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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Lilly Love Soaps: the beauty of getting back to basics

Lilly Love Soaps on Etsy
Image provided and used with permission

Vegan lifestyles, clean living, organic food production, reducing plastic use and doing as little harm as possible to ourselves, the planet and its ecosystems are all in vogue at the moment. Yet for some, this has been a way of life for decades. For many people with skin allergies or sensitive skin, natural cosmetics and health products are the only ones they can use without causing a flare up. Similar to those with food intolerances, they find that totally natural products heal and soothe them.

Lilly Love Soaps (tagline ‘the beauty of getting back to basics’) was born of this very need. The founder started making soap in her kitchen in Alaska to help her son who had sensitive skin and was prone to eczema. There are now ten items in the range, available through Etsy. They are all specifically designed to ease skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne. All products are handmade, and the range now includes shampoo, lotion and deodorant bars as well as soaps.

Typical ingredients include:
  • Neem oil; traditionally used in cosmetics in India
  • Calendula; has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Chaga mushroom; popular in Russia for boosting the immune system and for pain relief
  • Zinc oxide; in baby soap to treat nappy or diaper rash
  • Coconut oil; protects against hair damage and helps combat dandruff

All the ingredients are specially chosen to soothe, heal and calm itchy, scratchy, painful skin conditions. These soaps and bars can be personalized and make ideal wedding favors or baby shower gifts as well as birthday presents. They are pretty as well as being functional. This is the advantage of buying from a small, independent producer. Customers can benefit from individual service, rather than having to settle for the same as everyone else shopping at a big box store. Also, because the items are made specifically to order, buyers know they are fresh and have not been stuffed full of artificial preservatives. Indeed, the website states ‘The time I need to prepare an order for dispatch varies. For details, please see individual items.’ Delivery time in the US is estimated at between 5 days and a week, and will obviously be longer for overseas orders, which may also attract customs or import taxes, payable by the buyer.

These lovely products from Lilly Love Soaps not only make great gifts, they would also suit travelers who can’t use hotel-provided toiletries, or who are hiking or camping. In places such as Hawaii’s national parks, all trash must be carried out, so bars of toiletries are better than bottles and cans. A small selection of these in a guest bathroom or holiday rental would also add an individual touch.

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