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Friday, May 17, 2019

DocHQ free healthcare app for employees and businesses

DocHQ app screenshot
Image provided and used with permission

DocHQ is a free healthcare app to help businesses manage their employees’ health. It aims to work with local health and wellness practices to give employees easy access to a professional when they need one.

The DocHQ app offers a range of services including sickness management, counselling and access to home or office visits from general practitioners or physiotherapists. For smaller companies, such a service could be a stepping stone to the larger occupational health and telephone counselling services offered by national and international organisations. For larger firms, it could be a viable way for employees to manage their own healthcare issues without necessarily having to take time off for routine appointments and without making their healthcare requirements public.

Any workforce will work better when they feel supported. Apps like this may be the future of corporate healthcare, allowing employees to call for the services they need when they need them, with the agreement of their employer. After all, not everyone has access to the full range of services as soon as they need them, and waiting lists can be weeks or months long for some in-demand healthcare providers. Booking an appointment is simple with the app too.

DocHQ app screenshot
Image provided and used with permission
Any employer can test the app and rate the benefits: a healthier workforce who take less time off work. Faster access to routine healthcare is never a bad thing for busy workers these days (even getting a blood test is a test of nerve these days in some places). The app allows management of sick leave and return to work procedures too. For conscientious workers who feel guilty about taking time off for medical reasons, having a GP or specialist on call could make all the difference. Simple 10-minute appointments for prescription renewals, blood tests, annual healthcare checkups and follow up appointments for existing known medical issues can be simplified and agreed through use of the DocHQ app. The symptom checker allows users to search for appropriate NHS or private healthcare services near them, which can be invaluable when they’re away from home and have no access to their usual providers.

The UK loses over £70bn a year from lost productivity due to sick employees. Most people know someone who is struggling, either with mental health issues or physical ailments. Presenteeism causes a loss of productivity,
DocHQ app screenshot
Image provided and used with permission
because staff feel the need to come to work when they are sick. Their viruses can often spread to others, causing a knock on effect. This is why hospitals and healthcare environments urge their staff to stay away if they are sick - although not everyone pays attention to that request; in 2018 86% of employers said their employees come to work when they’re sick. For those with physical health issues, attending work may cause additional pain, wear and tear on known injuries. Staff with mental health challenges may feel undue pressure to return and assume full workload responsibilities before they are ready to, which in turn can lead to further interpersonal relationship breakdowns.

DocHQ’s developers are still adding functionality to the app, and hope to be able to offer discounts on a range of health and wellness options in due course. Meantime, users can calculate their biological (rather than their actual) age and take steps to improve their lifestyle as required.

An app like DocHQ can help employees to manage their own healthcare on their own terms, which can make an often sensitive topic much easier to handle. That’s good news for everyone.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Managing My Grief workshop: for the bereaved to find support

Locations for Managing My Grief workshops.
Image provided and used with permission.

Grief is a powerful emotion. Whether you have lost a parent, loved one, friend, colleague or simply someone you looked up to, when that day happens, you will feel grief.

Healthcare workers and military personnel are often offered courses similar to Managing My Grief, but many others, like me, had no clue what would happen and how we would feel. Trauma and distress can have a deep and lasting effect on anyone, and can manifest in many ways. Tiffani Dilworth’s courses aim to help us through the traumatic process of grief. Even if we don’t recognize it as such, humans feel grief many times throughout our lives. It’s not just losing someone either. Grief can follow leaving an abusive or bad relationship, leaving a stressful job, the breakup of a marriage, even retirement. Sometimes it’s passing; mourning someone we didn’t know so well, such as a celebrity or public figure. Sometimes it’s grief caused by missing someone. Maybe they passed away suddenly, or were a long time friend with whom we have lost touch. But sometimes, for all the preparation in the world, the loss is big and huge and enormous and all-encompassing, such as the death of a parent, spouse or child. We find ourselves adrift, bereft, heartbroken and struggling to cope with even the simplest things. Even those closest to us don’t know what to say, how to react.

