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Saturday, June 1, 2019

My Luxury Intimates: corsets and shapewear for all women

My Luxury Intimates
Image provided and used with permission

My Luxury Intimates specializes in corsets and shapewear for women of all sizes and shapes. There are pages dedicated to corsets, shapewear, lingerie and ranges specifically for plus size women, with many items available in larger sizes.

Many of the beautiful corsets are available up to 6X, with an array of rich colors like purple, red and teal, holographic pastels and eye catching neons as well as the more traditional black leather or faux leather, lace, net and satin. Some of the items have a hidden zipper in the front as well as lacings up the back. This means that once the lacings are set, the wearer can even put it on and take it off without help. A halter neck or underbust option might also be a good starting point for some wearers, especially newcomers to corsets.

My Luxury Intimates
Image provided and used with permission
The shapewear comprises bodysuits, waist trainers, post surgery compression wear, high waist girdles and long legged panty girdles in mainly muted shades. This is a far more utilitarian color palette than the corsets, which are almost designed to be shown off as partywear or evening wear. However, there is something here to suit everyone, from a high waisted tummy control to a full length bodysuit.

The lingerie range is as lace-focussed as you would expect. These are definitely for special occasions; some of the sets are very skimpy indeed. As well as a lacy off the shoulder crop top, there are bras, thongs, lingerie sets and corsets with suspender straps.

My Luxury Intimates
Image provided and used with permission
The plus size ranges have eye popping colors too. As with the regular sizes, there is a choice of designs - some have steel bones, some have a mixture of steel and plastic bones, and some have front zippers. Wearers can flaunt their curves, no matter their build.

There is no doubt that some of these items would be suitable for pole dancing, burlesque or aerials wear. Similar sports waist cinchers have definitely been seen in gyms around the country before now, usually called sweat belts and marketed to sauna users. The gothic look of some of the corsets will definitely appeal to women who want to make a statement, and with prices from around $28 (£22 or €25) they’re not overly expensive either. For those women who have always wanted to try a corset, but have been put off by high prices or the physical location of shops, the range at My Luxury Intimates is a good place to start. The team has negotiated great prices on their favorite items over the last two years and have over 15,000 customers to date.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Wild Within offers unique handmade clothing with eco credentials

WildWithin logo
Image provided and used with permission.
If you’re anything like me, you prefer getting decent wear from your clothes. Fast fashion may be a thing for some, but it’s no use if your cheap and cheerful shorts or leggings split under the strain of a strenuous lift or ambitiously stretchy yoga pose in the middle of a heavy session in the gym. Been there, suffered that embarrassment.

Fortunately, help is at hand. WildWithin has some seriously cool active and casual wear. Leggings, vests, tanks, dresses, skirts, beanies and t-shirts are emblazoned with eye catching designs while some of the items are made in gym- and earth-friendly Ecopoly stretchy material. The company plants between one and four trees for every item of activewear clothing purchased. Ecopoly is used where possible, as it uses less water and energy to produce than regular polyester.

The designs are also inspired by the natural world, with top sellers including moon phase leggings and a full moon wrap skirt. There are also designs featuring leaves, flowers, the ocean, clouds, the sun and galaxies. The colors are by turns gentle and vibrant, rainbow hued and monochrome, but all the designs are striking. Unlike some materials, the leggings are not see through and are therefore equally appropriate for wearing to the gym or for casual trips. They may be comfortable for a flight or car journey, a shopping trip or a night on the town, depending on your preference. And of course, they are perfect for festivals and holidays.

Customers can choose where ‘their’ trees are planted if they have any strong feelings on the issue, as WildWithin supports many projects worldwide. Not only are the materials used better for the planet than conventional clothing, the trees planted as a result of a purchase will help offset the CO2 and other harmful emissions produced during the manufacturing process. This helps fight climate change and in some areas can contribute to increasing community sustainability by providing jobs or even food.

Customers after a unique design, logo or look have the option of a custom print on any item of clothing, while most of the designs on the site are unique prints in their own right, with only one handmade example available.

These items may be more expensive than shoppers would find in a High Street store, but on the other hand they are handmade, eco friendly, and feature eye catching designs which would also not be found in a High Street store. The extra cost is well worth it for the unusual designs alone, never mind the chance to give back to the planet through a purchase.

WildWithin is a great option for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd for any reason. Buying early before the summer kicks in is recommended as not only are these items rare, they also take several weeks to produce and ship. The company have just launched an Ambassador Program and have planted almost 100 trees in the last year, in case anyone was wavering in their decision to purchase.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

iShopish: Love the skin you're in

iShopish logo
Image provided and used with permission.

