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Monday, March 4, 2019

Wild Within offers unique handmade clothing with eco credentials

WildWithin logo
Image provided and used with permission.
If you’re anything like me, you prefer getting decent wear from your clothes. Fast fashion may be a thing for some, but it’s no use if your cheap and cheerful shorts or leggings split under the strain of a strenuous lift or ambitiously stretchy yoga pose in the middle of a heavy session in the gym. Been there, suffered that embarrassment.

Fortunately, help is at hand. WildWithin has some seriously cool active and casual wear. Leggings, vests, tanks, dresses, skirts, beanies and t-shirts are emblazoned with eye catching designs while some of the items are made in gym- and earth-friendly Ecopoly stretchy material. The company plants between one and four trees for every item of activewear clothing purchased. Ecopoly is used where possible, as it uses less water and energy to produce than regular polyester.

The designs are also inspired by the natural world, with top sellers including moon phase leggings and a full moon wrap skirt. There are also designs featuring leaves, flowers, the ocean, clouds, the sun and galaxies. The colors are by turns gentle and vibrant, rainbow hued and monochrome, but all the designs are striking. Unlike some materials, the leggings are not see through and are therefore equally appropriate for wearing to the gym or for casual trips. They may be comfortable for a flight or car journey, a shopping trip or a night on the town, depending on your preference. And of course, they are perfect for festivals and holidays.

Customers can choose where ‘their’ trees are planted if they have any strong feelings on the issue, as WildWithin supports many projects worldwide. Not only are the materials used better for the planet than conventional clothing, the trees planted as a result of a purchase will help offset the CO2 and other harmful emissions produced during the manufacturing process. This helps fight climate change and in some areas can contribute to increasing community sustainability by providing jobs or even food.

Customers after a unique design, logo or look have the option of a custom print on any item of clothing, while most of the designs on the site are unique prints in their own right, with only one handmade example available.

These items may be more expensive than shoppers would find in a High Street store, but on the other hand they are handmade, eco friendly, and feature eye catching designs which would also not be found in a High Street store. The extra cost is well worth it for the unusual designs alone, never mind the chance to give back to the planet through a purchase.

WildWithin is a great option for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd for any reason. Buying early before the summer kicks in is recommended as not only are these items rare, they also take several weeks to produce and ship. The company have just launched an Ambassador Program and have planted almost 100 trees in the last year, in case anyone was wavering in their decision to purchase.

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