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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Time's Reel Jewellery range: made with love

New York Skyline rings from Time's Reel.

Time’s Reel offers dainty, detailed, unusual jewellery items. Each item in the range is handmade, so each piece is unique. This makes them great for a twist on the classic idea of jewellery as a timeless gift. These are not standard run-of-the-mill jewellery pieces. They are not widely available, and as such are unlikely to be seen on anyone else.

The range includes necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings; each item made with love, as the website says.


The necklaces come in a variety of lengths, from choker to pendant. There are a number of striking designs to suit all tastes, including a clear glass pendant with dandelion seeds embedded in it and a choker with five clear crosses decorating the front. There is also a range of crystal necklaces in various colours - amethyst, opal, red cherry, pink quartz, howlite and rainbow fluorite. Another range takes its cue from the night sky, featuring the moon and stars.

The fine lines of the rings are understated and classic. Chevrons and hearts are timeless motifs, but these designs have a contemporary feel. Highly unusual, statement pieces showing the London, New York and Paris skylines are mixed with unicorn, fox and dreamcatcher designs, a braided ring with a heart, the Chloe ring which looks like half the infinity sign and delicate moon and chevron shapes.

The range of earrings features intricate representations of hearts, stars, moons and animals. There are studs, hoops and dangle styles to choose from in many different sizes. There is something to suit every taste here, from the smallest and finest work-safe studs to the largest statement hoops and tassels to show off a party outfit. As with the other jewellery from Time’s Reel, many of these pieces have touches of colour. The Beauty earrings have a red or pink rose outlined in gold; the Hunny range of earrings is enamelled in the same colours, while the cherry earrings are (perhaps obviously) red and green.

Just two items in this selection. Anyone who follows the lunar phases will love the moony bracelet, a seven-stone homage to the moon’s monthly progress. The crystal range also has a bracelet to match the necklaces, available in clear quartz crystal.

Shoppers might be lucky and chance upon a discount code, although the prices are reasonable for such detailed items even without that.

This jewellery range from Time’s Reel is ideal for a special gift; something unusual and lasting. It doesn’t have to be for birthday, Christmas, wedding or anniversary. It could just be ‘beacuse’. To show the recipient they’re as unique as the gift you’re giving them.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pastillas milkshake bites. The sweet treat you didn't know you needed

Chocolate Chip Marble Milkshake Bite Pastillas
Image provided and used with permission

In the Philippines, pastillas are a way of life. In the United Kingdom, these milkshake bites are just beginning to catch on with those people who do not already have connections to the Philippine community. was founded by a family who had spent some time in the Philippines and returned to the UK with as many boxes of pastillas as they could fit in their checking bags. Having developed a taste for the Philippines’ signature sweet treat, they decided to bring it to the UK, in bite size form.

In the Philippines, pastillas are sold whole, in long, thin form, wrapped. They are a milk-based sweet confectionery product, also called Pastillas de leche or Pastiyema in their original form. Pastillas as produced by aim to hit a wider market. The original pastillas are still faithful to their sweet toothed roots, but the UK arm of the pastillas movement is aiming to widen their appeal. Sweet protein and vegetarian options are already available, with low sugar and vegan options in development.

Pastillas originated in San Miguel in Bulacan and subsequently spread across other areas of the Philippines. They were originally made by hand by carabao (water buffalo) farmers from the area and cow’s milk began to be used to keep up with demand. Other ingredients were employed too, including calamondin or acid orange juice. are attempting to make the UK market for milkshake bites their own, with unique flavours, specialist mixes and allergy-friendly options, either available or incoming.

Pastillas are usually sweet, and have taken that idea and run with it. Regular flavours include Chocolate Chip, Banana, Mint Choc Chip and Strawberry. The Protein Fudge range is available in Caramel, Milk, Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate, and aims to recreate the taste of a protein shake in pastillas format; protein fudge bites, as the website has it. The company is working on both Vegan and Low Sugar versions of their popular flavours. The Vegetarian range is already live and selling well.