Plus size fashion used to be a niche market. These days, the fashion industry reckons that ‘plus size’ starts from UK size 12, which to most people is a perfectly normal size. US size 14 is where Lane Bryant start their range, again, to most people, a perfectly ordinary size.

Still, to those of us on the cusp of industry ‘plus size’ clothing, sites such as iShopish are a treasure trove of clothing for those days when we don’t fancy squeezing our curves into anything too small, days when the diet failed and mornings after the night before when we felt the need to drink our own weight in alcohol.

Love those curves? Show them off with iShopish

iShopish also has a great selection of clothing for those women who love their curves and have no difficulty flaunting them. Handkerchief hems on flowing tops, high-low skirts and dresses, tunics, richly patterned t-shirts, flattering fashion can be found at every turn. iShopish has a wide range of tops, bottoms, dresses, vests and jackets. Sizes generally start from L or XL for tops, and go up to 5XL as standard, although not every size is available in every design. Glittery tank tops rub shoulders with long sleeved tops and work-safe dresses, snazzy hoodies and smart coats.

Leggings, maxi skirts, pencil skirts

The site has a range of leggings and several different styles of skirt to suit all tastes. Leggings, jeans, mini and maxi skirts are all in stock, with styles ranging from lace hemmed yoga pants to black leggings with musical notes up each side, palazzo pants and elasticated waist tapered pants.

Skirts are similarly varied, with styles including a plain black midi skirt, a flower printed full length maxi and a knee length pencil skirt in a range of 12 different colors.

Accessories to complete the look

As well as partner sites stocking shoes, jewelry and bags, the iShopish site itself has a range of accessories. I wondered where to get a funky cosmetic bag - turns out all the good ones are stocked here on iShopish. They’re all bright, colorful, emblazoned with positive messages and fun photos. Some look like something out of an Andy Warhol exhibition; others would be more at home on social media.

There are woollen and mohair scarves and shawls of several different types for the winter season, together with gloves to complete the look. Fingerless, of course, because the other range which iShopish stock is phone cases, many with finger straps for safety.

Affordable plus size fashion and accessories are only a click away with iShopish. Many items are on sale at the time of writing and there may even be discounts or a free shipping offer, depending on how much customers spend and when. ‘Love the skin you’re in’ is the tagline, and I‘m pretty certain customers will after purchasing from this site.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Screen print your own t-shirts at home

Screen printing kit from Keygadgets
Image provided and used with permission

T-shirts are easy care, wash and wear, easily replaced and tough. Jeans and a t-shirt is a casual uniform the world over, no matter the style of the jeans or the type of shoes or jacket worn with them.

Now anyone can make their own screen printed t-shirts. For €300 (£265 or US$370), buyers receive everything they need to start screen printing their own t-shirts. The kit, available from Keygadgets, comprises a screen printing machine and frame, all the tools and lamps, black ink, emulsion, paper, gloves and degreaser. In addition, there is an instruction sheet as well as a helpful video on the site itself. So, whether for a sports club, local society or starting up a business, this kit has everything required, plus the tutorial to help new users get started.

These days, many people have a ‘five to nine’, a side hustle raising some extra cash alongside a regular job. Monetising a social media feed by selling appropriately themed t-shirts is a quick and easy way to make some extra pennies. Selling unwanted or end of range clothing on auction sites, at markets or car boot sales is another popular option. The two strands can easily combine with the purchase of a screen printing kit from Keygadgets.

Screen printing doesn’t have to stop at t-shirts, either. This screen printer can cope with bags, hats and polo shirts as well as t-shirts. Small businesses could diversify from their core lines and offer t-shirt printing as an extra, or an enterprising soul could set up from scratch selling custom printed tees to order. An end-of-line clothes stall at a market or car boot sale could sell a small selection of screen printed items alongside their ex-retail stock to offer a wider selection to their customers. Specialist t-shirt retailers could offer a design-it-yourself option for their customers. After all, everyone wants a unique design once in a while, whether it’s on a hat, polo shirt or tee. With a screen printing machine, this is a distinct possibility. Talented artists could sell prints of their designs, or offer to print up other people’s designs from a suitable computer file.

Owning a screen printing machine opens the door to a wide variety of options. Although this one from Keygadgets is relatively cheap, it is built to last. The site also stocks consumables and parts so meeting demand is simply a matter of finding enough time to print the t-shirts and remembering to place repeat orders for consumables on time. What could be simpler?

Monday, July 31, 2017

BohAwesome - clothing to express your inner goddess

BohAwesome logo. Image supplied and used with permission.