The next Managing My Grief workshops are in Baltimore, MD in April and September; Arlington, VA in June; and Richmond, VA in December. My advice is that you should attend, because, like I did, you will find out that you are not alone. Even if your coworkers, friends and family are struggling to understand, in these workshops you will find others in a similar position. As I did with my group, together you will learn how to understand your grief triggers and how to guide yourself to a safe place when you need to regain stability.

One of my longest standing friends is a former nurse, who moved into the funeral arrangement business after leaving nursing. She often says that grief takes many forms, and mourning is both complicated and very individual. She knows how to help her families through that process, and the Managing My Grief course aims likewise to help those who grieve to help themselves understand, manage and navigate the process too. This is not to say you shouldn’t grieve - you should, it’s a natural reaction - but managing the depths and avoiding an unhealthy mental and emotional state is key. These groups are support groups as much as anything else, like-minded souls who find strength together. One of my group rings me every few weeks, because talking is his way of coping. A fellow cat lover shares daily cat photos on social media with motivational and positive thoughts. Another regularly posts photos of our favorite musician, captioned with his name and the words 'Good Morning'. This reminds her that she has another day to listen to his music, to continue the healing process. We are not stuck in our grieving process any more; we are moving onward.

Tiffani Dilworth is a licensed clinical professional counselor who specializes in depression and PTSD, among other areas. She offers course delegates a selection of techniques drawn from various forms of behavioral therapy and is experienced in dealing with small groups, families and youth of all ages. Ms Dilworth is also a noted motivational speaker, so these Managing My Grief workshops will hold your attention no matter what your current headspace. I should know. My coping mechanism was to smack my headphones on and dial up the music volume so I couldn’t hear any of the concerned questions from people around me. Ms Dilworth made me take the headphones off and listen to her instead. Much more useful. She can help people at any stage in the grieving process to understand their struggles and move on constructively. No matter how you came to be grieving, what or whom you are missing. That’s much more helpful than effectively telling everyone ‘la la la I can’t hear you!’

My final piece of advice is to stick with the course. It may be hard, emotional or draining, but you will get the best out of a Managing My Grief workshop by hearing Tiffani out. She has some good ideas, so you owe it to yourself to hear them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Katrina's Spiritual Counseling - life, light and love

Katrina's Spiritual Counseling
Image provided and used with permission

One of the great questions of the universe is ‘Is there anybody out there?’ Originally asked of alien civilizations, it applies equally to spiritual encounters of all kinds.

Many people gain great comfort from spiritual advice and counseling. These days, that advice comes in many forms. One of those forms is psychic reading. Katrina’s Spiritual Counseling offers live readings to answer questions about love, dreams, finances and more. Katrina’s offers empathic and medium services, tarot card readings, astrology and spiritual guidance.

Tarot card readings can be scarily accurate, and humans are such that they will often derive inner peace from that. Katrina’s has been offering that inner peace via spiritual and psychic advice since 1996, so that makes over 20 years of experience. That’s some record, and there are many satisfied customers after that many years. Repeat customers are common, drawn back by the accuracy of the predictions offered by their spirit guides.

Katrina's Spiritual Counseling Youtube video, done in the same way that customers would hear a phone conversation, gives the basic details about the service:
  • Over 18s only 
  • Cost $4.99 a minute 
  • Credit card details must be entered to start the consultation 
  • Maximum 45 minute call

Katrina’s also offers information on spells and potions, and indeed the online store stocks an impressive mix of spells, candles, sprays and oils. Email readings are also offered for those without access to a US telephone line. All spells and readings supplied in this way require full name and date of birth plus any requests or questions. 40 different varieties of candles offers a wide choice for everyone while bath crystals, oils and sprays offer the desired outcome in a number of different scenarios from enticing a lover to changing the court’s mind or removing a jinx. Essential oils have long been known to work in many situations, so any option which harnesses the power of these oils has to be for the buyer’s good. The Therapeutic Perfumes page gives advice on which oils to use in certain situations, given that herbs are known to heal and calm us. All results may vary and may not be specific to individual situations, although they have been widely reported to bring calm and clarity in similar circumstances.

Katrina’s aims to offer choices, hope and life-changing readings, which in turn give a new outlook on the future for customers. All questions will be answered in a compassionate manner.

