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Monday, February 18, 2019

The Warrior Series - an online comic which blends ancient and modern

The Warrior Series
Image provided and used with permission.

Comic book fans may like to check out the Warrior Series, "Lineage Till The Time Collapses". An online comic series, there is a wide selection of episodes to choose from. It tells the tale of a Warrior and his General, illustrated in detail and with plenty of dialogue to set the scene. Lawren Greene (author) and Claudia Cangini (artwork) have produced a gripping series to keep fans reading.

The Warrior Series also has an app, Facebook and Twitter feed for those who like to stay up to date on social media. The most recent episodes are only available on the app, but they are later also made available online through the website. Many of the episodes are divided into two or more parts, and currently there are 24 episodes to enjoy, with the length increasing as the storyline develops. Cliffhangers are common, action and suspense is mandatory.

Many of the episodes feature magical superpowers such as a protective purple haze known as Hosanna, space-time travel, the waters of knowledge and supernatural beings. Through Hosanna, the Warrior also gains a sharper sword, but he is still subject to temptation such as Lust. after whom he chases in episode 12. The series pulls on the trope of the seven deadly sins, with episode titles featuring the words lust and gluttony. Characters include Aversion and a band of hollow souls representing those who stray from the path of good; those who overindulge in all that is bad for us. There is the typical fight scene in a cave, with both sides using their various powers to try to overcome the other.

The Warrior Series is typically bloodthirsty, as readers might expect with a lead character who carries a sword with superpowers. However, it also offers some time-honored sage advice and is the typical good-vs-evil fight as played out in many Western cartoons, Japanese anime and their comic equivalent, manga.

Lawren Greene also offers a selection of merchandise, links to be found on the Warrior Series homepage. As in the Warrior Series, the themes are the traditional ones of morality, spirituality, fundamentalism and individualism.

The Warrior Series "Lineage Till The Time Collapses" comic books blend ancient teachings with modern graphics and provide a simple way to enjoy a moral tale, in which the graphics speak just as loudly as the dialogue. The tale has been ongoing for several years and looks to have many more episodes to run yet. There are new episodes uploaded every fortnight at present, and for those who cannot wait for the latest episode, the app is vital to be able to see the newest installment as soon as possible.

The Warrior Series
Image provided and used with permission.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Airbnb in Siem Reap, Cambodia, rental accommodation for the discerning

Vacation Rental Siem Reap - some of the Airbnb rentals enjoy use of this pool
Image from, used with permission

South East Asia is becoming a popular tourist destination. As the region opens up to travelers, so the locals are responding in kind, with many areas now offering package tours, day trips and even Airbnb rentals. Siem Reap in Cambodia is a key location, as it is close to the famed Temple of Angkor Wat. Vacation Rental Siem Reap (VRSR) offers Airbnb accommodation in Siem Reap, tours of the local area and the chance to experience Cambodia on the ground. For those whose only knowledge of the country comes from its depiction in Hollywood movies, this will show the country in a whole different light.

Cambodia welcomes tourists; the industry is the second greatest source of income after textiles. Over half the visitors come into the country through Siem Reap, so these newcomers will need rentals or accommodation in Siem Reap before venturing further into the country, if they choose. Other popular destinations are the beaches of Sihanoukville and the capital city Phnom Penh, for obvious reasons. Every capital city always attracts tourists, why should Cambodia’s be any different? And a beach vacation is always popular too.

VRSR offers unique services in the area, as many other property owners use online travel agents and local travel companies. VRSR is the only company to accept bookings directly from their clients. I’ve written about some of the package tours available to Siem Reap and other Cambodian tourist areas before, but the Airbnb accommodation in Siem Reap is something new and different. Until recently, many tourists were only offered all-inclusive deals staying in a hotel. Now, they have the option of self-catering too.

Travelers who take advantage of VRSR’s insider knowledge can benefit from seeing the sunsets at Phnom Bakheng from the best position or have the chance to visit the stilted village of Kampong Phluk. Cambodia’s natural beauty is as stunning as the man-made buildings, so it’s worth taking the time to see both when visiting the country. With Siem Reap rentals provided by VRSR, visitors are free to make up their own minds - they can take a tour or find their own adventure.

