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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 quality wholesale products at low prices logo
Image provided and used with permission may not be a name many small and medium retailers will have heard of, even though they supply some of the biggest names in the retail industry. The company is a one-stop wholesale center designed to help small and medium sized business access the best overseas manufacturers.

CROV stands for Customer, Reliability, Opportunity, Value and signifies that the company will ensure their customer is always king; they offer a reliable interface with the manufacturing companies who supply them; the range offers an opportunity for buyers to grow their business; and quality products offer a value-added service.

A way in for smaller businesses

Companies such as allow smaller businesses to place orders for the kinds of goods previously only seen in big box stores or branded outlets. The firm was created by as a way for smaller businesses to access the same market as their bigger, more established, rivals. has over 20 years’ experience in international sales, which means they’ve been supplying a variety of products worldwide since before the Millennium.

The firm has an enviable network of OEM manufacturers to call on, with thousands of factories worldwide able to supply goods for sale through their website. For those retailers looking to grow their business, or those looking for fast, reliable, repeat supplies, can help. Because buy in bulk to supply their customers in turn, prices are low, allowing small and medium businesses with smaller budgets to buy at a saving and decrease their risk in turn. The suppliers which buy from also supply some really big US and international names including Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Macy’s, among others. CROV’s customers have access to the same branded products seen in these big box stores, which means their customers in turn will recognize the names and may be more inclined to buy as a result.

Bulk buy, secure payment, good margins has a huge range of products, as might be expected for such an established business. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the most popular categories are Home, Garden & Tools, Automotive and Electronics.

Because the items are available in bulk, CROV’s reseller and retail customers can hope for a good profit margin on sales. They also benefit from a variety of delivery options, secure online payment or bank transfer and a robust Buyer Protection Guarantee. The firm keeps a close eye on its supply chain and carries out regular audits to guard against fraud and other issues. If a dispute with a customer does arise, it will be quickly addressed.

Shipping will either be direct from the manufacturer or via a US warehouse. Distributors have the best options, although also supplies products to businesses for their own use rather than for further sale.

A wide range of products

So, what about this wide range of products?

Well, there’s everything under the sun, honestly. Given that spring and summer are on the way, at present the site is full of outdoor and sports items. Grills, patio furniture, fishing, camping, hiking and diving are all covered by the wide range of products on sale. So any company involved in any of these pastimes, or looking to break into the market there, is likely to find suitable inventory here. Even ebay resellers after a seasonal boost will find small items such as USB powered fans, sports bras and beach towels.

The range of sports items runs to nearly 30 pages and includes fishing lures, outboard engine  propellers, cycling accessories, gym kit, softballs, footballs, baseball, skiing and skateboard gear. Prices range from a few dollars to several hundred, with some prices available only via login.

There are also 10 pages of items for pets, including dog raincoats, life jackets and windbreaker coats, so that keen hikers and campers can make sure their dog is kitted out as safely as they are before hitting the backwoods trails.

Goods for resellers and volume end users

No matter a wholesaler’s market, has items to appeal to all buyers. The company describes themselves as a sports and outdoor retailer, but there is much more than that here. It caters for those looking to sell items on at a profit, such as swapmeet traders, shop owners, and online stores such as ebay and Amazon resellers, by offering a large range of items at low prices. This option may also appeal to charities looking to make the most of their funds, sports and youth clubs, activity centres or schools with a limited budget, where the items are not going to be sold on, but merely be heavily used before being replaced. is a one stop shop for inventory. It might even be possible to set up a business from scratch simply by placing a few orders here and selling the items on through online sales sites. Someone looking to start a side hustle, make some extra cash on the side, or provide for their family after losing a regular job or deciding to quit the rat race would be well advised to check out The mix of quality goods at low prices normally only available to big name retailers is too good a choice to pass up.