Many of the ranges available through are made with no artificial ingredients. In addition, the company offers the bespoke option of a choice of chocolate chips on several of their signature flavours. For those potential customers who are unable to commit to a complete box of one flavour, there is the option of a mix and match box. This consists of 15 pastillas of any of the flavours available. Just for testing purposes, please understand. This box is a recommended option for anyone coming to pastillas without previous experience, as it is an easy way to try the entire range.

By the way, ‘pastilla’ refers to a Moroccan savoury dish. If you want the Philippine sweet treat, search for ‘pastillas’.

Pastillas are enticing for anyone, even if they have never visited the Philippines before. offers the chance to experience this unique and tasty sweet treat, no matter where the buyer is in the world.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Don't Hug Me - free game on Android

Don't Hug Me, free Android game
Image provided and used with permission

Cute animals like to be hugged, right?

No, not in this Android game, they don’t. Don’t Hug Me features six animals all running away from a young girl who will hug them if she catches them.

The game player’s job is to help the animals away from the huggy girl, using their special powers along the way. She’s fast though, so the animals are going to have to be clever to keep away from her grasping hands.

The animals co-operate and metamorphose at random times. As the player, you have to make the most of each animal’s particular skills to guide them through the maze of obstacles. Some fly, some walk, some hop. It’s up to you to work out which animal has which skill and use it when the animal appears. The player has to react accordingly. Each animal’s special characteristic works with one obstacle only, but usually the correct animal will show themselves on cue to allow you to continue the game.

The playing area is a side scroller which in turn looks like an old style platformer game and a cross between Mario and Angry Birds. The animals are all square based with distinct cartoon characters.

The animals all have logical superpowers:

Bunny can jump fast
Bat can fly fast
Frog can hop high
Snail slows down time
Bird can fly upwards and onwards
Spider walks on the floor and the ceiling

Don’t Hug Me has two gameplay modes. The story mode has a variety of maps, while the endless run option is more about distance covered. There are also a number of achievements for players to attain. These relate, among others, to coins earned, distance covered and numbers of animal changes.

The game is free to download and play on Android, although there are options to buy power ups and boosters during the game. It currently has a limited number of levels which may suit children better than adults. The animal transformation is a neat twist which makes this game more challenging than it might otherwise be.

As a relatively new game, players can expect both developments and new levels as time goes on. Some of the more established games have new levels released every week, but smaller games like this one may still have bugs and glitches to iron out. The best thing with a smaller game for players is growing with the game, seeing how it develops as they progress, and almost keeping pace with the developers.

Don’t Hug Me is likely to appeal to those players who like a deceptively complicated game. It looks simple, but the game play is a varied mix of challenges, combined with distinct characters with their own special features.

Don’t Hug Me is available on Android. It is free to download from Google Play, and offers the option of in game purchases for those who wish to support the developers. Just4Fun from Poland have also developed several other apps including a selection of fake screens, which may not be to everyone’s taste. This game, however, has a much wider appeal and is worth downloading.

Don't Hug Me, free Android game
Image provided and used with permission

Saturday, August 10, 2019

DarrellsWorld has plushies, keychains and model die cast vehicles

DarrellsWorld items shipped internationally
Image provided and used with permission.

DarrellsWorld is an online mail order company based in Kansas, shipping daily after payment has cleared through They have a wide selection of plush animals, sports items, keychains and pull back vehicles which make great gifts. Many items are available only in the USA, so buyers should check carefully before purchasing.

This article concentrates on the smaller items which are available for international shipping.

Sneaker and billiards keychains

The range of keychains at DarrellsWorld is aimed at sneaker fans. You too can have your favorite sneaker design to hold your keys. Alternatively there is a selection of billiards or pool balls in various colors, because we all know someone who wants to be Rod Stewart’s character from Maggie May who says he wants to ‘steal my daddy's cue and make a living out of playing pool’.

If you’re someone who likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, other options include a selection of perfectly plain metallic shaded heart shaped carabiners for you or your significant other. Rock your favorite color, but be subtle about it.

