link in a post leads directly to a takeaway restaurant’s menu and orders page or where a jobseeker can share their resume without having to go through a full application process.

Linkbutton. Buttons that link people to others via actions. Coming soon.