BohAwesome is one of those websites which does what is says on the tin. The clothing and accessories showcased here are both bohemian and awesome. Flowing lines, geometric prints and handmade style are all to be found, plus wallets and bracelets for men and baby dresses to make an infant daughter the talk of the town or the belle of the festival.

BohAwesome mainly concentrates on ladies’ clothing and accessories, however. These are the kind of maxi dresses that just fall over any shape, scarves to brighten up the dullest of days, swimsuits to rock the pool...oh, you get my drift? Jumpsuits and shorts, tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry and accessories are all available through this site.

From sandals to heels, there are shoes to suit all styles. Fringed heels, stilettos of all kinds and strappy Roman gladiator sandals are all for sale here. Colorful leggings, fringed jeans and bellbottom jazzy patterned pants, gypsy tops, strappy ruffles, waterfall hems and more. Needless to say, BohAwesome has a strong social media presence, with accounts on both Twitter and Instagram @BohAwesomeFinds. Such striking fashion demands a regular social media update, after all.

Like many (often much larger) sites, BohAwesome offers a referral reward program. The Get $20, Give $20 friend referral program offers referrers a chance to earn $20 for every customer they refer when that friend makes their first purchase. Plus the referred friend ends up with a $20 discount on their first purchase too. That’s a win-win situation, surely?

BohAweome offers a tangled and colorful fusion of Bohemian, Southwestern, Mayan/Aztec, Island and Rustic finds. The site offers free standard shipping on all US orders and free shipping for international orders over $100. Payment can be made by most major credit cards or PayPal, so it’s summertime and the buying is easy, as Nina Simone might have said...

A recommended tab shows items that browsing customers might like, while there is also a popup message giving the names of the latest members to join, as another hint that customers might be better in this club than looking on from the outside.

BohAwesome is an ideal site for those who like unusual, one off, handmade and unique clothing. Today’s world is one of niche and uniqueness, with everyone from parents to businesses trying to be the one of their kind that everyone prefers. With clothing from BohAwesome, ladies have the chance to wear the unique, one-of-a-kind style that sets them apart from the brands and the malls.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Coupons Deli offers discount codes for the savvy shopper

An example of savings available from Coupons Deli.
Please note that this is an image provided for use with this
piece and is not an actual discount sheet.
Everyone loves to save money, especially when prices are rising but salaries don’t seem to go up quite as fast. 

Couponing is a quick and easy way to save a few cents here and there, but those cents can quickly add up. Before couponers know it, they will be able to make savings of three figures on their groceries, just by using coupons available online, or in free newspapers and flyers. Extreme couponers have this down to a fine art, and can end up paying mere cents for hundreds of dollars’ worth of shopping. Sure, it will probably wind the cashier up, but it’s good for the bank manager’s blood pressure.

There are many websites offering links to the latest discount coupons and online savings codes. Coupons Deli specializes in money saving offers for car oil and lube changes, offers for dating site membership, restaurant and shoe shop savings, although there are many other offers too. Customers on a budget can simply visit the site and click on whichever link they need to obtain full details of how to benefit from free samples and money off deals.

Many people in the USA find that cars are one of their biggest outlays. Coupons Deli can help, as they have discount codes for servicing and parts at national chains such as NTB, PepBoys, Muffler Shop, Brakes Plus, Grease Monkey and many more. Simply quote the code and save the cash, it’s as simple as that. Dating readers have a choice of offers for, while shoe fans can find discount codes for Asics, Eastbay, Champs, Jordans, Shoe Station, and Payless, among others.

Foodies need not feel left out either, as Coupons Deli has offers for Popeyes, Black Angus and Longhorn Steaks as well as KFC, McDonalds, P F Chang’s, TGI Friday’s and pizza company Round Table. Perennial favorite Cheesecake Factory also has deals available through Coupons Deli.

Crafters can take advantage of long, dark winter nights indoors with a JoAnn’s or AC Moore coupon, readers will love the chance to stock up their Kindle with an Amazon coupon, and there are also discount codes for car rental, patio furniture and outdoor equipment, plus amusement park entry costs for those planning next summer’s getaways.

There are eight pages of coupon codes for every kind of person and interest on Coupons Deli. The Coupons Guy has even managed to find Keurig coupons, as if readers need any excuse to love this site any more than they already do after reading that list.

