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Saturday, August 10, 2019

DarrellsWorld has plushies, keychains and model die cast vehicles

DarrellsWorld items shipped internationally
Image provided and used with permission.

DarrellsWorld is an online mail order company based in Kansas, shipping daily after payment has cleared through They have a wide selection of plush animals, sports items, keychains and pull back vehicles which make great gifts. Many items are available only in the USA, so buyers should check carefully before purchasing.

This article concentrates on the smaller items which are available for international shipping.

Sneaker and billiards keychains

The range of keychains at DarrellsWorld is aimed at sneaker fans. You too can have your favorite sneaker design to hold your keys. Alternatively there is a selection of billiards or pool balls in various colors, because we all know someone who wants to be Rod Stewart’s character from Maggie May who says he wants to ‘steal my daddy's cue and make a living out of playing pool’.

If you’re someone who likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, other options include a selection of perfectly plain metallic shaded heart shaped carabiners for you or your significant other. Rock your favorite color, but be subtle about it.

Plush animals

DarrellsWorld has been selling plush animals for some time now. They currently have a range of beanbag animals, huggable plushies and soft cuddly toys to suit all ages. Ducks, bunnies, squirrels, monkeys, teddy bears and chicks feature in the present selection. Some are available outside the US, others are restricted to internal shipping only, depending on their size.

Sports items

The DarrellsWorld team know how important sports are to their customers. That’s why they stock an extensive selection of NCAA merchandise. Depending on their team affiliation, fans can choose from pillowcases, utility gloves, neck pillows, fleece throws, towels, lanyards and travel mugs. Each item is available in a limited selection of team colors.

Die cast and pull back vehicles

For those who want to relive their childhood love of toy cars, or remember a treasured vehicle from later years, DarrellsWorld has a selection of iconic model die cast and pull back vehicles. Jet aircraft, steam engines, motorbikes, Jeeps and vintage cars are among the items ready to take buyers back to places in their memories.

US only shipping

Many larger items, including larger plushies, the Peppa Pig range and Squishmallows, do not ship outside the United States. For the full range, check out DarrellsWorld storefront. Internationally shipped items are available at the DarrellsWorld ships to United Kingdom page.

DarrellsWorld is the ideal Amazon site for people looking for iconic and meaningful gifts. Whether the person you are looking to buy for is an NCAA fan, a vintage motorbike lover, a sneakerhead, a steam train anorak or the love of your life, you will find something here to suit them all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

DarrellsWorld Amazon shop has plush animals, keychains and more

DarrellsWorld mail order on
Image provided and used with permission.

DarrellsWorld mail order company on offers a selection of cool keychains, sweet plush animals, sports-related items and funky pull back vehicles.

Whatever the interests of the person you are buying for, DarrellsWorld is bound to have something to suit. Plain heart shaped carabiner keychains start from under $5 and Air Jordan keychains are barely more than that. Even the most expensive sports items are only around $30; these being sports related pillowcases and beach towels. Many items do not ship outside the United States, so this site is squarely aimed at Stateside shoppers rather than international sales. All items ship from Kansas.

Plush animals, including Jungle Book, Minecraft and Peppa Pig figures, are available at all price points. Minecraft toys of all types feature in the DarrellsWorld range, but these are not shipped outside of the USA. Fiesta Toys and Squishmallow plushies are also popular, while for those seeking a more unusual plushie, Fiesta’s blue crab, red-tailed catfish or red octopus may fit the bill. DarrellsWorld also sells a full range of Fursians in all colors of the rainbow.

NCAA sports fans will find plenty to showcase their team allegiance, including hooded and regular beach towels, neck pillows, travel mugs, lanyards and pillowcases. Utility grip gloves in team colors are available across all price ranges.

Keychains in the shape and design of popular Air Jordan shoes are also available across all price ranges, but prices do increase as stock is sold, and stock is limited, so it’s advisable for diehard fans to check back often and buy their merchandise early.

The die cast pull back models sell for around $10 at their most expensive, with the F16 Fly Tiger Jets being more expensive than the Volkswagen Beetle cars. Tractors and steam engine models sell for slightly less than $10 each, and like the Beetles, come in a variety of colors.

Billiards and pool keychains and Chopper motorbike models are on sale for between $8 and $9. Children’s size comic character throw blankets with sleeves are also popular, especially as winter isn’t yet over in many areas of North America. For a more practical present, DarrellsWorld also stock a range of coin banks in the shape of iconic Disney characters.

These items are designed to be fun, unusual and easily available, with shipping every day after payment has cleared. DarrellsWorld offers a wealth of ideas for small, inexpensive gifts for all ages, and with Amazon’s famed speedy delivery, it should be easy to find something to suit, no matter who is buying.