Plush animals

DarrellsWorld has been selling plush animals for some time now. They currently have a range of beanbag animals, huggable plushies and soft cuddly toys to suit all ages. Ducks, bunnies, squirrels, monkeys, teddy bears and chicks feature in the present selection. Some are available outside the US, others are restricted to internal shipping only, depending on their size.

Sports items

The DarrellsWorld team know how important sports are to their customers. That’s why they stock an extensive selection of NCAA merchandise. Depending on their team affiliation, fans can choose from pillowcases, utility gloves, neck pillows, fleece throws, towels, lanyards and travel mugs. Each item is available in a limited selection of team colors.

Die cast and pull back vehicles

For those who want to relive their childhood love of toy cars, or remember a treasured vehicle from later years, DarrellsWorld has a selection of iconic model die cast and pull back vehicles. Jet aircraft, steam engines, motorbikes, Jeeps and vintage cars are among the items ready to take buyers back to places in their memories.

US only shipping

Many larger items, including larger plushies, the Peppa Pig range and Squishmallows, do not ship outside the United States. For the full range, check out DarrellsWorld storefront. Internationally shipped items are available at the DarrellsWorld ships to United Kingdom page.

DarrellsWorld is the ideal Amazon site for people looking for iconic and meaningful gifts. Whether the person you are looking to buy for is an NCAA fan, a vintage motorbike lover, a sneakerhead, a steam train anorak or the love of your life, you will find something here to suit them all.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Franklin data usage tracker on Android

Franklin data usage tracker logo
Image provided and used with permission

Some people are lucky and have unlimited data plans on their cell phones. Others have to pay by the GB or have limited plans with hefty overage charges. It’s no fun having to watch your consumption though, especially in these days of streaming music, videos and ‘always on’ lifestyles. Social media is often the worst offender, but although there are settings you can tweak, sometimes simply killing autoplay on all your apps isn’t enough.

Fortunately, as the saying goes, ‘there’s an app for that’. Franklin data tracker app, available on Android, helps you save money on your cell phone bill by putting you in control of your data usage.

Franklin uses AI and reminders to nudge you into controlling your data usage. The developers say that it will ensure you never receive another overage fee. Among other ways the AI works for you is by reminding you when you’re using your data to stream when there is a wifi connection available. Been there, done that, own that t-shirt. The app will remind you when you can use your home wifi, for instance. This means that you can keep your precious data usage allowance for when you really need it rather than wasting it on updates which will arrives faster and cheaper when your phone’s connected to wifi. After three weeks, the app will have learned enough to accurately predict your data hogging apps and remind you when you’re on them too long.

Some apps are either badly designed or sneaky, and stay always on in the background even when you think you’ve closed them. Franklin will name and shame these apps, allowing you to fully close them when you finish using them. This will save both battery life and memory on your phone, as well as preventing updates or videos from auto downloading, using up your precious data. Franklin itself only uses about 1% of your battery over a week, and will probably save you more than that by reminding you which apps are draining your battery by constantly updating in the background.

That’s not all that Franklin does, either. The app can help you find the best value cell phone plan on available networks in your area. That will save you money too, especially as many people aren’t aware that they can change their plans and continue to overpay as a result. It’s far better to know your average data usage and be able to change to a suitable plan though. Whether you’re not using all the data you;’re paying for or whether you’re paying costly overage fees every month, Franklin can help you save money.

Franklin puts you in control of your data usage within a month. You can say goodbye to overage fees in one billing cycle. How good is that?

Monday, July 29, 2019

Office Finder specializes in Singapore office space for rent or purchase

Office Finder, Singapore
Image provided and used with permission

Finding office space for rent is often difficult, especially in popular cities such as London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore.

At least in Singapore, you can call upon the services of Office Finder to help you out. There is no service fee for the assistance they offer, and their website is really easy to use. You simply choose the type of office you want, the location, floor area and price and the search will return any matches. If you’re struggling to find anywhere suitable, the team is available to help via chat or email contact. Once they have an idea of your requirements, they will recommend a specialist real estate agent to handle your enquiry and assist with the paperwork.