Location of some of the Airbnb rentals in Siem Reap
Image from, used with permission

The Airbnb rentals in Siem Reap are stunning - a pool, checking in via the doorman and a chance to meet the owner. En-suite bathrooms to every room, wifi, cable TV, family-friendly environment and parking on the premises are standard. Guests are not permitted to bring pets or invite locals back to the houses, there is also a strict ‘no parties or events’ rule and the owners require that guests remove their shoes before entering the rentals.

To reach these Siem Reap rentals, guests will experience Cambodia’s own take on tourist transportation, namely the use of a tuk-tuk, motorcycle, bicycle or private car rental. Taxis, Uber and other hailing apps haven’t made it here yet, and there is no public transport either. Be thankful, this is part of the charm and joy of a vacation in Cambodia.

This Siem Reap accommodation is amazingly luxurious. These are upmarket surroundings befitting the amazing architecture close by at Angkor Wat. The largest temple complex in the world can be matched by the accommodation of at least some of the guests. No point in traveling all that way to see one of the Wonders of the World and then ‘slumming it’, after all. May as well vacation in style while the opportunity presents itself, surely?

Airbnb Siem Reap is the new way to stay while sightseeing in the local area. Because it is close to the airport it is also the perfect place to stop for a couple of days on the way out to or back from other adventures. That way, guests can start a vacation in luxury or enjoy some pampering before the flight home; their choice.

Siem Reap rentals from VRSR are a touch of modernity in a country with amazing history. After a day’s sightseeing, guests can relax in the pool before heading into the fully equipped kitchen to make supper. Then they can upload their photos to social media using the wifi and laptop friendly spaces. The perfect mix of ancient and modern. The tourism slogan for Cambodia is ‘Kingdom of Wonder, Feel the Warmth’. In these Siem Reap Airbnbs, guests will feel the luxury too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vurb Magazine: Living Urban Wellness

Vurb Mag. Doing, not saying
Living Urban Wellness. Image and Phrase All Rights Reserved to the Editor of Vurb Mag.

An online magazine that I can relate to, which feels relevant to today’s average lifestyle.

That's the idea of Vurb Magazine, an online publication encouraging healthy living and accountability in the modern world. From articles about sensible nutrition to a review of a kickboxing class where the music is mixed by live DJs, these articles are written by someone like me, for people like me. There are no exhortations to spend half my monthly salary on clothes that only look good on a stick insect and have the practicality of a paper raincoat in a thunderstorm. There is no mention of overpriced 'beauty basics' which are only available by mail order from America when I'm in the UK. There is a recognition that apartment or single room living is a reality for many, together with plenty tips and tricks to make it easier.

Added to all of that, and an active social media feed (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), are articles on productivity at work, maintaining a good work-life balance, relationships, music, a review of a new get the picture. This magazine aims to be useful. Practical is its middle name. Lighthearted and informal articles jostle for position with nutrition tips and personal improvement challenges. Yes, you read that right.

The section named Challenge Me is right up my street and is mirroring what I’m trying to do with my life and surroundings. For starters is the Clear Skin Detox introduced by Lauren Talbot. I’m intrigued by the idea of trying a detox just to see how my body reacts. One of these days I will find the time, I'm sure. Next is an article entitled ‘Toss What Doesn’t Spark Joy’, based on Marie Kondo’s philosophy of the life-changing power of decluttering. Much of what I’m currently decluttering here is either being sold on eBay to fund a future holiday or being recycled for the betterment of the planet, the environment, or in the case of papers, my coworker’s straw-allergic horse, who loves the new bedding I am supplying her with. A less cluttered bedroom has long been thought to promote a better quality of sleep, so if your wardrobe is busting out all over the floor, you will also want to try the ‘Wardrobe Detox’ recommended by Kjerstin Bjerga to detox and declutter your wardrobe. Apply KonMari’s rule of holding something to see if it gives you joy, then keep or donate/sell as necessary. If you have to adhere to a dress code, as many do, then this has the added bonus of allowing you to define your style without breaking the rules of the code.

See what I mean about Vurb Magazine’s articles being practical and relevant? So what’s holding you back? Go and read Vurb Magazine today. At worst it could mirror your life. At best, it could change things.