Katrina’s sign off is ‘Bless you, until we speak again, life, light, and love’. With good reason, as customers will likely find life, light and love in these counsels.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Live Better, Live Now with the help of this Houston-based practice

Live Better, Live Now logo. Supplied and used with permission.

Live Better, Live Now is a diverse group of certified practitioners available to offer counseling, coaching and consulting in a variety of specialisms. The Live Better, Live Now site is a hub of information from this network of qualified health professionals who are experts in various areas of life and work resilience. Both physical and mental health assistance is covered, including assistance with coming to terms with medical diagnoses and addiction, career improvement, stress management and life coaching. The group also counts specialists in young adult counseling among its members. Grief and loss plus the associated topics of seniors and aging are also covered. There is also a professional counselor in women's issues.

In addition, this assembly of qualified helpers provides professional oversight of counselors in training and assistance for nurses suffering under the burden of their role. Group therapy is available, plus contact to expert support networks, and critical incident stress management help for individuals and businesses.

Just about every workplace and home will have someone who needs one or more of these counseling services at some point in their lives. Modern living is inherently stressful to many, leading to long term effects on their mental and physical health and wellbeing. The site acts as a first point of contact and information for those looking for guidance on any of the individual areas. It taps into the current feeling that individuals and employees need to develop mindfulness, resilience and coping strategies, because retreating into substance abuse and violence is no longer an acceptable option.

The collective is based in Houston, Texas. The founder, Benjamin Carettin, MA, NCC, LPC, is a Houston native who has been working in the field of mental health since 1992, and has an array of further qualifications to permit a wide understanding of the human condition.

His partners in the Live Better, Live Now initiative are the equally well qualified practitioners Mavis Downey, PhD, LPC, who specializes in psychotherapy, counseling psychology and coaching; and Rebecca Rucker, Counselor, MA, LPC-S, LMFT, BCC, who specializes in anger management and behavioral issues, impulse control disorders, coaching, matters of self esteem and questions around spirituality. Rebecca is also skilled at making dual diagnoses.

Between them the three specialists cover a wide variety of counseling and coaching requirements, offering both individual and group sessions, the latter facilitated through the Greater Houston Wellness organization.

When someone is faced with news of a cancer diagnosis or heart condition which may limit their abilities for the rest of their life, it often helps to be able to talk to someone who can put things in perspective. Depression is a common result of these diagnoses, alongside grief, perhaps a feeling of victimhood and low self worth. Talking certainly does help, as does keeping active as much as possible and, naturally, spending time with family and friends. On this site are links explaining the counseling process clients are likely to experience, should they be recommended for a course.

Modern life is stressful, and provides regular mental challenges. The team at Live Better, Live Now offer both life coaching and executive coaching to help clients deal with these situations. An individual approach helps assess the issues each client is facing and provides tailored assistance using coping strategies and affirmation techniques to allow the client themselves to make necessary changes in their life.

Tied in with this area is the career transitions support offered by Rebecca Rucker. This follows a similar path, through coping strategies and affirmation techniques, to the life coaching and aims to leave the client able to face change with a more positive mindset.

Mavis Downey offers help in the areas of elders, aging and geriatric support, caring and feelings of grief and loss. To help her clients, she uses a wide range of therapies in the broad disciplines of psychotherapy, counseling, psychology and coaching.

Women’s issues is another area which can bring all kinds of challenges, not just to the women themselves, but also to their partners. Mavis Downey provides help in this area too, working with couples and individually to smooth out the mixed up feelings that women’s issues can often cause.

Of course, addiction is also an area which counseling can address, dealing with the reasons which led to the addiction, as well as the best way of moving on from it. The Live Better, Live Now team offer a mix of Eastern philosophy and Western practices which seem to work well for many who are also receiving medical care for their dependency. The aim is to keep the patient in the community rather than in hospital, so as to allow them to practice coping mechanisms in everyday life and familiar settings.

The hub site at Live Better, Live Now also features a blog and links to relevant information on social media, as readers would expect these days.

Naturally, this level of experience, depth of knowledge, and counseling doesn’t come cheap, and clients can expect to be charged between $95 and $150 per session. But to get their life back on track after just about any life altering event is worth it, surely?