Alternatively, you could simply choose one of the featured office spaces for rent and see whether that fits your needs. The company also has office space for sale, if you are looking to set down permanent roots in Singapore, maybe after a successful rental period in a new market. Rental and sale prices are generally negotiable even though the worldwide connections are stellar. To be able to say you have an office in Singapore is to say you have made it - you have a presence in a recognized global finance center.

Office Finder has lots of additional information and resources as well as listings of offices for sale or rent. There are trends showing the cost of office space, a helpful guide to the four different types of office space in Singapore (traditionally leased, science or business park, industrial office or shophouse office space, in case you were wondering) and information on the pros and cons of renting vs buying, among other topics. It is recommended that anyone new to the area engages the services of a specialist office real estate agent to ensure that they are making the most of the opportunity to occupy office space in this prime location. Office Finder can help with that too - just click on the appropriate tab on the website and submit your requirements.

The company also caters for building owners looking to advertise their empty office space for rent or purchase. There is a form to fill in for initial consideration; this is relatively straightforward and will allow a real estate professional to establish contact.

In the News section, readers will find items of interest to companies looking to enter the Singapore market. The most recent posts cover information about coworking spaces and new appointments within the sector.

For anyone looking to expand into Singapore for business, Office Finder should be your first stop. The real estate professionals will ensure that you achieve the best value for money in the most appropriate location for your line of business. Contact them today and see where being located in Singapore can take your business.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Discount Folks from An Eyeful Event: gifts for everyone. discounts for all

Image from Pixabay CC0.
Discount Folks from An Eyeful Event are a new online shopping site

Fed up with giving gift cards as presents? Have a relative who hates gift cards and would rather have ‘something’? Why not give an everyday item with a difference? A new online shopping company called An Eyeful Event has set up Discount Folks with the idea of finding outlandish items that improve our everyday lives by humour or usefulness. They are attempting to fill the holes they found in their daily routine by stocking products they would like to use, and they hope that we will like them too.

The company was only founded just over six months ago in late 2018 and has a small, keenly curated range of desirable items. Divided broadly into Beauty, Fitness, Pet and Home, the items are useful, interesting and well priced. The site can be shown in a number of currency options to allow for easy purchase across the world.

The Beauty category covers such things as head and facial massage, a makeup mirror with inbuilt lighting and an eyebrow epilator.

The Fitness category encompasses, among other things, funky men’s running shorts, weight lifting gloves and a muscle stimulator.

Pets are represented by a strong dog harness, a dog bath towel and a safety seat belt to restrain your pet in the car, among other items.

The Home category includes such useful items as shoe covers, an electric bottle opener, a decorative incense burner with free cones and a mosquito killer lamp.

The items are all suitable for gifts for adults - maybe that difficult person in every family who doesn’t like gift cards but acts all huffy if you don’t buy them something. Alternatively, these are gifts for someone ‘who has everything’. (My dad, then.) The team behind this site have spent several months sourcing the best unusual products to help others solve this very dilemma, so if you have any ideas for further products, or feedback on items they already stock, they would be happy to hear from you. The site is still under development and the founders can only improve the site with feedback from their customers, after all.

There are a wide variety of online shopping sites these days. Your choice comes down to personal taste, above all, as they all have similar but different ranges. That site where you find the ideal gift is likely to be one you return to, whether that’s an international name or a small independent site.

Maybe you should check out Discount Folks and see if they have something that interests you. They can only grow by gaining customers, after all, so it’s always worth a try.

Thursday, July 18, 2019 Increase weight loss without the gym. sample meal plan
Image provided and used with permission

There are weight loss plans that require you to drink meal replacement shakes. There are weight loss plans that require you to restrict your portions or calories. And then there are weight loss plans which actually give you decent recipe ideas to make your weight loss experience a pleasant one.

Removemyweight is one of the third type, making extensive use of social media to provide support for followers, while gently suggesting that joining the Facebook group and taking out paid membership will help even more.