American couponing is a sight to behold, and with spiraling costs, the US lead may yet be followed by many other countries’ retailers eager to have potential customers spending their hard earned cash in store rather than queuing for the food bank or soup kitchen. Coupons Deli is a step in the right direction for those people needing to save money on essentials, or simply for savvy shoppers fancying a discount deal. And no one can resist a discount, surely?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Enewwholesale, the wholesale fashion site with a difference

Clothes, by Elbowalker at Pixabay. CC0. is a US-based online wholesaler of fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. The site caters for buyers and sellers of wholesale goods, mainly US-based, but not exclusively. The range comprises thousands of lines, mainly pitched at the younger fashion market. Buyers are only able to see the full range when they create an account and log in, although thumbnails of some items are available on the category tabs so that potential purchasers can see what they might like to buy before committing to becoming a member and creating an account. Membership is free, however, so browsing is possible once the account has been created.

For those wholesalers who are looking to be on trend and stay there, a site like can give valuable pointers about the hottest stock to carry for each new season. The network of buyers, suppliers and sellers is already in place for anyone who joins a site like this, so whether the stock is destined for a national franchise, an online store or a sole outlet trader, buyers can be sure that the items will be the very latest designs. Sellers looking to find new markets for their stock are also welcome to join and try out the site. There are so many different influences here, and so many different categories, that almost everyone will find someone to buy their goods or something to purchase to sell on in turn. Of course, the other benefit of being an online site rather than a physical trading location is that it is available 24 hours a day, no matter where the buyers are in the world. That means that prices will be lower as there are fewer running costs. Like other e-commerce sites, there is also a great choice of items, perhaps wider than that found in a traditional bricks and mortar store.

The target market may well be young people, but there are many different styles to choose from. The ladies’ boots section, for instance, has everything from lacy cut-out over-the-knee boots to eminently practical fur-lined winter boots, stiletto heeled boots, laced up combats and ankle boots. Almost every female boot wearer would find something to buy from that range, no matter their style or the occasion.

For those fashion wholesalers looking for a new market, or retailers looking for something a bit different that is still likely to attract buyers, is worth a look. Because the items are perhaps not as widely available as those in a chain store, they may well be the kind of clothes to elicit ‘fashion envy’ from coworkers, family and friends asking ‘where did you find that?’ In turn this could bring new business to any outlet stocking them, no matter the size or reach of the outlet. For a different approach to fashion, has the answer.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala - November 12-14, 2015

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala.
Promotional image provided and used with permission.

Destinee's Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala takes place in Richmond, Virginia from November 12-14, 2015. Now in its third year, this event is a one-stop shop for everything to do with couture and beauty. Not only will guests see a stunning fashion show of the latest designs from Destinee's Creations, they will also be able to see the work of many other designers, find out about the latest trends for the new season and watch makeup and beauty stylists at work. Other shows include a dance performance and a live band.

Of course, the great and good of Virginian society will be there, as befits any couture event. Local and national celebrities are on the guest list and each ticket purchased will raise money for local non-profit The Gray Haven. This Richmond-based organization has been helping victims of human trafficking and slavery for several years, and Destinee’s Creations has chosen to be a part of that effort this year.

Destinee’s Creations is about more than beautiful designer fashion and fundraising for a non-profit, though. The company has a selection of makeup and beauty products to choose from as well as the couture. Under the same brand, and badged as The Beauty Collection by Destinee’, are the Rare Beauty by Destinee’ range of cosmetics, a signature perfume and lotion and the Euphoric Seduction range, also of perfume and lotion. So the wearer’s whole look can be perfectly coordinated and complementary to each part.

Destinee’s Creations is clearly aiming for the upmarket lifestyle brand market, and indeed has already provided a ‘red carpet-ready’ dress for model Bridgetta Tomarchio, who has appeared in TV shows Californication and The West Wing, among others. During this gala, the company will decide the recipient of the Destinee’s Creations Designer of the Year Award from among the participating designers as well as allowing guests to mix and mingle in a Social Hour or experience the Fashion Lounge and Expo.

The Fashion Lounge and Expo will showcase the best of fashion design: designers and models, the buyers who choose what the customers see, journalists who write about it and anyone involved in the business of bringing fashion to the rest of us. The Social Hour allows guests to meet the exhibiting designers and event partners and will be a chance for ticket holders to learn more about the fashion and design business from those who make it happen.

Tickets are available from EventBrite and start at $15. VIP Admission at $55 pays for complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres while Platinum admission is $99, with potential guests at that level being asked to contact the organizer to discuss terms before purchasing.

For couture fashion and more, it sounds like if you’re in the Richmond, VA area in mid-November, you need to have a ticket for Destinee’s Creations Annual Couture Fashion Gala. For more information contact Destinee’s Creations email address.

