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Friday, February 15, 2019

squar-pix, Inc. full color digital, large format print shop

squar-pix, Inc.
Image taken from website and used with permission.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about printing companies and their ranges, so I was pleased to be told about squar-pix, Inc. earlier this week.

squar-pix, Inc. offer full color, digital, large format banners, table top displays, step and repeat work and more.

Advertising and branding are key

No matter the size of the company, advertising and branding are key. I well remember my first meeting with a local band, who had a stall at an event where they were selling their merchandise. They were all attired in the band’s ‘brand’; white shirts, ties in shades of brown and dark trousers (that would be ‘pants’ to my US readers).

Branding. A three-piece band could make that impression on me. What could effective branding do for a large book publisher, a specialist museum, an organization looking to recruit new staff?

squar-pix, Inc. aims to help anyone looking to get their brand noticed. From retractable vinyl banners and large format signs, table top banners and window vinyl to smaller formats such as business cards, postcards and posters, they offer the full range of items to ensure a brand is memorable.


A selection of banners can make an effective backdrop for anyone advertising a product. An author signing copies of their latest book at a convention can have a retractable banner of the book cover behind them. The spokesperson for a larger company can request to be interviewed with a prominent table top banner in shot, or even a step and repeat banner with the company’s logo behind them.

All kinds of companies

I have volunteered before with charities who take a regular stall at a jumble sale, table top or car boot sale. As well as a good selection of products, they will also need distinct advertising to set themselves apart from all the other stalls. A vinyl or mesh banner for outdoor use or a foam board sign for indoor stalls is a great option in these circumstances.

Permanent premises

Permanent premises will need a different range of advertising print. Sidewalk signs or A-frames will direct customers to the correct location, while window graphics or window cling offer a chance to further enhance the brand while perhaps hiding the sight inside. This may encourage the curious to come in and see what’s on offer.

Step and repeat

Step and repeat branding is the type of advertising shown in those post-match interviews with footballers or soundbites from film stars on a red carpet somewhere. It features the logos of all the brands which have sponsored the event. This advertising could also be used for a group of companies, to make the connection between them.

Posters, car magnets, canvas

Posters have been used in the film world for decades as the way to tout a new release. Musicians and authors also use them as promotional devices in retail displays. Car magnets are an option for sole traders and small businesses where the budget will not stretch to a full graphics package. Canvases can show off a company logo or an abstract design, and look impressive hung on the wall of a reception area or board room.

Business cards

Even in this digital age, business cards are still popular. They may be a digital version attached to an email or a physical version, handed over with both hands after an introductory handshake, in the Japanese style of meishi koukan. This cements the giver’s position and also serves as a formal introduction to them and the company they represent. A businessperson who gets this tradition right does immense good to their standing and that of their firm.

Textiles and freebies

Another unusual way of advertising a brand is to have a textile representation. squar-pix, Inc. offer a tablecloth which features a large logo on the front. Of course there is also the time-honored way of advertising using a freebie mug or mouse mat. This approach, beloved of sales reps in all disciplines, is also popular with staff who quickly pounce on a free item and squirrel it away for their personal use.

Sales promotion and brand awareness may seem like a minefield, but it can simply be a case of effective advertising placement. With a company such as squar-pix, Inc., choosing the right product to promote a product, or even an entire brand, is easy.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

On Demand Goods Inc provides downloadable college textbooks

On Demand Goods - Trending and Paramount
Image provided and used with permission
Buying college textbooks back in my days at university was neither cheap nor easy. These specialist items were often more expensive than novels, due to their limited market, and had a lower usage rate too, as they were only ever going to be required by a few students on a limited number of courses. One tutor had produced and vanity-published his own book, but many other required texts were only available as academic press publications, with an associated hefty price tag.

However, with the growth in ebooks and online learning, many of these previously super-expensive items have now been made available digitally. That means that although the initial cost to the student may be lower, the second hand market has died, so the original author may benefit from the additional downloads required for each student to have their own digital copy.

Advantages to digital downloading of textbooks

On Demand Goods provides popular textbooks as downloads, as well as individual chapters for specialist assignments and even sample exam test questions for use during revision. The advantages of downloading a textbook include the convenience of being able to pay for it and download it instantly, the ease of access - wherever there is a wifi connection - storage and environmental concerns. Many ebook readers have a function where the reader can annotate the text, thus putting an end to what many see as vandalism of physical books when students add their notes in the page margins.

For the supplier, the advantages of operating digitally include the savings made by having inventory available on a server or in the cloud rather than stacks of physical books taking space in a warehouse. Print runs are a thing of the past, and even though on-demand printing has been successful, many large publishers, including Amazon, now routinely offer an electronic option alongside physical product.

Accountancy and finance books are popular

College course textbooks stocked by On Demand Goods are currently slanted towards accountancy and finance, which are both very popular choices for home study as well as formal class-led tuition. Students of distance learning courses are likely to find that the availability of ebooks allows them to make best use of their time. It’s easy to read while commuting or when a young child is asleep, after all. An ereader is easier to hold, lighter to carry around and smaller than a textbook too.

On Demand Goods provides electronic copies of what's trending and what’s paramount to their valued customers.

Friday, August 21, 2015

ATIS Digital Agency - Tirana

ATIS Digital Agency - Tirana
Logo supplied and used with permission.

ATIS (Albanian Telecommunication and Information Services) are a digital agency based in Tirana, Albania. In common with many companies in this connected life, they work with customers all over the world. Indeed, the agency expresses a preference for working in the field of ‘offshore web development’ so they would positively welcome enquiries from overseas.

What marks ATIS out from the others is that they are a one-stop shop for just about everything a firm could need, digitally speaking. This team of 12 hard-working men and women have delivered almost two million lines of code (1,956,628, to be exact) for 83 projects.

That's 1,328 and a third lines of code for every one of the 1,473 cups of coffee the team have drunk. Or an average of almost 23,574 lines of code per customer. That equals some pretty late nights and large projects.

Between them, ATIS can look after all aspects of a company's digital marketing requirements. They design mobile apps, offer web design and development services and have in-house copywriting specialists as well as creative design and digital marketing service experts. Whether assisting with a new email or social media marketing campaign, or revamping an older website for the mobile-centric Smartphone/tablet era, ATIS can help. If it's digital, the chances are that they have experience with it. The team is truly multi-talented, being able to design everything from a new logo to stationery or branding for uniforms as well as all the usual digital media. If it can be rendered digitally, ATIS will provide it, and I get the impression that the team enjoy a challenge.

The ATIS team’s web development service covers CMS, e-commerce, frameworks and web applications. This is complemented by web design; giving the site a great look, making it intuitive and easy to use. Of course, a web site might look good, but it needs persuasive copy if visitors are to become customers and buy services or goods. ATIS has multilingual copywriters to take care of that, and ensure that the keywords are in place to show good search engine optimization (SEO). When the website is ready, the team will attend to the social media marketing (SMM) and pay per click advertising (PPC) that make a well designed website not just look good but work well too. To be ranked highly in search engines today, websites need to work just as well on a range of devices from a 24” widescreen to a 10” tablet and a 4” Smartphone. A dedicated app might be the answer, and with ATIS, mobile apps are designed and tested in house. They can be produced for and published on iOS, Android and Windows as needed. A company is nothing without advertising and branding, and this is where the creative design side kicks in, covering logos, banner advertisements, business cards and other branding.

ATIS Digital Agency are, as you might expect, active on social media. The best place to find them is on Linked In but they also welcome enquiries directly through their website or via Google+, Facebook or Twitter.