There is plenty of information here to tempt you to sign up though. Even before you reach for your payment card, the Pinterest recipe plans are printable and the blog posts numerous. Even if you just fancy trying a new selection of healthy recipes, the choice is yours. There is a 7 day plan complete with shopping list available from the site, with plenty more ideas on other menus which are available from $1.

That's one dollar for healthy recipes to help keep you on track during your weight loss journey, whether you simply want to change up the meals you're eating or whether you're looking for longer term support and resources.

All your meals are planned out for you and the shopping list means you know what you're buying too. That keeps things simple and means you can concentrate on other things like putting more steps in your day or making time to go to the gym. Removemyweight says that gym use is not mandatory when losing weight, instead it’s all about sensible eating. Many people find that both go hand in hand though, especially if you’re one of these people who has a sedentary job which keeps you sitting down for several hours a day.

The blog posts on Removemyweight cover all aspects of weight loss, from how to snack healthily to eating to boost your mental health and different types of weight loss plans to suit everyone. The meal plans are available as 1, 3, 5 and 7 day plans ‘so you don’t have to start on Monday’, which is a very good idea. Mondays and Thursdays are always my worst days - why would I want to make Monday even worse by denying myself chocolate, ice cream or crisps when my body is asking for good old fashioned comfort food, please?

Membership isn’t even that expensive. The 6 month option is $30, so that works out at $5 a month. That’s cheaper than a gym membership, for sure. is a site packed with great ideas and menus to help you on your way to weight loss, and help you keep it off too. The founder is a mom who used the plans as a way to lose weight after having her children. No one special, just someone who has tried and tested the recipes and who leads a normal lifestyle. Surely she is someone you should believe?

Saturday, July 6, 2019

DeFaith rose pendant necklace birthday gift red rosebud, 24k gold trimmed.
Image taken from website.

What are good birthday gifts for a girlfriend?

No matter who you’re buying for, it’s always tricky to find the right birthday gift. When it’s your girlfriend, it’s even trickier. Cuddly toys and perfume only go so far and meals out can be expensive.

Roses have been associated with declarations of love for centuries. Valentine’s Day is awash with red roses and a bunch of flowers on a first or early date is often a popular choice. Many men go with these ideas because it may be too early in the relationship to really know their girlfriend’s passions, or because they have a traditional idea of ‘this is how things happen at this stage of a new relationship’.

True, flowers are always a good idea for a last minute gift, and many bouquets last for 10 days to two weeks now. But flowers always wilt and die, and are usually then simply thrown away. The memories linger, but the physical gift has gone. However, have come up with a new twist on the fresh bouquet or single red rose as a birthday gift. A flower made from real natural rose petals, dipped or covered in 24 carat gold, is the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t wilt because it’s glazed so it is a gift not just for a special birthday or anniversary, but forever.


Blue rose pendant necklace from
Image taken from website.

A rose pendant necklace is a great mix of all the best options for a birthday gift for your girlfriend, fiancee or wife. It’s jewelry, flowers and gold all in one. The rose is a miniature bud made from real petals, which are glazed and edged in 24k gold on an 18 inch chain. There are two different settings. Both feature 30mm rosebuds. One version has the bud on its own on the chain; the other has the bud set into a gold and diamante mount. There are a selection of flower bud colours available in the rose pendant necklace range. You can choose from traditional red, cool ivory or edgy blue. For those who like matching sets, other jewelry is also available in the same designs.

The gold trim adds a touch of class to this unusual birthday gift and makes it a good choice to mark you out as a man who chooses thoughtful, unique presents. It shows you put some time and effort into thinking about a present for your girlfriend and didn’t just follow the usual time-worn easy option.