Friday, October 16, 2015

TallSlim Tees for tall slim men

TallSlim Tees logo, used with permission.

A quick internet search for 'men's tall slim t-shirts' will show a slew of questions asking where these can be purchased and bemoaning the lack of affordable t-shirts in the right proportions. Not all tall men are broad with it, some are slimmer than a streak of pump water. Many of the current suggestions are from top-end designers, with the associated price tag, and therefore beyond affordable to many.

Fortunately for you, guys, (and your partners looking for an ideal Christmas present) I've found the answer. TallSlim Tees has the shirt for you. The company was founded in 2014 by Dan Deceuster out of his own frustration at not being able to find a suitable t-shirt in his size. He first designed one to fit himself, then expanded the idea to craft the entire range. It took him nine months of trial and error and a lot of measuring, but the range is now up to 28 items and counting.

Available in crew neck, v-neck, short and/or long sleeves depending on the colour, the range is available in fourteen different colours. Each tee can be ordered in a choice of sizes for the best fit. Sizing starts at small for men of 6' and goes up to large for men of 6'8". An extra-large size will soon be available for men of up to 7' tall, because Dan recognises that men are getting taller these days.

Dan estimates that the small size will fit men of around 130-150lb (59-68kg) and up to 6"4" in height. The medium size is designed for men of 6'2" to 6'6" tall and weighing from 150lb to 200lb. (68-91kg) while the large size is for those guys of 200-250lb (91-113kg) and between 6'4" and 6'8" tall.

Because the shirts are plain, they're worksafe, which is a boon if you work in a location where the dress code permits tees as workwear. The shirts are priced at a reasonable $20/£13/€17 each, with free postage and a 30 day returns policy. The tees are 50% cotton, 50% polyester so hard wearing and easy care, as long as they are washed on a cool setting and tumble dried

These days, niche products and specialist provision are once again popular after years of 'off the peg' dominance by High Street retailers. TallSlim Tees is riding that wave, with a product that has been much sought after by many. Tall slim men should grab one now, before their popularity ensures they sell out.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Regular Travelers need a Jacket by Global Travel Clothing

Global Travel Clothing logo. Image used with permission.

Imagine being able to travel and not instantly look like a tourist with a roll-along suitcase in tow.

Imagine not having to empty out your pockets at the TSA or customs scanners.

Imagine being able to keep your ticket and passport safe and not have to constantly check they're in your pocket. 

The Black Cotton Global
Travel Clothing Jacket

With the Global Travel Clothing jacket you will be able to do all this and more. The designer behind this was just as fed up as the rest of us can be at the security headaches which modern travel presents. So he decided to design a jacket that had enough pockets and flaps to make any journey a breeze.

There's a pair of holes on the collar for your earphones, an inside zip pocket for a passport or wallet, a strap for a drinks bottle, a pocket that's big enough for a tablet or e-reader. The cuffs and waist are adjustable and there is a pen/sunglasses holder as well as a removable hood. Not enough? OK, there’s a total of three inside zippered pockets, three Velcro pockets, and two outside zipper pockets. All the Velcro pockets are hidden inside the zipped pockets for extra security. 

The Blue Canvas Global Travel
Clothing Jacket
The way the jacket is designed means it doesn’t look like the wearer is stashing much inside, so it won’t attract attention from pickpockets or thieves. It is easy to remove for the scanner, as everything you need can stay inside and there’s even room in some of the pockets for your jewelry too (in the UK the customs staff usually ask you to remove your jewelry as well as shoes).

The Global Travel Jacket is available in three designs: Blue Canvas, Windbreaker and Black Cotton. They all have the same multi-pocket design and are available in men’s and women’s sizes from Small to XXXL in either version. As a solid female citizen, I tend to prefer men’s sizing, but it’s good to know that there are women’s sizes available for those ladies who are blessed with a figure.

Prices start at $79.99 for the black cotton version and rise to $104.99 for the blue canvas version. That’s between £50 and £70, which given that standard high street store windbreaker jackets with two pockets retail at £45+, is not a bad deal. I prefer to have everything in one place, either a rucksack or pockets, so this jacket is ideal for me. I rarely leave the house without my bus pass, work ID, office keys, house keys, phone and wallet, so this jacket gives me enough pockets to carry all of that plus the packages of things I’ve sold on eBay the night before. As it’s machine washable, I can also carry my smoothie flask as well without worry. My husband likes to carry his keys, wallet and phone on his person too so this jacket will make a really good Christmas present for him. Thanks, Global Travel Clothing! That's a big problem solved.
The Windbreaker Global Travel Clothing Jacket