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Monday, May 4, 2020

The GRACE Pictures, Dalls TX - wedding photography with a difference

A sample wedding photograph from The GRACE Pictures - rings and shoes
Wedding photographer to the colorful and discerning

Social distancing may be all the rage right now but that doesn’t mean happy couples can’t still have their photographs taken. They just need to be a bit more creative about it. Fortunately, the founder of the GRACE Pictures in Dallas TX has a knack for capturing just the right moment.

Firre, originally from Central Africa, specializes in wedding and destination photography and has had a busy order book with around 50 weddings a year recently. He has some unusual shots on his website, with an impressive portfolio just bursting with color and happiness. He covers Dallas-Fort Worth and Irving as his home patch but loves traveling and is quite happy to attend any wedding as the official photographer, anywhere in the world.

The GRACE Pictures also covers engagement parties and hair and makeup sessions before the wedding, so the couple have a full record of the whole event. There is plenty of evidence of pampering sessions for both bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as every variety of indoor and outdoor wedding, reception and portraits of the wedding party.

In fact, Firre has such a special bond with his clients that he offers the "client for life program" as an option for couples looking for wedding photography and more. This will then give the couple and their family two sessions a year with the GRACE Pictures for the foreseeable future. The results so far include maternity photos for many of his brides, and no doubt in future, this will expand to cover the progress of many of their children as well.

On their Instagram account, the GRACE Pictures lists the firms and people they regularly work with. These include wedding locations, video producers, makeup and hair specialists, planners and caterers. This not only brings their services to prominence, but it offers ideas for couples who are not yet at the stage of booking their services. And for those of you who wonder, the GRACE Pictures covers some really unusual and colorful weddings, from all cultures and nationalities - and held in some great locations too.

Firre likes to meet, or at least call, a couple before the big day to discuss details and get an idea of what they are expecting from him. He offers all kinds of extras, including engagement photographs, copyright release, photo editing and enhancement. The GRACE Pictures also has an ‘investment’ page. I like that terminology. Couples invest time and energy into their marriage. Why should they not also invest in their choice of photographer? The cost of an official photographer is an expected part of the day, after all, no matter how many other people with cameras and phones are in attendance. There are also details of how the GRACE Pictures will handle the big day and delivery of the photographs, and information on the Client for Life program. I don’t recall meeting our photographer before our wedding, never mind being offered a lifetime photography program, so this shows that times have moved on in the last decade or so.

Even these days, professional photographers are an essential part of any wedding. If a guest doesn't want to be photographed, they really have to make themselves scarce to avoid the wedding photographer’s lens. The GRACE Pictures will both seek these guests out, yet respect their preference not to be photographed. That is the mark of a good photographer.

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