For a birthday gift for her to treasure, you should consider choosing a rose pendant necklace from

Ivory rose pendant necklace from
Image taken from website.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Crypto Gurus: crypto mining and trading investment for all

Crypto Gurus Ltd logo
Image provided and used with permission
Crypto Gurus Ltd is a registered crypto mining and trading investment company in the United Kingdom. The company owners promise steady passive income daily, hourly or after the specified period of the investment plan. However, as with all financial investment, the standard warning applies ‘investments may go down as well as up’. In other words, punters could lose their investment just as easily as they could stand to gain from it. My guess is that those who have the time and ability to pick their mining moment could make a significant gain when their investment turns out to have been made at the right time. This approach is unlikely to be suitable for everyone, though. Standard stocks and shares don’t work for everyone either, so why should a virtual version even though cryptocurrency is now counted as part of the world’s financial market trading.
Crypto Gurus is a members-only site, open to anyone over 18 years of age. Investment is as the investors’ own risk. Deposits and transactions are accepted through perfectmoney, payeer, bitcoin, litecoin, etherum, bitcoin cash and dodgecoin. Bitcoin has been around for a decade now, since 2009, and has shown the ability to earn traders a decent return on transactions associated with the purchase and sale of digital money. For more experienced traders, the other platforms offer a chance to diversify and try other cryptocurrency markets for size.

Naturally, as a registered crypto mining and trading investment company, Crypto Gurus Ltd hopes that miners, traders and investors will use their assistance to help earn the best return on their investment. Small or inexperienced traders are often the ones who get burned out the quickest, but with the backing of an investment company which trades in bulk, they can maximise their income. Sometimes, a small investment left alone to multiply can work well for an investor, but there is still always the risk that the value of the stake can drop at any time. By combining the knowledge and funds of existing traders, the payoff to the whole group can improve.

Crypto Gurus now wishes to attract additional investment from individuals and other companies to further increase their volume of trading transactions. Investors will stand to benefit according to the percentage payout of the program they opt into. Minimum investment terms apply for every program, from $20 to $5,000. There is a 6% payout on a $20 investment after 24 hours, so $1.20. With an investment of $1,000 there is at present a 150% payout after 7 days, or 7% daily for 30 days ($7 daily for 30 days).

Such short trading times allow investors to come and go according to their abilities, time and available finance. That’s great for the investor, as long as they can keep coming back and investing more of their cryptocurrency. Crypto Gurus has a dedicated analytical department to give an overview of the best market prices, so investors will always have an idea where to look. In addition, there is a referral program worth up to 10% commission to the referrer. Any commission is worth it, and for those people who manage to make a success of this, a referral program is a good idea to allow them to spread the word. Crypto Gurus would like to make it so, at least.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

My Luxury Intimates: corsets and shapewear for all women

My Luxury Intimates
Image provided and used with permission

My Luxury Intimates specializes in corsets and shapewear for women of all sizes and shapes. There are pages dedicated to corsets, shapewear, lingerie and ranges specifically for plus size women, with many items available in larger sizes.

Many of the beautiful corsets are available up to 6X, with an array of rich colors like purple, red and teal, holographic pastels and eye catching neons as well as the more traditional black leather or faux leather, lace, net and satin. Some of the items have a hidden zipper in the front as well as lacings up the back. This means that once the lacings are set, the wearer can even put it on and take it off without help. A halter neck or underbust option might also be a good starting point for some wearers, especially newcomers to corsets.

My Luxury Intimates
Image provided and used with permission
The shapewear comprises bodysuits, waist trainers, post surgery compression wear, high waist girdles and long legged panty girdles in mainly muted shades. This is a far more utilitarian color palette than the corsets, which are almost designed to be shown off as partywear or evening wear. However, there is something here to suit everyone, from a high waisted tummy control to a full length bodysuit.

The lingerie range is as lace-focussed as you would expect. These are definitely for special occasions; some of the sets are very skimpy indeed. As well as a lacy off the shoulder crop top, there are bras, thongs, lingerie sets and corsets with suspender straps.

My Luxury Intimates
Image provided and used with permission
The plus size ranges have eye popping colors too. As with the regular sizes, there is a choice of designs - some have steel bones, some have a mixture of steel and plastic bones, and some have front zippers. Wearers can flaunt their curves, no matter their build.

