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Monday, February 18, 2019

The Warrior Series - an online comic which blends ancient and modern

The Warrior Series
Image provided and used with permission.

Comic book fans may like to check out the Warrior Series, "Lineage Till The Time Collapses". An online comic series, there is a wide selection of episodes to choose from. It tells the tale of a Warrior and his General, illustrated in detail and with plenty of dialogue to set the scene. Lawren Greene (author) and Claudia Cangini (artwork) have produced a gripping series to keep fans reading.

The Warrior Series also has an app, Facebook and Twitter feed for those who like to stay up to date on social media. The most recent episodes are only available on the app, but they are later also made available online through the website. Many of the episodes are divided into two or more parts, and currently there are 24 episodes to enjoy, with the length increasing as the storyline develops. Cliffhangers are common, action and suspense is mandatory.

Many of the episodes feature magical superpowers such as a protective purple haze known as Hosanna, space-time travel, the waters of knowledge and supernatural beings. Through Hosanna, the Warrior also gains a sharper sword, but he is still subject to temptation such as Lust. after whom he chases in episode 12. The series pulls on the trope of the seven deadly sins, with episode titles featuring the words lust and gluttony. Characters include Aversion and a band of hollow souls representing those who stray from the path of good; those who overindulge in all that is bad for us. There is the typical fight scene in a cave, with both sides using their various powers to try to overcome the other.

The Warrior Series is typically bloodthirsty, as readers might expect with a lead character who carries a sword with superpowers. However, it also offers some time-honored sage advice and is the typical good-vs-evil fight as played out in many Western cartoons, Japanese anime and their comic equivalent, manga.

Lawren Greene also offers a selection of merchandise, links to be found on the Warrior Series homepage. As in the Warrior Series, the themes are the traditional ones of morality, spirituality, fundamentalism and individualism.

The Warrior Series "Lineage Till The Time Collapses" comic books blend ancient teachings with modern graphics and provide a simple way to enjoy a moral tale, in which the graphics speak just as loudly as the dialogue. The tale has been ongoing for several years and looks to have many more episodes to run yet. There are new episodes uploaded every fortnight at present, and for those who cannot wait for the latest episode, the app is vital to be able to see the newest installment as soon as possible.

The Warrior Series
Image provided and used with permission.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Niugini Tribal Heritage: Yakkan Mali 2019

Yakkan Mali 2019
Image of website homepage

Papua New Guinea (often abbreviated to PNG) has long drawn the adventurous and the inquisitive. Tales of the unexplored interior, uncontacted tribes and undiscovered flora and fauna are too much for some people to resist.

However, for those who are not as adventurous as Benedict Allen, who famously went missing while on an expedition to PNG in 2017, there is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the culture. The Yakkan Mali (pronounced Yak-an Mahll) concert, being held in July 2019 in Lenki Village of Enga Province, is a chance for the elders to host strictly limited numbers of interested paying guests, and invite the best dancers, singers and cultural representatives to bring their work to the notice of an international audience.

PNG is a vibrant culture

The Niugini (pronounced exactly the same as New Guinea) tribal heritage is a strong and ever-present force in the country and the locals are fiercely proud of it. PNG is a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. Papua New Guinea is also a passionate rugby league playing nation, an influence its people no doubt picked up from decades of Australian administration. The state, which has the motto ‘Unity in Diversity’ has over 850 local indigenous languages, although English is the official language of Government and education. Tok Pisin is the daily lingua franca, and also used for parliamentary debates and advertisements. Hiri Motu is the third official language, mainly spoken in the southern regions.

Subscribe to the website to learn more

In Enga province, everyone in the five districts speaks the same language, which helps build cohesiveness and understanding. Generally, the Niugini tribal heritage is strong, colorful and vibrant. Its members are passionate about keeping their heritage alive, and the Yakkan Mali organiser offers subscriptions to the website for those who want to know more.

Free access offers
  • The opportunity to sign up for newsletters
  • Access to free event trailers and watermarked images
  • The chance to purchase traditional artifacts.

A monthly Gold Membership subscription of $197 brings
  • A magazine subscription
  • Unlimited access to HD videos and images
  • The chance to see raw footage before it is edited into videos
  • Traditional artifacts available at a discount.

A full subscription of $5,000 buys
  • A return trip to Lenki Village, Enga Province and 3 nights’ accommodation during the Yakkan Mali festival
  • VIP access to cultural sites and activities during the event.

Warriors and other tribal heritage

Yakkan Mali showcases the most feared Niugini tribal warriors. The participants will show off their ceremonial dress, dances and challenges. There will be traditional food, drink and artifacts for sale as well as the chance to learn about PNG culture and heritage first hand from the tribespeople.

A unique opportunity

For anyone who is interested in Pacific native cultures, the Yakkan Mali is a great way to learn more about the native tribal heritage of Papua New Guinea. The Yakkan Mali is only open to subscribers, however, so signing up to membership is essential for anyone wishing to attend the event. The money raised will go towards preserving traditional tribal heritage and customs, which are under threat from modern life. The place to start should be to sign up for the newsletters. This is free and also offers access to event trailer videos and the chance to purchase cultural artifacts.

Support, subscribe, visit the Yakkan Mali

Those who wish to support the event but cannot attend can opt for a Gold Membership, while those who are definitely going to be there can look forward to a really special few days. This unique opportunity to witness the energetic ceremonies and exciting culture of Papua New Guinea would be ideal as part of a once in a lifetime trip. It could maybe form part of a round the world journey, a long-awaited holiday to Indonesia, PNG and Australia or even a honeymoon to remember. The landscape is lush and tropical while the welcome from the Chiefs of the Enga is sure to be as warm as the sun. The Yakkan Mali festival offers the exclusive chance to hear traditional Enga music as well as to see their architecture and rituals.

Niugini Tribal Heritage

The Niugini tribal heritage, like many traditional cultures worldwide, is under threat from modern life. Tribal members such as the Yakkan Mali organiser are trying to ensure at least some of their traditions are preserved. This does require donations, subscriptions and interest from others, as the revenue raised can be used towards helping the Enga and other Niugini tribes to pass on their heritage through teaching and outreach.

The Niugini Tribal Heritage website explains more and offers details on how to support the tribespeople or donate to their cause. Anyone with an interest in preserving centuries-old tradition will be made welcome as a free or paid subscriber.

2019 Yakkan Mali: The Niugini people welcome you.