There is no doubt that some of these items would be suitable for pole dancing, burlesque or aerials wear. Similar sports waist cinchers have definitely been seen in gyms around the country before now, usually called sweat belts and marketed to sauna users. The gothic look of some of the corsets will definitely appeal to women who want to make a statement, and with prices from around $28 (£22 or €25) they’re not overly expensive either. For those women who have always wanted to try a corset, but have been put off by high prices or the physical location of shops, the range at My Luxury Intimates is a good place to start. The team has negotiated great prices on their favorite items over the last two years and have over 15,000 customers to date.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

ATofLondon: handbags for the discerning - and the disorganised

All images provided and used with permission

I’m one of these people who’s always losing the smaller things in her handbag. I stuff it so full of receipts, tissues, phone and charger plus assorted bits of makeup and other random junk that I can’t find anything I need when I need it. I can guarantee that my work lanyard (with my work ID, bus pass and printer fob on it) will be underneath my purse when the bus pulls up, and that my front door key will be right at the very bottom of the bag when it’s tossing it down with rain and I’m standing outside getting soaked fumbling for it.

Fortunately, there are sane and sensible people in the world who design items to help the rest of us cope with these situations. One such person is the former locum nurse behind new London-based handbag designer ATofLondon.
These beautiful leather bags are not just useful, though. They make a real statement. Called the British Mini Dual bag, the signature range is available in three vibrant colours: Brown Orchid, Poppy Red and Primrose Yellow. Their genius stroke is having a small compartment at the top for all those troublesome things you need all the time - bus pass, keys, phone, lipstick, tissues. The rest of the bag is accessed from a zip on the side and is big enough for a book or e-reader, items of clothing such as a hat, gloves or scarf and a purse, as well as anything else you usually carry in a handbag.
The best innovations come from someone’s need for something that doesn’t yet exist. ATofLondon’s founder learnt from personal experience that other handbags just weren’t working for her. She would find her shoes and uniform, which needed to be clean and smart for work, mixed up with her makeup and everything else. She taught herself and produced the prototypes for her handbags by hand at home, refining the design over the next seven years to bring the current version to market. She’d found out in the meantime that she wasn’t the only woman to lose things in her handbag, and there was a definite need for a sturdy, quality bag with enough space for everything.

Unlike an office job, nursing demands that staff leave their personal items in lockers, so it had to be a bag which was small enough to fit in a locker, but big enough to carry everything she needed. Plus, in these days of outsourcing everything to the cheapest overseas producer, she was determined to keep these designer bags made in London. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth the investment as they are a quality product.

For the woman who carries her life in her handbag, ATofLondon bags are ideal. They make a statement, yet they’re practical too.

Friday, May 17, 2019

DocHQ free healthcare app for employees and businesses

DocHQ app screenshot
Image provided and used with permission

DocHQ is a free healthcare app to help businesses manage their employees’ health. It aims to work with local health and wellness practices to give employees easy access to a professional when they need one.

The DocHQ app offers a range of services including sickness management, counselling and access to home or office visits from general practitioners or physiotherapists. For smaller companies, such a service could be a stepping stone to the larger occupational health and telephone counselling services offered by national and international organisations. For larger firms, it could be a viable way for employees to manage their own healthcare issues without necessarily having to take time off for routine appointments and without making their healthcare requirements public.

Any workforce will work better when they feel supported. Apps like this may be the future of corporate healthcare, allowing employees to call for the services they need when they need them, with the agreement of their employer. After all, not everyone has access to the full range of services as soon as they need them, and waiting lists can be weeks or months long for some in-demand healthcare providers. Booking an appointment is simple with the app too.

DocHQ app screenshot
Image provided and used with permission
Any employer can test the app and rate the benefits: a healthier workforce who take less time off work. Faster access to routine healthcare is never a bad thing for busy workers these days (even getting a blood test is a test of nerve these days in some places). The app allows management of sick leave and return to work procedures too. For conscientious workers who feel guilty about taking time off for medical reasons, having a GP or specialist on call could make all the difference. Simple 10-minute appointments for prescription renewals, blood tests, annual healthcare checkups and follow up appointments for existing known medical issues can be simplified and agreed through use of the DocHQ app. The symptom checker allows users to search for appropriate NHS or private healthcare services near them, which can be invaluable when they’re away from home and have no access to their usual providers.

The UK loses over £70bn a year from lost productivity due to sick employees. Most people know someone who is struggling, either with mental health issues or physical ailments. Presenteeism causes a loss of productivity,
DocHQ app screenshot
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because staff feel the need to come to work when they are sick. Their viruses can often spread to others, causing a knock on effect. This is why hospitals and healthcare environments urge their staff to stay away if they are sick - although not everyone pays attention to that request; in 2018 86% of employers said their employees come to work when they’re sick. For those with physical health issues, attending work may cause additional pain, wear and tear on known injuries. Staff with mental health challenges may feel undue pressure to return and assume full workload responsibilities before they are ready to, which in turn can lead to further interpersonal relationship breakdowns.

DocHQ’s developers are still adding functionality to the app, and hope to be able to offer discounts on a range of health and wellness options in due course. Meantime, users can calculate their biological (rather than their actual) age and take steps to improve their lifestyle as required.

An app like DocHQ can help employees to manage their own healthcare on their own terms, which can make an often sensitive topic much easier to handle. That’s good news for everyone.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Gajah Tour - the app for private tours of Bali

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A holiday should be a time to relax. Depending on your style, that could be an all-inclusive deal where everything is covered, or a wild and random adventure of a lifetime where you never know what’s going to happen next.

Whichever option you choose, in Bali you have an app to help you have just the holiday you want. Gajah Tour has a website and a Google Play app offering a range of private tours and excursion options to suit all budgets.

Gajah Tour offer an airport pickup service, which takes the immediate stress out of arrival. The app also suggests tours, and with more than 30 options, there will be something for everyone. After selecting the tour and the driver, and giving details of the location you wish to be picked up from, the driver will contact you to confirm and you simply wait to be picked up.

The specialist tours cover all the usual visitor preferences: the zoo, the beach, sightseeing, and wildlife. Bali is famed for its watersports and walking, so the tours naturally offer options to surf, raft and snorkel, as well as ample opportunities to hike, walk and trek. If temples and culture are your preference, you’re in the right place. Gajah Tour offer several temple tours, as well as trips to wood carving and cooking classes.

Whether you’re a first time visitor to Bali, or a seasoned regular, Gajah Tour aims to please. The tours are designed to show Bali at its best, whether you’re there for the first time or the tenth. You may even find, as a regular visitor to Bali, that there were places you have been missing out on all this time. If you have particular preferences, you can design your own private tour, stringing together locations and having a driver meet you when needed to take you to the next place. The local guides are happy to share their knowledge, and may be able to suggest other places you would like too.

Tours are full or half day, and from experience of similar services in other countries, you will need some downtime to recharge. That beach trip looks good right about now, doesn’t it? Imagine a sunset at Tanah Lot or even the 5 day Ubud Relax tour, returning to your hotel every night to enjoy the spa.

For those people who don’t like traveling with their laptops, an app like this is ideal. You can book everything through the phone, and pay via PayPal or cash. Plus, the app allows users to confirm schedules or cancel, organise their pickups and chat to the drivers (who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a tour guide and are all rated, by the way). Users can naturally contact Gajah Tour for help with requests and problems, baggage storage assistance and in case of emergency. The staff can also advise on issues such as security and appropriate dress for the temple visits.

People who are confident using rideshare services are likely to love this app. Visitors who don’t enjoy big coach tours will love this app. Someone in search of the personalized trip of a lifetime will also love this app.

At present (May 2019) Gajah Tour is offering a free pickup option, for one use only. Book one pickup and receive a coupon for a free pickup. So, when you arrive at the airport, jetlagged and tired after hours of traveling, your driver will meet you and take you to your hotel or accommodation. Then you will be given a coupon for a free pickup. What better welcome to Bali than that?

Enjoy, Your Bali.

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